Chester Lanister

"Jeez, Zombies are a tough crowd to please."

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Chester Frank Lanister

[Voice. ] Matt Thiessen
[Theme Song. ] Rock and Roll Dixie ~ Neverhood

Image▌▌ █ █ █ THE BASICSImage

[Name. ] Chester Frank Lanister

[Gender. ] Male

[Nickname. ] Chester. Just Chester.

[Age. ] 32

[Sexuality. ] Heterosexual.

[Date of Birth. ] June 27th, 1882

[Place of Birth. ] Copenhagen, Denmark

ImageAPPEARANCE █ █ █ ▌▌


[Face Claim. ] Matt Thiessen

[Height. ] 5'7

[Weight/Build. ] I'm a 123 pound mean, lean, boney machine. See those defined joints? I'm quite the strongman, am I right?

[Hair. ] Brown. There are some debates whether it's light brown or dark brown but who honestly cares? It's not like I spend hours on my hair anyway. A quick comb through it and it's fine. Besides, I look goofy when my hair is messy. Yes, that is the point of the messy hair.

[Eye Colour. ] Hazel.

[Scars/Piercings/Tattoos. ] I actually don't have any, believe it or not. I've had plenty of cases where I probably should have gotten a scar, but laughter is the best medicine I suppose and I was lucky. And I have no pain tolerance so getting a tattoo or a piercing would result in me screaming like a girl. A little girl. A little, little girl. Really little.

[Notable Features. ] My hair definitely. The messy, goofy deal is probably one of the only reasons why people think I'm funny. Besides, if I can't be sexy or "cool" why not hilarious?

[Preferred Clothing. ] Well, I usually wear casual clothes, but I have some nicer sets. I didn't bring any with me on this trip, however, so I basically have a few pairs of jeans, some shorts, two pairs of tennis shoes, and a few t-shirts. I have a habit of forgetting my jacket. Wrong day to forget.

[Strengths. ] Well, you can always count on me to find the silver lining in any situation. As soon as I figured out what was going on, I managed to crack a joke to myself. So if you want your funny bone tickled I'm your guy. But I'm also very creative when it comes to items and their use. If I have time to think. I can pretty much turn anything into something fun or useful. And I'm fairly fast at running or climbing.

[Weaknesses. ] But I have no stamina. I can run like the wind, but if you want me to run marathon, I'd die half way there. And I also can't shot a gun. I've never held a gun let alone shot one. Let alone at someone. Unless first person shooters count, but even then, I can't hit the broad side of a barn.

[Equipment. ] I brought a roll of duct tape with me for a possible act I was planning, so I'm using the two pillows I got from my hotel room and duct taping them to my back and stomach. So it's harder eat me, you know? I just need to find some magazines, a helmet, and a decent pair of boots and I'll be good.

[Vehicle. ] Well, I know how to drive a bus, but I doubt there are buses on this island. If there is then I'd be your guy!

[Weapons. ] ✤ White Pillow ✤ Pillow with flowers on it ✤ Grey roll of duct tape ✤

▌▌ █ █ █ PERSONALITYImage

[Sexuality. ] Heterosexual

[Oddities. ] I tend to "perch" more than I do sit in chairs. And I can't stand spicy foods. I hate them, I can't do it. But I can crack a few mean jokes, I'd like to think. But I do love music, so I hum a lot, or lip sinc and such. But I fidget with everything. If you don' even put anything in my hands I'll find some way to fidget with my fingers or hair or something. I juts have to do something with my hands

[Habits. ] I'm always trying to make people laugh, so sometimes I can go too far or something. But I think it's better to be funny too often than too little. Being sad in a situation like this makes things worse so why not? But the fidget thing is habit. I didn't used to do that, but I did this one act where I did this fidgety, nervous character. Now I can't stop fidgeting.

[Likes. ] I absolutely love a good joke. Heck, I'm a comedian. But I also like things like dancing, singing, terribly, but singing nonetheless. I also like chocolate, I have an awful sweet tooth, and I love children and laughter. I also like improve games, like people use in drama or something. It's absolutely hilarious o see what people come up with on the spot. But I love the cold, honestly. I get hot often times, so naturally I love the cold.

[Dislikes. ] I can't stand spicy food. I can't. You know the mild salsa that some people have with their chips? Yeah, I can't have that. It burns like little devils, I can't take it. But I also don't really like card games. Card games are cool and all, but their not as fun as if you're being creative or trying to do something you started. But I also have a very low pain tolerance. I found this out when my little brother was on. He pushes to find my limit every day, which isn't very high, I'm telling you. But I also don't like short cars. Any car where you have to bend super lower to get into and then you feel like you're riding a tricycle I don't like. I need to feel like I'm sitting in a car, laying down or scrapping my rear end on the pavement.

[Fears. ] Well, Zombies are pretty scary, but I hate the noises they make. I can stand their bloody mess they call faces, but hearing their moans or gurgle makes me shudder. And I don't really like guns either, but I suppose I'll have to get used to that pretty quickly.

ImageImageHISTORY █ █ █ ▌▌

[ History. ]

In all honesty, I haven't had any on thing that sticks out in my history, really. My family, although we definitely are more creative and artistic, we're basically just an average family who horse plays and argues and works. I grew up as an only child until I was 6 when my sisters were born a year apart, and then another 3 years later my brother was born.

They're really the ones that got me into comedy really. People have always told me I was goofy or funny, but I never considered it a a career until my sister started watching stand up comedy with me and just started saying I should do that, I'd be good at it. So I kinda just went out there and did and I've been a comedian ever since.

But other than doing shows here and there and looking after my siblings, nothing really major happened until I got the invitation to the island. We're not a particularly lucky bunch, so I thought it was great and I got packed. I would take lots of pictures for my sisters, my brother isn't too keen on looking at trip photos, and maybe even get a show or something while I was here. But I guess I'm not very lucky after all. But at least I have plenty of people, or rather, things, to chatter to as my test dummies, so to speak. They interrupt a lot, but not as much as my sisters, so that's a plus.

Image▌▌ █ █ █ RelationshipsImage

[Direct Family. ]

Sandra Lanister: Mother (Alive)
Winston Lanister: Father (Alive)
Cylvia Lanister: Sister (Alive)
Jan Lanister: Sister (Alive)
Bill Lanister: Brother (Alive)

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