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Queen Josslyn of Slaibh

"Listen and learn, you may understand something."

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a character in “An Age Old Feud”, as played by Adantas


Queen Josslyn of Sliabh



Face Claim: Lea Seydeux

Title/Rank: Queen

Kingdom: Sliabh

Full Name:Josslyn Rose Bennet

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Gentle Josslyn. Delicate and pretty as an angel. With petite, sweet curves that aren't voluptuous but give her a lovely shape. She might barely reach 5'5 but that height suits her perfectly. Framing her heart shaped face, flaxen hair falls in gentle waves. Almond shaped eyes look up from under thick eyelashes and past a small pointy nose. Defined lips that gently curve upwards into a secretive smile. Josslyn is by no means strong, her body structure was made for loving not fighting and never in her life has she raised any sort of weapon. What she lacks in strength she makes up for in swiftness. In her youth she was often running around in the forest which gave her lean, if barely, muscles.

Personality:It is hard to know what Josslyn is really like when she keeps to herself and is, well, the Queen and all. Rarely people talk to her like another human being so who is to say what her personality is like. In court and public appearances she is quiet and composed, speaking as little as possible. She is perfectly polite and while she follows her husbands orders she would not be termed obedient. Josslyn has an interesting presence, even though she doesn't contribute no-one can say that she is invisible, that no-one notices her. Her words are always chosen careful and given with a powerful, yet serene voice. Outwardly she portrays the elusive and almost divine figure that would be expected of a Queen, but would never usurper her husband. She is simply the balance.

In private she wouldn't be considered the opposite but the charade of Queen is put away. She is a little more unsure of herself because this is the real her and the people she shows are close and can judge her. Her deepest fear is that no-one would want her actual self, only the confident Queen. However, even then she never lets this fear known to anyone. In a brighter mood the distant smile that she shows in court is replaced by a cheerful grin, even though many people don't see it.

In many ways Josslyn is perfectly neutral, she would never imagine being cruel but never could she be the whole heartedly, loving soul. Not to say that she doesn't have the capacity to show love she simply isn't able to understand how woman can get so... mushy. She treasures balanced and serene moments, holding them close so that anytime she feels any sort of wavering emotions she can remain calm. Because of this she has an extremely open mind and is able to view all sides of the story, giving everyone a chance. She doesn't judge. She fears judgement so in her mind she refuses to judge anyone.

Maybe it is her curiosity that is the downfall to her otherwise equal self. She has this interesting drive that makes her want to seek knowledge from anything, that is why literature is so important to her, it is a failsafe way that she can gain a wealth of interesting concepts and ideas, if the court does not provide it. If there is something of interest in the court she absorbs this knowledge and retains it in hopes of using it to gain some form of opportunity. She isn't ambitious in the conventional sense, she simply likes using her knowledge to procure opportunities not just for herself but for others to see the outcomes.

*Horse riding

*Confinement (There is a difference between choosing being alone and to then forced)

Love Interest: At this current point Josslyn is uncertain. She feels attracted to her sweet Hand-Maiden Elisa, but recently she has been having an affair with one of the gardeners.
She tolerates her husband but she could never love him.

History:Josslyn's history is one that she herself hardly recalls. Her childhood is long forgotten, replaced with a sense of unknown. From the years that she can remember, she lived with a wealthy family, an elderly couple who treated her like their own child. They never told her how she came to be with them but in a way she wasn't terribly troubled by it. Because of her adoptive parents stature she was able to attend balls with them and so she had gained quite a knowledgeable base in terms of the politics of court. Because of her beauty she was sort after and while she had taken a few lovers there was something missing. As it so happened the young king was looking for a bride and with the help of her parents wealth and political strength she was able to procure a standing where she was a good option as a wife. She herself doesn't fully understand the reason why she so duly wished to become Queen to a man she cannot understand, but it seemed fitting. She is smart and has a quick head on her shoulders. It just seemed logical to her. She managed to allure Ladislaus and in the end her chose her. But he was far from interested and that suited her fine. She was soon discovering alternative options to just the male sex and while it still seemed different she was finding that there were woman who were so much more intriguing then she could have ever imagined.


So begins...

Queen Josslyn of Slaibh's Story

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Ladislaus smiled gently as they walked out of the throne room, what more could he ask for right now? He had a beautiful guild in a strange place, a daughter who knew how to play by herself; yes everything seemed to be going grand for him at the moment. That is until he saw Josslyn standing in the entrance way. He had hoped his Queen would for once do as he asked and stay in Sliabh, after all the treaty wasn’t active yet and anything could happen to the woman.

“Josslyn?” he questioned not bothering to use her full title on his own wife. “What are you doing here?” He said then quickly remembered himself, and introduced Lady Gweneth.

“Lady Gweneth, may I introduce my wife Queen Josslyn.” He said wife with a small grunt like smile on his face. “Josslyn, this is Lady Gweneth Fitzgerald.”

“Now the question stands, why have you come here?” He asked his face still dumbfounded, at the thought that she rode all the way from Sliabh, with only her handmaiden as protection. A Bandit could have easily snatched them of the road, not that Ladislaus cared much for his wife, but still he had to hold some loyalty to her.

“Please tell me you at least have the company of Judith with you?” he asked referring to the captain of the guard who he hoped would materialize with his wife.

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King Ladislaud of Sliabh

Ladislaus looked upong his wife's face as she spoke, he certainly did remember the conversation they had had before leaving Sliabh but he would hardly call the argument a civil conversation between man and wife. (Or perhapes that is the best way to put such a delicate topic.) As he recalls he had sugested to his queen she remain in Sliabh untill he sent for her, when they had a more sound date for the wedding. Of course he knew better then to asume Josslyn wouldn't follow them here, I wounder is she is upset we left without her he poundered as he suddenly realized Lady Gweneth's hand was no longer clutched to his arms.

"Well my dear" he said with a great strain on the word 'dear', "Lady Gweneth was just about to show me the ground, I trust you are far too tired from your journey to acompany us?"

He half hoped his wife was able to accompany them, for her still wasn't entirely sure this peace treaty would last for long and King Charles was just looking for the ideal time to stick a knife down his thorugh.

"I do know how much you enjoy ridding." he added, that was about the vast of his knowledge about his wife, but it was enough for any man he suposed.

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#, as written by Adantas
Josslyn knew they had differences, she knew that she could never love him and vice versa but must he really be so unprofessional and show that? He could at least be a bit more civil when speaking to her with outside company. Even Lady Gweneth was more polite than her husband. Regardless, she kept a neutral smile on her lips and nodded respectfully at the Lady, showing she acknowledged her.

Her dear husband was now inquiring if she intended to accompany them on a horse ride. She hadn't been on a ride for a while and in all honesty she missed the freedom and the naturalness that is the wild. Josslyn would never miss an opportunity such as that, especially after being cooped up in the jerky carriage.

"I would love to accompany both you and Lady Gweneth, that is of course that the Lady doesn't mind?" As Queen she had every right to come along, regardless of what the Lady wanted or not, but it seemed that she was a woman of influence and getting on her good side seemed like the right idea.

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Ladislaus looked from Josslyn to Gweneth silently hoping, nay begging that the lady would refuse his wife’s company. He knew it wasn’t proper to do so, but one cannot hide their true wishes too well in this world. However it would seem her ladyship did not reject his queen, the noble choice by far and an elegant execution to boot. It was an excellent quality in a woman he had to admit, and one that he respected a woman for, and yet the thought of not being able to flirt with such a delicate young creature made the smile he held so perfecting transform into a frown.

“Well then let’s not waste any time!” he exclaimed and offered his arm to Lady Gweneth once more, then remembering his wife extended his left arm to her without thinking of any social educate. The thought of two women despite his feelings of the one, on either of his arms put a smile on his face.

Matilda sat in the courtyard with daisies in her hair and lilies in her hands. She was making a flower wreath for her father. She loved her father dearly, yet she was still too young to understand the circumstances of her birth. From the day she could talk she referred to The Queen as mother, even if she was later scolded for it afterword’s. She was only six after all; she didn’t understand the concept of “bustards” yet along were babies come from. She still had the fantasy of a stork brining babies to their parents as infants. One day, she thinks she will be Queen of Sliabh, but the very definition of a “Queen” is ageist her on that.

((Medieval Definition of Queen: The wife of a King.))

((OOC: Just so you know I’m going to be away for a few days, coming back Tuesday!))