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The Educational Ward


a part of Althaea, by Maree.

The schools of Iracot are located in this district. All schools are divided by age of the attenders, humanoid or non-humanoid, profession, and other factors.

Maree holds sovereignty over The Educational Ward, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The schools of Iracot are located in this district. All schools are divided by age of the attenders, humanoid or non-humanoid, profession, and other factors.
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The Educational Ward

The schools of Iracot are located in this district. All schools are divided by age of the attenders, humanoid or non-humanoid, profession, and other factors.


The Educational Ward is a part of Iracot; The City of Thrones.

1 Places in The Educational Ward:

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"In the process of a nebula collapsing in on itself, the nebula's own hydrogen content reaches a certain peak of ignition point which causes thermonuclear fusion and in the end? A star is 'born'. Now, many theorists have wondered if a star is capable of being used as a source of energy. It's plausible, and could happen if one were to obtain the proper tools and technology to harness it. In an odd way, Althaea is powered by our sun. Which is a star is it not? We use its light to see, its heat to warm us, and even the very rays are collected and stored into batteries to be used as energy. So the question has obviously been answered that we do use a star's own power for our daily needs, but what I speak of is magical uses. Could you imagine it if one were to create a star themselves? Just a miniature one, something that could fit in the palm of your hand. Of course your hands would probably burn.." the teacher joked.

Her students chortled and giggled at each other, some rolled their eyes upwards and shook their head at the joke, yet still grinned anyways. Astronomy was an interesting subject for the students and for most whom had taken the class before, know damned well how the Professor could be. Charming and witty, strict when it came to homework and tardiness, but surprisingly laid back. She was a type that understood trying times of their students and the stress that Third Years go through. The Yearly Exam was rolling around the corner and students were overwhelmed with their other teachers shoving bookwork and study time to the brim, yet Professor Dahll? She laid off a bit and did more lectures and was entertaining. Her views were that education should be fun and the mind is stimulated better if the student is enjoying themselves. Make them WANT to know more. It was a tactic she taught by, but many could say her lackadaisical and borderline-life threatening acts on trying to get her students to teach were dangerous and made her fellow teachers wiggle their brows in her direction. As if she cared. Nobody had died in her classroom. Mistakes? Accidents? An occasional lost student or two? Sure, but at least she wasn't lopping heads off or burning anyone to death. That was reserved for gym class and the subjects of magic, which with whatever subject of magic you took, the classroom was a hellhole and deaths were imminent.

"Either way, if one were to create and obtain their own little star, the power source would be massive. Given that the miniature dwarfie's lifespan would probably be cut short by a few good centuries due to its size and how it was formed, it'd still be a great source for magic!" Professor Dahll said with a quick shrug of her shoulders as she adjusted her glasses. "Any questions?"
One student raised his hand, a young thing, elf in the face and ears, but feline eyes and black hair pulled back into a tight bun to pull it away from his face.
"Have there been any recordings of such sources of energy being known?" he asked with his accent sounding almost Greek.
Professor Dahll smiled and gave a nod. "Multiple mythologies, tales, and stories. A good sum revolving around Alchemists and Wizards either creating or discovering fallen stars that have dropped from space, yet falling stars-"
"Falling stars aren't actually stars, they're just clumps of rock and heaven's know what else grazing against our atmosphere and being pulled further into it by gravitational pull.."
"Correct, Gerdhart. Meaning that wizards thinking they've come across something grand as an actual star have just discovered nothing more than a really hot space rock that's probably caused plenty of property damage.."
The class murmured with laughter again as Professor Dahll turned to stare at a grandfather clock in the corner. "Oh my, almost time for class to be over! Well, I'll get on with it then. Homework is fairly simple for this evening; three page essay, the subject; Write up your idea on how a star could be made by common hands and what would you do if you had the ability to do it. Be logical about it. Even magic is science in it's own way. Class dismissed!"

A good thirty or so students began rustling about, grabbing their bags to pull their books and notes into them, the sounds of multiple conversations drowned out by the sounds of many of the students leaving the circular classroom that was set up more like a theater with seats rising against the walls while the Professor's desk sat below upon a stage. Professor Dahll turned away to erase notes and numbers off the chalk board, then proceeded to write her name in her best cursive before turning around to sit back down behind the desk. Her own glasses were pulled away by her hands in attempts to wipe them clean as she sorted out all the papers. She needed to get prepared for her next group of students, first timers and newbies to her classroom meant that new faces and new names along with an array of personalities all held by a mind empty and willing to learn. She saw the first years file in bit by bit, many picking a seat in various locations, some in the front, a few in the far back, most sticking to familiar friends that they knew of as they watched and whispered with each other at all the odd things in the room as well as the other students. The classroom did have that observatory vibe to it, the baubles and bangles sitting upon shelves, tik-tock-like automatons and bots standing like statues on one end of the room while a shelf of robotic parts, glowing with magic, sat nearby. A miniature orrery showing the solar system sat on the Professor's desk along with a globe of Althaea showing all of its continents while the whole thing seemed to slowly spin on its own.

A thing sat on a bird stand, the creature looking like a combination of a white faced Capuchin monkey and a green iguana with serpent eyes hissed and chittered loudly at the odd newcomers with unfamiliar smells. The thing bounced up and down, wrapping its prehensile tail around the pole before jumping over with surprisingly fluid grace to bounce from table then onto Professor Dahll's shoulders. The thing had to be no bigger than the average over sized house cat, but given the long tail, arms, and legs, the thing seemed much bigger and heavier on appearance alone. Professor Dhall turned, going over her usual introduction and rules of the classroom. No interruptions during lectures, tardiness isn't accepted, no food in the classroom, no sticking gum under the desks, raise hand before speaking, etc. etc. The usual gib-gab that one knew from the get go, yet obviously easy to follow.

"And the number one rule? Have fun."

Hours passed once classes were over with, students were all fleeing and screeching with riotous laughter at being let go for the weekend by running around the Ward grounds chasing one another, playing games, some deciding that they were too tired and simply selected to go back to their dormitories until nightfall when the shenanigans and small get together's with friends would begin. Professor Dahll had already picked up her things and had most of her notes upon scrolls and odd trinkets under her arm while she babbled lazily with the few lingering teachers then turned away to flee from more heckling and nagging by slipping out the main gate and making her way towards The Pleasure Ward.