Emory Hobbs

"Just shut the fuck up."

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Emory Hobbs

|{"This world is fucked. I want nothing to do with anyone or anything in it." }|

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Kaya Scodelario

Emory Diana Hobbs
"Yeah, that's my name. Don't fucking wear it out."

All Female.
"Really? You have to fucking ask?"

Seventeen Years Old.
"You're mouth is open. Did I fool you?"

"No, I don't care what color your skin or my skin is."

"It might be a phase. So what? I like boobs and dick. Story said."

"What kind of fucking question is that? Supernaturals don't exist."

She's found a part time job at the local Library.
"I don't like work. But having money to supply my unhealthy habit is nice."

Currently Single.
"I'm not one of those girls worrying about finding my true love."

Mother - Deceased
Father - Deceased
Jessa Hobbs - Sister
Edmund Hobbs - Brother
Anna May Hobbs - Grandmother

"My parents are dead. My siblings are awesome. I hate that old hag."


What does my reflection show?



Emory stands at the height of five foot six, around the average height for a woman and she doesn't suspect she will get much taller either. She has a slender hour glass frame with lean limbs and small curves where they should fit, her legs and arms being the strongest part of her body due to her constant visits to the beach whilst living in California. With dark brown hair that likes to curl and wave at random down past her shoulders, she often leaves it in a bit of a mess when going out or putting it into braids since she isn't all about getting dressed up. Her skin is an even tone of softness, paler then most since she would always burn and go right back to snow white out in California; a clear sign that when she wasn't out swimming, she was probably inside somewhere enjoying the cool air and not really giving a fuck or having a place to be. Her collarbone and facial features are quite sharp and well defined, acknowledging her thin frame. Her eyes are one of her prettiest features, shining a bright pale blue that illuminates a crystal clear pool of blue for each hue.

You can often find Emory wearing dark clothes since that's all she cares about if she had to actually notice fashion. She usually can be found wearing an old oversized leather jacket with anything she wears, including a series of her favorite bands in cut t-shirts and tang tops. She has multiple pairs of black skinny jeans and black shorts, older looking and a little bagging on her legs whenever she wears them. She also adores spiked anything, including her old leather combat boots with studs going across the top and can often be found wearing old sneakers as well. Her makeup is usually quite dark too, thick eyeliner and black eye shadow adorning around her face unless she has a lazy day. When she has a lazy day, she doesn't wear much at all, and usually that's when she is laying around the house and avoiding the fucked up people of the world. Her overall appearance is quite rebellious looking.

Emory was never one to follow the rules. She has attempted to have lip piercings three times in which her parents always made her take out, but she does have the quote "Not all those who wander are lost." in hobbit font on her right foot in black ink, which her parents could not take away from her but she did get grounded for a pretty longtime. No regrets though, she is a pretty big nerd as well as a rebellious little metalhead who is going to be getting more ink when she turns 18.


Look a little deeper.



If you came over to her house to have dinner with her parents, you'd find Emory to be extremely quiet and reserved at the dinner table. She does not like talking to people, especially people she doesn't know. Their actions are erratic, and she's gone through some serious bullying in her day. She suffers from chronic depression and suicidal thoughts, especially after her parent's death that almost landed her in the hospital but she was able to keep everything quiet. She often likes to just sit in her room and write or read or watch horror movies and nerdy things, or blast her metal music through the walls that sometimes piss her siblings off but she knows they love her anyway. Talking about her feelings is not something you can get Emory to do unless she wants to talk, so more then half the time, her feelings are locked away real deep and her breakdowns are silent and barely anyone knows when she is having one.

The other part of Emory is wild and rebellious, and she has a temper that could blow up a town. Her swearing is off the charts and her mind is perverted, and her sarcasm is dry. She is sometimes quite insulting with her dark humor, but the crowds she hangs out with understand that because they are the same way. She knows some of the people in her groups are worse then she is, but she can ignore it, because she's already fallen into the habit of smoking; and not just cigarettes. But who cares? She likes to get her high on. But Emory has always had an extreme problem with authority. She loved her parents, and it hadn't gotten bad until her 15th birthday when the restrictions they had on her were driving her insane and she started doing bad things with other kids. She's always had anger issues too, violent tendencies that got her suspended on many occasions for fights she would get into.

But even with her bad side, she has a good side. Somewhere in between that anger and sorrow and wild side, Emory has a soft side. Deep down, she can be a romantic and has a passion for reading about such love and adventures that were once long ago in someone's mind. She has this wonder about the world, and can be quite cheerful and supportive for the people she loves most; always there for them if they need it, even if her day is going quite shitty. And if you mess with them? She will damn well fuck you up to the point of probably getting put into court. But despite her love and care for her close family, Emory still has issues opening up with them. When someone attempts to talk to her, she deflects it with dry humor. They are close knit, but it's still an issue she faces; trusting people and receiving love, that is her problem. She covers her pain up with cigarettes and drugs, and sometimes sex. She's a messed up girl with a whole lot of problems that she just can't seem to hide forever.


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"I get it, you want to help. But look, I don't need your help and I don't want your help. I'm fine, so stop asking me if I'm okay because I'm always okay. Let's just go get high and talk about something else." - Emory Hobbs


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