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Sayuri Ami

"Life is too short to do what other people tell you"

0 · 304 views · located in Fujisaki Highschool

a character in “Among The Living”, as played by Robbhus





Ӂ Name Ӂ
Sayuri Ami

Ӂ Alias Ӂ
Was called "The soul collector" for a while when she was 21, but the name slowly faded away as her working habits got slower and slower. Currently, she's more likely to be called "Lazy-ass" or something in those lines. Her true name in the organization is "The flamebearer" but nobody uses it anymore as she never works

Ӂ Role Ӂ
Exorcist #3

Ӂ Age Ӂ

Ӂ Gender Ӂ

Ӂ Sexuality Ӂ

Ӂ Height Ӂ
5'7 foot

Ӂ Weight Ӂ
132 Ibs

Ӂ Face Claim Ӂ
Satsuki Matsumae - Hana-Saku Iroha

Image Ӂ Side Ӂ
Likes Youmu and only deals with them if they are creating large amounts of havoc. If not, she'd rather leave them alone.

Ӂ Roles In Moumoku Ӂ
Currently all the work she Sayuri does is monitoring the activity of both exorcists and youmu, in the area around the school. The organization wants her to do more work because of her capabilities, but she ultimately refuse because it would mean she actually had to do something

Ӂ hair Color Ӂ

Ӂ Eye Color Ӂ
Gray / brown

Image Ӂ Skin Tone Ӂ
Lightly tan

Ӂ Build Ӂ
Sayuri's build is based of the hourglass figure. She has a slim waist, wider around the hips, before moving down to long, thin legs. Her chest is rather average and she doesn't make much of a deal out of it. She has a long neck, and a rather sharp chin. Her arms are long and thin as well, but that is of course just looks. She is surprisingly strong despite the model-look. One thing most people don't know is that both of her hands are badly scarred from her wrist and up to her elbows, an unwanted trait she got while training in order to master her weapons.

Ӂ Appearance Ӂ
Sayuri is normally seen with her hair rather messed up, but in an attractive way, not a slobby one. Besides that, she appears as a confident and self-sufficient woman who keeps her head cool and just enjoys her life

Ӂ Preferred Clothing Ӂ
Sayuri normally wears a pair of tightly fit denim jeans, along with a red V-neck T-shirt with a white jacket over there again. On her feet, she most commonly wear a pair of brown leather boots with 2" tall heels, though she switches them out with a pair of simple white tennis-shoes if she's actually hunting for anything and has to move quickly. She keeps a simple watch around her wrist

Ӂ Abilities/Weapons Ӂ
Sayuri has three weapons she shifts between during combat, though one of them is hardly ever used because of safety reasons

Ϡ A small youma she met when she was 22 named Ignis. It is a fire spirit she normally hosts in her stove and due to their friendship, she can request to be able to use its fires as a weapon for a limited amount of time. The longer time she lets the spirit rest in a warm place to absorb heat, the longer she can use it per session. In respect to the spirit though, she normally just lets it rest in the fireplace and prefers to use her secondary weapon instead. The name "The flamebearer" comes from this

Image Ϡ Two times five rings with chains connected to them. The chains has a rather long range and can be used in several ways during combat. In the end of each chain, there is a different symbol, each with different advantages and disadvantages in combat

҂ The orb: The orb can, with good enough accuracy, be used as a tool to crush bullets. However, aiming correctly is extremely low, and even with very good training, it would probably miss at least 50% of the times. Can also be used in order to make the chain swirl around a round object, either as a trap or to play spiderman
҂ The sword: The sword is used to inflict standard slicing and stab-wounds
҂ The hook: Used in order to connect with objects with softer surfaces, for example cloth, or in worse cases, flesh
҂ The arrowhead: Used for partially the same purpose as the hook, but has to be aimed more directly at the enemy. Goes deeper and is harder to pull out though
҂ The cross: For enemies that are harder to beat. She uses the cross in order to weaken them, though some youma has shown to be immune to it

Ϡ A weapon similar to the standard chains. However, the chain-bits are flatter and if you look close in, you would be able to see that there are thin blades on the sides of them. Very dangerous both for the user and for the one being attacked. These chains are the reason Sayuri's hands are scarred from her elbows and up to her wrists. However, when it comes to offensive power, they are far superior to the other set of chains

Ӂ Personality Ӂ

Sayuri normally maintains a very calm and laid back personality. She doesn't care much for others and prefers that they deal with their own problems so she won't have to help. Despite how experienced and strong she is, she hardly ever does work as an exorcist, and if she does, it's only because she's been either begged to do it, or because she's worrying about something, which hardly ever happens.

Her serious side is almost nonexistent, however, when it first opens up, it's like meeting a while different person. She goes from being lazy and bored to a far more professional and intimidating character, not to mention scary. However, the only person who frequently see that side of her is her own mother, as they don't get along at all, and never have.

As a teacher, Sayuri is rather well-liked among her students. Despite only teaching English, she has quite the reputation for being a good teacher, despite her methods. She believes in self-studying and would maybe talk for 1/4th of the class before leaving the rest of the work to her students, her only remaining there to help if asked. It is part because she doesn't want to work more than that, but also because it appears to be working.

Ӂ Likes Ӂ
Ϡ Smoking - She's an avid smoker, and often gets scolded by the principal for doing so. Doesn't stop her however
Ϡ Alcohol - Same goes with alcohol, though she keeps the alcohol off campus of course
Ϡ Good music - Would often stop by musics clubs or so just to listen for a little bit
Ϡ Doing nothing - Obvious right?
Ϡ Anime and manga - Isn't proud of it at all and keeps it hidden, but has a deep love for such things

Ӂ Dislikes Ӂ
Ϡ Being told to do something - Growing up with a bossy and demanding mother, Sayuri quickly started to despise being pushed around
Ϡ Working - Everything that means having to get up and work means sad Sayuri
Ϡ Country music - The one genre she can't stand and would rather die than listen to
Ϡ Those who dislikes youmu for no reason - One of her most powerful weapons is a youmu after all
Ϡ Broccoli - Can't stand it, would rather eat dirt

Ӂ Talents Ӂ
Ϡ Martial artsImage
Ϡ Experienced fighter
Ϡ High pain tolerance
Ϡ Quick thinker
Ϡ Agile

Ӂ Flaws Ӂ
Ϡ Headstrong
Ϡ Shows little respect, even to superiors
Ϡ Risktaker
Ϡ Lazy
Ϡ Unreliable

Ӂ Fears Ӂ
Ϡ Her mother
Ϡ Broccoli
Ϡ Death


Ӂ Family Ӂ
Ϡ Mitsuki Ami - Mitsuki is Sayuri's mother and self-claimed enemy. During her childhood, the two of them were always fighting, and they both had a hard time. Despite that Mitsuki disowned her daughter after a long fight, she still miss her, just as Sayuri miss her mother. They don't talk at all anymore though, and since Mitsuki lives far up in the mountainside, it takes a while to get there.

Ϡ Gendo Ami - Gendu was always the one that Sayuri would go to after she and her mother had been fighting. Despite that he traveled a lot, he loved his daughter until the very end. He died in a fight against a fight with a youma when she was 17. With nobody left to talk to in her childhood home, she moved from home and swore she would avenge him, something she did four years later.

Ӂ Bio Ӂ

Sayuri was born into a semi-rich family, with her mother being an inn-manager and her father being a youma hunter. She inherited her ability to see youma from her father, and her strong will of finishing what she starts from her mother (Though she hardly ever shows that side). With her father being gone a lot, sometimes for sessions lasting several days or even weeks, Sayuri had to quickly adjust to helping her mother run the inn, something she was far from happy for. Everything from basic kitchen chores to fixing on rooms. Despite that she became rather good as a waitress already at a young age, she still despised it, both because she hardly got any free time because of homework, but also because she envied those who lived there and could just relax.

As she grew older and older, her relationship with her mother became more and more distant. She barely got enough sleep during the nights due to chores and homework. She started to practically pick fights just to have an excuse for not working anymore. Her father tried to motivate her, but he failed terribly. Regardless of how much he tried, they both knew he lived a much more accelerating life than she did.

Her father died when she was 17. She got the message late one day while finishing off her homework, and she was depressed for several days. Her mother even decided not to butt in and make her work again, but instead gave her a couple of weeks off so she could calm down again. A while after that, Sayuri decided to move from home and follow her father's footsteps. She had no interest in following her mother's, and as she said to her mother she was leaving, her mother became angry and it ended with her saying that she disowned Sayuri. After that day, they hardly ever spoke.

After she left, Sayuri set herself one goal. She was going to find an exorcist that would give her the training she needed, then she was going to track down the youmu that killed her father, and then take her revenge on it. She was never that close with her father, but seeing how distant she was to her mother, he was far more of a family figure, and it was also a concept of self-realization.

She finally found an exorcist that had the resources to take a while off to train her. It took almost three years, lots of blood and tears, and a couple traumatizing moments, but in the end, she got out in one piece, ready to complete the goal she set herself three years before.

After yet another year, Sayuri finally managed to complete the goal she set herself. She was badly hurt after a long and drawn out battle, but in the end, the money she earned for both the youma she had set her cursor on and all the other she slayed on the way, she had enough money to be able to live in a luxurious apartment for at least a year, though she had no intentions of doing so.

She had decided to calm down and become an English teacher. The pay was sky-high, she would have housing covered by the school, and she'd get a car. It took a long time to learn the language well, but she managed to. However, at the end, her willpower had practically died out and she took a couple of months to rest before she got her job at Fujisaki.

During the years she has been teaching there, she has hardly ever been doing any other work as an exorcist and has been considering to quit it entirely a lot of times. However, small events has made her continue, even if just in a small scale.

So begins...

Sayuri Ami's Story

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"How do you feel about your next solo coming up, Miss Dark?"

"What words do you have for the fans?"

"What is going on in your personal life at the moment?"

"Sorry~ But I have to go now!" Aya said, in her usual stereotypical voice that she pictured a flawless model would act like. She waved her hand and blew a little kiss off her hand towards the cameramen and woman before quickly hurrying inside her apartment, smiling and waving as she closed the windows.

After all that passed though, Aya locked the door and slid onto the ground, immediately taking off the annoying heels she wore and unzipping the tight and weird looking dress she had to walk around in, 'Being famous is a pain... I didn't ask for the attention...' She sighed to herself, still hearing the group of people outside.

A minute later when she finally realized she was inside her apartment, she saw one of the pillows being ripped apart by the smaller Youmu who lived in her house. They weren't very big, being the size of her palm or smaller. She stared at them while the three stared back at her, as if stunned that they were caught, even though their 'hiding spot' was in the center of the room.

'Again...' Aya let out a growling noise from under her breath as she made imitating expressions and actions towards the three, most likely threatening them since it was their fourth time tearing apart her apartment, as always. If there weren't people outside, she probably would have began to yell at them all and chased them before tossing them out the window (knowing that they'd just return in the end, anyways.)

Taking her warnings into consideration, the three Youmu made a run for it, running across the room; one hiding underneath her couch, another headed for her room, and the third one still stuck inside the plush of the pillow. With another exhausting sigh, Aya stood up, getting her back off the wall and her rear off the ground as she walked over to the shredded pillow and plucked the Youmu out of the fluff, as if it were a doll, "You're going into the corner tonight, punk." She smirked before tossing it at the wall, it bouncing off harmlessly like it were rubber and making a giggling noise as it dashed away under the couch as well.

"How was your day...?" A very small and quite voice asked. Aya turned around to see a female Youmu, being around 2 or 3 feet tall, staring right back at her. It was obvious she was roaming through the fridge since it was wide open.

"Do you want to go into the corner too, Yuuki?" Aya asked, growing more frustrated with the Youmu in her house. Yuuki was one of the first Youmu she found living with her, the one who first destroyed her apartment. Currently, the two have been living with each other, besides their love hate for each other, "You know what, never mind. I'm going out."

"Again...?" The little Youmu asked.

"They won't notice if I wear something 'hideous' and go out the back." The blonde haired young woman said, changing out of the ridiculous dress into regular jeans and a shirt, completely contradictory to what she would have to wear as a model.

"Then I'm coming too."

"You're annoying."

"I know." Yuuki seemed to have giggled mischievously, in her own quiet way as Aya opened the window and made her way outside from there while the white haired Youmu followed.


Hideki continued to look around for his partner, Sayuri Ami. While he did have a hate for her, the woman wasn't too bad, despite how lethargic she really was. At the moment, he was allowing other regular humans to find him, not really caring since he, as a Youmu, had a much more human-like appearance and liked to keep it that way. Besides, he was on the look out for that woman, so how was he going to get information? Hideki was definitely not going to ask any other monstrous Youmu, so he relied on humans.

"Excuse me, have you seen this woman anywhere?" He asked, holding up a phone with Sayuri's picture. The man he was talking to shook his head as he continued to walk down the road with his children, Hideki cursing quietly to himself while he continued to ask around.

Well, he did that for a while, but found it useless since no one seemed to have known where she was. This obviously got on Hideki's nerves, but things did brighten up after a little bit since he saw a wanted Youmu for the Moumoku. It was a small one, but wanted, nonetheless, and that's what counted.

It was a small one, blending in to look like a plant, but in Hideki's eyes, it couldn't hide. An advantage of his was his ability to scan the area- being able to find any breathing or living creature, especially Youmu, within a half a mile's radius. While using this ability, he found other Youmu in the area also, but he had his eyes set on the one trying to hide from him, "Found you." He said with a smirk as he leapt forwards, lowering his hand to grab the leaves sticking out from the leaf Youmu's head.

But his hand slipped and he fell into the planters instead. Many by passers stared at him, wondering if he was alright, but he ignored them. Why should he care? He wasn't human. He was a Youmu, after all.

Then the chase began; Hideki sprinted after the little dashing plant which other humans (without Sight) could see and reached his hand out to catch it. But it was way too fast for his legs to work, even if he was a Youmu. Hideki specialized in technology, but not running, "Dammit... Where's that woman when I need her!" He grumbled, more people staring at him as he sped up to catch the speedy plant Youmu.

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#, as written by Robbhus

Public transport, a real pain in the ass like always. If it wasn't for the fact that it was still faster than driving, Sayuri would undoubtedly taken her car. However, considering that it took over ten minutes longer to drive home, not to mention that it costed more, trains worked perfectly fine. A little cramped? Sure. Some noisy teenagers in the back? Of course. No smoking? Heck, it was tempting to walk...

More and more people kept stepping on to the train, and it felt like nobody stepped off. Naturally, people were, but more people entered than stepped off. After only a couple of stops, Sayuri couldn't take it anymore. It drove her insane. How could people do this on a daily basis? Of course, normal humans were weirdo's, undoubtedly. However, being willing to use something as ungraceful as a train to travel every day had to be like self-torture.

She wasn't irritated. She didn't get irritated. She just had a mature and realistic react- Heck, who would fall for such a subtle excuse, of course she was irritated. People pushing up to her on all directions, all the bad breath, and all the other minorities she stamped as torture-methods.

Finally, a station, now she could get off. There was a store nearby, she could get an ice-cream or something like that and walk the rest of the way, it was no big deal. The train stopped, finally. And then, of course, now everybody were getting off the train. At least half of the cart she had been in. Now, it looked spacious and alright, even the noisy kids in the back got off. "Just my luck, huh..?"

Her hands trailed towards the pockets of the tight jeans, slowly falling into the comfortable material. At least the weather was comfortable. Wait, what was that in the bottom of her pocket? An empty 20-pack of standard cigarettes. Why hadn't she thrown it in a trash-can? looking inside of it, she found the reason. A single, flat-pressed cigarette was still there. Now, all she needed was a lighter...

Normally, fire wasn't a big deal, but she had the fire spirit sleeping in a small jar in her purse, and she didn't want to wake it up, or let in more air than necessary, not to mention that it'd look weird if she pulled out an empty glass with a piece of hot coal in it. It'd look weird for normal people at least. For Youmu or other exorcist, it'd look like she simply abused the powers of the demon in the jar.

The sun continued to burn as she looked for a store selling lighters. Why hadn't she brought one? Today really wasn't her day, it didn't seem like anything went her way. Finally, a small corner-store, they had to sell lighters, right?

Of course not. The owner was religious and believed that smoking was bad, and therefor didn't sell standard lighters, only the kind used to light up gas-ovens. What a pain... It had been so tempting to give the man a solid hit to the face just to get out some irritation, but she had decided to take the peaceful approach and instead left with a standard vanilla ice-cream in one hand. She could have been a thousand years old, but ice-cream would still taste good.

The streets weren't by far as cramped as the train had been. This was actually acceptable. People were happy, and it had its affect on her own mood. Everybody till now had seemed grumpy, tired, or just annoying. It naturally had an effect on her own mood, just the same way as this was cleansing her for all those bad emotions. She sat down on the edge of a circular fountain and looked out at people as they passed. It was an interesting view.

Two kids, one running after the other, both laughing and having fun. A couple teenage girls going home from a shopping-trip, a business-man helping an old woman Sayuri guessed was his mother, and an old man buying some flowers. He was probably heading for the cemetery nearby, she knew that a lot of war-heroes were buried there. Was he an old veteran maybe? Just thinking of such things made her smile a little. People went through hard times, but it always got better. That was the feel it gave at least.

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Ryu took a deep breath his eyes darted down to the transcript in his hand. It was a five page report of his qualifications, including information on his feats while attending the exorcist academy in Hong Kong. His first job as a full-fledged exorcist would be in Tokyo, Japan, deemed the pinnacle of youmu activity and a dangerous place for humans to live, especially for those with 'sight'. The subway speed-ed along in the series of underground tunnels, a method of transportation that was mainly copied by the western society. Ryu daydreamed and fretted about what would happen once he got there the whole way there, he worried would they reject them? Would he have to be sent to somewhere else? He stopped worrying and so did the train. When he emerged from the underground station he saw several youmu, many small ones he noticed them pulling pranks and stealing wallets. All his training told him to observe them, but that would seem stramge to normal humans if he kept staring at every pebble and leaf.

Ryu had only a few blocks left to get to the building where the cheif exorcist was to meet him. He say some commotion and he could sense the presence of a very powerful youmu. Ryu decided to leave it to the exocist assigned to the area.

Soon the meeting was over and Ryu was officially a Japan exorcist, he had a badge to prove it. He now had to get to his fake school a simple cover, He made his way through the town, he caught a glimpse of a strange looking woman slowly walking and admiring the scenery. He decided to get a closer look, something about her seemed strange. To make sure she was what he thought she was he plucked up a small youmu that fit in his hand, a pebble youmu. He walked over to her and greeted the woman by putting the creature in her face. depending on her reaction would determine whether she had 'sight' or not.

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#, as written by Robbhus

The scenery around her didn't stop being interesting, not at all. The children continued to play their little games, though she had no idea what the point of it was. The man she had seen earlier had headed for the cemetery as she had guessed, and the older woman who were walking with her son smiled and gave her a light wave. She smiled back, and they had eye-contact for a second or two before she let go of the woman's eyes.

A boy had walked up in front of her. She had noticed it from the moment he bent down to pick up something, though she didn't exactly care what it was. He had probably just found a 100-yen coin or something like that. Her eyes didn't follow the kid and she returned to the ice-cream, eating it up quickly before it melted, leaving a small circular stick between her teeth. She really missed having a cigarette, but the stick made up for the feel of having something between her lips. If she could have felt the toxic smoke entering her lounges as well, it'd be perfect.

A rock? No, it was something more... Living. She could sense the aura, despite that it was suppressed by the hand of the boy in front of her. It interrupted the otherwise rather clean reading, though she could still feel a youmu soul. Not saying a word, she reached forward with her red hand, between the eyes of the boy, and snapped him between them.


Such a simple insult. One word, a thousand meanings. She stared into his eyes and her hand moved towards his hand, forcing it to let go of the pebble. She caught it with her free hand and put it carefully down on the ground.

"If you own a soul, you own a mind of your own. And if you own a mind of your own, you own feelings. And if you own feelings, it means you will get hurt if people mistreat you"

She didn't appear as nice at all. No, she was angered. Well, more annoyed, she had no intentions of assaulting the boy, it had obviously just been a test to see if she could see the pebble or not. "That pebble has a soul, so it has a mind of it's own. Since it has a mind of its own, it has feelings as well. And since it has feelings, it feels hurt if you mistreat it as well"

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"Jeez I don't understand people like you, protecting youmu like some kind of endangered species. If people keep protecting them we could very well be the minority, then who would be the idiot. Besides I wasn't going to harm it, it isn't big enough to be any threat." Ryu dug in his pocket and retrieved the badge as to confirm who he was. "Well I need to be going, there's this high school I'll be attending, even though I already past college. Just to keep an eye on the youmu." Ryu started to walk away not really caring if the pain n the ass lady followed or not.

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#, as written by Robbhus

What an impolite kid. Well, she wasn't exactly being a ray of light either, but there was something called respecting your elders. Not that she had cared much about it, but that was mainly because her own mother had been so pushing. Yet, they had been family. Now, it was just two strangers conversing. Being rude to a complete stranger, not to mention a stranger older than yourself. Even she knew that was wrong.

"I don't understand people like you either, so I suppose we're even" Sayuri brushed some of her hair behind her ears before pulling out a pair of sunglasses from her purse, putting them on. The sun was shining directly at her as she walked, and being blinded wasn't exactly fun.

She approached the boy with fast steps. She wasn't showing any signs of wanting to attack, though of course,there was no predicting the unpredictable.

"Newly educated kids thinking it's their job to cleanse the world, going wild and striking down on everything that moves. Learn to respect your elders kid. You haven't lived long enough to learn what is allowed and what is not"

She pulled out her own badge and held it in her hand for a couple seconds, considering if she should show it or not. She was afraid the kid might recognize her name, it'd be a real pain. It didn't happen all too often, though occasionally, it did. It was normally a big pain, and hardly ever anything to be happy over. However, she decided it was probably for the best.

She gripped the kid on one of his shoulders to stop him before walking up in front of him. It was almost annoying how much shorter he appeared than her. While she guessed he stood around 5'5 feet, she stood 5'9 while wearing the high-heeled shoes. It was normally just fun, but right now, it was only a pain.

"Also, you should learn to pick your friends and enemies. Considering that the only local high school nearby is Fujisaki, it'd be a pain if one of your teacher ended up disliking you from day one" She smiled a little before putting aside the badge and starting to walk again, past the boy. She held up one hand and gave him a light wave with her back towards him. "Also, I don't think there's any school today. Have a safe trip home, try to not kill every rock you see"

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#, as written by Robbhus

The boy wasn't even objecting. He wasn't saying anything. Was he left speechless because she actually had a mature side and knew how to do more than just bitching? Regardless, she wasn't going to hang out there like he needed to answer before she could actually move. Oh well, he could be rude if he wanted, but it would eventually give him trouble. Her troubles with her own mother was related to rudeness, so she knew fairly well what she was talking about.

Back on the street it was then, back to all the stressed business-men unaware of all the bad spirits following them to mess up their work. It was an interesting view, watching the people walk like they knew nothing, while the main street was so full of youmu that it was ridiculous. Regardless though, there were those that were just neutral, showing themselves in human skin and helping humans that needed it, even if it meant getting coffee all over themselves or to cause misfortune for the human while doing so. Kind of like Ignis, despite that he was only helping her, and that he was more like a tool or weapon than an actual partner, unlike Hideki who apparently loved pushing on her to make her work.

A convenience store. How convenient, she had thrown away the ice cream stick and once again needed something between her lips. She entered the store and found herself a lighter and another 20-pack quite quickly. The teacher job paid out well so she could easily afford a pack or two per week if she wanted/needed it. After paying, she left and quickly lit the cigarette she had already, throwing the now empty pack in the trash.

Why couldn't anything exiting happen? A very dangerous youmu that had to be dealt with, a store robbery or anything that could be considered as amusing. Despite her hate for work, a high-level would have been quite amusing standing up against. Though, there were plenty of other spirit warriors in the city, most of them would probably react faster than her unless Hideki somehow found out before everybody else and threw her on the case, something that wasn't entirely impossible as he was quite good at being the first person over her shoulder. Quite annoying really, but if it was something major, she'd be thankful, very thankful. She'd might even treat the kid dinner, not that it was unlikely to occur regardless as she was the one sitting with all the humanly provided money, though she gave most of the money she received as a spirit warrior to him, though she kept a bit if it was big money in action. Anything under 25 000 yen normally went to him though.

Upon returning to the street, people appeared to walk in a small circle around her. Most likely because they recognized the smoke smell and didn't want it on their clothes, despite how low the chance was. As she walked past it, two of her male students, both class 3B she thought, were sitting on a bench talking. They gave her a light wave and she waved back, though she didn't stop by to talk, she wasn't really that desperate for people to talk to. Work was one life, spare time was another. That was what her mother told her whatever, it wasn't some rule she lived by like she was hypnotized.