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Drake Gardner

*evil laughter* "Really? You think that's going to beat me?"

0 · 170 views · located in Amaranth

a character in “Amaranth: The Dark Lands”, as played by ShadtheWerepire


Name: Drake
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Skills: He can lie like no other and always wins games of strategy, He specializes with dual daggers but his real skills are in his unique thinking processes. Very good at escaping buildings.
Abilities: (To go along with this whole Karma thing...) He uses equal exchange to produce devistating attacks by sheding his own blood, when he runs out of blood to use he will be propelled by the darkness in him and go "berzerk" which makes him nearly invincible but after a very short time all of his powers are depleted and he dies. He can use less dangerous attacks like manipulating shadows that can hurt people, appear as creatures and mask his appearence with a strange shadowy mist.
Powers: Dark
Most wanted Job: Hired muscle (He enjoys being in a subordinate position, less responsibilities, but he's always the one that's really in control)
Likes: Bloodshed (He was the kind of kid that tortured animals when he was younger), sleeping, Dark nights, Rain, Candy expecially chocolate
Dislikes: Light (I feel like that's a given), Morons (basically anyone who isn't as smart as him which to him is almost everyone), Rap music, Taking Meds
Fears: Hahaha that's a good one... He doesn't like being out in the open, yet he hates enclosed padded rooms
Worst Fear: Being defeated
Secret(s): Recently escaped from a mental hospital back home
Orientation: Straight
Backpack: A few bars of chocolate, mini chess set, A small paperback copy of "the Art of War", money, a knife (He cuts himself for the adreniline that comes with it), a few containers with his pills from the mental hospital, lots of Gauze/firstaid kit.
Picture: (Anime only)
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As a child he would hurt pets and wild animals if he got his hands on them and grew up in a pressure filled environment. His parents expected only the best from him and he was smart enough to acheive the best, however around middleschool he began to show signs of violence and would taunt/talk back to his teachers. Upset with his recent outbursts in school and at home he was sent to a shrink to see if they could figure out what was wrong, after one visit the Shrink refused to see Drake ever again claiming "he was too far gone." After that it seemed that everything had returned to normal because Drake began to behave again, that was until his parents found the hidden bloody towels in his closet and the knife he used to cut himself in his bed side drawer. He was smart knew where to hide he cuts so they wouldn't know but he had found his release in cutting, it fueled him with adrenaline and gave him the quick high he needed to get through the day. Upon their discovery his parents sent him to a mental hospital hoping he would stop the dangerous cutting. Drake didn't exactly take kindly to the nurses and doctors, refused to take meds and was contantly sedated for outbreaks of violence. One rainy night the power went out and he was able to escape without throwing off any alarms, from there he found this group of vagabonds claiming his parents had died and he had no where else to go, they all believed him due to his impressive lying skills and he plans to never tell the truth.

So begins...

Drake Gardner's Story