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Alexander Stridecaster

"Life is a stage, but I'm still acting."

0 · 312 views · located in New York

a character in “American Horror Story: The New Murder House”, as played by Outcast-Angel




Age: 18

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 155lbs


Personality: Alex is very artsy. He loves to hear the music playing throughout the house and loves to sing along with it. If it has anything to do with art or theater he'll gladly join in, but if much other than that he'll keep his distance. He loves to be a romantic but only for some time with the girl/guy unless he really, truly feels the approval from them that he needs. He's quiet beside from the acting lines and singing. He knows the words of other much better than making some himself. Alex loves to spend some time each day with his mother, doing whatever it is that they both enjoy doing. He's been in the house with his mother for many years now meeting the new families. Alex personally never liked children, so he tried to avoid them. He'll always talk to you if you come to talk to him. If he cares enough for somebody he'll help them with anything they need.

*Writing (Poems and Stories)
*Playing ukulele

*Spending time with mother
*Playing piano
*Practicing his archery
*Messing with the living
*Meeting new ghosts

*Others getting too personal too fast
*Getting into fights with mother (though it still happens)
*Having anyone he cares for hurt
*Having others speak languages to him he can't understand
*Being lied to

*Acting (which can incorporate lying)
*Wielding a bow and arrow

*When angered he gets as hostile as his mother
*Trust issues
*Always feels like he's not quite accepted by his friends or family for who he is


History: Alex grew up in the house home-schooled by his ghostly mother. The pay for the house was never payed of course, so the house went up for sale but nobody seemed all too interested after the circumstances of the last tenants. Alex grew up in the house without the electricity of the world, and he always went to the neighbor's houses when they had all left their house for a quick shower. When young he picked up the skill of practicing archery in the back yard or in the house. His mother taught him how to sing and dance well, and no matter how hard she tried he never wanted to learn how to speak a different language. He didn't ask too much about his father.

As he grew older he begun to like theater by watching the many movies they had of musicals and Shakespeare, as well as the many books of poetry they had. When of high school age he joined the near-by high school theater club and practiced diligently for a part in it. Any part would have done for him, but his audition did not go quite so well when he got stage fright and walked off the stage. He only talked now and then with a few of the kids from the club, which led him to an addiction with marijuana.

He kept most things that happened at school from his mother when he got back home, saying that the audition went well and that they just didn't give him his part yet. He would go to the school when he told his mother he had practice and took part in his "friend's" smoking addiction as a part of feeling accepted somewhere. Alex would begin to work on his communication skills by flirting with people, whether it was a high school guy or girl he didn't much care as long as it would work and get him a number or a kiss later on. He would sing to them and preform a line for them, he would dance for them and show off. He moved on from the people he flirted with by the point of the first kiss, then moved on to the next. He had two serious girlfriends and both were pleased by him until of course he moved on and dumped them.

His so-called friend gave him the opportunity to sells drugs and he took it right off the bat, unknowing of the consequences. He did this while telling his mother that he did actually get a job through one of his friends, and that he'd be out every so often to work. A few years rolled by and his friend taught him how to not get caught in this system and Alex was able to pull it off well. He read, sang, danced, and picked up the ukulele in the time of his work because he now had the money to get something for himself. He never payed to have the water back on and that was the only thing he saw that he needed. He spent most of his life in the darkened house with books and candles, that didn't need to change now.

Shortly after his eighteenth birthday his friend called him over and had a talk to get to know him better before they continued doing business with each other. As Alex's history came out little by the little to him, his friends let off little insults concerning every matter. When it finally came to his mother and that she took care of him in the house the insults came and the rage built up. He didn't even finish the last of his rude comments before Alex bashed his face in with the end table next to him in his rage. Once the crime was commited he ran back to his house and hid from the world. Though of course when Alex couldn't deliver his drugs to the buyers they came looking. Figuring it better to die at the hands of the crazed addicts, he sat himself up a nice escape with rope on the roof. I'm unwanted by people as it is. No friends, no company but my own mother... why even stay in this forsaken world? He hung himself for all to see; the addicts stopped looking, the house had more history, Alex now had a place amongst the ghosts of the house. He never told his mother what really happened, only that it was depression that got to him.

Other: He loves his mother, but likes his space from her too. He's fascinated by technology.


So begins...

Alexander Stridecaster's Story