Loy'd Rentsuki

I've survived until know so im not gonna die yet.

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a character in “Altiria”, as played by Setsugie


Loyd is a 17 years old Male, standing at 5'10 feet tall with light green eyes, shoulder length blue spiky hair(pulled backwards), average built body but fairly muscled, weight of 152 pounds. Wears a white Kimono shirt with the design of sakura petals falling(ragged), a Light grey T-shirt under the Kimono, black ragged stealth jeans, three belt in cross shape with hold his ammo, black boots and fingerless gloves, green goggles worn dangling from his neck.

prior education- Middle school- high school was in 12th grade when the infection first broke out.
jobs- hasn't had a job
likes: Any sweets
Taking walks when there no zombies around
Taking naps
dislikes: Hurting other humans unnecessarily
Losing people close to him
living family- none their dead
zom family: moms was killed in a accident long ago, Father is a zombie his current whereabouts is unknown
and he plans to be in a group.


calm and gentle, very intelligent. Has been a lone wolf in the past years and prefers to work alone, but is a very good team player. He like's almost any type of sweets and taking walks when there no zombies around.


USP .45 x1, 8 bullet clip x3 clips Worn on belt, right thigh with a holster - ( http://www.tropicalfirearms.com/images/45ch3th.jpg )
Japanese Katana worn on right hip ( http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/35028298/aview/ew0123.jpg )
Ballistic knife x2 x3 blades worn on the left thigh and left hip ( http://canadaknives.com/images/sr.jpg )
Barret M82A1 x1 5 bullet clip -he found n the armory with extra rounds- on strap behind his back ( http://www.major-malfunction.com/barrett%20m82a1.jpg )
2 day rations- Water, Canned foods, MREs, Pockys, etc. ( Inside backpack )


He was a hardcore Cos-player and Gamer, despite that the studied Ken-jutsu(Sword techniques) for 5 years. He's shot a gun before but hes still a novice. When the infection first broke out he was at the University, when a teacher got bit by a student who was infected. The school became hell in a matter of minutes, few where left alive, Loyd Rushed to his dorm and unlocked his trunk that had his katana and bag. He fought throw the hordes of the undead until he found a small GunShop and settled there it did not have that many weapons or ammo. He scavenged what he could and survived until the present day.

So begins...

Loy'd Rentsuki's Story