Jeremiah Speck

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a character in “Amtora”, as played by BlindXHope


Name: Jeremiah Speck
Gender: Male
Power: Time travel and control of electricity
Height: 6'1''
Age: 16
Appearance: Image
Brief History: There has hardly been a day when he hasn't been chased by others. Be it sore merchants accusing him of stealing or assassins, and anything in between. He ran away from home when he was 7 so he wouldn't burden his parents so much. By himself he found that he had powers. He could time travel short distances, but has once gone back a month with much effort. Also he can control electricity, which might explain why he's so good with technology. To get some extra change he fixes devices, such as computers, and phones. Jeremiah is also pretty good with a sword, since his father taught him when he was little, and he has been practicing by himself.
Personality: Jeremiah is lay back and usually easy to get along with, unless he thinks that you are a fake. He is a very determined person and if he starts something he finishes with no intentions of giving up. He refuses to talk about his past and can have a temper if you bother him about it too much, or if you bother him about anything too much.
Extra: He has a scar in his right shoulder because he accidentally hurt himself with electricity that was meant to hurt assassins.

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