"Just try and stop me."

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a character in “Amtora”, as played by BlindXHope


Name: "Talya. Last name? Not important, and don't remember."

Gender: "Female

Power: "I'll only tell you because you're also one. I can control water at will, it's the only one I'm actually kind of good at. I can also heal and hurt people if I touch them. But it takes a lot out of me."

Height: "I'm 4'11''. That's a little short but who cares."

Age: "Now that I know, I think... Anyways I'm 15."

Appearance: Image

Brief History: Many magic holders have tragic lives, Talya is not an exception. When she was only three years old her parents were taken to be killed. Luckily when they came she was hiding. Through some miracle she found an old lady and she raised Talya until she was nine. That was when the old lady died. She was a magic holder too, so she taught Talya a few tricks. She waited a while before she left the comfort of the home of the person whom she grew to love. When she was ten she decided it was time, and ever since then has been traveling. She kept moving, not getting attached to anything or anyone.

Personality: Talya is reserved and puts walls in front of herself as to not get hurt. But if you somehow manage to tear them down, you will see that she's a really nice girl with a warm smile. Though she can get serious, that's actually how she usually. She's a hard working person that puts her whole self into one thing, and works at it until the job is done. Although she too, can just be a lay back person.

Extra: "Whenever I use my powers my eyes change from black to blue."

So begins...

Talya's Story