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Haruto Akima

"You affect the world by what you browse."

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a character in “Am I Gifted?”, as played by MayKinz


"The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That's the general rule."

Full Name

Haruto Akima
Nickname and Aliases

Haru,Nerd and Aki ((He hates his full length name and specifically asks to be called Haru which all of his friends know and respect, though people outside of the friend group including his family continue calling him Haruto.))


Techie - Haru acts as the techie of the group this means he is pretty much the technology hub of the little social group that he has been placed in. If you want to stream a movie on the school board that isn't out yet Haru has it covered, if you want a cool new foreign video game that is banned in your country chances are Haru already has a copy of it, and is willingly to burn it onto multiple disks if you are having trouble with your phone and its really stressing you out Haru will help you.


18 years old

Sexual Orientation


Hair Color:

Dark Brown
Eye Color

Chestnut Brown






Around his fingers and palms of his hands on close inspection you will notice that Haru has a lot of red scars, they do not look so severe as to cause alarm but they are slightly concerning. This comes from his many hours spent handling devices such as controllers,keyboards,laptop keypads etc some of the scars are where the plastic has cut into his skin or sometimes they are burns caused from them heating up to much out of use.


{Passionate, Intelligent , Insecure , Logical, Independent}

Passionate - Haru is passionate almost to an obsession level about all his hobbies he has a burning desire to be the good at what he does or better yet be the best. Haru being at the beginning stages of adulthood believes that his passion will drive him forward although sometimes he becomes blindly unaware that his passion completely consumes him making him unapproachable, since he cant seem to stop babbling about what hes passionate about when someone gets him going at the very mention of one of his hobbies he becomes a burning fire of conversation although he will barely breathe long enough for the other person to get so fair as get a word in.

Intelligent - Haru is no doubt very smart it is evident in the way he speaks and even in what he chooses to do in his everyday life. He comes across at times more mature than he is old enough to be, but this can also be one of his downfalls he very often will alienate people he talks to outside of his friend group who aren't used to dealing with him this is often a reason why he finds it hard to talk to his parents when he is off sprouting out technical terms to do with a new program he has been making they often look at him bewildered and speechless, when it comes to how to respond they often justify his ramblings with a "Yeah" or an "Okay" but it still doesn't change how clueless they are about their own son.

Insecure - Haru has always been an insecure person especially being fairly short for his age but also the fact that since he becomes so obsessed with video games means that he often forgets to eat this leaves him shockingly underweight, which causes concern by his parents though he promises that it doesn't affect him anyway. Haru just doesn't feel an appetite to eat when he is so fired up with his passions why would he put down a book to eat when he could be consuming more and more of the story in-front of him he does eat when he remembers to but with a little effort maybe he could try harder to stop worrying his parents...

Logical - Everything with Haru often falls down to calculations the majority of games he plays makes him aware of the difference of slight changes to a calculation different weapons can change the stats of yourself and that means the difference between winning and losing, its the same in real life when it comes to making decisions he tries to use existing facts and knowledge to assist him that's the best way he knows how he believes firmly in analysis without analysing a situation he feels vulnerable and insecure, but by being logical about the situation at hand he has a chance to carefully determine every factor that could possibly go wrong.

Independent - Haru is quite happy and content to just be by himself he doesn't care for attention and he doesn't constantly crave it like some people might if he has his trusted tablet in his hand he is quite happy to lay,sit and laze around for hours conjuring up different programs or grinding the levels on his latest favourite game. He doesn't care if someone doesn't speak to him for hours or even days he will be fine just getting on by himself and that often makes him quite solemn and anti social since he doesn't depend on others he will sometimes forget they are there.

Gaming - Haru enjoys gaming as an active way to express his technological interest at a young age he found himself enthralled by technology but as he fell deeper into the rabbit hole of technology he also discovered that most technological minds would often put their extra energy and passion into gaming since the two went hand in hand. From his first game-boy to his current day collection of over three hundred games he fell into an immense addiction when he found gaming but it actually went on to benefit him as he played more he learned more.

Coding - This is really the core of technology that drew Haru in from the start the fact that he could tap into the raw material of technology through the simple codes that make up the whole of it through pages of letters and numbers, you can create so much from something so simple and that amazed and at the same time inspired Haru.

Hacking - Once he had grasped the basics of coding he went further into the hacking territory finding that he could do much more with his knowledge of coding than just making programs he could use it for more mischievous purposes.


Nail biting.
Under eating.
Adjusting or fidgeting with his Glasses.
When uncomfortable he may start rubbing his hands.

Likes/Loves(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
  • Technology
  • Comics
  • Animals ((Especially cats.))
  • Silence
  • Hoodies
Dislikes/Hates(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
  • Crowds
  • Parties
  • Outside
  • Romance
  • Hospitals






From a young age Haru was brought up to be focused and ambitious as it were his parents being the basic over bearing kind would push him into everything they could that would help him become the ideal son they had always hoped for, but in doing that they may of pushed him to far when Haru finally grasped onto a hobby that seemed natural to him he naturally started becoming obsessed with it because of being pressured by his parents to succeed and find his place in the world from a young age. He felt that to impress them that he would need to become the best at whatever he managed to find he was good at which fell on technology his parents at first were overjoyed that there cherished child was progressing so well in his hobbies and that he was becoming smarter because of it but, around the time that Haru starting shutting himself off from them they got worried he would no longer eat dinner around the table because he was very busying doing something upstairs and on the drives home he would simply just turn to his tablet and begin tapping away instead of talking to his mother about how his day went like he usually would. His parents tried not to interfere with his chosen hobby though because they felt that if they stopped him while he was this far ahead they could potentially corrupt the brilliance that he had touched upon, though their concerns grew for his well-being both mentally and physically as the time went on they haven't been able to bring themselves to confront him but they always make sure to smile and show him how much he means to them by practically spoiling him since its the only way they can think of to show him their love with him refusing to spend time with them.

When he was first enrolled into the gifted class of the school he wasn't sure what it entirely meant, though if he was allowed to do what he wanted within classes he didn't particularly care. As he observed his fellow classmates he came to learn that they to had their own passions and hobbies which at first glance excited Haru since up to that point he had been fairly shielded from contact with other people his age, with the fact that he often spent the most of his days in his room talking to people way above his age. Over time he naturally found himself gravitating towards becoming friends with the genius of the little group he found that they connected in a way laughing about different scientific properties or teaching each other about what they had found out that certain day, he enjoyed hanging out with the genius because he liked being able to talk to someone immensely intelligent but who was his age he felt that he had discovered his equal in a way they both had things that they would better each other at but they would connect on the same field so it wouldn't matter in the end since they both had their specialities and that's what kept their dynamic interesting. Sometimes when the genius decided to go and socialise with the others Haru would tend to stick to his own desk so that he could carry on playing with his tablet he didn't really know what to say to the others, and the thought of approaching them sent nervous sparks running down his spine but he did often find himself looking over at the artists work he liked watching her draw he wasn't exactly sure why but it reminded him of coding she was using shapes and colours to create extraordinary pieces of art the same as you would use letters and characters to make intricate programs. Once he even found that the artist had drawn one of his favourite video game characters for him and left it on his desk she must of seen him playing it at one point but the thought that they had taken the time made him smile he couldn't help it but it briefly broke his somewhat shy exterior although he still felt nervous about talking to the other members of the class..perhaps he would ask one day.

Keima Katsuragi

So begins...

Haruto Akima's Story


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Roleplay Start
Kou sat down at her desk, which was located in the front row next to the window, with Yuki beside her and both Haruto and Amaku in the back. For the first time since the beginning of the year, Sensei hadn't made it in before them. Odd. Their teacher had a strict policy for being late and seemed to have made a habit of arriving hours before classes started. Perhaps she's finally had some sense knocked into that head of hers. Kou pushed the thoughts away and focused on the worksheets in front of her.

She spent almost 15 minutes slaving over her Algebra formulas, all the while engaging in a conversation with Yuki. Thoughts sprung to her mind as to how she even came up with that nickname for her longtime friend. It made sense, corresponding with his surname, but she couldn't seem to recall why she'd started calling him that. And with her memory, there weren't many things she couldn't remember. Not that it mattered much. Kou took a look around the classroom. Amaku had her head buried in what looked to be a portrait of some kind, Haruto was lost in the world of electronics, and Yuki was patiently waiting for anything interesting to happen. A normal day, as always.

Kou could hear the clacking of high heels out in the hall, and she took a wild guess (or not so wild) that their teacher had finally arrived. She proceeded to put away her math formulas. But when the door did open, it wasn't just Sensei that walked in. A young boy with blonde hair also walked in. And that caught the attention of the entire class.


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Oh God, why as I so nervous? Oliver wondered as he tightly clenched the front slings of his backpack. The young boy was no stranger to being the new kid in class. In fact he was usually bored with the whole ordeal, yet this time seemed different. There was a lump forming in his throat as feeling of fears fluttered in his stomach like butterfly tiring to escape.

Oliver closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm his nerves before following the teacher into the classroom. Upon entering, The young student looked around at the other kids, his new classmates. He was so focused on the students that he didn't notice that the teacher had stopped in front of him. Oliver walked right into her and almost knocked her down right in front of the entire class.

The red faced boy quickly looked down at his shoes. Oliver tried not to looked like a complete idiot as the teacher adjusted herself and introduced him to the class. "This is Oliver West, He's the new transfer student assigned to our class. I want you all to make sure he feels welcomed. Oliver why don't you seat down over there" She motioned over towards an empty chair at the front of the room next to a brown haired boy.

It took Oliver a second to realize she was now speaking to him but he eventually looked up. "Right. The desk at the front?" He asked with a shaky voice. Oliver would rather sit in the back so he could take naps during lectures or cheat on his test, but he didn't want to suggest it. He managed to smile as he sat down, taking a look at his classmates once more before bringing is attention towards the front of the class.


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#, as written by chrian.


Mikaru sat quietly at his table within the first row next to Kou. Well, actually there aren't many tables because their class only has 4 people anyway. While both Amaku and Haruto are still busying with their own things, the only thing Mikaru could do right now is having a chat with Kou as all of them waited for their Sensei to arrived. And of course, he was wondering why she hasn't come yet. Normally, they'd have to listened to her talking and lecturing unhesitatingly already. I wonder why...

Anyway, as the time passed by, he could only have some chat with Kou as he got nothing else better to do. He has finished all of his homework already. After a while, it seems that everybody now is busy with their own jobs now, even Kou now is so into her own Algebra sheets, somethings that Mikaru normally didn't interest, but that is her favorite pastime so Mikaru respects it. He just shrugged then took out some pieces of music sheet that he was working on for the past few days out from his bag and start thinking of the notes.

As he worked on the sheets, suddenly the door slide opened and their Sensei walked in. Mikaru has never stopped being admired for how high her heels can be. He just shrugged as he folded the sheets nicely and put them back into his bag. But what he didn't expect is the blonde-hair boy who walked just behind their Sensei. It was quite surprised because their Sensei said that no students will study in Class 1A except for the ones with exceptional gifts. Which means, this new transfer boy must has had some special ability too.

Wow, he's pretty cute. Mikaru thought sheepishly but quickly put away those thoughts. Their teacher then write the name of the boy on the board. Oliver West... Mikaru glanced at the name and pronounced it in his head. So he is a foreigner? Interesting.

Their Sensei then introduced, "This is Oliver West, He's the new transfer student assigned to our class. I want you all to make sure he feels welcomed. Oliver why don't you seat down over there?" She said as she pointed towards the empty seat next to Mikaru's. The boy agreed as he turned his back and sat at the table. Mikaru couldn't be more excited. He always felt that way whenever he is able to meet and make friends with new people. Mikaru then put up the brightest smile he has "Hey there. I couldn't believe that we would have a new classmate. My name's Mikaru Yukihara, they call me the musical ear, but you can call me Mika if you like. Yoroshikune." He said to Oliver then turned to introduce the other four to him, because he knows that they're not familiar on what to do when meeting new people, "Sitting next to me here is Michiko Aya, our class' main brain and my childhood friend. Behind us are Haruto Akima, the technomancer and Amaku Tatsugai, the artist. Hope that you'll have a great time here."


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Are you guys seriously going to let this roleplay die after two posts??? It may be Christmas at the moment, but it's been almost two weeks! Either post or delete your characters so I can get other people in here! Honestly...