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Full Name: Emily Eleanor Bennet

Nicknames: Em, to those few to whom Emily is just too long of a name. This has mutated over the years first to M, then M&M.

Birthday: July 1st

Age: 13

Role: The Thirteen Year Old Daughter

Sexual Orientation: She hasn't really put any thought at all into the subject, but she sees no reason for preference either way. Not that she really thinks it matters at her age anyway.

Emily is very much a middle child. Yes, technically there are an even number of Bennet children, but Emily counts the twins as one for this particular purpose. As a middle child, particularly in a family so large as this one, it can be difficult to receive parental attention when one is neither one of the family babies, nor one of the oldest. Rather than take the normal routes for one in her position by acting out or simply overcoming the need for attention, Emily has instead striven to be the best, most well behaved child she possibly could be.

And, for the most part, it worked. Emily is one of the sweetest, politest, most helpful and obliging preteens you'll ever encounter, to the point that it can actually be rather annoying. By being as good, and as nice, and as well behaved as she can for the past several years, Emily has at least managed to carve out something of a niche for herself, and will, hopefully, be harder to overlook. Of course, being a teacher's, or parent's as the case may be, pet, possessed of nigh diabetes-inducing levels of sweetness, is not always easy to tolerate, particularly since it really can seem like she's trying to make some of her more rebellious siblings seem worse than they are by comparison. In truth, Emily quite likes her brothers and sisters, but certain things can cause them to come into conflict, rule violations being a notable standout among these.

It should perhaps be noted that, while the personality that Emily has grown into over the years was in response to her place in the family, she now fits the role perfectly, and honestly would have no clue what to do without it. Not listening to her parents almost never even occurs to her anymore, and she feels naturally uneasy keeping things from them, even if she doesn't have to outright lie to do so. Finally, as an interesting side note, Emily is actually agnostic, but has taken to memorizing various bible verses in hopes of pleasing her mother.

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:

• Goody Two-shoes: Emily will nearly always do everything in her power to avoid doing anything wrong, regardless of how beneficial it would be to do otherwise. She actually stresses herself out quite a bit about this. That, and she can be kind of annoying, particularly to those more, shall we say, free-spirited than herself.

• Insufferable Know-it-all: An encyclopedic knowledge of just about everything written down is a good trait to have. A compulsive need to share it with others, combined with an inability to determine ahead of time whether or not the other person cares, is not. Emily, is unfortunately just as much in possession of the former as she is the latter.

• Pushover: Perhaps as part of her deliberate effort to be as well behaved as possible, Emily has great difficulty refusing people.

• Nosy: Her natural curiosity knows no limits. Unfortunately, this includes most of the social limits normally in place to aid peaceful human interaction.

Character Strengths/Skills:

• Certified Genius: Emily is incredibly bright and an eager learner, and has even passed intelligence tests with a score proclaiming her to be a genius. Oddly, despite this and her status as something of a teacher's pet, she's only managed to skip one grade.

• Curious: While her previous strength represents her ability to learn, this one is her desire to do so. Simply put, Emily wants to know everything. She has priorities of course, but you'd be hard pressed to find a subject she isn't willing to listen to someone explain.

• Gaming: Emily is excellent at operating within a set of rules, and figuring out how to exploit said set of rules.

• Obsequious: Emily has a real way with authority figures in most cases, and quite frankly deals better with them than with her peers.


• Her family
• Architecture
• Tea
• History
• Games
• Books
• Reading
• Praise
• Family time, mandated or otherwise
• Music, primarily classical or orchestral

• The outdoors
• Cruelty
• Unreasonableness
• Rudeness
• Gelatin
• Snakes
• Dirt
• Dust
• Disorder
• Bugs

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Emily Bennet's Story


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#, as written by ABC

Unlike her two elder sisters, Emily noticed no spirits or apparitions, either before or immediately after she entered the large old house. Perhaps the entities in her vicinity were more cautious than the others. Perhaps it was because she was engrossed in examining the architecture of the building as she made her way inside. Or perhaps it was merely because Emily was less observant at the moment. Regardless of what the reason might have been, the effect was the same, and any oddness the house might have held for Emily remained un-elevated.

To be fair, she also wasn't moving with quite the speed of some of her siblings either, instead wandering idly through the old building as she made her way to her destination. The destination she had in mind, of course, was the basement. Being who she was, Emily had volunteered to check for any possibly harmful molds or fungi that might have been overlooked by whoever had last evaluated the house. Most likely being the coolest and most moist place in the building, it would make sense for her to check there first.

As Emily approached the basement staircase, and her younger siblings ran about behind her, it occurred to the girl that there might be all manner of dust, dirt, cobwebs, and other such undesirable substances in down those stairs. But, as she thought a moment later, the rest of the house had clearly been cleaned recently enough, and there was no reason to believe otherwise about the basement. Besides, she was going down there to look for possibly toxic substances, so those would hardly be important by comparison.

She was just taking the first few steps downward, when she heard footsteps behind her. Pausing on the stairs, Emily half-turned to see who was approaching.


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Stopping short when she saw her sibling, she blinked for a moment, the corner of her mouth twitching down. "What are you doing? Actually, not important. You're too small to go down into the basement, you shrimp," she muttered before casting looks about in case of her mother. "Besides, A and I have stuff to do down there. So, scoot." Heading down, she reached for a light switch before finally getting her fingers to it. "Whoa, this is cool," she smiled, hopping down two at a time. She looked into where Charles had once run his practice, its grizzly past a mystery.