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Gale McCenry

"Depends on your Definition..."

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a character in “Amity and I”, as played by McPainty


Gale McCenry

[Theme. ]Sky Becomes Water ~ City of the Fallen
[Image Song. ] Painted World ~ Two Steps from Hell

Imageโ–Œโ–Œ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ THE BASICSImage
Work and love;
these are the basics.~Theodor Reik

[Name. ] McCenry. Gale McCenry.

[Gender. ] Male.

[Nickname. ]No one has given me a nickname as of yet.

[Age. ] I am 33 years old.

[Role. ] I am one of the people who came up and started this road trip. I am an introvert at heart, so I thought this trip would be a great opportunity for me to see and experience things I probably normally wouldn't.


ImageImageAPPEARANCE โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–Œโ–Œ
Things are not always as they seem;
the first appearance deceives many.~Phaedrus

[Face Claim. ] A few have said I look a lot like a chap named Oliver Altman. I am not sure about you but I have personally never heard of the lad

[Height. ] 5'6

[Weight/Build. ] Well, if you want the blunt way of putting it, I am not exactly the most intimidating man, stature wise. I have a fairly... slight frame, so I am usually smaller than what people would expect, seeing as my voice is often referred to as belonging to a giant. The only thing that people ever seem to feel intimidated by is the blank stare I apparently give when talking to people. I do not think I stare blankly at people, but people will say what they will. I average at a weight of 143 pounds and my last recorded height is 5'6. So all in all, I could blend in a crowd with little to no struggle.

[Hair. ] Blonde if you are using a general term. If you want something more specific then sandy blonde. My hair style on the other hand can vary, depending on the day. It can get fairly wavy, do I dare say curly? Depends on the persons definition I geuss/

[Eye Colour. ] A humble green would be their hue and saturation. Their shade is dark and were carefully formed within, at least I would hope, average sized sockets. Although, many have addressed me about fairly lazy eyelids that make me look rather tired or overworked. Whether that is true or not is up to the eyes of the beholder.

[Scars/Piercings/Tattoos. ] I do have numerous, insignificantly sized scars among my thighs and arms from my work, and my hands are calloused roughly from experiences I had in the past. The largest one, and my most distinctive one I would have to say is my hand. My left hand is missing three fingers, the last three to be exact. I also have a...lesser eye, that being my left as well. It is not blind completely, but it is the equivalent to you placing your hand in the way of your side view in a way. But I am left handed. Some people say that is weird. I might be missing some fingers, but I am not helpless by any means. As for tattoos or piercings, no, I have none. Tattoos are vile and piercings are pointless.

[Notable Features. ] My hand is definitely my biggest feature, but some people comment on my curly hair. Other than that, I am a pretty average look guy.

[Description. ]People sometimes say its rare to see me smile. I do not really think that is true, it is just that people do not often put me in an environment in which I can smile. I am hoping that this roadtrip will show them that I do smile, but again, it needs to be something worth smiling about.

[Occupation. ] I wish I could say that I work on my own accord, although that would not be the entire truth. I am a local mythological investigator, which is not the same as a scientist or a biologist. It has similar qualities, however.

[Preferred Clothing. ] Something comfortable. If it is comfortable and I can move in it without difficulty, I will wear it. Though, I have a specialized backpack that I use when I am out on a job. It is a fairly large, square backpack. It is square because it is made of wood, but I covered it with leather. It has drawers and shelves inside if you open the top and bottom to hold jars and tools for collecting when I am out. Things like tweezers, flashlights, petri dishes, bottles, knives. Basically anything I could need to collect samples. I also carry a Digital SLR in case I need to take photographs as well, but I usually stay away from using it, seeing as flashes and clicks could possible take the whole investigation into the trash. Though, if you want specifics on my clothes, I suppose I will tell you what I wear on the job. I typically either wear hiking or combat boots along with dark coloured combat pants. The shirt does not matter except that it is dark, and I wear either a black jacket or trench coat. If it is raining, it is usually the trench coat. Other than that, it varies. I also wear my wedding rings. For sentimental reasons.

Imageโ–Œโ–Œ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ PERSONALITYImage
Common sense as well as
common values all lead us.~Joan Blades

[Sexuality. ] May I say none? Is that an option?

[Oddities. ] I suppose you want me to list them all do you not? Alright. Well, to start off, I slouch. Considerably so. I am allergic to cats, hate horses, dogs, and bats, and I am left handed. I have terrible hand writing, I honestly do. Sometimes I cannot even read it, which is saying a lot. I do not typically sit in the actual seat, for I often sit on the arms of chairs and sofas. I am extremely ticklish, so do not you dare try anything. I hate spicy foods, for I cannot even tolerate the mildest of salsa, and I dislike card games. They bore me, and it just seems pointless in my eyes. I am a terrible liar, so I hardly even try to lie, because I would just get caught. I get brain freeze easily, and last but not least, I am not very tolerant to pain. I try my best to cope with things, and I am by far not afraid to get hurt, but there are some things, for me, that hurt a lot more than for other people, which can be a problem sometimes. But I deal with it most of the time.

[Habits. ] Alright, I will list these too then. I call people by their real name. I do not use nicknames or anything like that. I am not very fond of nicknames, so if you have one, then deal with it. I talk to myself often, and most times I do not realize this, so people can often times get confused or simply think I am crazy, which is a debatable subject depending on your definition. When I walk, I walk with purpose, so this means I walk briskly and with no dilly dallying. I walk straight to my destination and I do it as quickly as possible, so if you cannot keep up, then it is my fault. If you should ask me about my work, I tend to ramble on, and sometimes to the point where I end up talking to myself again then to the person who actually asked the question. Often times people have to cut me off.

[Likes. ] Not only am I a mythological investigator, I am also a paranormal and natural phenomena enthusiast. I enjoy listening to others unnatural encounters and I enjoy researching it, hence my occupation being my career.I take joy from sketches and drawings, having made my living that way in my early years, so I usually draw a picture along with my descriptive journal entries.

[Dislikes. ] Do not make me laugh, my list of dislikes will travel through the door.But a couple I can think of at the top of my head is dogs, cats, I am allergic to cats, people, birds, aquatic animals and just about everything that is between those. Simple enough?

[Fears. ] Oh lord, you are going to make me laugh. Yes, I have a few phobias and fears. My entire job somewhat revolves around it so I try to push through it. Although, there are a couple things that I find... difficult to brush off. Such as horses, large spiders, and I am not talking Daddy Long-leg. I am talking anything bigger than my face. Let us see here, what else. Oh, lord, I hate dogs. Dogs are absolutely the lowest of lifeforms and I cannot see how on earth they are considered man's best friend. Ugh, I hate dogs. I hate them.

[Hobbies. ] I do a lot of research in my free time. I am almost always looking at samples I find and examining things. If I am not doing that then I am researching and reading up on something important. If I honestly do not have anything to do, then I will draw.

ImageImageHISTORY โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–Œโ–Œ
People are trapped in history
and history is trapped in them ~James A. Baldwin

[Relationship Status. ] Single. That is all I have to say about that.

[ Memorable Experience. ] Hm. Well, I suppose you do not want me to go into my silly sob story just yet so I will give you a few minor memories that haunt me.

1987 I met my first dog. Horrible experience. Not pleasant. No, I'm not going to explain.

1988 I got my own place and turned it into a small laboratory of sorts. I was just getting into my occupational hobby and interests. I had started hunting for ghosts, can you believe, but thankfully I was pulled away from that and into things that actually exist.

[ History. ] I do not care to explain in depth, but let us say that I grew up with my mother in Russia. I worked as an artist for most of my life until this year where I opened my business. That's all you need to know that wasn't already said.

Imageโ–Œ โ–Œ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ RELATIONSHIPS Image
As we all know,
lasting relationships can't be rushed. ~Simon Mainwaring

[Mother. ] Adwin McCenry. She's been gone for a while now.

[Father. ] Not sure. I never knew my father, let alone his name and whether he is alive or not.

[Siblings. ] I was an only child, so I grew up without any siblings, unless my mother or father adopted someone that I am unaware of.

[Notes from the Players. ] Feel free to contact me about any ideas you have. Whether you want to be a friend or a family member or whatever. I'm open to ideas.

So begins...

Gale McCenry's Story