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Hibiki Masamoto

"Lazy...? Ehh... it's too much work to disagree with that..." WIP

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a character in “Amamori Academy”, as played by γƒͺンーけゃん






Age: 17

Sexuality: Heterosexual "Should I be concerned you asked this question..."

Height: 5'9 "I'm not done growing... but that sounds tiring to do..."

Weight: 159




Personality: "Just because I don't say much doesn't mean I'm a heartless person... Sorry for not being nice then..."

Hibiki has a nickname of being the "Unsocial Hermit Crab," always keeping to himself and being quiet most the time since he's not exactly the social person other than around a few certain people he knows well enough to open up to. But that's a different story. Towards strangers, he won't laugh, he won't smile, he wouldn't even look at you unless you did something really stupid, or if something you did would catch his attention. Otherwise, he finds it as a waste of time. Because of this, people deem him to be mean, or heartless because if he bumps into someone, he won't apologize just because it would take too much energy, or something along the line.

He's very conserving of this; His energy. Sure, maybe he has a lot, or maybe he doesn't, but he's just lazy in general and wishes to keep as much energy possible to himself. Procrastination? Yup, that's him. Lazy? Definitely. Conversing? Always. Tired? Everyday. Bored? 24/7. There's a few traits you'll always see in Hibiki; always. He doesn't have to open up to you for you to see these things in him, it's like watching him daily. He'll be staring out the window, just day dreaming, falling asleep in class, spacing out when someone's talking to him... That's your daily Hibiki.

Yet if he were to open up to someone, you'd see that he's not the same person. Well... yeah, he kind of is since you'll still see the laziness in him as always, but there will be more to his personality such as finally laughing, giving of a giggle or two, sharing more about himself, and expressing his emotions much easier than in front of a stranger. He's also very supportive as a friend and helpful, mostly in things like math and science (Very, very smart in those classes.) Hibiki, if a friend asks, will help out in any way possible, even putting aside the procrastinating side of himself, though it tends to come up often here and there sometimes...

Nevertheless, Hibiki is basically an emotionless and lazy young man, showing little expression towards strangers, hardly getting embarrassed, and keeping in as much energy as possible. Yet despite all his efforts to save his energy, he always falls asleep during class, and even during a conversation perhaps. This leads to these obnoxiously loud yawns you'll hear in class, though it's not as if he does it by choice. Just a habit he's taken over the years.

~Drawing "If I can't sleep... I'll do this I guess...."
~Sleeping "Gone sleeping ; Wake up in 10-12 hours."
~Writing "This is what I do in class other than sleep. Helps me get ideas for my next dream..."
~Smart "Math and Science... Nothing special really... just took extra lessons during childhood..."

~Sleeping "As much as I can get, I will get."
~Food "Doesn't matter if it's burnt or not... Food is food after all."
~Music "Helps me sleep..."
~Rain "The calming sound and rhythm is like music, allowing me to sleep much quicker than often."
~Horror Movies "They're so fake.. it's funny to watch how stupid the main characters are..."

~Being Woken/Awake "Why stay awake when you can go to sleep in your own world...?"
~Strangers "Makes me wonder why people talk to me when I don't talk back... strange..."
~Dolls "They creep me out..."
~Work "Group project...? I'll be the person who sleeps while the rest of you work on the project..."
~Wasting Energy "If it's not necessary, I won't do anything. If it is, I'll probably still do nothing."

~Lazy "So what...? Aren't we all...?"
~Procrastinates "Ah.. homework is due tomorrow... I'll finish it later..."
~Glutton "Yeah... I eat a lot, but I'm still fit... in some ways... I think..."
~Emotionless "You're not someone I know, so don't expect me to open up to you so easily."

Team(s)/Club(s) they're part of:
None, because he's a lazy butt. But sometimes he'll visit the art club, though it's still quite rare.




Other: Friends (So far) are Aaiko, Kagami, and James, in other words, the cousin trio.

Thoughts and relationships to other characters:

So begins...

Hibiki Masamoto's Story


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Kagami Chau

Kagami Chau
Makato Oku
Aaiko Kaeda
Amaya Preston

"Ehh... who are these people...." Kagami raised an eyebrow at the piece of paper she was given a few days back in advancement, although she never cared to look at it until the last and final day. Apparently, it was the people she was going to live the next year, or maybe even next few years, with, but she knew none of them. Well... at but one of course.

"Aaiko's on the list! Awesommmmmmme!" She seemed to exclaim to herself with enthusiasm. Kagami immediately grabbed a small bag of her things, such as clothes, a toothbrush, and other necessities that would be needed to stay somewhere other than your actual home. She wasn't really bothered leaving her family, and they weren't bothered that she was leaving either.

Of course they weren't glad that she was leaving, but more like... supportive you could put it. Kagami rarely spent time getting out of the house, or at least away from her family for such a long period of time, so this was basically the time where she could try living on her own and prove she was becoming an adult, since most people tend to think otherwise.

The academy wasn't very far from the small house she lived in, so it was walking distance, so obviously, she decided not to bother her family and instead decided to walk, whistling a sort of classical tune before finding her dorm, and the room, and busting the door open, maybe creating too much of a loud bang.

She looked around the room she was going to live in and saw three girls; One with long brown hair, another with black put into a side ponytail, and then someone she couldn't forget; Her cousin, "Aaiko!" Kagami exclaimed with a silly grin on her face, putting an arm around her cousin, greeting her that way instead of saying something simple like a hello.

Since she was in a good mood, she looked towards the other two girls and made a wave gesture with her free hand (since one was carrying the bag) and said, "Nice to meet ya. The name's Kagami, Kagami Chau. And did I come late? Does that mean I get the last bed? Ah, screw it. A bed's a bed, you still sleep anyways!" She shrugged.

Hibiki Masamoto ~ James King

Hibiki grumbled, the sound of his ringing cellphone waking him up and vibrating on the table obnoxiously, even though it was mid, or late morning, he couldn't see the clock and honestly didn't care because sleep was all that mattered to him, 'Who the hell is calling me so early in the morning...' He sighed, lifting his head from the pillow, his hair being messy and his eyes half closed as he found the phone and held it to his ear, "Yeah..."

"Hey, I'm waiting for you at the room." James said, being at the dorm already where he would share with his friend, Hibiki, and a few other people that he forgot the names of, being quite the forgetful young man that he is, "You know... it's kind of late morning... And you're still in bed? Did you just get up?"

"So what if I just got up..." Hibiki sighed, letting out the loudest yawn you'd ever hear, not on purpose though, before struggling to take the covers off of himself and get off the bed. It took him many tries actually, going from a sitting position to a sort of bent position, like a crippled person walking, before sitting back down again, being reluctant to get off the save spot of his.

"You're going to be late..." James looked down at his watch, and being not able to read the numbers, he took off his glasses, cleaned them a bit, put them back on, and read things a little easier and told him, "The others in our room are going to come soon. If you're last and get left behind, no one's going to be waiting you know." James spoke a little less politely towards Hibiki, but that was because they were friends, best friends, so it was only natural.

"I got it... I got it... I already have one mom... I don't need a second, bastard..." Hibiki said, finally hanging up and slowly changing, perhaps slower than the pace of a turtle, 'It requires too much energy... how come we're not born with knowledge...' He thought to himself before grabbing a tiny luggage and heading downstairs where his father would give him a ride to the academy he'd be attending.