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Judith Aelfwynn

"It is easier to build strong children than to rebuild broken men."

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a character in “An Age Old Feud”, originally authored by Kiyokojordie, as played by RolePlayGateway


Captain Judith Aelfwynn



Face Claim: Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth: The Golden Age)

Title/Rank: Captain of the Guard of Sliabh

Kingdom: Sliabh

Full Name: Judith Daughter of Aelfwynn II

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Appearance: Judith is a strong looking woman with a lot of muscle and flexibility, she is of medium height, about 5'6, and looks of Irish descent. Her body isn't very feminine, built for war and made up of mainly bones and strength, but her ankles and wrists are small and delicate making up for her lack of womanly features. She has long strawberry blonde hair that falls to her waist, she often leaves it tied up in a traditional manner. Her eyes are the color of hazel, an unusual color for one of her fairness and genetics. Her face is hard full of lines from the stress of the battlefield but she takes no notice. The only single thing that she cares for in her appearance is her hair, refusing to get it cut even though she is the Captain.

Personality: Judith Aelfwynn is a fierce, hard woman, both in appearance and personality. Many claim that she was never a girl to begin with, always a woman, even as a child but this, of course, is not true. This woman is very serious, hardly smiling or joking, perhaps a bit arrogant and sarcastic towards others but never realizes it or cares, she seems to have a constant cloudy aura around her and this can be frightening for others at times. Judith does not try to be this way, but it was how she was raised to be and frankly, she doesn't care what others believe of her. She is disciplined. always has been and always will be, not used to care free or love surrounding her, it would not be a surprise if she were born on the battlefield.

Judith is blunt and subtle when she speaks towards everyone but her king and, even then, does not talk much and gets straight to the point. She hates people who talk too much or don't give a clear path that she can follow. Her thoughts are constantly occupied by certain things that she does not wish to speak to others about, she refuses to let anyone have an emotional advantage over her in any way possible. Because of this, nobody really knows much, if anything, about her, so many form their opinions on made up rumors that circulate about. She finds these rumors rather amusing though, sometimes adding on more to the rumors that spread and make a fool out of those who believe so. Judith is not hateful but rather, strict and silent, she is dignified and honorable, always willing to give the enemy a chance and will not start a fight unless a fight has arrived at her doorstep.

There is a softer side of Judith that almost nobody has ever seen. While on the outside she is as hard as a steel wall, on the inside there is only water, a small fragile pond that she never lets leak from her inside. She can be kind to those who need help, so she is not selfish and would give her body to be tortured and killed for her king. An honorable person, she believes in fair play and will always give a fair fight to her opponent, even when she loses she will take it in her stride and strive to be better. Most of the time she looks much older than she is, due to her serious face that has been dealing with war for her whole life, but when she smiles she is beautiful and young looking, though this never happens much.

She fears the loss of her younger sister, always protecting and caring for her even though they are not a rich family, wishing only for a better more fulfilling life for the young girl, a life that Judith never got to have. She hates it when people know too much about her feelings and her history, always cautious that people will use it to their advantage. Judith is very used to abuse and hardship due to her being a woman in a knight position, not gaining very much respect other from those that she leads, other knights, as she is a good, fair and dignified leader. The abuse is what makes her stronger and more determined to be her best on the battlefield.

+ Battle/Fighting/Sparring
+ Praise
+ History/Learning
+ Her younger sister
+ Markets
+ Music

+ Boastful people
+ Drinking
+ Insults towards her position as a female in a males role
+ Arrogance/Ignorance
+ Death

Love Interest: None

Judith grew up to be a swordsman. She learned the feeling of pain at a very young age, of defeat and victory, of honor and sacrifice. She fought in battles and trained with adults when she had only turned of age, her father determined that she would serve as a male due to him not having any sons to be proud of. Judith never knew her mother, she was never taught compassion or care, only that you had to be as good as you could fight to be respected by other people, her father trained her and made her make her own bread to eat. She hated him for it; all of the hard work, the low morale and scars of defeat. Her mother died giving birth to her younger sister Alexandria and her father never recovered, cursing Judith and Alexandria for not being sons, for not being good enough. She despised him.

She had no other family, no siblings or uncles or aunts. He tried to make Alexandria into a soldier, hurting her when she could not even lift a blade, they were poor and she was weak, gaining more of her mothers body than her fathers, unlike Judith. Alexandria attempted to hide what he was doing to her, wanting to become like her older sister, to deal with the same stress she had and gain the same scars, not wanting to scare Judith. When Judith found out though, she was furious. At only the age of 20 she battled her father out of rage and won, but she did not kill him and instead left him to mourn in his own self pity for the rest of his life. He never touched Alexandria or Judith again and instead lives in a small house in the middle of town, hardly speaking and rather lost in his own world.

After that she showed her skill and strength in battle and raised to the very top of sword fighting and wits, beating the strong men that she looked up to when she was a girl. She was accounted Captain of the Guards 5 years ago and honored the title with the strength of her hardships, swearing an oath to protect the royal family, the king and her fellow comrades.
Now, Judith teaches other soldiers in the art of fencing, a tough teacher but good, unlike her father. She isn't easy and many men get humiliated because of her but a lot of knights value her skill and keep coming back to learn new techniques.

Other: N/A


So begins...

Judith Aelfwynn's Story

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Ladislaus smiled gently as they walked out of the throne room, what more could he ask for right now? He had a beautiful guild in a strange place, a daughter who knew how to play by herself; yes everything seemed to be going grand for him at the moment. That is until he saw Josslyn standing in the entrance way. He had hoped his Queen would for once do as he asked and stay in Sliabh, after all the treaty wasn’t active yet and anything could happen to the woman.

“Josslyn?” he questioned not bothering to use her full title on his own wife. “What are you doing here?” He said then quickly remembered himself, and introduced Lady Gweneth.

“Lady Gweneth, may I introduce my wife Queen Josslyn.” He said wife with a small grunt like smile on his face. “Josslyn, this is Lady Gweneth Fitzgerald.”

“Now the question stands, why have you come here?” He asked his face still dumbfounded, at the thought that she rode all the way from Sliabh, with only her handmaiden as protection. A Bandit could have easily snatched them of the road, not that Ladislaus cared much for his wife, but still he had to hold some loyalty to her.

“Please tell me you at least have the company of Judith with you?” he asked referring to the captain of the guard who he hoped would materialize with his wife.