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Annalisia Stridecaster

"There is evil all around us but the greatest evil is the one that is unseen yet right in front of you."

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a character in “American Horror Story: The New Murder House”, originally authored by ShadowedxLove, as played by RolePlayGateway


Annalisia Stridecaster


Age: 34 is really 149

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5'5

Weight: 110lbs


Personality: Annalisia can be kind and sympathetic depending on the person but she is also known to have a cruel streak. She can easily become manipulative, vindictive, almost sociopathic in a way. When it comes to her son though she'd do anything for him. She is the very first ghost of the house and has been a ghost for 115 years. She likes meeting the new families especially children and is also known to show her authority over the other ghosts as she's been around much longer. She can be mischevious or even murderous if need be but she can also be the shoulder to cry on and the aid someone may need. It all depends on the person and situation.

Playing piano
Slow dancing
Fluently speaking French

Anything to do with music
When on one of her sadistic binges, hurting people
Spending time with her son
Meeting the new families
Befriending the other or new ghosts

When she's in her normal state of mind, hurting innocent people
Fighting with her son
Her past
Being a ghost
Abuse of any kind
Anyone trying to harm her son in any manner

Seduction which she uses as a weapon and a tool to get what she wants
The Waltz
Can fluently speak French
Taking care of her son
Killing people
Wielding a blade

She can easily flip her personalities which makes many think she's bipolar
Annalisia hates her past and is haunted by it
She was and is notorious for her promiscuity
She is known to sometimes have a violent temper especially when it comes to those trying to harm her son
Her many insecurities


History: Annalisia Stridecaster was born in 1864 into a world of hell. Her mother seemed kind and sweet outwardly but behind closed doors she was a retched and disturbed women who would abuse her children after becoming completely intoxicated. Anna began hating her mother from a very young age. Her father was an entirely different story. He would tie Anna up and beat her for hours on end for no appearent reason except because of boredom. Anna hated both her parents from very young childhood but vowed that she would protect her siblings. Unfortunately not all ended well for Anna and her two younger siblings. Her brother had begun to back-talk their parents one night and this lead to their father becoming enraged and beating him to a pulp. This wasn't enough for the vile man so he started beating his son harder with different objects until he stopped breathing. Annalisia was powerless as she was held down by her mother whom coldly watched her own son die.

After her brother's demise Anna was forced to make ends meet for the family as her mother had lost her charm and good looks and her father well didn;t care enough to use the money he earned on his family. Anna was forced by her own mother at the young age of thirteen into prostitution. The money came in right away but Annalisia lost herself in the process. Anna became numb to emotion and gave up trying to fight the unfortunate fate bestowed upon her. It was when she was only sixteen that a man had taken a special liking to her and finally Anna had seemed to find someone that had given a damn about her. They married despite him being seven years older than her. She was happy to be away from the hellhole she called home. She had previously lost her emotions but once regaining some in marrying her husband she hadn't felt any remorse for leaving her younger sister behind in their hell they called home. Anna was happy for a while with her husband. They had moved into a wonderful home her husband and her father-in-law had built so there wasn't much worry of income to keep the home. Anna felt free finally but things took a dramatic turn once she discovered she was pregnant.

Anna couldn't believe that she was only sixteen and pregnant with her child. She was thriled while her husband wasn't. Her husband was twenty-three but didn't want to have children yet. The news of her pregnancy shocked him. He was entrnaced with he rlooks and wanted to claim Anna as his wife to show off and gain his father's inheritence. He had become somewhat emotionally invested with her even if only a little but the new of a child? That was too much to bear. He had begun accusng her of infedility. He knew of her past of being a prostitute and so he began doubting the paternity of the child. In those times getting a divorce was pretty much forbidden so he stayed with her one because he couldn't bear the embaressment of having to admit he was getting a divorce but also if he had a child he'd gain the inheritence easily. Anna knew that his affections towards her and their child on the way were igenuine but she refused to give up on the relationship as she'd have to go back to the horrible life she had before. She soon gave birth to a boy which made her husband very happy seeing as how the fact he'd gain the inheritence was now solidified by producing an heir to his father's company. Annalisia had begun to fall for her husband's games and fell in love with him again.

Anna felt happy once again. She had a husband and something she'd always wanted, a child of her own. Though when their son was only a year their life once again took a dramatic turn. Annalisia had come home to her husband in bed with his long-time mistress. In a fit of rage she had quickly found herself getting her husband's gun that he kept in the house and shot one bullet in order to scare them and successfully did so. They had run in fear of their lives and Annalisia dropped the gun, now once again feeling nothing. She had found them downstairs trying to get away. She had a kitchen knife as her weapon and stabbed them both to death. Annalisia was in utter shock of her actions and ran off. Annalisia had felt horrible for the murders she had just committed and so to repent she took her own life using the same kitchen knife she killed with. Annalisia had become a ghost after comitting suicide. She had cut up and disposed of the bodies. Ever since then she had taken care of her son until he too met his demise and became a ghost as well.

Other: She loves her son more than anything and would do anything for him.

So begins...

Annalisia Stridecaster's Story