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Iracot; The City of Thrones


a part of Althaea, by Maree.

Iracot is the largest city on the continent of Viridian and its Capitol. It sprawls out on the western most tip of the land, surrounded by the Sea of Menia on three sides.

Maree holds sovereignty over Iracot; The City of Thrones, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The City of Thrones; Iracot

The capitol city of Iracot, more widely known as The City of Thrones, is the largest expanse of city in all of Viridian. It is divided into seven wards; the agricultural ward, the merchant ward, the guild ward, the residential ward, the educational ward, the military ward, and the pleasure ward. At the center of them all is The Palace of Iracot; home to Sarene Iracot, God-Queen of Viridian.

The Seven Wards

The seven wards of Iracot are each lead by a Magistrate. This person holds a "throne" in the Grand Council. They are servants of the God-Queen, updating her on the news of Her people and lands. From the information they present, or proposals, the God-Queen will speak her decisions.

  • The Agricultural Ward: This is where the food industry is largely located in Iracot. Machine and Magick work together in order to produce nutrient rich foods for the people of Iracot, and the smaller townships of Viridian, for those that can afford it.

  • The Merchant Ward: This is where trade is mostly held in Iracot. Stalls, stores, and street vendors are prevalent throughout the streets of this districts, all attempting people to buy their goods at outrageous prices.

  • The Guild Ward: The Guild Ward is one of the more flamboyant wards of Iracot. The buildings change according to their purpose, ranging from merchants, mercenaries, explorers, historians, wizards, or even race specific guilds.

  • The Residential Ward: Most homes in Iracot are found in the residential ward. The houses in the ward range from expansive and architecturally grand homes to houses that seemed to be thrown together with mud and sticks.

  • The Educational Ward: The schools of Iracot are located in this district. All schools are divided by age of the attenders, humanoid or non-humanoid, profession, and other factors.

  • The Military Ward: The might of Viridian is born and sustained in the military district of Iracot. Here lies the barracks and main training facilities. A special university is located here as well for those who rise up in the ranks to become Officers or Generals in the God-Queen's army.

  • The Pleasure Ward: This district is the most visited district in all of Iracot. Travelers far and wide will come to Iracot, solely to experience the debauchery of the pleasure ward. Some who arrive never leave again.
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Iracot; The City of Thrones

Iracot is the largest city on the continent of Viridian and its Capitol. It sprawls out on the western most tip of the land, surrounded by the Sea of Menia on three sides.


Iracot; The City of Thrones is a part of Viridian.

7 Places in Iracot; The City of Thrones:

7 Characters Here

Father [1] A mysterious priest and denouncer.
Alber Roth [1] "Only from the failures our past can we discover the correct path to our future."
Prisma [1] A mysterious woman and a known Denouncer of the God-Queen.
Calor Elohan [1] A personal guard to the God-Queen herself; assigned to her by those who stand testimony to his qualifications.
Orfea Pathen [1] Dependence will fail you...
Elana Ightlor [1] A mysterious woman and devoted wife of Magnus Ightlor
Sarene Iracot [1] The God-Queen of Viridian; a proclaimed immortal by the Prophets. The City of Thrones is named in her Honor.

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Some sense of normalcy had returned to the city, but Melody knew is was only a facade. Her high senses picked up strange stirrings and it was very unnerving. She had to remind herself to keep calm. The last thing she wanted to do was lose focus. There was one way for her calm down though, and that was playing her flute. As was her habit, the magic user started looking for a somewhat secluded spot. It was impossible to find anything with complete privacy, other than her own residential place, which was not an option at the moment. Finally, she found a nice spot near the Agricultural Ward, where most of the working class was.

Leaning up against the wall of a building, she took out her flute and started playing a random melody. It was a very soothing and relaxing piece and already Melody's mind was clearing up. As usual, her music caught the attention of several but would soon continue along their way. Melody paid them no attending. She let her mind search out for something. Something was happening, unfortunately Melody didn't have the ability to 'seek' things out. Hopefully, she'd have her answer soon.

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In the morning, activity in- and over Iracot was intense with holy purpose.

The Knights had not been idle during the night, prowling the streets for gatherings of dissent. A few homes had been broken into, their occupants taken for questioning by the Knight's Inquisition. Many would be found innocent- simply having been holding parties- but others would be less lucky.

By morning, the Knights had returned to their regular routines, watching key transit points, crossroads, and patrolling the districts, from the seediest to the most honored alike. Those of the ground would receive little notice, their actions more or less standard.

In the skies, however, were where the true might of Iracot was in force. The battle between the Dragoon beast and the two escapee's weaker creatures had been seen by many, and thoughts of dissent could not be brewed from it. The Knights, ordered grounded during the Sacrifice, were now out in force. The Skyborne, Wyvern mounted Knights of the highest caliber, patrolled the skies.

Unrelated, but seemingly another show of aerial power, was the arrival of Iracot's Airship fleet. A mock battle had been heard by all below, the resounding boom of cannons going off, before the two ships had docked and began to head towards the Spire at the center of the Guilds ward.

The Knights- and by extension Iracot- would not be caught unawares again.