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Among the Dark Things

Modern Nightscape


a part of Among the Dark Things, by WriteLive.

The City

WriteLive holds sovereignty over Modern Nightscape, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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This large city is where most of the RP will take place.
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Modern Nightscape is a part of Among the Dark Things.

5 Places in Modern Nightscape:

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Michael Serafino [15] There's only one person on my "good side". Don't bother sucking up.
Remiel Serafino [14] Mess with my brother, and I will be scarier than he is.
Aleara-Rayn hart [9] "There's a lot in nature that is not beautiful. That is the part I like."
Galen Dallas [6] "Disasters are funny things. Necessary. In some they bring out the worst. I look for those who have their best wrenched into view."
Vince Windrunner [5] "She'll Always Be Mine"
Seth [2] Perhaps... A new Era will arise....
Letta Merle [2] Shifter
Catherine Caldwell [1] "The only reason I'd consider anyone a monster, is if they truly act it, not just if they look it."

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He stopped and looked back as soon as Seth dropped down from the shadows. "Still following us I see..."
He didn't entirely like that Seth was always stalking them; 'keeping an eye on them' as mother and father put it. They claimed it was because they didn't want them falling into trouble. He figured though that it was because mother and father didn't want them to cause trouble. Not that he didn't like Seth, he just disliked the being followed part.
He put his hands in his pockets and glanced at the sky. "Sun is coming soon...Still this shouldn't wait too long. Scents will start fading, and the killer will travel further."
He pats Michael's shoulder. <Can send one of the human servants to the shifter side. With a message at least.>

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Dread filled her as she started stroking the twin scars down her lips. This couldn't happen again. She felt like a curse; wherever she went trouble brewed. Part of the reason she lived in the forest and rarely interacted with human dwellings or other immortals was because trouble tended to follow her. The perfect example was the Windrunner Pack. She was only supposed to be there as a guest and ended up causing blood to be spilt. She shook the memory from her mind as she drummed her fingers.
Her heightened hearing picked up the vampires talking about leaving. "If I can get close enough to the body I might be able to sift through the scents. It is possible to pick up an abnormality as long as no more than seven scents are mixed." Al gave the stranger a grin as she tapped her nose. "A wolf's sense of smell is most useful at times." Then she cocked her head, hair swishing at the sudden movement. "Though incredibly troublesome when entering a city after a long time away from... humans. It seems the vampires do not wish for a fight and I too hope to prevent it." She bit her lip before giving a graceful curtsie bow. "I am Aleara-Rayn, a pleasure to meet you."

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"Galen Dallas, likewise a pleasure. And I believe I understand your pain. When I first got here, my Gifts were on overload from all the different inputs... I am sensitive to others' emotions. I can't do much to influence them, but I can feel them very strongly, and I am often pulled toward them. Those two aren't just Vampires. They're the Heirs to this area's Coven, I believe humans call their families. They're very intelligent, but from what I can remember about them they're also ruthless. They don't want a war, but if they get one you can be damned sure they', I suppose, at full power. Were I you, I would wait until sunrise to take a look. While the body is still in the shade..."

Michael scowled at Seth furiously, getting a small, grim bit of pleasure at the former slave's flinch. "Fine. Mother will be so worried, after all. However Seth, I must ask: send one of our humans to sniff about."

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"Thank you for the advice Galen." Al bowed my head and moved some of her unruly hair aside. "You sound as though you know these two particular vampires well. When you say ruthless, do you mean that if provoked they will show no mercy or never cross their path or they will attack? I want to know who I am dealing with if I am to remain in the city longer than a few days." Using the wall Al made her way half a foot from the exit of the alley. She inhaled as deeply as she could trying to take in the vampires' scents. It was difficult and hurt her head trying to sift through all the scents demanding her attention. Finally though she was able to tag them: Damp soil and charred, fabric and fire.
Stepping back into the alley she turned back to the man trying not to wince. The throbbing was back in her side, but she tried to push it away so Galen would not have deal with the pain she was feeling. "And if you do not mind me asking..." She looked down shy and unsure if she should ask. Invasion of privacy and all. "What are you?" She felt her cheeks burn. When the heck did she become bold enough to ask a stranger this? "I have never met another that smells like you."


Vince was sleeping soundly. He was in the middle of a nice dream where he's found his little bitch and was teaching her, her place. He rumbled low in his chest as Aleara's screams filled his ears and he smiled in glee. He was in the middle of pinning her down when he bolted upright, eyes scanning the immediate area. Someone was coming...

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He glanced at Seth as he flinched from his brother and he shook his head slightly. He figured by now Seth would know that neither of them would actually hurt him, or tell mother and father that he did anything wrong towards them. If they did end up telling it would lead to more trouble for themselves because mother and father would need to know what they were doing, which was not always what they were "supposed" to be doing.
"Settled then. We send a servant to shifters, let them know what happened and hope that it was just Werefolk. If not then we know its going to get a lot less friendly around here."
He greatly hoped it wouldn't come to unfriendly terms with the other groups in the city. If it did then the humans would definitely find out. If THAT happened then the city would end up leveled, humans either taken as slaves or outright killed. The peace the varied groups had found here would be gone and everyone would have to return to their secluded towns and hideouts. Clan sizes would decrease and their entire coven would have to either disperse with people moving on to other groups or split off into their own.
He shook his head of the worst case scenario and started walking back down the street. For everyone's sake he hoped it was a Were or an outsider shifter.