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The sequel to the roleplay Wild Mischief. Animals from the Tampa Florida zoo head out this spring to the Amazon. The animals meet and learn from the animals of the rainforest, of the Amazon.

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Here is the rainforest. The home of many animals, especially invertebrates.
The following live here
This is a sequel to Wild Mischief. You may use your character from Wild Mischief. Here is the story:
The animals of the zoo were bored. They needed to go somewhere new. A monkey was searching around and found a broscher. It was for a tour of the amazon. The monkey told the zoo animals. They all wanted to go to the amazon...
If you are intrested in making a character and living in the zoo of Tampa Florida, here's the link.

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Jamal saw strange animals enter the rainforest. Jamal hovered above to catch a glimpse. He saw most of them looked harmless, while some looked familiar. " Welcome to Paradise!" Shouted Jamal. He signaled all the birds of the forest. The birds started playing a festive beat. They realesed flowers into the air.
(repetive beat,) aiyeeh! Welcome to the jungle!! Everythings wild annnd free! This is our home, were never alone! Magic can happen, beat those, shake those, colorful tail-feathers!..
Jamal kept playing music with the birds. Suddenly, a stomp roars the ground. " What did I tell you about that music?!?" Roared a big, mean tiger. " We... were welcoming tourists!" Whispered a macaw, weakley. " Ahh, new people to go under my order. Nice job birdbrains.." mummbled the tiger. Jamal was frightened. The tiger walked over to him. " Well,well,well, if it isn't Jamal. Starting things up again?" " My name is Jamy..." stuttered Jamal. The tiger glared at him..


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Mayple entered the rainforest. She saw colorful birds singing and dancing. Suddenly, a tiger strutted over. He yelled at the macaws. Mayple was nervous. The tiger was glaring at one macaw. Then the tiger pounced on him. Mayple got into fighting mode. She pounced on the tigers back. Mayple clawed at it. The tiger ran towards a tree to knock her off. Mayple quickly jumped off. The tiger ran into the tree. He fell unconcoius. " You were awesome!" Remarked Jamal.


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Luella sighed, running after Cubby once more on one of his foolish adventures.
It was then they came across a parade of sorts, grinning Luella decides to go and see - Grabbing Cubby and putting him on her shoulders.
She watched as the Tiger fell unconscious and frown, she was sure he deserved it but still..It wasn't very nice.
Realizing that the small cluster of animals must be new she smiles once more, walking into the open.
"Welcome!" She says cheerily, forgetting how scary she must look, a massive Jaguar.

Cubby let out a little 'Mew' when Luella grabbed him, wanting to be set free so he could follow a small group of frogs and play with them, not knowing they were poisonous.
But then his mood changed as he started to hear the music, and begins to dance, even though he's still on his sister's back.
After his sister says her greeting he jumps off her back, Mew-ing cheerfully and going to join the dancing, all the while saying hello to everyone.

Finishing drinking the dew out of a small flower - in a very delicate and lady-like way, of course - Priscilla begins to hear a soft beat, making its way to where she was.
Smiling she flies as fast as she can, she couldn't wait to join.
Joining the chorus of singing Hummingbirds, she dances around, throwing flowers everywhere as well as singing very, very loud.

Suddenly everyone stops and Priscilla stops singing just long enough to see the mean old Tiger everyone hated lying on the floor.
Cheering with everyone else - Priscilla flies down to the new animals and smiles, greeting them.
"Hello darlings, I am Priscilla - Amazing singer, dancer and all round Hummingbird at your service."


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Character Portrait: Mayple Character Portrait: Jamal Character Portrait: Cubby & Luella Character Portrait: Priscilla
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All the animals saw a jaugaur greet them. " Hello... murmered Mayple. She backed up slowely. Jamal flew down. " If you put your paws on these people you are as dead as a drunk bird.. " he stuttered. Then they saw the cute mini wild cat. The animals didn't know if they should of fled or attacked. All remained still. Jamal saw a lady hummingbird fly by. " Ohhhh, a lady!" Said Jamal. Mayple rolled her eyes. " I am Jamal, the hip hop supah drop stop macaw!" " Hello guys, I am Mayple... from the zoo crew." Jamal pumped out his chest. " Lets celebrate for these visitors and hold a feast+celebration! Cockatiels start cooking!" Said Jamal. The birds started dancing and resumed playing music. Some birds made chow. For the carnivores, they gave them sugar to replace the meat they couldn't supply. Birds shoved their faces in mangos. Jamal turned up the music.

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Character Portrait: Jamal
Character Portrait: Mayple
Character Portrait: Cubby & Luella
Character Portrait: Priscilla


Character Portrait: Priscilla

"It's all about appearances."

Character Portrait: Cubby & Luella
Cubby & Luella

Cubby~"Aw can't we just-" Luella~ "No."

Character Portrait: Jamal

" Just call me Jamy, or Jamymastermanbird. "

Character Portrait: Mayple

" When fish dont appear... well then you are probely fishing in the wrong spot."


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