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An Alternate universe

An Alternate universe


A group of Nomads help whoever they can in the Alternate Universe

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An Alternate Universe
This story, just like those told to a child, starts with once upon a time.

Once upon a time everything was perfect. Well, truly, it wasn't perfect, because nothing truly is, but this place was a close to perfection as you can get. The humans got along with all the other creatures who used to live in our realm, and people were generally happy (of course other than the teenagers, they're angsty anywhere)(that was suppose to be a joke). But like I said, nothing is truly perfect, and in this perfect little world there were people who weren't perfect. They had different views, they thought what they were doing was right, because that's what they believed, but let me be the first one to say they were wrong. Their beliefs were wrong, their views were wrong, and as tolerable the people of that time were, the people with these odd beliefs got to them in the worst way possible. They were known as the "man collection". These people believed that anyone who wasn't human was a monster, that they were the worst kind of people and deserved to be slaughtered. and that's what the people did. the belief spread, and soon the humans turned on the "foul beasts" the "creatures". Non-humans knew they had to leave, knew that staying there meant death. So they left. they did the reasonable thing, and they left.
When they left they created the Alternate Universe, usually just called the AU. Now, 2000 years later (2011 to be exact) its grown into a whole world, where people have settled down and the Man universe has just about forgotten about them. There are of course the stories, the myths, the occasional AU being thrown into the Man universe (MU for short) but for the most part humans have forgotten the AU beings. The AU itself has turned into a beautiful place, ranging from futuristic cities with technology years ahead of human's, to renaissance like towns. In the AU there are all kinds of people, all kinds of beings. non humans. They all exist there and they almost all get along. Some people settle down, others are Nomads.

1. We'll be focusing on one group of nomads (no, they don't have a name like a gang or something). They're, for the most part, good people and have come from all walks of life. I doubt we'll reach the maximum, but IF it happens, I only want ten people, doesn't matter if there are more boys or more girls.
2. No humans, this is a supernatural RP, and there could be any kind of supernatural being.
3. Here's a list (not a list) of some I thought of and that I generally think keep off the mainstream or are interesting (that's a lie, there are vampires on there, I just think these are the ones more people would know): Centaurs, Dryads, Gargoyles, Giants, Merfolk, kitsune, changelings, Leshy, Berserker, Acephali, Satyrs, Banshee, Bigfoot, Cyclopes, Demons, Ellerwoman, Ghosts, Ghouls, Leprechauns, Lotophagi, Minotaurs, Naiads, Nereids, Pegasus, pixies/faeries, Sileni, Troglodytes, Vampires, werewolves, zombies, animagus, warlocks/wizards, demigods, elementals (earth, water, wind, fire).
4. lets have as little vampires and werewolves as possible. okay? I get that they are actually pretty interesting, but there's no oddly huge vampire population in the AU.
5. this is actually off of a story I wrote a while back, it's not anywhere on the internet, but I already have somethings thought out like diets (most people are vegetarians because beef offends minotaurs and pork offend sorceresses because of Circe's story, they think of her as a bad guy usually) and the currency, which will be mentioned below.
6. There are only three different types of coins and no paper money. most of everything is bartering, but when coins are needed they use gold silver or bronze pieces. Gold pieces have a picture of a crown on them, being that some of the of the places in the AU are still ruled by kings. Silver pieces have an actual working clock on them, representing technology advances. copper pieces have two wings on them, one demonic, the other angelic and show pride that AU being aren't humans.
7. I really actually don't care about cussing, usually its part of the character, and adds depth to them (yeah whatever). But I do care about how much romance is put in. I get there will probably be relationships forming quickly, but nothing to graphic.
8. below in the list of roles those are only the ones that have been taken and you can also join.
9. There are five lands in the AU, Forges, Aeneasium, Dor, Vicente and Pozmekov. Inside Forges there are the kingdoms of Ereburn and Fazan. Inside Aeneasiu there's Key, Mars, Drawson, Boronic, Donell and Plozic. Inside dor is Marigol, Dayan, and Callagn. Inside Vicente is low and dizantium and inside pozmekov is Maier, Hendry and Gazuhrus. You're not required to know this, but it's good to know where everything is. plus the city of West Falls is one I want to mention, one of the biggest cities of Marigold (in Dor)

Crossedtheuniverse- Arden

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about the intro: I know it's sort of odd, the whole "their beliefs are wrong" thing, but I wanted to add that to make this a bit more interesting to my perspective. I think that the General person thinks that other peoples beliefs are different, not wrong. And I'm like this. but when it comes to genocide then I would be the first person to say that they're wrong.

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Re: [OOC] An Alternate universe

Looks like you go a good set up here. I'd like to join up as an air elemental if that is okay.

Re: [OOC] An Alternate universe

I would like to join as Dryad if I could. :)

Re: [OOC] An Alternate universe

I think I'll join this, but I'd like to see what other people submit first and work on my own toon later when I have anough time to put though into him/her.

Edit: I didn't realize this thread was over a month old, and I feel like an ass for digging it up >> Sorry. If you're still interested in doing it, then my above statement still stands. If not, we can pretend this never happened.

Re: [OOC] An Alternate universe

I'll join....can I be a Seiren?I think i spelled that wrong...all well.

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