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Tobikuma Fukushima

{Major WIP}

0 · 733 views · located in Fujisaki Highschool

a character in “Among The Living”, as played by Leej10100




I truly have no desire to be an exorcist. Though the pay isn't bad, I just find no enjoyment out of it. So why am I doing it?'s actually really simple, there is a Youmu I want to find. What will I do when I find it? ...The same thing...the same thing they did to my parents, I'm going to cut off its head.


✝ Name ✝
Tobikuma Fukushima

✝ Nickname(s) ✝
Tobi || Kuma || Fuku

✝ Alias ✝
Black Hound || This name was given to Tobi in the beginning as an insult by the older members who use to be part of Moumoku. Due to the fact that he only acted loyal and friendly toward certain members, but to others he wouldn't even give them the time of day. But unexpectedly this name caught on with Tobi and he took a liking to it, so as he grew up in the organization he made this name into something to be feared. Black Hound is the one who creates the Wanted List for all Youmus', and no matter what the circumstances are or were, he will hunt you down and exterminate you without hesitation.

✝ Role ✝
Exorcist No. 2

✝ Age ✝

✝ Gender ✝

✝ Sexuality ✝

✝ Romantic Interest ✝
No One.

✝ Side ✝
Neutral || Tobi is a person who does nothing without gaining something in return, and the same thing goes for his like or dislike of Youmu. It isn't like he hates all of them, but it is more along the lines of: If I get something from it, then I will do it. This isn't to say that Tobi doesn't have a heart, because he does, and he understands that not all Youmu are bad. Besides there is only one Youmu in this whole world that Tobi has a burning hatred for, and that Youmu is the reason he joined Moumoku in the first place.

✝ Roles in Moumoku ✝
Tobi is the one who creates the Wanted List, deciding which Youmus' need to be dealt with and which ones don't need to be bothered. Of course everyone who knows Tobi, understands that he wouldn't just do this kind of job without gaining something...

✝ Face Claim ✝
Kuroh Yatogami || K Project

Image✝ Height ✝

✝ Hair Color ✝
His Hair color depends solely on the lighting. One minute it could be Dark Blue, than the next Black, but more often than not his hair appears blue.

✝ Eye Color ✝
Once again, depends solely on the lightening. His natural eye color being Grey at times changes to sky blue.

✝ Skin Tone ✝
Fair being close to pale

✝ Build/Appearance/Preferred Clothing ✝
Tobi is a tall, young man with a nice solid build, nothing to fancy, though it isn't to be taken lightly. He has long black hair that seems to change, depending on the lighting, to a dark blue color. His hair is always tied into a ponytail and his bangs are swept away from his face, as he doesn't want his hair to get in the way of his work. He has grey eyes that also change, depending on the lighting, to a beautiful sky blue. Tobi stands around 6'1 a height which he believes is appropriate for him, as if he was a little shorter or a little taller it would be a hindrance to him. Tobi has fair skin so light that it is close to pale. He hides unsightly scars under his clothing that he received from countless exorcist missions. One scar goes along the back of his spine, all the way from the bottom of the back of his neck to the bottom of his waist. He acquired this lovely mark, while protecting his little sister from a Youmu. Tobi's style of clothing rarely varies. He mostly wears a long, black jacket with gold trimmings, opened with an upturned collar and rolled-up sleeves, a long-sleeved white shirt underneath, straightened with an unorganized blue necktie. Below, he wears black pants and white shoes, and he carries his sword beside his waist.

✝ Abilities/Weapons ✝
✝Kotowari || Tobikuma carries Kotowari with him at all times. Kotowari is a katana sword, it has a black tsuka ito weave with an ornate silver same under the cord, and a bronze kashira. It has a black tsuba with a normal steel blade; the scabbard is dark blue and has a bronze tip that matches the kashira. It was formerly owned by his Father, but once he was killed, it was given to Tobi. Kotowari isn't just a regular katana, it is also a special and very powerful exorcist weapon. Once activated a blue aura surrounds the sword and the owner, signaling that the sword has "awaken". When "awaken" it becomes a seeking killer, which hunts down Youmus to subdue. But even though this weapon is powerful, it is very dangerous, because to work the sword must draw energy from the user. If used for to long the user can pass out or die because of how much energy the sword takes from them.

✝ Personality ✝
Tobi is a very composed individual, reacting calmly even in dangerous or extreme situations. He retains this trait even when in the midst of a battle. Though this doesn't mean he isn't able to lose his temper, usually giving off a threatening aura when upset. And because of that same nature, others often tend to find him to be intimidating if not cold. Additionally, he is quite intelligent and knowledgeable of the people or things around him. Tobi tends to have a high amount of information on specific people's backgrounds and has been remarked for doing "shady" business with various associates, which is a primary attribute to his extensive knowledge of the matter. He normally won't do anything that doesn't have any benefit for him, usually this mindset guides his way of life. He is a very matured person in several aspects, especially personality, Tobi does tend to overreact when his sister is involved, showing his extreme care and dedication for her. Overall Tobi is just a over protective Big brother, who is on a mission to rid his life of a certain Youmu.

✝ Likes ✝

✝ Dislikes ✝

✝ Talents ✝

✝ Flaws ✝

✝ Fears ✝
β˜’Losing His Sister





So begins...

Tobikuma Fukushima's Story

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"How do you feel about your next solo coming up, Miss Dark?"

"What words do you have for the fans?"

"What is going on in your personal life at the moment?"

"Sorry~ But I have to go now!" Aya said, in her usual stereotypical voice that she pictured a flawless model would act like. She waved her hand and blew a little kiss off her hand towards the cameramen and woman before quickly hurrying inside her apartment, smiling and waving as she closed the windows.

After all that passed though, Aya locked the door and slid onto the ground, immediately taking off the annoying heels she wore and unzipping the tight and weird looking dress she had to walk around in, 'Being famous is a pain... I didn't ask for the attention...' She sighed to herself, still hearing the group of people outside.

A minute later when she finally realized she was inside her apartment, she saw one of the pillows being ripped apart by the smaller Youmu who lived in her house. They weren't very big, being the size of her palm or smaller. She stared at them while the three stared back at her, as if stunned that they were caught, even though their 'hiding spot' was in the center of the room.

'Again...' Aya let out a growling noise from under her breath as she made imitating expressions and actions towards the three, most likely threatening them since it was their fourth time tearing apart her apartment, as always. If there weren't people outside, she probably would have began to yell at them all and chased them before tossing them out the window (knowing that they'd just return in the end, anyways.)

Taking her warnings into consideration, the three Youmu made a run for it, running across the room; one hiding underneath her couch, another headed for her room, and the third one still stuck inside the plush of the pillow. With another exhausting sigh, Aya stood up, getting her back off the wall and her rear off the ground as she walked over to the shredded pillow and plucked the Youmu out of the fluff, as if it were a doll, "You're going into the corner tonight, punk." She smirked before tossing it at the wall, it bouncing off harmlessly like it were rubber and making a giggling noise as it dashed away under the couch as well.

"How was your day...?" A very small and quite voice asked. Aya turned around to see a female Youmu, being around 2 or 3 feet tall, staring right back at her. It was obvious she was roaming through the fridge since it was wide open.

"Do you want to go into the corner too, Yuuki?" Aya asked, growing more frustrated with the Youmu in her house. Yuuki was one of the first Youmu she found living with her, the one who first destroyed her apartment. Currently, the two have been living with each other, besides their love hate for each other, "You know what, never mind. I'm going out."

"Again...?" The little Youmu asked.

"They won't notice if I wear something 'hideous' and go out the back." The blonde haired young woman said, changing out of the ridiculous dress into regular jeans and a shirt, completely contradictory to what she would have to wear as a model.

"Then I'm coming too."

"You're annoying."

"I know." Yuuki seemed to have giggled mischievously, in her own quiet way as Aya opened the window and made her way outside from there while the white haired Youmu followed.


Hideki continued to look around for his partner, Sayuri Ami. While he did have a hate for her, the woman wasn't too bad, despite how lethargic she really was. At the moment, he was allowing other regular humans to find him, not really caring since he, as a Youmu, had a much more human-like appearance and liked to keep it that way. Besides, he was on the look out for that woman, so how was he going to get information? Hideki was definitely not going to ask any other monstrous Youmu, so he relied on humans.

"Excuse me, have you seen this woman anywhere?" He asked, holding up a phone with Sayuri's picture. The man he was talking to shook his head as he continued to walk down the road with his children, Hideki cursing quietly to himself while he continued to ask around.

Well, he did that for a while, but found it useless since no one seemed to have known where she was. This obviously got on Hideki's nerves, but things did brighten up after a little bit since he saw a wanted Youmu for the Moumoku. It was a small one, but wanted, nonetheless, and that's what counted.

It was a small one, blending in to look like a plant, but in Hideki's eyes, it couldn't hide. An advantage of his was his ability to scan the area- being able to find any breathing or living creature, especially Youmu, within a half a mile's radius. While using this ability, he found other Youmu in the area also, but he had his eyes set on the one trying to hide from him, "Found you." He said with a smirk as he leapt forwards, lowering his hand to grab the leaves sticking out from the leaf Youmu's head.

But his hand slipped and he fell into the planters instead. Many by passers stared at him, wondering if he was alright, but he ignored them. Why should he care? He wasn't human. He was a Youmu, after all.

Then the chase began; Hideki sprinted after the little dashing plant which other humans (without Sight) could see and reached his hand out to catch it. But it was way too fast for his legs to work, even if he was a Youmu. Hideki specialized in technology, but not running, "Dammit... Where's that woman when I need her!" He grumbled, more people staring at him as he sped up to catch the speedy plant Youmu.