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Jericho City


a part of Althaea, by Maree.

A sprawling metropolitan city which was the original capitol of the realm.

Flarezone holds sovereignty over Jericho City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A sprawling metropolitan city which was the original capitol of the realm.
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Jericho City

A sprawling metropolitan city which was the original capitol of the realm.


Jericho City is a part of Caerda.

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Wraithen [1] When the armies of Kyros fail... I will not...

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Elite assassin loyal to the Necromancer.

Wraithen wandered through the alley ways of Jericho City. The Necromancer had charged him with an important task...
If Jericho City was to become the place to fall before the might of Kyros. Then he needed some inside to open the gates when the time came. After the tragic assassination of the royal family, Jericho became a city of sorrow. Sadness ruled this place with an iron fist and the people were devastated. Several high ranking officials loyal to the royal family managed to secure the city and the land around it. Protecting it's people from rebellious warlords who would seek to claim the thrown. The Council of Jericho was then formed. A small assembly of military generals and advisers, charged with the protection of the thrown until a new king was crowned...

Wraithen pondered these things as he came upon a group of small children playing with marbles. He looked upon them with ravenous hunger. His lust for their souls was great and hard to overcome. But revealing his identity to them would compromise his mission. He must hunt down the members of the Council of Jericho. He must kill them all and send this withering city down to the abyss of despair. So he passed by the children who looked at him with innocent eyes. Unable to see his skeleton face under his hood.