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Ryan Taylor

The manipulative stud

0 · 114 views · located in The USA

a character in “An American Road Trip”, as played by Intaru


Name: Ryan Taylor
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight

Height: 5'10
Weight: 165 pounds
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown


What's Truly Behind That Smile?
Ryan even feels the need to have a job that he can tie having fun and socialising into, so he works part time in a bar. He also volunteers down at the Willow parks old folks home, and although he would have you think he does this out of his "sweet nature" if you were a girl, he originally started helping out down there to give his college application extra credit, and only stuck with the job because he is closing in on a particularly attractive granddaughter of one of the patients, who Ryan has now rotated his shifts around.
Ryan is motivated by his need to always be having fun, or at least seem like he is having fun, or at least never doing anything serious unless it is because of some ploy to get a girl. He is aiming to finalise his application to college on a soccer scholarship to ensure that he manages to achieve exactly what his father failed to, and become a sports star. He also very much hopes to do this for the obvious other reasons; money, girls and the appreciation from ‘the guys’ this will bring. He always has a six pack of beers in his fridge so that when one of his ‘boys’ swings by his place, he can sip a cold one with them. He always carries a condom in his inner pocket for good luck and because he is known to normally leave the party with a girl by the end of the night.
He always touches the back of his neck when he feels uncomfortable, and he tends to feel uncomfortable around academic people because he doesn’t like to be drawn into intellectual discussion despite the fact he is smart. He prefers people thinking he’s just all about the fun and good times. He is definitely not sparing when it comes to giving hi-5s.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane:
Although Ryan now shoots guns in his backyard with his father Ben Taylor, his mother Sarah Taylor would have been very against that, as she is against anything remotely related to violence. Sarah once a college lecturer now works for the peace corp. When he was Ryan’s age, Ben was a varsity football player, which was most likely the only reason Sarah went for him in the first place. When Ben Taylor received his scholarship, the success went quickly to his head and all he did with his time in college was drink and party. After marrying Sarah and finding out she was pregnant with Ryan, Ben was over the moon. Thinking the world was his oyster and that he now had the perfect life, Ben stopped fighting for his dream and paused to celebrate, but for far too long. By the end of college he was too out of shape to join a professional team, and handled this bad news by getting drunk upon finding out that he hadn’t made the cut, rather than fighting to get back into shape and fulfil his dream he carried on drinking.
Despite the downward spiral Ryan’s father had fallen in to, Ryan was still able to be well supported growing up because his highly intelligent mother Sarah was fast tracked through the application process to return to her Ivy League college as a lecturer for wildlife biology. When Ryan was 4 she joined the peace corp and moved to a country called Tonga where there was a huge lack of teachers and lecturers, which was crippling the chances of the developing countries youth at finding employment.
Ryan grew up being told by his father that his mother loved both him and Ryan very much, and that she had only moved away because of her passion for helping and teaching. However on the very rare occasions that she visited them, especially the most recent one which was only 3 months ago, Ryan questioned his mother’s real motivation for leaving. Now that he is older, he speculates that it was more because of her disdain of his borderline alcoholic father, and he definitely does not feel a loving atmosphere when they are around him, even though he knows they try and fake one around him. This further annoys him as it makes him believe they think he is stupid. He also thinks his mother chose to join the peace corp not only to get away from his father, but to make up for the guilt of leaving him, her 4 year old son. This really annoys him as he thinks that is a cop out and he feels unloved because of his mother’s cowardice to confront his father and rejoin the family, even if she tolerated his father solely to be there for Ryan.
This has led him to have a cold view towards love and relationships in general, and he almost always puts up a farce in order to ever avoid talking about “serious stuff”, he wants everything to all be one big joke. He sees love as a pretty pointless temporary illusion, and just wants to get with whoever he can and then leave them shortly after once he is bored of them, regardless of how they feel about him. It should not be mistaken that he is evil in that sense, but very misguided. He doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong to the girl because he doesn’t think they really love him anyway, or that anyone really truly loves anyone for that matter. Even though he played on the football team and captained the soccer team while drinking and partying all the time, which led some of the jealous less noticed guys in his school year to call him a douche bag, he is still very much intelligent which he does attribute to the genes he retained from his mother. He definitely knows how to manipulate girl’s feelings to get them to care about him and think he cares about them.

Being the center of attention
Music. Likes listening to party tunes and rap, especially eminem as he believes he can relate to him. Has a secret apprecation for rock and classical.
Video Games
Performing stupid stunts and pranks, especially if he's dared by a girl
Writing poetry (Although he would be devistated if anyone were to find his secret journal)

Authority figures (Police, Government)
Being around 'in your face' couples
Third wheeling
The idea he might turn out like his father
Being told what to do
Guys who are potential rivals to him over a girl he is after

*4 now lukewarm bottles of beer
*Half full bottle of vodka
*8 GB Ipod nano
*Gameboy colour with Pokemon red still plugged in
*Abercrombie Fierce Aftershave
*3 Pairs of shorts
*5 t-shirts
*2 Smart casual shirts to go clubbing in
*Pair of jeans
*Hgh school football team shirt with his name printed on back
*Pack of 10 condoms
*$500 his mum mailed over for his 18th birthday + $23.67 raided from dad's drink money change
*Fake ID
*Secret journal

Crushing on/in relationship with:
Currently finds it too hard to choose between such pretty companions, wonders how he missed them at school.
(Will edit if that's the direction the story moves in)

So begins...

Ryan Taylor's Story