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Antonius Crassinus

Let the games begin!

0 · 347 views · located in Ancient Rome

a character in “Amphitheatrum Flavium”, as played by Lady of the Sycamore


Antonius Crassinus
*Gender: Male
*Age: 47
*Position/Occupation: Master of Gladiatorial Games
*Nationality: Roman
*Significant Other: None
*History: His parents were noblemen, then he grew up and trained to be a gladiator. He never died, and so when he became older he took over the position of Master of the Gladiatorial Games, where he plans and organizes all entertainment in the Colosseum.
*Likes: His job, watching the Gladiatorial games, wine, showing off for the Emperor, money
*Dislikes: disobedient slaves, gladiators who want to do things their own way, the Emperor (though he tries to always stay in his favor)
*Preferred way to kill someone: Put them in the arena with a group of lions
*Other: None

So begins...

Antonius Crassinus's Story


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Antonius sat upon his raised chair on the balcony that overlooked the arena. He watched as his gladiators trained in the sand, their swords and spears clanging against shields and armor. Tonight would be a fairly good evening of entertainment. He had sent one of his men to go and fetch a fresh batch of slaves, and the new conquest of some villages in Egypt meant that there would be a decent stock coming in. Not that he expected the slaves to last very long in the arena, but the people always loved it if the slaves gave a good fight. Antonius got up from his chair and walked down to one of the holding cells for the slaves underneath the arena. Right on time, the man he had sent was just arriving with a half a dozen slaves from the market. He looked at them approvingly, until he noticed that one of them was female, something that they rarely used in the arena. She was very beautiful, and he asked his man why he chose her.
"She may seem tame, but she almost teared me to pieces when I got within a few feet of her. She's got spirit, this one.", said the man. Antonius nodded in understanding, and he watched as the man locked the slaves up. He then went back up to his seat, and knew that the crowd would be very pleased indeed. Some of them may protest about the woman, but blood was blood, no matter male or female. He might even let this one be permitted a sword, just to give her an advantage. He smiled as he thought about tonight's games. As always, he knew that he would enjoy himself. Many say that the Colosseum is the heart of the Roman Empire, and he was proud to be called its keeper.


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As the gladiator charged, Kissa stepped to the side and slashed at him. She wasn't a born fighter, and had never been trained as such, but she knew how a sword was used. She knew which side to run through the other person, at least. Back in Egypt growing up she had often picked up a staff to duel one of her friends, and so she had gained a few skills. But this was nothing like that. That was fun, a game. Needless to say, this was not. This was life or death, either you win, or you die. And she had to win, no matter what she had to do. She blocked the blow of the gladiator and swung her sword at him, aiming for his head. He knocked her sword away, and she wasn't quite fast enough as she backed away from as he aimed at her stomach. She was able to duck down, but the blade swiped across her left shoulder. She screamed in agony as immense pain shot through her arm, but she could do nothing. She had to stay focused. She dropped onto the ground and aimed toward his exposed calves. She hit her target, and he grunted in pain and fell to his knees. She sprang up from the ground and kicked at his chest as hard as she could. He fell backwards, and she immediately grabbed up his sword and tossed it away. She pinned him down with her foot, her sword inches from his throat. She looked up at the roaring crowd, screaming at her to finish him. She saw a man on a throne grin and give her a thumbs down, which she did not understand. But it did not matter to her what these Romans thought. She had but one choice. She closed her eyes and thrust her sword downward with all of her might. She did not look at the gladiator she had slain, and she did not want to see. A sickening feeling started to rise in her stomach, and she fought to keep from doubling over in discomfort and her arm throbbed in pain. The spectators erupted in applause, and a man came forward to lead her back through the series of mazes into the Colosseum. As she was leaving, the announcer yelled above the crowd.
"People of Rome! I give you a new champion, an exotic beauty from the far away lands of Egypt! She has brought down the mighty Spiculus, and shall now take his place among the gladiators of this noble Colosseum!"
This man that was sent to help Aziza was much nicer than the last one. Perhaps it is because in the few minutes since she walked into the arena, she had changed. She was no longer the person she was then. She was no longer a timid, female slave sent to her death, but she was a victor, and a gladiator. The man fetched a physician to look after her arm, and there he waited with her.