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Jayson Goldsworthy

"If you look beyond the fake image you'll see the dark and broken girl beneath."

0 · 110 views · located in New York

a character in “American Horror Story: The New Murder House”, originally authored by ShadowedxLove, as played by RolePlayGateway




Age: 16

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5'4

Weight: 108lbs


Personality: {dark, hurt easily, inable to trust, loves too easily, masochistic}

Jayson is loyal and caring to those she feels deserve it. She does not trust easily and will rarely speak of her past with someone she does not trust. She is kind and protective to those she cares for and will always look after them more than herself. To people she does not know she is known to be cold and distant unless she sees something in them that differs from the ordinary person. Jayson has never verbally said to anyone that she loves them not even to family. She has never found someone to call a boyfriend so she's inexperience when it comes to romance. Jayson also has a bit of a wild side that not many know her for. She likes to drink, party, and have a fun time if she gets the chance. Even so she can easily become sophisticated and elegant if she needs to be.

She loves too easily, secretive, angered easily, and hurt easily. Jayson is willing to go to dangerous lengths to get back at those who've double-crossed her or someone she cares for. Jayson can be known to engage in reckless behavior but doesn't much care about that. Jayson hates speaking of her family when she decides to bring her past up. She is the type of person to end up in jail trying to help her friends or for fighting someone. Jayson is also not afraid to talk about her criminal record but as far as speaking to an ordinary person thats as far she's willing to go into her past.

Creating music
Playing piano
Playing acoustic guitar
Speaking French, Italian, and Spanish

-Ice cream
- Singing
- Animals
- Dancing
- Writing songs
- Composing music
- The color red
- Writing lyrics
- Playing Piano
- Playing acoustic guitar
- Horses
- Taking care of animals
- Kids
- Listening to music

-Peanuts (She's highly allergic)
- Gum
-Those who wish for nothing more than money
-Being lied to
-People who are stuck-up
-Talking about her past
- Animal abuse
-Abusive people
- Judgemental people

inable to trust
Her fear of falling in love with anyone
Her past
She's secretly suicidal
Her habit of self-harm


History: Jayson was born to what many would say was nothing of any good circumstances. During his marriage to a model James Preston had a mistress that wanted nothing nothing more than an easy pay-day and would have done anything to get it including stoop so low to become his personal mistress. After being a complete homewrecker for about six months his mistress, Victoria, discovered she was pregnant. At first Victoria contemplated terminating the pregnancy but then other ideas came to mind and she begun thinking of how she could now easily try to manipulate James into her bidding using blackmail. She had planned to use his infidelity against him so if he didn't give her what she wanted she'd leak their relationship to the public and seeing as how he was a very big and popular public figure she'd probably get a big pay-out. Though not all went as planned. When she told him what her plans were he threatened to kill her if she ever spoke a word to anyone about him being unfaithful to his wife. A few months later Victoria gave birth to a girl which angered her even more.

Victoria thought that if she had a son he'd forget about her plans of blackmail and acknowledge him as an heir to his large company but seeing as even that plan failed she had begun to loathe the young innocent newborn. Victoria had realized she wasn't getting the seemingly easy pay-out and therefore had begun drinking away her sorrows. Even her child's name was prepared to be a boy's but she was too drugged on pain killers that wasn't what the hospital gave her to even remember her own name let alone figure out her child was actually a girl so her daughter was given a boy's name. When Jayson grew older she had tried many times to get her mother to at least see her and treat her as a human being instead of her ash tray. Her mother had begun to hate her more stating that she had actually loved James but because of Jayson all of that was ruined. Jayson only ever wanted her mother to love her but it was because of her conception that was the very root of her mother's hatred. Nevertheless, Victoria remained in contact with the Preston family seeing as how in the beginning she was Mrs.Preston's best friend. Jayson was told, more like threatened, to keep her mouth shut about who her father was and that if she didn't her mother would kill her. Out of fear Jayson did as she was told having to run around with the children who didn't even know that Jayson was their sister.

When she grew into early adolescence Jayson found it harder to just stay quiet about who she really was. Her mother had become even more abusive towards her without any appearant reason. Her mother's new boyfriend used Jayson as his own punching bag as well. She had begun to hate her own mother but being with her father was worse. He barely kept eye contact with her ever and if she dare to speak out she'd have hell to pay by the hands of one of his servants which was what felt like endless hours of being tied up and being beaten only to be thrown out of the palace to go home to even more hell. Jayson had kept quiet about the abuse lying about the bruises teacher's saw not wanting to even utter a single word about the horrible and relentless abuse she suffered. It was one day that she finally broke and spoke out against her father, embarassing him in front of several politicians and underlings of famous buisnesses. He officially claimed her an illegitimate child and literally kicked her out of his home. Jayson ran home only to find that her mother was gone along with her mother's boyfriend. Ever since then Jayson has acclaimed hatred to her father and has had to remain in foster care until she was taken in by the Prestons who to this day she has trouble becoming close with.

Other: Jayson wishes to be able to trust and love someone. She is also afraid one of her parents may show up one day and take her away.

So begins...

Jayson Goldsworthy's Story