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Amber Eyes


This roleplay is brought to you by Wolfee
Go to "Rules" for plot summary and character places


Amber eyes

far up in the spirit world lyes a place not so different from here...

...Only everything is more dazing to look at but what else can you expect of a spirit world.

The spirit world is home to many colourful races but we're not here to discuss those, we're here on the account of The Fox clan. Though to human world a 'fox' is a scavenger and pesty creature in the spirit world foxes are an honorable species. Prideful, royal and unfortunately nearly instinct the fox blood line grows thin. Alarmed by the foreseeable exstinction the spirit world council -a vast and knowledgable chair of various races- set about on a secret campain to re-light the dying fire of the Fox clan.

This is where you come in:

Project rebirth
The council are well aware there's still some youthful beauties amongst The Fox clan and they're not about to let the last chance of re-populating the fox species go to waste!

Reasons why they're going exstinct in the first place: Within The Fox clan are many small clans containing the various species of fox. When someone uses the term 'The Fox clan' its similar to me saying 'Man kind'. Now you see, foxes are very particular about who they court and mate with which is how this whole mess came about in the first place. Foxes never mate outside of their species they think its dirty to consider such a thing as some species of fox are more highly regarded than other species, it'd simply be a sin to mix the genes up. Though as time passed choices of partners within their own species became less and they certainly couldn't breed within their own families (incest hell noes) but even with their species on the line the foxes still refused to mate with another species of fox. As stubborn as they are the more highly thought of foxes decided they'd rather let their species die out instead of breed amongst the 'lesser' species. (Foxes 'tut' typical)

How the Council plan to resolve this situation with their secret campain: The council plan to take a few strapping individuals from the lesser clans and place them in a home with a few of the more highly regarded clan members. All the members will be young and the council will be counting on their outrageous and unstable emotions to trigger a few breeding couples. Of course like every plan it has its flaws; the various different clans have very different ways of living, thinking and acting which could cause a few unfortunate clashes. Not only that but the stubborn morals of the fact Foxes shouldn't mate with other species might overrule their youthful emotions causing the plan to flop and The Fox clan to continue dying out.
All the council can do is cross their fingers and let nature takes it course.

Those in the Roleplay:

below are the likely questions you have and the hopefully helpful answers:

#1 what kind of foxes are we talking about here?

Well, I guess you could say the shape shifter kind. Everyone in the spirit world looks human save for a few of their species characteristics, that'll be eyes, ears, noses, tails, tongues, feet, hands etc. For the Fox clans it'll be eyes, ears and tails. Though they are fully capable of morphing into their full forms which of course would be whatever species of fox they are. They can do this at any time though its very uncommon to morph without a good reason i.e a fight.

Question within a Question: How big are the foxes when in full form?: Twilight werewolf size -Never seen the movie- Average horse size.
Question within a Question: How do we know what species of Foxes to do?: I will provide you with a chart to pick from.
Question within a Question: Can my Fox have special powers?: Er...No. Isn't turning into a gigantic fox whose unknowingly apart of some huge council project to breed whilst being in a completely new and exciting dimension enough for you? You selfish bastards!!!

#2 Hey you, what's this spirit world like?

Spirit world: Much like our world its easier to name the differences: There's less concrete and more wilderness as the spirit world welcomes nature and is hesitant to build for the sake of building (unlike man kind). Everything is more beautiful in the spirit world just because it is. There are no cars, trains or means of transport similar to those, most travel on foot in the spirit world more due to the fact they can turn into funky creatures rather than thinking cars are polluting -even though that is another valid reason- There's still restraunts and electricity, tv's, radios, microwaves etc but no ipods or games consoles as those of the spirit world do not appreciate things that exclude you from others and cause you to turn anti-social. -Any queries OOC-

Its very honorable and has its traditions, due to being partially animal the spirit world has many clashing races. Still all are respectable and have an old age manor about their attitudes.

#3 What are the different Fox Clans?

the fox clans:

Foxes of the south: "ó dheas Clan"

ó dheas Clan

Based in the cold southern parts of the spirit world the ó dheas Clan are Foxes who are the best at winter survival. The ó dheas Clan produce thick furred and warm skinned foxes with an eye for survival.

Only one species of fox exists in the ó dheas Clan and they all take to wearing many layers of hardy clothing. The males wear tough, studded boots, trousers, leggings, vests, shirts, jumpers and beautiful winter coats as well as hats to protect their ears from the cold. The females wear tough, studded high boots, several pairs of leggings, thick layers of winter underwear, a winter dress and finally a very beautiful fur winter coat. They may also wear pretty, woollen hats to keep the cold off their ears.
What they do:
In the ó dheas Clan the males go out to hunt and face the possible harsh weather of the wintry south. They hunt everything eatable and often clash with the Délre Clan (polar bears) as food sometimes grows scarce and difficult to catch.
The females stay at home and cater by preparing the food brought back by the males as well as making the winter hardy clothing along with the infamous fur coats that all the spirit world admire.
The ó dheas Clan used to do more extravagant things such a skiing the ice caps and looking for special treasures buried in the ice but due to their numbers being dangerous low they had to forfeit such risky activities. This means what could have been sold for other exotic foods is at a loss.
What they live in:
They have quite pleasant living quarters, built into the ice and mountains they have pleasant stone houses that have lasted many centuries in the cold south. It all forms a petite village gradually climbing a mountain side.
Similar traits:
Due to such harsh conditions and difficult times the Foxes of the ó dheas Clan are a bitter kind. Not purposely vicious or malicious they are merely irritated and at a loss for what is happening to their clan. They’re not full of temper but they certain have a temper with all the bottled up hopelessness floating around inside them. Hard working and determined they still have their pride and despite the conditions are still very beautiful Foxes to behold. They have a way about them that requests respect and other foxes find awe in their ways as they are very different from all the other clans.
The males Foxes believe that females are delicate and to be provided for, the female Foxes believe they should rely on the males and that they are far too delicate to participate in Male activities.
Breeding with other species:
The ó dheas Clan are prideful- mixing their species would be pointless. Only their species can survive in the south another mixing of the genes would result in generations meaninglessly dying due to not being strong enough or prepared for the winter climate. They believe they are a very strong species and no other species can match their genes.

Foxes of the east: "soir Clan" "éisc Clan"
There are two Clans to the east.

Eisc Clan:

Based out on the sandy shores of the east the Eisc Clan are Foxes who are wonders of the wide water. From simply canoeing to extreme fishing with some of the largest predators against them the Eisc Clan birth hardy foxes who bare rough hands from hard work.
No matter what species they are all Foxes from the Eisc Clan wear sea coloured beads in their hair -usually just a lock of hair at the front- They’re also likely to have some form of pattern painted on them with pale clay. -Nothing too extravagant or frightening- They wear little clothing, shorts for males and light, thigh skimming dresses for the females. Its possible some of the males will wear necklaces laced with their baby teeth and predator teeth.
What they do:
Eisc Clan are talented when it comes to the sea and anything around their home. They have mastered the art of canoeing on the waves and are literally the very best at fishing for whatever falls prey to them in the sea. They can read the wind, waves and clouds. They can climb the sharp rock faces to get at the small coves where sea-gulls lay their eggs and dive to the underwater caves where clams and other treats become caught when the tide goes in and out. They know how to find a good rock to sharpen and believe that living off of the land is the best way to be.
What they live in:
As unappealing as it sounds they live in mud/ clays huts built on the shores just out of reach of the tide. The huts are large, cool and comfortable to them. Its not a dirty way to live either they are very clean and airy. Just in the shallows of the water are wooden huts on stilts used to store past catches as well as to smoke certain meats.
Similar traits:
The Foxes of the Eisc Clan are hard working and enjoy themselves whilst being so. They are perfectly satisfied with what they have and you couldn’t come across a happier clan even if you tried. They are jolly, family strict individuals who stick together and are always seen in groups of three or more. Its rare to see a lonely Eisc Clan member. They have realistic heads upon their shoulders and know what their limits are. No species in the Eisc Clan is quick to anger but they are very defensive about their family and friends and defend what little ways they have with vigour.
Breeding with other species:
The Eisc Clan like I said have realistic heads. They can see that their numbers are dwindling and speak in low whispers about the other species they wouldn’t mind breeding with if it came to it though they’d never act upon their whispers.

Soir Clan

In comparison to the Eisc Clan the Soir Clan exist further inshore where the water still flows into sweet smelling marshlands. From carving a master piece to skimming the waters in sleeks boats the Soir Clan are calm, serene Foxes.
No matter what species they are all Foxes of the Soir Clan wear earthy beads in their hair- Usually two locks at the back- They’re also likely to have some form of pattern painted on them with dark clay -Once again nothing too extravagant or frightening- They wear more clothing than the Eisc Clan but not much more, shorts still for the males with light airy vests and shirts and slightly heavier, knee length dresses for the females.
What they do:
The Soir Clan are best at carving wood, they are indeed fine carpenters who can making anything out of the trees in the marshlands. They are also gifted navigators who are capable of navigating through the meander like paths of the marsh lands on their small crafts as well as finding their way back home. They are talented in reading the earth and know one tree from another. They hunt the strange marsh deers and birds with slender arrows making them great marks men and fine hunters in the sometimes slippery and difficult Marsh environment.
What they live in:
Seemingly a little better off than the Eisc Clan the Soir Clan live in large wooden bungalows built on low stilts over the marsh lands. They do not mind using the trees to make their homes and weapons as the Soir Clan have a deep respect for trees and a thin spiritual connection with them.
Similar traits:
The foxes of the Soir Clan are more laid back in comparison to the other Clan of the east. They tend to take life at a slower pace as they have learnt from carving- nothing important can be rushed. Even slower to anger they like to think of ways around conflict and if it really comes to it they force themselves to pity those who are angering them whilst trying their best to see their opposes point of view. Saying that those of the Soir Clan can become very agitated if they are mocked for their connection with the trees.
Breeding with other species:
The Soir Clan believe that it isn’t possible for them to breed with other species. If they did that they could lose their ability to understand the trees and the marsh lands around them which in their eyes would be a tragic loss and a risk not worth taking.

Foxes of the north and west: "Thuaidh Clan" and "Siar Clan"

Thuaidh Clan

In the North where the heat is blistering and the land is nought but sand is where the Thuaidh Clan exist. Gifted in merely ‘creating’ things these foxes are most similar to ‘Man kind’ with mild their need to create for the sake of creating.
Hair light and bleached from the sun there isn’t a species in this clan without tanned skin. With long eye lashes to keep the sand out and adjustments to survive such hot weather they are healthy but strange looking individuals with their blunt nails and tough soled feet. Most have short hair due to the heat and wear light breezy clothing. Baggy shorts for both males and females and loose material to cover the upper half of females they sport scarves wrapped around their heads -like the prince of Persia- to keep the sun off their heads. They are prone to wearing many bracelets up one of their arms to display how many friends they have. If mated they will wear an ankle bracelet which is twinned with their partners.
What they do:
The Thuaidh Clan are thought of as fairly lazy. They spend their days surfing the sand dunes of the desert and hunting scorpions. They indulge in hobbies but are known for their habit in creating various means to make life easier. The desert is surprisingly windy and the Foxes of the Thuaidh Clan have created a means of riding the wind with various wooden crafts with patchwork sails that hover over the dunes (not the same as surfing).
What they live in:
The Thuaidh Clan live within a desert city which is home to many other clans of various races. The city is built up with many stone villas that stay cool in the heat. Though they are apart of a city you will find a fair few families of the same species cooped up together along the same road.
Similar traits:
Its safe to say that the Fox species that exist in the Thuaidh Clan are quite ignorant. To put it bluntly they’re very self confident have their arses stuck up their own backsides. They believe they’re the best due to being quick to create new things though others do not see this as a good virtue. Living in a vast community of all sorts of Clan’s food is never scarce and the Thuaidh Clan fail to honestly understand the meaning of ‘going without’ or fending for themselves. Which has earnt them their lazy name. Bad losers. Very vain in the sense they think they’re irresistible (especially the males) which is why they have the symbolist bracelets running up their arms to show off their popularity. Some males may even have more than one ankle bracelet to show they’re just as popular with the ladies.
Breeding with other species:
Though they’re eager to show how popular they are with the opposite sex the Thuaidh Clan think they’re too advanced for other species but they wouldn’t be surprised if the other species of Fox desire to mate with them for the sheer fact they’re so irresistible.

Siar Clan

In the western part of the spirit world is where the Siar clan exist along with various other clans. Neither hot or cold the west is a balanced area that flourishes in nature. Those of the Siar Clan are highly regarded and some species are extremely wealthy.
Hair well groomed the Siar Clan are vain individuals. They wear flamboyant clothing of extreme detail. Males wear trousers, shoes, shirts and intrinsically detailed waist coats. Females wear high heels, intrinsically detailed dresses with silky stockings and fancy underwear- usually wear beautiful coats and cardigans. Always looking their best the males usually tint the tips of their hair with gold and the females wear expensive jewels and pretty hair grips in their hair.
What they do:
The Siar Clan are well known for making their beautiful clothing but most of all they are known for their gambling and hosting. Due to being thought of as royal and wealthy they haven’t done an honest days work in a long time. They host rich parties and send many unfortunate creatures out of pocket in their gambling games. The Siar Clan have also mastered an artist form of fighting that they teach to others- taught in a yoga form when sped up it can be executed as an attack. They’re very arty foxes.
What they live in:
The Siar Clan tend to live in large, grand houses with their families and those of the same species live quite close to one another. The Siar Clan is getting to be rare like the south clans. -X- (but surrounded by forest on the mountain side)
Similar traits:
The Siar Clan aren’t randomly thought of as highly for no reason. They themselves believe they are royal and it’s managed to rub off on other creatures- perhaps down to their wealth, rich looks or indeed their attitude. They are quick to anger and become easily impatient and irritated when directly opposed. Believing they’re superior means they look down upon other species of fox without much thought. Flashy and good hosts they’re accomplished fakers who can smile like they mean it even when they don’t. Each species within the Siar Clan believes they are the alpha species. (let you decide which one actually is)
Breeding with other species:
Stubborn and snobby hardly any of the Siar Clan would even contemplate the idea of mixing their genes with ‘common’ species. This clan is the most strict on keeping the genes within the species.

Question within a question:
So they're only four Fox clan's- but there are loads of species? Thats true, however some of you may have gathered through reading about the various fox clans that more than one species can exist under one clan. Once again though, just because two different species are within the same clan does not mean they like one another any more than the foxes in different clans.

Toggle Rules

Rules, characters and plot summary

Plot summary:
So to sum this roleplay up the beginning plot is that in the spirit world council are trying to re-populate The Fox Clan before certain species die out. The only problem is the Foxes are very stubborn and don't believe in mating outside of their own specific species. Severall attractive members of the rarest species are brought together and placed in a "nesting" home together with the hope that some form of love might spring between the youths and break their exstinction.
Of course I'm expecting no one to dive head over heels in love with the other Clan's as obviously its against their way. This Roleplay is about gradual relationships brewing where dislike and animal behaviour is welcome. Your characters will grow with the plot and where some may find they are eventually attracted to a different species others may never couple with another species even if at one point they consider it.
Love triangles and other forms of complications in love are welcome in this roleplay.

Character places:
Avaliable- Female & Male

#1 FOX-

#2 fox-

#3 fox-

#4 fox-

#5 fox-

#6 fox-

#7 fox-

-please click here for the fox species chart-

Specifically for this roleplay
* You must must must follow the character skeleton provided at the bottom of the sheet with no acceptions. All descriptive parts in the character skeleton must be good especially the personality. You must momentarily become your character and do a large and worthy character skeleton for them.

* All images must not be human but on the other hand you must not pick flimsy, crappy images for your character search long and hard for good quality images otherwise I'll only ask you to change them. Your character images do not have to have the fox ears and tail in them that is what the description box is for to add in anything missing.

* Cannot stress enough that you must spend time on your character skeletons. Please make them look good as well as containing lots of information. (relevant information) In this roleplay I expect you to play your characters very well, before you write something think: is that what they would do. Don't do a fox version of yourself. Create someone.

*Even though this is quite fantasy themed we need a hint of realism! So keep to realism guys! Please don't make your character crazy, insane or metally ill etc Don't make them gay or bisexual as that'll spoil the plot a little. No depressed characters who bring the roleplay to a halt within their first post and no random posts that start off somewhere irrelevant and throw the rest of the players.

*Think deeply about the Clan you want to be in and the kind of life your character lives before you fill in the character skeleton. There's no point saying they're apart of the Eisc Clan and then add they had water or cant swim etc. I don't mind your character having flaws but not huge ones that prevent them from fully functioning in their clans.

General rules
* No god moding, mary sues or swearing after every other sentense.

* Sex is apart of love and therefore allowed in this roleplay but it cannot be too explicit and must abide by RPG's rules.

* If you don't know the basic rules you should just...go read them then come back!

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[font=Felix Titling]Description:[/font] PUT WHAT’S MISSING FROM THE IMAGE HERE.

[font=Felix Titling]Species of Fox: PUT WHAT SPECIES YOU ARE HERE[/font]

[font=Felix Titling]Description:[/font] PUT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE AS A FULL FOX. KEEP YOUR SPECIES IN MIND.

[font=Felix Titling]Personality:[/font] PUT YOUR PERSONALITY HERE.

[font=Felix Titling]Likes and Dislikes:[/font] KEEP YOUR CLAN IN MIND.

[font=Felix Titling]History:[/font] ANY HISTORY YOU’D LIKE YOUR CHARACTER TO HAVE.

[font=Felix Titling]Rivals and clans:[/font] ANY CLANS YOUR CHARACTER CANT STAND AND REASONS WHY.

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[OOC] Amber eyes

Dont hesitate to join this fantasy roleplay taking place in a spirit world apparallel to our own. Please read more on the Introduction page by clicking on the link above.

The fox clans are coming near to exstinction and the council can't allow it: They hatch a plan to try and re-populate the foxes through putting several different species from different clans into a nesting home to encourage breeding...only problem is Foxes only breed within their OWN species.
Tons of trouble, fun, romance and new alliances and understanding between four very different clans and the various species within them!!