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Noaki Abe

Just Storing a Character for My Future Rp

0 · 522 views · located in Toshima, Tokyo

a character in “Amnesia Love-Struck”, as played by Pusheen




⌈"My devotion is all put into boss's cause."⌋


Nine Lashes || Surrender
Fall Out Boy || The Phoenix
Apocalyptica || Not Strong Enough
Flyleaf || Fire, Fire


⌈"What was your name again? Oh that's right, I don't give a shit."⌋


Noaki Abe

Aki | Noa




The Terrorist

⌈Face Claim⌋
Yata Misaki | K Project




⌈Hair Color⌋

⌈Eye Color⌋

⌈Skin Tone⌋
skin color


137 lbs.

⌈Physical Description⌋
description (1-2 paragraphs please!)


⌈"What can I say. I know my chemistry."⌋


    âœĻ Bomb Making || Naoki has made a wide variety of bombs in his day, from basics to intricate. His bomb designs are something to be highly noted as the CIA said.
    âœĻ Close Combat || Naoki loves to get up close and personal in his fights and loathes ranged attacks because of this. His fighting style is many things he picked up from the streets of his own home rather than from fighting in some dojo. He is unpredictable, at times, and has his far share of techniques under his belt.
    âœĻ Agility || Noaki can dodge anything and everything... Except maybe bullets but even then he is pretty good. He is fast and light on his feet, combined with his fast reflexes, this means it is damn well hard to hit him except maybe when one comes at him in groups. You are going to have to move just as fast if you want to beat him.

⌈Power Abilities⌋
Sound || The ability to control, generate, and manipulate soundwaves. With it Naoki is able to increase sounds, for example he can use his power to increase the sound of his voice to be so powerful that it can create craters and move heavy objects. He is also able to increase his speed to incredible levels to the point where he is able to move at the speed of sound. Naoki also has a drastically enhanced sense of hearing, enough that water in his ears sounds like rushing boulders, making it a very useful ability for detection. Also because all objects vibrate at a certain frequency, he is able to match that frequency to make the object shatter. This ability of his is extremely useful but also dangerous. He gets very exhausted after using his abilities too much, even to the point of passing out. When in a normal state of mind his ability is under control, however, if he is stressed or angered his ability has more chance of becoming uncontrollable which will cause great damage to him and others around him. If he doesn't eat enough food then he can't increase his speed very far. Naoki relies on energy for his abilities, so if he's all worn out then he's of no use for the time being. Naoki's arrhythmia takes a major toll on his physical endurance which is why he's easy to tire out though this doesn't stop him from pushing himself to help others even if it costs him his health.



    ❖ habit || explain
    ❖ Teeth Grinding || explain
    ❖ habit || explain {continue format for more habits}

    â™Ĩ like || explain
    â™Ĩ like || explain
    â™Ĩ like || explain {continue format for more likes}

    ✘ dislike || explain
    ✘ dislike || explain
    ✘ dislike || explain {continue for more dislikes}

    âœĒ Quick Learner || Naoki isn't so great in school but when it comes to fighting, he is good at picking up moves. What doesn't kill him does make him stronger, and it's safe to say the same tricks won't work on him twice, once he figures them out.
    âœĒ strength || explain
    âœĒ strength || explain {continue format for more strengths}

    ⌘ Arrhythmia || Due to a heart problem, Naoki has arrhythmia which is a major disadvantage in his abilities. This flaw affects his abilities majorly though he tries not to let it get to him and often over exerts himself.
    ⌘ Restraint || He really hates to be pinned down or restrained. The feeling of lack of power is nauseating.
    ⌘ Writing & Reading || Noaki got a late start on his education and with a parent who didn't care, he never found school important. So, his writing is really hard to read which always have spelling errors and he has trouble reading and hates to ask for help.


⌈"Would you rather meet my fist or my foot?"⌋


1-2 paragraphs explaining the traits.


⌈"I wasn't tricked or manipulated..I did it on my own free will! Why can't anyone understand that."⌋

1-2 paragraphs

⌈"I'll follow him to the end of the earth if that's what needs to be done."⌋

So begins...

Noaki Abe's Story