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Aya Shinonomiya

"You're... stupid."

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a character in “Among The Living”, as played by FuyuHana




"Ugh... another one in my apartment again?"

World's End Dancehall | WowakaP

Name: Aya Shinonomiya

Nickname(s): Ai ; Shino ; Miya ; Mi

Alias: Miss Dark (As a model) ; Human (By the little Youmu who live with her) ; Ayano (By her parents)

Role: Human No. 3

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Unknown

Romantic Interest: None At The Moment

Height: 5'7

Weight: 119

Face Claim: Sheryl Nome | Macross Frontier

Type of Youmu: N/A

Side: Currentlt, Aya has quiet a bit of a dislike for Youmu since there have been small ones living with her in her apartment that won't leave her alone, disabling her sleep, focus, and sometimes they just go right in front of her which annoys her even more. She's never had any experiences with larger Youmu and ones that look human, so she has no opinion on them yet, although she thinks they'll be just as a nuisance as the smaller ones.

Roles in Moumoku: N/A - Hasn't Been Introduced To Moumoku

Hair Color: Blondish White But Was Originally Brown

Eye Color: An Aqua Blue Color

Skin Tone: Fair

Build/Appearance/Preferred Clothing: Aya, being a model, must keep a flawless appearance and build. Of course, she doesn't like being completely weak, so she does have some muscle on her, just a little though, and she is insanely skinny. To get the job of being a model, she had to go a whole two years of a diet, and apparently, that made her even more skinnier, and guaranteed her the job. While she actually used to be a little large, she changed a lot over those two years into a matured looking teenager. She even has the body and appearance of an adult, although she is not. Aya stands at around 5 feet and somewhere near seven inches, without any shoes or socks since she's naturally tall. Her hair used to be a lovely brown color until she was required to dye it a blonde, explaining her current hair color. In magazines, she's usually seen with an emerald green color for eyes, but in reality, those were just contacts and she actually has aqua blue eyes instead, which she doesn't really mind. Aya's skin color is fair, since she can't be too pale, or too dark unfortunately; the photographers think the audiences won't like it. Aya's prefered clothing would usually be something flawy like a dress, or just plain comfortable clothing like jeans, or shorts, and some regular tank top. Sadly though, she doesn't get to dress like this often because of her public reputation and often has to go out wearing something odd looking, like what you'd see in her magazines, until she'd get home.

☂Sounds - A very minor ability, but Aya is able to hear and concentrate on everything within a mile radius around her. By everything, that literately means, everything. It can range from human speech to car, or the the purring of cats, or even to the smallest creatures like ants trailing on the sidewalk. Although it does sound like it's very hard to take in at once, Aya finds it as a daily thing, but if someone's gossiping about her, she'll sometimes yell out at them, even if they were a few feet away and whispering.

☂Archery - Not exactly a weapon you'd carry everywhere you'd go, but Aya enjoys archery since she's in the club at school. She's very good at it because of her precision and always hits bullseye. She's never tried it out on something other than a target though, but has no interest in such since she's content with her own skill and usage at the moment.

Personality: Aya has really only two different sides to her; her public side and her normal daily-life side. Lets go over her flawless personality first, shall we? Aya has to act this way when she's outside, or doing a photo shoot to keep her reputation up. Sometimes she even has to act in front her friends. How she has to act in front of others is mature, kind, and generous. She would have to be very tolerant, much like an older sister to anyone, and have not a single flaw in her actions or words. Aya would have to be incredibly lady like, folding her legs while siting, wearing fancy dresses, talking in a higher pitched voice and doing things that have a majestic or flowing look to her action. While her smiles and laughs are almost always fake, she has developed a photogenic thing where, even if she's unhappy, her emotions can still appear to be flawless. This is what makes so many people believe that she's the perfect role model and just simply the most perfect person, even more so since her beauty is incomparable to others. Well... that's what they say and what the see from the outside. On the inside, Aya is most likely the exact opposite of what everyone thinks and expects of her.

On the inside, Aya is a quite a lazy, short tempered, and dirty person. Luckily she lets no one in her apartment (but the small Youmu) so they wouldn't see how much of a pigsty is really is. Some people say that a girl's room is very clean and pretty, but Aya never painted those dull grayish yellow walls and clothing along with bags of food or other things of that sort are laid everywhere. Weird, isn't it? Well, she's just like that. Over time, she dropped the 'model act' once she reached her house. Most popular people would love the attention, but becoming a model was never in Aya's dreams, so she actually hates it a lot. She's always want to be normal, but she can't really do that with her current personalities, both the one outside and the one inside. But since she's well aware of that, she's just going to wait until she's exposed in her apartment. In the mean time, away from the public, she's a very harsh and cold person. Since she's always busy, she doesn't mess around very much, so any one who interrupts her, like the Youmu, she gets annoyed at. Unfortunately, that's the way she really is. Aya's never really had any true friends, or had any love for someone, so basically, she's just a heartless person who's focused on herself at the moment.

Well, perhaps she can show little signs of love here and there, especially towards the Youmu in her house. While she doesn't want to say anything to them, even if they can't all understand her, she won't admit that they're almost like her friends, her tiny and inhumane friends. Although they do tend to annoy her when she's working or things of that sort, she still has a sort of love for them, like best friends, or sometimes even a mother a friend. Sometimes she'll do cruel things like kick them out of the house, and while it does sound horrible, they always find a way back in, somehow, so in the end, her efforts are usually for nothing. Still, she does have a little care for the little ones she lives with in her house, bonding most to a little girl Youmu named Mai Harumi and the one that lives in her house, a snow Youmu named Yuuki. Why? Well, Aya does find her annoying, like she does with everyone and everything else in the world, but something about her just gets to Aya, in a different way that she can't really explain, so she's just been trying to get used to them all.

✤ Fattening Food
✤ Doing Nothing
✤ Being Inside Her Apartment
✤ Cold Drinks
✤ Silence
✤ Music (Classical)
✤ Cello (All String Instruments)
✤ The Youmu In Her Apartment
✤ Being Normal
✤ Reading Mystery

☓ Youmu
☓ Crowds
☓ Going Outside
☓ Attention
☓ Standing Out
☓ Any Other Music Besides Classical
☓ School
☓ People
☓ Perverts
☓ Hot Days
☓ Sweet Food

✩ Modeling - Although it is a talent, Aya really does hate it in the end, having not a single thought of happiness towards the idea. She is told to do all sorts of poses, most which can be odd and uncomfortable, yet still pull off the expression the photographers want, and in the end, she puts up with it all day long until she finally reaches her apartment, after almost a whole eight hours.

✩ Acting - As mention, Aya covers up her flawed personality with a flawless one she shows to the public constantly. She can lie, say things, and make expressions that have no meaning to them yet still look insanely genuine.

✩ Cello - This was her first life goal, and still is, and only will be. Aya's been taking lessons and playing the cello ever since she was little, so when she got older, and tried out, but didn't get into the college for music. This how she got her job currently, being the last option available. Still, even though she didn't get accept, she's still very good at it.

♭Bipolar - As known, Aya is bipolar, in some manner. She has to act flawless and beautiful and lady like in front of any crowds when she's in public and known by her model name, 'Miss Dark,' however, she's really a rude, busy, and easily annoyed person who really cant stand anything. She often has to keep her temper in control when surrounded by a group since she cannot break character, but when she's able to, she'll go all out.

♭Selfish - Aya is a very selfish person really. Sure, she can be giving quite a few times, but often, she doesn't like to share her things, let others in her apartment, show mercy when she's angry, etc. This especially goes for the Youmu living in her house and causing a racket when she's trying to work or sleep.

♭Short Fuse - Like most people who keep up their happy act, Aya will eventually pop and explode with anger. She's done this before with one of the Youmu in her house that ate most of her food (She threw it outside for a day before it eventually crawled back in, without permission of course.)

ッ Autophobia - Fear of being alone/herself
ッ Gelotophobia - Fear of being laughed at
ッ Kakorrhaphiophobia - Fear of losing or defeat
ッ Megalophobia - Fear of huge things

Mariko Shinonomiya - Mother | Alive | 47
Juro Shinonomiya - Father | Alive | 49
Shiro - Dog | Deceased | Died at 4 years

Bio: Aya grew up not knowing about Youmu, even though both her mother and father could see them. As thought, their Sight genes were handed down to Aya, and she was also able to see Youmu. Her parents were never surprised when they heard her say that there were floating blue jellyfish in her room or glowing walking flowers underneath her bed. Sometimes she'd tell them that a huge fish would walk by her window at night. They never really told her that she could see things others couldn't, but not on purpose. They didn't try and keep it a secret, it just never came to their mind that they'd have to say anything. She was young then, so if she told these things to her friends or teachers, none of them would think she was crazy.

One day, while walking back from school, Aya found a dog and since it was a stray, decided to bring it home. It was a beautiful dog, being majestic, playful, but very loyal to the family. In the beginning the parents were very hesitant to keep the dog since it was just a stray, but in the end, they agreed to take care of it. But they didn't tell their daughter that the little puppy was actually a Youmu. Still, its not as if the two really minded. They were a family that had a love for Youmu, even though their daughter never knew, and the one they took in was a peaceful and protective one, so why not?

Over the years, Aya grew up with the little dog she named Shiro, meaning samurai since he was so protective of his family and seemed to have been taking pride in every action he did. No one really came over to the house, and when they did, the parents would always keep the dog away from the friends; if Aya pointed out her dog and her friends said nothing was there, she'd be thought of as weird and worse situations would happen afterwards. But that didn't keep the two from bonding. Aya spent more time playing with the Shiro more than she played with friends. Honestly, back then, when she was 13, she didn't care too much about anything but her beloved dog.

But things ended eventually. Shiro was still growing, being only 4 years of age. Aya, being 15, was taking him on a walk, still not knowing he was a Youmu before she began to cross the street on a red light. The dog was pulling back for a reason, but Aya never understood until a truck smashed into the two. It was black for a long time, and even though it felt long, Aya couldn't see, hear, or even think anything, but she definitely had no clue about what was going on.

A day later, she woke up in the hospital, still recovering, and the day after that she regained her memories and wanted to know what happened to her puppy. The doctors and nurses didn't understand what she was talking about since there was no dog when they came to get her, and the parents had a horrible look of guilt on their faces. That night, they told her everything; about how she could see things others couldn't and about how the dog she loved was a Youmu. She couldn't careless about the Youmu part. Aya just wanted to know where Shiro went and if he was alright.

After a week's passing, they took their daughter to see Shiro, who use to be a dog, and after being hit by a truck, as cremated into ashes. Shiro was Aya's most precious thing in the world, and to hear how he died broke her heart. She couldn't take it. She wanted to skip school, run away, and even die after hearing and seeing him with her own eyes. It was too hard to believe, even though she knew it was true. But after it had happened, what could she possibly? There was nothing, so all she did was cry for days without end.

She skipped school for a whole year and returned the next year, looking horrible, but decent enough. She made no friends, which she was fine with, and was always alone and separated from others. Even after a year, Aya was still depressed about Shiro's death. And for some reason, she had been angry at her parents for this, saying it was their fault and it was their fault that Shiro died. After that, she changed her original name from Ayano, to just a simple Aya. She hated the name, and still does now.

Then, she decided it was time to start her own life. She rented an apartment after she just hit 18 and tried to look for jobs. She always played the cello when Shiro would lay by her near her feet, and tried out for a few orchestras, hoping it'd be a suiting job. But others beat her too it. She wasn't good enough, despite how hard she practiced and strived for it. In fact, she was jobless for around 5 days until she found a modeling company. It was one of the last things she thought of and decided to try out. Once arriving at the studio, no one thought she would make it with how horrible and messy she looked, but after some cleaning up, makeup, and choice of outfits, the photographers found out she was perfect for the role and gave her the job without any hesitations.

Once her first photo shoot ended, she came home to find her apartment destroy. Absolutely destroyed. The couch was ripped up, the fridge was open with hardly any good left, the sheets were torn and even the tv was broken. Who could have done all of this? She spotted a little girl, standing at around 3 feet tall, with snow white hair and drooping rabbit ears standing in the midst of it as the other smaller Youmu continued to mess up her home. That's when she met Yuuki, the Youmu that lives with her. Since then, she's been modeling, going to school, and lecturing the Youmu at her house. On special occasions, she visits her parents house to see Shiro again, but always growls at them if they try to call her by her actual name. Even after all those years, she still loves Shiro and hates her parents.

- When outside, Aya tends to wear jeans and tank tops, but usually wearing a hoodie to cover her face.
- The way she speaks is different depending who she is talking to; if its a fan, she'll have a high pitcher and cheerful tone but to people that are closer to her, her voice will go down to be a little deeper and she'll seem much less energetic.

So begins...

Aya Shinonomiya's Story

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"How do you feel about your next solo coming up, Miss Dark?"

"What words do you have for the fans?"

"What is going on in your personal life at the moment?"

"Sorry~ But I have to go now!" Aya said, in her usual stereotypical voice that she pictured a flawless model would act like. She waved her hand and blew a little kiss off her hand towards the cameramen and woman before quickly hurrying inside her apartment, smiling and waving as she closed the windows.

After all that passed though, Aya locked the door and slid onto the ground, immediately taking off the annoying heels she wore and unzipping the tight and weird looking dress she had to walk around in, 'Being famous is a pain... I didn't ask for the attention...' She sighed to herself, still hearing the group of people outside.

A minute later when she finally realized she was inside her apartment, she saw one of the pillows being ripped apart by the smaller Youmu who lived in her house. They weren't very big, being the size of her palm or smaller. She stared at them while the three stared back at her, as if stunned that they were caught, even though their 'hiding spot' was in the center of the room.

'Again...' Aya let out a growling noise from under her breath as she made imitating expressions and actions towards the three, most likely threatening them since it was their fourth time tearing apart her apartment, as always. If there weren't people outside, she probably would have began to yell at them all and chased them before tossing them out the window (knowing that they'd just return in the end, anyways.)

Taking her warnings into consideration, the three Youmu made a run for it, running across the room; one hiding underneath her couch, another headed for her room, and the third one still stuck inside the plush of the pillow. With another exhausting sigh, Aya stood up, getting her back off the wall and her rear off the ground as she walked over to the shredded pillow and plucked the Youmu out of the fluff, as if it were a doll, "You're going into the corner tonight, punk." She smirked before tossing it at the wall, it bouncing off harmlessly like it were rubber and making a giggling noise as it dashed away under the couch as well.

"How was your day...?" A very small and quite voice asked. Aya turned around to see a female Youmu, being around 2 or 3 feet tall, staring right back at her. It was obvious she was roaming through the fridge since it was wide open.

"Do you want to go into the corner too, Yuuki?" Aya asked, growing more frustrated with the Youmu in her house. Yuuki was one of the first Youmu she found living with her, the one who first destroyed her apartment. Currently, the two have been living with each other, besides their love hate for each other, "You know what, never mind. I'm going out."

"Again...?" The little Youmu asked.

"They won't notice if I wear something 'hideous' and go out the back." The blonde haired young woman said, changing out of the ridiculous dress into regular jeans and a shirt, completely contradictory to what she would have to wear as a model.

"Then I'm coming too."

"You're annoying."

"I know." Yuuki seemed to have giggled mischievously, in her own quiet way as Aya opened the window and made her way outside from there while the white haired Youmu followed.


Hideki continued to look around for his partner, Sayuri Ami. While he did have a hate for her, the woman wasn't too bad, despite how lethargic she really was. At the moment, he was allowing other regular humans to find him, not really caring since he, as a Youmu, had a much more human-like appearance and liked to keep it that way. Besides, he was on the look out for that woman, so how was he going to get information? Hideki was definitely not going to ask any other monstrous Youmu, so he relied on humans.

"Excuse me, have you seen this woman anywhere?" He asked, holding up a phone with Sayuri's picture. The man he was talking to shook his head as he continued to walk down the road with his children, Hideki cursing quietly to himself while he continued to ask around.

Well, he did that for a while, but found it useless since no one seemed to have known where she was. This obviously got on Hideki's nerves, but things did brighten up after a little bit since he saw a wanted Youmu for the Moumoku. It was a small one, but wanted, nonetheless, and that's what counted.

It was a small one, blending in to look like a plant, but in Hideki's eyes, it couldn't hide. An advantage of his was his ability to scan the area- being able to find any breathing or living creature, especially Youmu, within a half a mile's radius. While using this ability, he found other Youmu in the area also, but he had his eyes set on the one trying to hide from him, "Found you." He said with a smirk as he leapt forwards, lowering his hand to grab the leaves sticking out from the leaf Youmu's head.

But his hand slipped and he fell into the planters instead. Many by passers stared at him, wondering if he was alright, but he ignored them. Why should he care? He wasn't human. He was a Youmu, after all.

Then the chase began; Hideki sprinted after the little dashing plant which other humans (without Sight) could see and reached his hand out to catch it. But it was way too fast for his legs to work, even if he was a Youmu. Hideki specialized in technology, but not running, "Dammit... Where's that woman when I need her!" He grumbled, more people staring at him as he sped up to catch the speedy plant Youmu.