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Among the Dark Things

Claws' Haven


a part of Among the Dark Things, by WriteLive.

A shape shifter's dream, the perfect place to get away from species rivalries.

WriteLive holds sovereignty over Claws' Haven, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

222 readers have been here.


Rivalries do not matter in this place; all are welcome here, kept safe by its strict no fighting policy--while brawls are common, none of them are due to species differences.
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Claws' Haven

A shape shifter's dream, the perfect place to get away from species rivalries.


Claws' Haven is a part of Bars and Clubs.


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By one in the morning Al was wiped. She headed back to Claws' Haven and was given a room for the night. Her rest was fitful. There was fear, blood, pain, and demented grey eyes. Within two hours of falling asleep, Al woke up dripping with sweat, her pulse racing, and her body on the verge of shifting. It took her a minuted to curl into herself as a mind numbing pain shot like an electrical current through her body. She place her fingers on her side only to feel warm sticky liquid on them. Great, i popped a stich... Al carefully got up, her breathing ragged from the pain she was still in. She managed to make it down the stairs and to the bar where she requested bandages, a bowl of water, a candle with matches, a needle, and course thread.
"Ye sure you want to be doing that?" The barkeeper asked as he watched Al prepare to stich herself up.
Al gave him a painfilled smile. "It must be done. I have had to stitch up worse."
The barkeeper gave her a sad smile. He hated to know that such a girl had seen and experience so much that she could stitch herself up when she was clearly in unimaginable pain. "At least let me help you." He retrieved a salve that would calm and numb the area. An old friend of his had given it to him after his third bar fight he had break up. "Here, it will help keep the inflamation down and keep the pain away." Al went to object but he shushed her. "Take it or I'll put it on ye myself."
Al nodded, "Thank you." Then went to work on her side. The salve worked marvelously and she managed to not pass out. When she was finished, she retreated to the back corner where her blind eyes watched out the window. Her wolf had yet receed back to her dormant state. Something was coming and she feared what it could be.