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Marcellus Ponticus

For the good of Rome

0 · 358 views · located in Ancient Rome

a character in “Amphitheatrum Flavium”, as played by Lady of the Sycamore


Marcellus Ponticus
*Gender: Male
*Age: 24
*Position/Occupation: Senator
*Nationality: Roman
*Significant Other: None
*History: He grew up as the son of a nobleman, and then he joined the Senate a year ago in the hope to make a difference in Rome.
*Likes: the few good-hearted Senators, making a difference, helping people, drinking with friends, reading, doing things for the good of Rome
*Dislikes: the cruel Senators, the Gladiatorial games, the Emperor, war
*Preferred way to kill someone: Stab them with a knife, if necessary
*Other: None

So begins...

Marcellus Ponticus's Story


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Character Portrait: Marcellus Ponticus
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Marcellus woke to a small voice, and a light tapping at his shoulder.
"Dominus, it is time for you to be waking." Marcellus opened his eyes to see the smiling, adolescent face of his slave, Felix. Marcellus sat up and yawned. He looked out the window, and was glad to see that it was going to be a pleasant day. He got out from under his blankets and Felix brought him a new set of clothing. He got dressed, splashed some water onto his face from a basin, and then went into him small dining room. He sat down and his cook, Enid, brought him a plate full of fruit and cheese. He ate quickly in silence, and then went out into the city, leaving his small villa in the care of Enid and Felix, as always. He walked slowly through the streets, knowing that he had plenty of time to reach the Senate. He watched as small children played along the side of the of road, and vendors called out to anyone who would lend an ear, or perhaps a coin or two. This was the Rome that he loved, the Rome that he hoped that he could help preserve. The signs of the terrible fire had mostly disappeared, but the memory was still there as if the flames had only engulfed the city yesterday. Marcellus, like everyone else, knew the rumors. He knew who it was who was blamed in whispers for the fire. And personally, Marcellus did not doubt these rumors. He knew what the Emperor was capable of. Marcellus sighed and put these thoughts away in his mind, and went back to enjoying the present happiness in Rome.