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Ellie Anne

"I want to be normal! "

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a character in “American Horror Story: New Murder House”, as played by BloodyFate22345




Age: 10

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5'0"

Weight:105 lbs


Personality: Energetic and a good listener when in need. She isn't the brightest tool in the shed common sense wise and will do anything that's asked of her. Her roots have left her with slight abandonment issues and a deep seated fear of losing more family. She doesn't ttust easy and is cautious around men. Her upbringing has taught her far too many things she would rather not know about the world. While she often plays the role of a good secret keeper her love for gossip always wins out.

She loves music and anything to do with it and wants to learn all she can about it. If she gets sad its always easy to find her playing on her beat up violin or dancing around to whatever song is in her head.

As innocent as she tries to act it always falls short. She isn't like other little girls even though she desperatley wants to be and can't keep herself from trying to knick people or take things from stores. Her Kleptomania days may be over but her mind always burns with the longing. Mostly because she hates people spending money on her and always feels the need to pay them back somehow.


-Being with friends
-Kids (younger than her of course)
-Following the older kids around

-Being Cold
-Homeless People (its more of a fear)
-Being cooped up
-Being told to go away
-Sitting still for to long
-Confined spaced
-Fighting of any kind
- Drugs/Violence

- A very skilled Gymnast
- Musical Prodigy
- Lock Picking
- Sneaking around

History: Before coming to live with her foster family Ellie lived with her elder brother Zachariah and their schizophrenic mother Evelyn. She lived in a volatile home with her dangerous mother who always accused her of being an evil demons spawn. Since they lived in a bad neighborhood they often got robbed and there were always strange men trying to talk to her. Zach did his best to keep her safe but by keeping her close only put her in more danger.

At age eight she robbed her first house with Zach for money and things to sell so they could afford food for that week. They were nearly caught but the ignorance of the local cops saved them. After that they regularly robbed, sweeped, fished, snd looted from people and places. It became spparent however the cops had caught on.

Ellie didn't really know what she was doing was bad. Zach would usually use her for small tasks like being a look out or pick pocketing. He always told her that it was normal to take things but soon things went too far. Zach often did drugs but this time he over dosed while robbing an apartment. He died in the middle of an elderly couples living room leaving Ellie to stand there sobbing until they came home.

They took her in for questioning and after finding out she didn't know what she was doing was bad they took her to a children's rehabilitating unit for the trauma she got witnessing Zachs overdose. After that she went to her first foster home. When she hit ten however they moved her to this new foster home.

Other: Keeps a locket with a picture of Zach on her at all times.

So begins...

Ellie Anne's Story


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A car pulled up to the front of infamous murder house and out stepped a blonde women dressed in the current latest fashionable business suit. She pulled her sunglasses up having it stay on her head and walked up to the door. The woman slowly opened the door and looked inside before stepping in. The age on the house was barely showing through but the damage was due to the infamy of it's name, it was because of all the crimes committed there and because it wasn't cared for either. The woman seemed in awe of the place and was simply looking around. She didn't intend to be there but she was off driving to a friend's house when she passed the murder house and decided to take a look.

She had walked up the stair all the while thankful they didn't collapse. "Oh my." the oman had said, breathless. The house was large indeed. It was the largest one in the neighborhood. It was also the most fascinating and frieghtening one of the community and possibly the state. "I'm actually in the murder house." the woman exclaimed. "You are." another woman's voice stated lowly friehgtening the blonde. "Who's there?" she asked searching around and walked backwards into the chest of another woman. Once the blonde fell down she quickly rolled over to meet the eyes of a brunette. "I-I'm sorry. I'm Diane Rivers and I was just looking around." the blonde introduced.

The brunette smiled at her but it was menacingly so. "I'm Anna, the owner." she said and slowly walked behing Diane. "I don't like tresspassers and I-" "This house has been vacant for many years. Theres no way you can own it." Diane stated in disbelief and stood up. Anna simply smirked. "Oh theres much to learn about this house and you shall spend an eternity doing it. " Diane looked at her as if the woman was insane but was suddenly gripped by the hair. Anna gripped her hair tightly once again making her fall. She dragged Diane towards the weak steps making sure not to loosen her grip. Anna pulled her to the fron of the top.

"W-What are you doing?" Diane asked in fear. Anna simply smirked and with a swift kick to the rip she sent Diane tumbling down the stairs. The stairs had collapsed halfway through her fall making her fall down and have the broken wood fall on top of her. She was pinned to the floor for a few moments and managed to get some of the debris off of her only to meet with the eyes of the woman that did this to her. Anna was armed with a rusty and dusty knife from the kitchen. "W-Why? No please don't!" Diane yelled but it was futile as Anna quickly got on top of her, straddling her and started stabbing her. After the thirty-eigth stab Anna stopped, looking over at the body. "Welcome to the murder house."

Present Day

Jayson sighed for the umpteenth time that morning. She was sitting the backseat of her foster family's car. It was a long ride from their previous home in Conneticut. She was tired of the ride and wanted to get to stretch her legs. She didn't want to move but her parents thought it was time for the family to start a new as they all had their problem whether at work, at school, or at home. Jayson wanted a new start as well but so far and by car? She sighed once again changing the song on her ipod to Emergency by Paramore. She wanted to get the move on with already. The truck would be there a little while after them so for first time Jayson and her foster siblings would see the how the house looked. By the end of the song she was glad to see the house her parents pulled up to.

At first she was in awe then disbelief that such a house was theres. She turned to Mrs. Preston and asked her "This is ours?How?" she asked mainly rhetorically but wanted to know how they could afford such a place. "We've been saving up and besides it was surprisingly not that expensive." she answere Jayson whom was now facing the house once again. She was the first to go in and looked into the non-furnished home. It was renovated a few years back and now was a beautiful home for them. Mr. Preston had walked in alongside everyone else and stated loud enough for everyone to hear, "The reason why the price was lowered was because the last owners were murdered." The new information shocked Jayson but it made her even more intrigued by the place. She had hurried up to her room taking the only bag she had with her. The bedrooms weren't furnished yet but she was still happy because she had a place to drop the things she was carrying off.

As scheduled the movers came soon after and it was time for everyone to help bring things in. Jayson had taken the silverware in that was in all three boxes with the good China in it. Once putting all utensils and plates away she grabbed the tings for her room. After about half-an-hour her room was done included with pictures and sheets. The last thing to do was unpack her clothes which she saved later to do. In exhaustion she plopped down on the bed and sighed loudly. "Finally done." she stated.


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The long car ride had Whitney Preston on edge, gritting her teeth at the proximity of the people within the car. If her parents weren't around she would be tearing everyone a new one for being so close. But they were so she settles for texting her friends she's left back home. She felt instant relief when they finally pull up - and not because she's anxious to see her new 'home'.

Whitney is pleasantly surprised to find the house actually looks nice. Its large too but that only reminds Whitney that her foster siblings exist. If it were just her and her parents they wouldn't need a house this big. Her annoyance furthers when Jayson marvels at the house. Even her mothers reply to the obvious question gets her nerves riled up again. The second her parents are out of earshot she speaks her mind.

"Actually we can afford it because the state paysmy parents to keep you guys around," she tells the others as they walk in. "The reason why the price was lowered was because the last owners were murdered." Whitneys mouth curls into an immediate smirk. Murdered? Well this is a chance to use the Ouija board I bought. She could only imagine the look on everyone's face if a ghost were to actually show up. There really would be no price put to the glee she would feel.

When the movers arrive she wastes no time with getting her things and putting them in her room. She brought as many bags as she could fit in the car and still have room for the other kid's bags. Honestly she didn't trust the movers with her things. Most of the witch craft stuff she had could only be found in one place or were so rare there were hardly any to be found. Not to mention the tons of jewelry. Whitney barely helps getting anything else. She does help her father with the couch but that's as far as it went. She could see the disappointment in her parents eyes. Did she care? Nope.

After she's finished setting her room out with precise detail she heads back into the living room where she plops down on the couch with her phone in hand.


Ellie bites back her serious temptation to ask if they are there yet. She doesn't want to be a nuisance but the long car rides got her legs itching to be stretched and her brain foggy from sleeping on and off. Also being confined to this one place has her nearly trying to claw her own brain out. She can't even express her intense joy when they pull up to the very nice large house they will be living in from thennon.

"Woah, this is great!" Ellie says excitedly. Shes never lived in a house this nice or big. If she were still living with her mother and Zachary they would be in an apartment. Or perhaps squatting in someone's home while they are on vacation. Her heart pangs a little thinking of Zach and of the night he died. Face down on someone else's floor in the middle of a robbery while Ellie watched him flounder around like a fish out of water. She snaps out of her thoughts when she hears Whitney snap at them. As usual her words are harsh and unwanted.

Ellie bites her lip to keep from snapping back at her. She instead chooses to follow the others in. When Mr. Preston makes his announcement her blood runs cold. Seriously? They're staying in a house where people have died. Ellie tries to not show her concern or voice them even. She knows there's plenty of ways the people could have died and she really doeant want to know. Instead she runs back to the car and grabs her meager duffel bag and takes it up to her room.

"Anything I can do?" She asks Mrs. Preston later with a wide smile. As often as people overlook her for being a kid she hates it. She would much rather help out with things even if she cant do much. "Um lets see...oh! Here take these into the bathrooms." Mrs. Preston says while handing her a box of towels and rags.

Ellie hops to it immediatley and stocks each bathroom happily. After all she does owe the Prestons for their kindness. Afterwards she goes back to Mrs. Preston and grabs more light boxes.

"Go ahead and rest sweetie." Mr. Preston says after watching her drag in another box. Ellie does so thankfully. First she heads up to her room to fix her things up to her liking. Then heads off to explore the rest of house. Heading first out into the large backyard.


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Tyler tapped his fingers to a drumming beat on his knees. His ipod had died fifteen minutes into the car ride, so he had resorted to making his own music, in his head. The ride had been grueling. He was too tall for the seats to be comfortable, his knees and back becoming sore every few minutes. If he was honest with himself, Tyler was kind of excited to move. Yes, he would miss his friends, but a new start was always fun.

As the car came to a slow, and finally to a stop, Tyler was as shocked as his foster sister. Her question didn't surprise him - he knew her well and knew she would ask something like that. He observed the house as they walked in, already liking it. The architecture was gorgeous, and the furniture suited it well. He ignored Whitney's comments, as usual, and gave a little smile to Ellie, knowing she'd be hurt. He slid his backpack on, getting his guitar from the back of the guitar.

He already knew which room was his, and he headed straight up, admiring the whole houses woodwork and wallpaper. The fast that the last owners were murdered here? Yeah, it was a little scary, but not something he couldn't handle. And it'll be great for parties, he thought to himself. That is, if he could convince Whitney to have one. Tyler didn't do much in his room, simply changing out of shorts and into sweatpants, before heading down the hall, and downstairs. Without being asked to, he brought all remaining bags in from the moving truck into the house. They were heavy, but it wasn't too hard, and he liked feeling useful.

After, he went back upstairs, heading to Jayson's room. He knocked on the door, leaning his head in and giving her a cheeky smile, but not entering until she would allow him.

Thomas sat on the staircase, awaiting the new family. Not visible, he was prepared to watch the family until he knew everything he could about them. Who they were, what they did, what they were hiding. He was excited, btu also a little annoyed. No matter how many families came and went, everything always ended the same. Someone died, they moved out, and some new poor suckers would move in. But hey, maybe there would be something different about them. Maybe they'll have a hot daughter, he joked to himself, chuckling, before looking around for the other ghosts. Surprisingly, he couldn't find them.

The voices of the new family brought him back into focus. As they entered, he started evaluating them. The first lady was the mom, the next few the kids, then the father. One of the kids said something to the other three, something rude, though he couldn't make out the words. He watched them, split up and each go to their own rooms. It was then that he noticed her. She was gorgeous, the face like an angel. He followed her up the stairs and into her room, standing in the corner, leaning against the wall, and just watching.


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Jayson had already put her ipod into the dock and had it playing 3OH!3's We are young lowly before hearing a knock at her door. At first she thought it was Mr. or Mrs Preston o maybe even Ellie but it was Tyler which wasn't surprising. "Hey c'mon in." she stated and sat up. Tyer, Ellie, and Jayson had helped the most and wasn't surprised that Whitney didn't help but it was to be expected. Jayson tended to but heads with Whitney over several things and this was expected by her foster parents as they were close in age. For right now though she was happy to see one of the siblings she did get along with.

When the song stopped she stopped her ipod from playing anymore music as she wanted to be able to pay attention to Tyler. They were more of friends than anything so she didn't mind him coming in to hang out or talk. She felt like she could be his diary or rather his journal and he could tell her anything and she'd keep whatever he was telling her a secret. This would never be the other around as Jayson wasn't that open to well anyone. "What's up?" she asked him smiling back at him.

Anna had eyed the new family. Only the children peeked her interest for now and she'd make sure to have fun with some of them later. She was searching for more ghosts when she caught Thomas in one of the daughter's room. The girl was speaking to the only son of the family and she was surprised that Thomas had seemed to be taking interest in a girl so soon. She couldn't be seen of course but she knew Thomas could see her. "You know if you want to introduce yourself theres a way to do so. Annalisia thought that this particular family would prove to ber very interesting.

Anna would make herself seem like the next door neighbor by appearing at their doorstep. Being a ghost she wasn't able to leave the property of the house but she can go to the front door and go as far as the frontyard but no further than that. If Thomas wanted to she'd gladly let him meet the girl whose room he was in secretly. She'd just lie and say he was her son or nephew or something.


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Samuel can't help but smile as he watches the new family moving in. Each of them seemed to be interesting in their own way. Though really only one caught his eye. She seems less attached to the family and more her own person. Even her snappish way of talking to her family members suggests deep hate. Samuel likes the fire he can see burning under her skin. Perhapsn if he were a female he would act like her. Though he has a more refined attitude.

He starts examining the others. Following each one and noting how they act. Know thy enemy - and these people are definantly his enemies. He follows the little one last. She goes off on her own and Samuel knows she'll be an easy first target to scare. He waits beside the back door to make an entrance. Its a childish scare but this girl is after all a child so it fits.

It would have been a perfect start if he didn't spot Charlie out of the corner of his eye standing by a tree. He doesnt seem to be paying attention either but Samuel knows the boy isn't going to mask his presence. After all the girl looks about his age and Charlie has a weakness for little girls - in a very innocent way.

"Stupid kid," Samuel sneers angrily and heads back inside where he finds the fiery girl from earlier sitting upon the living room couch. She's using a device hes come to know as a cell phone. Though he never has used one it certainly looks like an interesting device.


Charlie could sense something off that day. For hours he paced the house in search of the spiritual interference until finally he spotted them. He had been in onegnome of the larger bedrooms peering out when he spotted them. The new family that would now reside within these acursed walls. He cannot pity them though as he welcomes the change of faces in the house.

He doesn't watch them for long when he spots a girl roughly his age...or rather would have been his age if he weren't a ghost. He examines her from a distance but decides already he'll be introducing himself soon. So he waits in the first obvious place a kid will go first to explore - the backyard and he waits beneath the shade of the tree. He does not mask his presence and simply pretends to not be paying attention as he waits for her.

When she gets outside he smirks at the transparent nature of kids. Always first to explore a new place to its depths. He quirks a smile and waves like he belongs there..


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Ellie shivers lightly as she passes through the back door and into the yard. She notices suddenly a boy standing beneath a tree, waving. Ellie is a little startles but pleasantly surprised to see a neighbor so soon. Though its also quite strange for him to be in the backyard. Ellie slowly raises her hand and waves back while walking over to him. "Oh hello there! What are you doing in my backyard?" She asks kindly.

She's smiling like any other kid would but on the inside her brain is working a mile a minute. Who is this boy? Is he nice? Will he even like me? While at the same time her defense mechanism is trying to click into place.


Whitney barely realizes there are people in the house until she heara voices. Her head snaps up and she sets aside her phone. It lays with her latest half written text to her friend Casey clearly visible and talking about her serious hatred of this place and her foster siblings. She quickly moves to where her parents are talking with the intruders.

She looks at each person with her lip slightly curled. They are definantly strange and she can feel it deep in her bones. She looks at her parents with a slightly petulant look. "Its dangerous to invite strangers in the house. We don't know anything about them they could be axe murderers for all we know." Whitney crosses her arms and looks at Anna.

"Are you axe murderers?" she asks and really she's only playing at tough here. She could care less but doesn't want these people gettong the wrong idea about her. Including the strange energy she feels from them. "Whitney don't be rude to our guests!" Her mother says sounding shocked that her daughter would be so blatantly rude to strangers.

Whitney roles her eyes and sneers. "Whatever, my name is Whitney if you didn't catch that already. Welcome to our...lovely house." Her sarcasm isnt hidden in any way but her eyes reflect the unease she feels.


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Charlie examines the young girl with a smile. She reminds him of Maria in a way. Not so much that they look alike - after all Maria has blonde hair. But more personality wise. Not mention that familiar gleam in her eyes that one only gets after witnessing bad things. Charlie has it too and never will forget the reason behind it. When she waves he feels a stirring of emotion in His gut. Like butterflies but less pronounced.

"What a guy can't visit his neighbors?" He teases lightly. He shoves his hands in his pockets nonchalantly and shrugs his shoulders lightly. If he didn't say he wanted to see this girl stuck here forever he would be lying. It gets lonely being the only young face in a house full of ghosts.

"I'm Charlie, who might you be madame?" He asks with a lopsided grin.


Samuel frowns a little when the girl gets up to leave. He glances at her forgotten phone and smirks. Even when talking with her friends she's sassy. He follows her direction but turns away when he notices the other ghosts and his mother talking with the family. He can't help but wonder if he's the only one with a sense of self preservation. After all in his eyes the living are bugs beneath his shoes. Just to prove a point he leans against the wall just in view of the others and pushes over a vase sitting upon a side table.

When it shatters the noise nearly makes him jump from how loud it is. He hadnt expected such a racket but it serves a purpose. He ignores the others and examines the living for thier reactions.


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"I'm sorry Mrs. Preston I didn't even notice the Vase. I'm also very sorry for barging in like this. I was actually watching over my...little brother." At this Samuel looks pointedly at his mother, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly. Through his entire apology he had stressed most syllables in a more sarcastic way. "Charlies out in the backyard playing with youngest." After explaining himself he looks over to Whitney. Noticing the slight gleam in her eyes.

Obviously they have a level understanding at this point. Samuel may not know much but from her earlier charades they are similar enough to have this kind of shared joy at these reactions. "Like mom said, I'm Samuel." Though his question is directed outward he's looking only at Whitney.

Charlie watches Ellie curiously. She's a lot different than what he expected. And the more she talks the more she reminds him of Maria and her curious nature. When she asks if he lives close he freezes. He isn't sure what the appropriate answer would be or if any of the other ghosts had an answer for him to use. Imstead he shrugs and nods, opting for shrugging the question off.

When the crashing sound comes and Ellie grips his hand he has the near same reaction. However he stops himself from dropping to all fours lile a scared animal. Of course there was no danger.

"Wanna go see what's going on?"


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Jayson was actually a bit disappointed when he stepped away from her though it wasn't a surprise. She was used to it by now but she didn't want to be. In any matter she greeted the newcomer politely and took notice to his look towards Whitney. Finally she answered Thomas' question. "I'm amost unpacked just a few finishing touches." she stated before looking over at Anna whom was now becoming aqcauinted with Mr.Preston. Something came off wrong between those two meeting but she just brushed it off and tuned her gaze back to Thomas. "So do you live close by?" she asked unsure of where they did live. They were going to start school soon and she had hoped to see Thomas there and maybe even get to know him better.

Anna was delighted but the look Mr.Preston was givng to her. She had shook his hand and introduced herself. "I'm you neighbor Anna Stridecaster." she stated and knew then that that was the hook and sinker. Anna knew there was more to this seemingly average family. She was sure Mrs.Preston was probably angry with having to clean up the broken shards of the vase because of Samuel but this opened an oppurtunity to 'work he magic' on Mr.Preston who seemed to already be put under her spell. It was only a matter of time before she started to really create trouble and she was sure there was a timer on one of the lives or mabe even several of the lives to the family. Though once learning of a much younger girl to be around Charlie's age she immediately had decided anyone else could die except for the child. She had felt horrible seeing Charlie die and even worse knowing at the time there wasn't much she could do.

Anna had a thing for children and kind of took on this motherly instinct or figure over them despite the fact if they had a mother around. Even to many of the other ghosts she acted like a mother to them it's why it almost came natural to call Sam, Kelsey, and Thomas and maybe even Charlie her children. She was there for them like a mother but when it came to older humans things weren't the same a lot of the time. For instance that Whitney girl would never experience such a side with her attitude but Tyler would as would the young one maybe even Jayson. When it came to adults all bets were off. She had no remorse and would ruin relationships and lives if she felt up to it which now she did.