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Zarganna Dawn

Careful baby, I might burn you to the core.

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a character in “Am I a monster?”, as played by blondegamer


Name: Zarganna Dawn
Age: 21
Gender: Female


Due to her almost molten blood, she wears very little. Her internal body temperature runs an average of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This, along with her breath taking beauty allow for her to be quite the seductress. Her hair lost all of its pigment in the accident that granted her powers, her eyes have also suffered and are a deep red. When she uses her powers the go completely white.

Personality: Zarganna, also known as Zara, is full of dark humor and sarcastic wit. She covers pretty much every human emotion with insults and flirtatious comments. It is the exact opposite of what is really going on inside her pretty little head. She is full of anger and regret which fuels her powers. For the most part she seems pretty fun loving, and despite the dark nature of her powers she is good natured.

Powers: Due to a freak accident (see background story) Zara has the ability to control fire and shadow. Her powers vary from simple things to way more complex things. She can throw fire, or melt into shadow. She can bend shadow to her will do create items. She cannot be burned, also due to her internal body temperature she is unfazed by the cold. Her more complex powers include summoning ashen -moore creatures. (see pictures bellow)



Weaknesses/ Vices: Her powers come at a terrible price. There are spots of ash at various spots of her body. (see dark spots in the picture above) Her powers make this spread until one day it will ultimately consume her. The more energy a power takes, the more the ash spreads. There is only one thing that allows for the ash to recede. Zara has only done it once and does not want to do it again. Drinking human blood will retract some of the spreading of her curse. She also has less power where there is no shadow, having to rely solely on her fire abilities.

Background Story: Zara’s father was always envious of his magical family. He did not posses any magical abilities, and neither did his daughter Zara. Envious of their abilities, Zara’s father set to work. Draco Dawn was a renown scientist. He worked on trying to create magic in the lab. There was a terrible accident, Draco was killed and his five year old daughter Zara managed to survive the fiery rubble. She awoke with strange creatures around her, beckoning to her every call. With no one to explain her strange powers, Zara had many accidents and killed many innocent bystanders. She is now getting better control of her powers. She does not know many people, and typically, although she hates it, travels alone.

So begins...

Zarganna Dawn's Story


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Despite the cold chill of the mountain wind, Zara did not shiver. Her bare skin was exposed to the dry breeze, Zara remained unphased. In act, it was refreshing against her burning Skin. Aside from her pale flesh, her body temperature would send any medic into a frantic. Her blood seemed to boil, the light flurry of snowflakes turned to steam when it got within range of her molten body. Her feel turned the frozen ground to puddles. The sun was slowly setting behind the mountains. The world around her glowed orange, almost on fire, just like her. Her eyes, reflected her core. A deep orange and crimson swirl, churning, almost demonic like against her china like skin. Her face still held it's youth, clear, but concentrated. Her eyes almost looked haunted. As if her mind was always churning and turning, like the colors in her eyes. Swirling and tossing over the past.

She trudged on, travelling light as she always did. The only weight on her shoulders was the task ahead, the only baggage she carried was her secrets. The wet snow made travel difficult. She had been traveling all day. Her feet complained louder than she would have liked. Her will wanted to continue on, her mortal body however, fought her as her internal alarm forced her to slow her pace. She saw a nice flat spot up the trail a ways. She made it right as her legs were threatening to collapse. A small over-hanging made a good shelter from the falling snow. She removed her boots an d rubbed her aching feet a while as she watched the sun continue to set. Wadding her cloak into a pillow, she laid back and watched as the stars started to come out one by one. Her stomach growled in protest, she patted it as if to comfort it. She was only a day from civilization and food. She tired to ignore her body's multiple complaints and drift off to sleep. It wasn't long till drowsiness took over and her breathing evened out into a deep sleep.

Fire burned everything. Screams filled the air with terror. It came from everywhere, making it impossible to tell where the screams were coming from. She cried as the warm pain overtook her, consumed everything she had loved, everything that had ever held any importance to her. Red filled her vision, so much red. It continued to grow till there was nothing but black.

Screaming awoke Zara. In her drowsy state, she didn't realize that the screams were erupting from her own mouth. She clutched her hip as the pain subsided. It was morning now, although the sun was not quite up. She could tell by the birds cheerful chirping. She would never be able to fall back asleep now. So disregarding her body's various groans, she re-donned her boots and cloak, then continued up the mountain.

The trip down the other side was somewhat easier now that she did not have to fight against gravity as well. Everything continued uneventful as she traversed down the hill side.