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Mikaru Yukihara

"I still believe in a day when we're free to be who we are."

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a character in “Am I Gifted?”, as played by chrian.



"We're different because we're special. And we all deserved to be true with ourselves."

Theme Songs
Story - AI
Hands of Angel - Eric Chiryoku
Jellyfish no Kokuhaku - Nakajima Megumi


Full Name
Mikaru Yukihara

Mika-chin | Yuki | Hara-san

The Musical Ear
Mikaru was given this title solely because of the reason that he was born with the gift to master many kinds of musical instruments. With only a period ranges from two weeks to a month, Mikaru can play an instrument that he wishes to master as good as someone who has played it for a year. He likes a lot of instruments, but he likes piano and flute the most. He enjoys playing them for his friends at anytime, especially on special occasions or celebrations. His musics can easily touches people's hearts and make them feel at peace, though the only person who can truly understand Mikaru's feelings through them is Kou.



Sexual Orientation


Hair Color

Eye Color

176cm (5'9'')

61kg (135 Ibs)

He doesn't entertain the thought of having some sorts of carving on his skin and probably never will.

Same as above.

Plenty of scars and unfading bruises throughout his arms, legs and mostly on his back as the result of being hit three times a day in the past. Because of this, he usually wear concealing clothes to hide them.


Gentle | Kind | Talkative | Protective | Sociable | Passionate | Easily-flustered
When meeting Mikaru, the first impression that people can get on him is a young, feminine and gentle teenage boy. Well, it's true. He's the sweetest and kindest person that anyone could ever met. He rarely ever get mad and always tries his best to help his friends when they needed. He smiles very often and people might think that he is so cheerful and light-hearted that even when he is a member from class 1A, it didn't even bother him the slightest. Despite the fact that Mikaru has his own problems that had been troubling him ever since he was small, he has always been a calm and peaceful person. That is what make people who don't judge him for being in 1A like him.

Mikaru can be considered as the most talkative person in Class A1, he can come up with many topics just to light up a conversation with his classmates, especially with Kou. He can be quite humorous at times and can be a person who can stand up to resolve conflicts. Another side of Mikaru is that he is a protective, sometimes a little bit over-protective. He always stands by his friends and will get serious if they get into troubles. With Kou, he acts not only as a childhood friend, but also in a more brotherly way and whenever somethings happened to her, Mikaru will be the one to cheer her up and help her go through them. Out of the five students in A1, it is no doubt that Mikaru is the most sociable one. The proof is that when Oliver joined their class, Mikaru was the first one to talk and introduce them to him. He isn't afraid to talk with people outside of their class. Because of that, he can easily make friends and so far, he's the only student in their class to join clubs - which are Musical and Literature clubs, at their school.

He is shown to be passionate with things and jobs that he's good at. Like whenever he began to learn how to play an instrument, he won't stop until he can play it well. It is one of the main factors that help him to went through all the hardships in his life. Although Mikaru is quite an approachable person, he can be easily-flustered and got shy quickly. Whenever someone, especially Mikaru's crush, acted as if they're trying to hit on him, he felt really anxious and awkward that he didn't even know how to react, sometimes he could even runaway in the middle of their conversations. However, he has never showed it to his friends, only Kou, someone who has grown up alongside Mikaru, is aware of this side of his.

But, deep inside the happy and fluffy mask that he has always put up lies another personality. In fact, Mikaru is really afraid to show his true-self with people around him. And he has always been living with the fear that one day, his friends, his family, everyone, would turn their back and isolated him, that he will have to go through all the loneliness and alienation that he used to live through again. Though, he still dreaming of a day when he and his friends can be true with themselves, the day when Mikaru can find a person who he can rely on, some one who will love him and protect him from all the hardships life throws at him.

|| Finding and writing music sheets ||
With the loving of instruments and music, Mikaru loves to search for famous and good music sheets of the melodies that he like. Whenever he found a good song, the first thing he would do is looking up the music sheet for it. He can also write his own music sheets, but he still has to working on this skill. Mikaru has many sheets for many instruments.

|| Wandering at evenings ||
Mikaru didn't really remember when he has taken up this leisure, but he sure enjoys it. He loves the feeling when the night breeze blowing on his face and the cool, quiet atmosphere of the night. While wandering, he can looking up at sky and observe the stars. Mikaru often go alone, but he also like to have company to walk and chat with him, though he has only been wandering around with Kou so far.

|| Volleyball ||
Although Mikaru didn't look like it, he is quite a sporty person and he can be quite athletic. One of his favorite sport is volleyball and he can play quite good. And he was selected to be a member of the school's volleyball team. While Kou often organizes baseball game for their class, Mikaru is the one who teach them how to play volleyball and organizes matches between his classmates.

|| Reading ||
Being a member of the Literature club, Mikaru, of course, loves to read. He enjoys many kinds of book, especially novels and poems. That is what make him more of a romantic student.

|| Crossing legs when sit ||
Though most people, except for Kou, didn't notice this, he has a habit to cross his legs whenever he sit. Though some people commented that sitting like him was really uncomfortable, he didn't really bother.

|| Gazing out of the windows when bored ||
When he felt that he don't have anything to do, daydreaming or in some Math subjects when their teacher just keeping talking like there's no tomorrow, Mikaru just gazing out of the windows and watching the clouds drifted by. Sometimes because he was really into it that he got distracted and didn't realize when their teacher is calling him, which he just grinned unconvincingly while scratching the back of his head.

|| Poking at others ||
To gain his friends' attention, he has a habit of poking them on their arms. Though playfully, he can poked their cheeks while calling them "cutie pies". At first it seemed that this irritates them a bit, but they got used to it, eventually.

|| Humming a melody whenever he is doing something ||
Mikaru also has a habit of humming a melody or a piece of music that he has just learnt whenever he is doing somethings. It helps him to concentrate and relax a bit from all his works.

|| Melodies and musical instruments ||
Taken into account that Mikaru was gifted with the ability to play and master many kinds of instruments, he has also developed a fondness towards melodies and instruments more than anyone else, though his favorite instruments were piano and flute. He's willing to play music for his friends at anytime possible as a mean of relaxation.

|| Literature ||
Though Mikaru never admits, he has always interested in Literature subjects. And he was good at this too. While most of the questions that Mikaru answered during Math subjects were wrong, he can understands and explains the subjects in Literature quite efficient. Mikaru often receives praises from their teachers because of his imagination and understanding about literary works. Because of that, he often help Amaku and Haruto with their essays.

|| Cooking ||
It might sounds strange for a boy to has a love for cooking, but yeah, this was definitely his cup of tea. Mikaru is also known for being the only boy in the Cooking class at their school. His foods taste not as decent as professional chefs, but their flavors are not bad either. Though Mikaru can cook various kinds of food, he enjoys making desserts and baking the most. Sometimes, he and Kou gather at Amaku's house and the three of them will cook something together.

|| Playing chess ||
This wasn't something that Mikaru was naturally fond of. However, as he watched Kou playing, he somewhat developed an interest in this game and he often plays it with his friends. So far, he is the only person that has beaten Kou in a chess match because of the times he watched Kou's playing pattern.

|| Anime and manga ||
Mikaru has always been fond of anime and manga ever since he was small. He used to sneakily took some manga or watching his favorite anime in the past when he's still staying with his father. If there are someone who has so many knowledge about these, it'd be Mikaru.

|| Bugs ||
Miruka has never got on well with bugs of any types. He'd jumped out of the sudden if he felt some kinds of insect were crawling under his feet. Because of this, he has always tried to avoid Kou's bug collections.

|| Mathematics ||
True enough, with someone who always have his head up in the clouds like Mikaru, calculating and numbers were definitely not his best interests. He likes things to be simple and easy, which is why solving equations and remember formulas are such a pain to him, much to the contrary with his best friend.

|| Homophobe ||
The kind of people that Mikaru would stayed away from at the first sight. Although he never shows, he hates it when these people insulted and called someone like him disgusting. But the main reason is that his father was a homophobic, one of the reasons why Mikaru was usually being hit and slapped in the past.

|| Seafood ||
Mikaru was allergic to seafood of any kinds, which is why he tries his best not to touch them. And even if he isn't allergic to them, he doesn't like their taste either. This explains why he never eat sushi.

|| Good handwriting ||
Being a precise and careful person, Mikaru's handwriting was nice and clear. He can write both hiragana and katakana well and with accuracy. Though if needed, he can write a whole essay at a fast pace, but his handwriting is still pretty nice.

|| Music instruments mastery ||
As explained above, Mikaru was born with the ability to master many kinds of instrument perfectly. He can learn how to play an instrument very fast and he can remember the melodies quite effectively like a professionals. He can even plays some hard pieces of music that even his senior couldn't. But due to this, his wrists and hands are usually fatigued because of hard practicing with instruments.

|| Capable of writing good essays ||
Having a good imagination and a wide range of vocabulary, Mikaru's essays are usually good and their teacher sometimes asks him to write for the school's newspaper.

|| Good voice ||
Besides from musical instruments, Mikaru also enjoys singing. He often hang out with his seniors in the Musical clubs at a karaoke place near their school and the complimented that he has a pretty good voice. Though even when he is talking, people often say that his tone voice is somewhat clear and pleasant, which is quite appealing.

|| Giving advices ||
Being someone who always standing by his friends, Mikaru can be a good listener and also someone who can give people good advice. Whenever there are someone who has troubles, he's willing to sit with them and listen to their stories then advise them what should they do. But just as he is good at giving advice, he is horrible at taking them.

|| Weak at Mathematics ||
Since numbers, formulas, equations, or anything Math-related are not Mikaru's interests, he has a really hard time to understand them and how to use them. Which explains why he got some really bad marks at Math and he has to relied on Kou a lot to understand the nature of the Mathematical concepts.

|| Over-react whenever someone touches his back ||
Because there are some spots where he was being hit repeatedly on his back in the past, he is very sensitive when it's come to people touching those spots. Whenever someone puts their hands there, he will instantly yelled "No!" at them while curled into a ball, hugging his head and closes his eyes shut with his body shaking like he was really going to be hit. While he is like that, he just push people away, telling them not to touch him. The only person that can manage to calm him is Kou.

|| Bad dreams ||
Even though the dark times in his childhood is pretty much gone for now, the memories of being tortured and abused are still haunting him ever since then, leaving a deep scar inside his heart. That is why he often get nightmares about them, causing him to stay sleepless and feel really tired on the next day. However, whenever his friends ask him why he look so gloomy, he just laugh it off and tell them that he stayed up late to practice as he don't want to worry them.

|| Over-flustering ||
Whenever Mikaru's crush, or good-looking guys touch him or said that he was adorable, he can get so anxious that he would blushing and stuttering like crazy. Sometimes, he might be so flustered that he could turn his back and run as fast as he could from the person that talked to him. The reason behind this is because of his over-imaginative mind.

|| Feeling insanely uneasy when someone brought up the subject of homosexuality ||
Although he has never shared the fact that he was gay to anyone, except for Kou, he'd feel really uneasy and somewhat afraid that his true-self would be exposed. During times like these, he'll just making excuses and get away from them. Mikaru felt that he isn't ready to do what they would called as "come-out".


Ever since Mikaru was small, his greatest desire was to live under a normal house with a loving parents. But that is the dream he knew that would never come true. Throughout his childhood, filled within his memories are full of thrashing, tormenting and agony, not only physically, but also mentally. And they still haunted him until now. He was born as a result of two people who called each other "one night stands". Mikaru has never known why his mother still decided to keep him when she found out that she was pregnant with his father, but right after he was born, she left him alone with his father to take care. However, that decision of her was the worst one that she has made in her life, and she still felt guilty about it up to now even when she's raising Mikaru again.

Mikaru's father was the most horrible person one could have the displeasure to met. Because he has always been a spoiled brat during his youth, he's very cocky, crude, violent and a heavy drunkard. As Mikaru grew up, he couldn't remember how many times he was being slapped on his face just because "his Otou-san feel like it". Mikaru still remember clearly that he used to be thrashed on 3 times a day, or even more when his father was drunk. But what even more is that he was made to do heavy jobs or even dressing as a beggar just to find money or to pay for his father debts. It may sound hard to believe, but he has to went through all of those things only when he was 8, the age that he was suppose to have a happy life that any other child would.

Mikaru was being hit so much on his back, his arms and his legs that there are countless of scars, unfading stripes and bruises that still there to remind him of his dark past. Because all of that, he used to be a very reserved boy, scared to meet other people and often stay alone in a corner. However, Mikaru has found a small light that lit up the darkness that he has to been through. And that is when he found out about his own gift of musical instrument mastery at the age of 10. At his former house, there was an old piano. He doesn't know why, but he was really interested with it. As he managed to find some old music sheet books, he learnt how to play them with ease and can play some hard pieces of music well after only half a week of practicing, without any instructions. As time goes on, Mikaru often plays piano after anytime he was being tormented as it helps his soul to felt at peace.

Then one day, he met an upper-class student. His name was Kanzaki Motoharu, a year older than Mikaru. Kanzaki was the first person who approached Mikaru and pulled him out of the darkness. They were really close and thanks to him, Mikaru has a chance to open his heart more. From being a reserved person, he learnt how to smile more with life and eventually become the person that he is today. And Mikaru started to developed what they'd called as 'feelings' towards his Senpai. It was just some childish feelings, but it was truer than anything. He has always kept them as a secret. Until one day...

His father returned home and was drunk as usual. He was ready to being thrashed on, but he was shocked when he saw that his father's hands and shirt were stained with blood. That time, he was being tied up and tormented as if he was some sort of scum. His father was far more violent and sadistic than usual. And Mikaru was even more surprised as his father kept taunted him, using the worst of words that were used for homosexual people with him, indicated that his father has found out about his secrets. He felt his whole body were covered with bruises and some were even bleeding badly. He's thought that he could have died. But even that so, he remembered some words that Kanzaki said to him: Believing in miracles even in the darkest moment. So even though it was hopeless, he still prayed for a miracle to happened, to save him from this hell.

And it did. Right before Mikaru's father was about to hit his head with a stick, the polices barged in and captured him, charging him of committing murder. As the man was dragged away, struggling to break free and yelling, Mikaru fainted. When he regains his consciousness, he found himself lying on a bed at the hospital with bandages all over his body. He looked around and saw a woman sitting next to his bed, smiling gently with him. She claimed herself to be his mother and that she is here take care of him and fulfill her responsibility as a guardian. Because he has nowhere to go now, he accepted the woman as his mother like a child. When he left the hospital, both of them moved to another city. Mikaru was depressed that he don't have a chance to say goodbye to his Senpai, but finally, he moved on.

His life has completely changed. His mother was a great woman and she taken care of him well. Mikaru even has more chances to developed his own gift and from then, he grew into the person he was today. When he was 11, he met Michiko Aya and she was a year younger than him. Although she was a reserved person, they got along well. They found many things in common with each other and between them developed a mutual understanding. As time goes on, they became the best of friends and were closer to each other than anyone else, never do anything without each other. Mikaru nicknamed her Kou while she nicknamed him Yuki.

One day, when Mikaru was 13, he was stopping by at Kou's house, he caught her brother, Hyou, was attempted to rape her and immediately barged in and saved her by the skin of her teeth. He punched him right in his face and fought him for a short while when Kou ran away to find help. He never felt so serious before and he knew that he has to protect his best friend. This strengthen the bonds between them even more and they never kept anything hidden from each other. They both went to the same primary school, secondary school and eventually they both ended up in Class 1A for their talents. Then another beautiful day, Mikaru found out that Kanzaki also moved to the same school as him and both of them joined the same club. The feelings that he thought that was long ago now began to flared up again and Mikaru now continued with his one-sided love like a love-drunk.

Although Mikaru's life seemed to be a straight line for now, he never forgot the pain in the past. His father was being sentenced with permanent imprisonment for committing murder and children abusing. But the dark memories never gone. Some parts of him still fear that one day he'll have to go through all of it again. Mikaru was really sensitive with the topic of homosexuality and often tried to avoid talking about it, although only Kou knew about this secret of him. Now, even though there were a minority of people who speaking bad things behind his back just because he is in 1A, he just ignored them and continue to defend his classmates and himself from any critics they got, while makes friends with people outside of their class who judges Mikaru for being himself, not by being in 1A.


Face Claim
Yuuki Hase | Isshuukan Friends

So begins...

Mikaru Yukihara's Story


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Roleplay Start
Kou sat down at her desk, which was located in the front row next to the window, with Yuki beside her and both Haruto and Amaku in the back. For the first time since the beginning of the year, Sensei hadn't made it in before them. Odd. Their teacher had a strict policy for being late and seemed to have made a habit of arriving hours before classes started. Perhaps she's finally had some sense knocked into that head of hers. Kou pushed the thoughts away and focused on the worksheets in front of her.

She spent almost 15 minutes slaving over her Algebra formulas, all the while engaging in a conversation with Yuki. Thoughts sprung to her mind as to how she even came up with that nickname for her longtime friend. It made sense, corresponding with his surname, but she couldn't seem to recall why she'd started calling him that. And with her memory, there weren't many things she couldn't remember. Not that it mattered much. Kou took a look around the classroom. Amaku had her head buried in what looked to be a portrait of some kind, Haruto was lost in the world of electronics, and Yuki was patiently waiting for anything interesting to happen. A normal day, as always.

Kou could hear the clacking of high heels out in the hall, and she took a wild guess (or not so wild) that their teacher had finally arrived. She proceeded to put away her math formulas. But when the door did open, it wasn't just Sensei that walked in. A young boy with blonde hair also walked in. And that caught the attention of the entire class.


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Oh God, why as I so nervous? Oliver wondered as he tightly clenched the front slings of his backpack. The young boy was no stranger to being the new kid in class. In fact he was usually bored with the whole ordeal, yet this time seemed different. There was a lump forming in his throat as feeling of fears fluttered in his stomach like butterfly tiring to escape.

Oliver closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm his nerves before following the teacher into the classroom. Upon entering, The young student looked around at the other kids, his new classmates. He was so focused on the students that he didn't notice that the teacher had stopped in front of him. Oliver walked right into her and almost knocked her down right in front of the entire class.

The red faced boy quickly looked down at his shoes. Oliver tried not to looked like a complete idiot as the teacher adjusted herself and introduced him to the class. "This is Oliver West, He's the new transfer student assigned to our class. I want you all to make sure he feels welcomed. Oliver why don't you seat down over there" She motioned over towards an empty chair at the front of the room next to a brown haired boy.

It took Oliver a second to realize she was now speaking to him but he eventually looked up. "Right. The desk at the front?" He asked with a shaky voice. Oliver would rather sit in the back so he could take naps during lectures or cheat on his test, but he didn't want to suggest it. He managed to smile as he sat down, taking a look at his classmates once more before bringing is attention towards the front of the class.


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#, as written by chrian.


Mikaru sat quietly at his table within the first row next to Kou. Well, actually there aren't many tables because their class only has 4 people anyway. While both Amaku and Haruto are still busying with their own things, the only thing Mikaru could do right now is having a chat with Kou as all of them waited for their Sensei to arrived. And of course, he was wondering why she hasn't come yet. Normally, they'd have to listened to her talking and lecturing unhesitatingly already. I wonder why...

Anyway, as the time passed by, he could only have some chat with Kou as he got nothing else better to do. He has finished all of his homework already. After a while, it seems that everybody now is busy with their own jobs now, even Kou now is so into her own Algebra sheets, somethings that Mikaru normally didn't interest, but that is her favorite pastime so Mikaru respects it. He just shrugged then took out some pieces of music sheet that he was working on for the past few days out from his bag and start thinking of the notes.

As he worked on the sheets, suddenly the door slide opened and their Sensei walked in. Mikaru has never stopped being admired for how high her heels can be. He just shrugged as he folded the sheets nicely and put them back into his bag. But what he didn't expect is the blonde-hair boy who walked just behind their Sensei. It was quite surprised because their Sensei said that no students will study in Class 1A except for the ones with exceptional gifts. Which means, this new transfer boy must has had some special ability too.

Wow, he's pretty cute. Mikaru thought sheepishly but quickly put away those thoughts. Their teacher then write the name of the boy on the board. Oliver West... Mikaru glanced at the name and pronounced it in his head. So he is a foreigner? Interesting.

Their Sensei then introduced, "This is Oliver West, He's the new transfer student assigned to our class. I want you all to make sure he feels welcomed. Oliver why don't you seat down over there?" She said as she pointed towards the empty seat next to Mikaru's. The boy agreed as he turned his back and sat at the table. Mikaru couldn't be more excited. He always felt that way whenever he is able to meet and make friends with new people. Mikaru then put up the brightest smile he has "Hey there. I couldn't believe that we would have a new classmate. My name's Mikaru Yukihara, they call me the musical ear, but you can call me Mika if you like. Yoroshikune." He said to Oliver then turned to introduce the other four to him, because he knows that they're not familiar on what to do when meeting new people, "Sitting next to me here is Michiko Aya, our class' main brain and my childhood friend. Behind us are Haruto Akima, the technomancer and Amaku Tatsugai, the artist. Hope that you'll have a great time here."


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Are you guys seriously going to let this roleplay die after two posts??? It may be Christmas at the moment, but it's been almost two weeks! Either post or delete your characters so I can get other people in here! Honestly...