Delanee "Lulu" Smith

"When Everything Around You Starts To Crash And Crumble, THAT Is When You Need To Smile The Most."

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a character in “Amidst The Demon Offering: Revitalized”, as played by Annalysa Jones


Name: Delanee May Smith
Nickname: Lulu
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Sexuality: bi-sexual
Role: human 2
Build: Slim and very fragile looking, a medium sized chest, curves where it counts
Appearance: She has ivory colored skin, long light brown hair that she usually keeps up in two loose braids, hazel eyes that look almost like a gray green color, and a sweet and gentle looking face.
Piercings/Tattoos: NA, she doesn't even have her ears pierced.
Love Interest: TBA
Skills: Making people calm down or cheer up when they are angry or down, swimming and holding her breath for up to two minutes, Rock climbing.
Biggest Fear: Fire, it reminds her of the night her parents died.
Theme Song: (Beside You -by- Marianas Trench) & (Old School -by- Hedley) & (Everybody Hurts -by- Avril Lavigne)


She hides her sadness of Jesse's death so everyone just thinks she's a happy simple girl. She finds other peoples problems and emotions more important than hers 100% percent. She could feel like jumping off of a cliff to her utter demise (for lack of a better example), yet if she sees someone even slightly saddened or upset in any way and for any reason, she will hide what she is feeling and try to make them at least feel a bit better. The rest TBR.


She carries nothing of those sorts with her anywhere.


When she was younger her biological parents died when their house burnt down, she was placed in a foster home. There were seven other children in the foster home with her and none of them seemed to like her much, they used her kindness against her and always blamed everything on her because they knew she wouldn't object when she got punished. She was miserable, but of course did not show it, thus, she left the day she turned 18 and moved into a small run down apartment. She dated Jesse for two months before he died, even though they hadn't dated that long, she became depressed. During the days between his death and the funeral, she just stayed at home alone.
The day the funeral came she almost found herself not going, she didn't want to see all those sad people around her, but the most of her felt the need to go. When she got there she felt the need to comfort everyone, and naturally, she pushed all her emotions deep inside her, which she later realized probably made her look horrible. She had seen Mason at the funeral and had seen that he was obviously upset by Jesse's death. She figured to go over and attempt to comfort him as much as she could, since he was really the only person in the room that she had ever said a single word to, though it had only been a few sparing times. As she was speaking to him at the funeral the discussion of 'getting away' from it all fell into line, to which she brought up the cabin near the lake. After discussion about that, they had decided that going to the cabin for the summer wouldn't be the worst idea.

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Delanee "Lulu" Smith's Story