Valentina Sakharov

"Strange people scare me, but strange animals are my best friends."

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Valentina Sakharov

Description: Valentina is a thin, fragile looking woman. She has silky black hair that falls to the small of her back, often with dark pink and purple ribbons woven into it. Her skin is very pale, and she looks like a standard noblewoman. Generally, she will be wearing long dresses made of black silks, velvets, laces, and satins. While the skirts of her dresses are almost too long to be inconvenient, the necklines are almost scandalously low and quite revealing. All of Valentina's shoes have heels of 2 to 3 inches high. She appears to be slightly younger than she actually is.

Alias: Rose
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 13. December 570 TE
Birthplace: Gweynura
Current Location/Residence: Gweynura
Ethnicity: Irlean
Height: 5'8" without shoes; 5'10" to 5'11" with shoes.
Weight: 121 pounds
Frame/Build: Slender but shapely. She has a relatively large bust and a slender waist aided by the use of corsets. She does have a bit of fat on her stomach and thighs, but it is not visible unless she is wearing particularly tightly fitting clothes.
Hair Color: Black, with purple and pink ribbons woven into it.
Hair Length: Just past her bust in the front, and to the small of her back in the back.
Eye Color: Dark brown. She generally lines her eyes with kohl.
Complexion: Very fair, with near-perfect skin.
Voice Type: Soprano, leaning slightly towards mezzo-soprano. Her voice is very soft and flowing, and she couldn't sound angry or annoyed if she tried. She speaks in a slightly higher pitch when nervous or excited, and when she is singing.

Quirks: She has a tendency to tease and joke around with anyone she is talking to, more so with females than males. Despite having been raised to be utterly subservient, she does have a bit of a rebellious streak in her, and likes to push boundaries to the limit. She is very good at embroidery, but absolutely hates it and would refuse to pick up a needle and threat if her life depended on it.

Political Affiliation: Aristocracy
Social Class: Noble
Occupation: None, really. Her main job is to tend to the house, making sure that the maids are all doing their jobs. She does spend a good deal of time taking care of strays and any injured animals she finds.
Religious Beliefs: Va'abren
Family: Ivan Yakovlev [Father], Annamaria Yakovlev [mother], Matvei Yakovlev [Older Brother], Aleksander Sakharov [Husband].

Personality: Valentina is a quiet woman who generally tries to stay out of the way. She is quite shy around strangers, and will generally be very quiet if she is around someone she doesn't know. Around her friends and people she at least somewhat-knows she is a completely different person. She is a social butterfly, and, much to her husband's disappointment, flirts with anyone who gets near, male and female alike. She is extremely loyal to her husband, however, and all of her flirts are never followed through with.

She has a strong motherly instinct, and cannot bear to see anyone hurt. Despite this, Valentina refuses to have children. This annoys her husband greatly, but he has not yet forced her into anything. Right now, instead of being filled with youngsters, their house is filled with animals. Valentina cares for any and all strays she comes across, and any injured animals. She does not have much medicinal knowledge besides basic herbs and care, so if an animal is severely injured, she will call in a doctor.

Her need to help everything in need has gotten Valentina in trouble more than a few times when she went against her husbands wishes and brought another animal home, or when annoyed owners have shown up at their front door asking why Valentina took their pet dog or cat away because they did not seem to be taking good care of it. Her teasing and flirtations have gotten her slapped for insolence and rudeness more than once.

Strengths: Intelligent, caring, gentle, generous
Weaknesses: Painfully shy among strangers, flirtatious, unable to resist the urge to take care of something,
Hobbies: Cooking, singing, talking to friends and family, caring for animals.
Phobia/Fears: Being forced to have children, strangers, death.

Equipment: A short dagger she keeps tucked into the sash of her dresses.

Biography: Valentina was born to a wealthy noble who gained his power through his skills at diplomacy. Because of this, it was not uncommon for there to be multiple strangers, usually aristocrats and powerful leaders, to show up at their house, requesting her father's help. Some of the strangers had better manners than others, and Valentina quickly learned that she should keep her distance. The more roughly-mannered of the men are the main cause of Valentina's current fear of strangers, and her reluctance to approach anyone new without the company of her husband or friends.

She was raised in comfort, never having to ask for a thing. Her mother raised her to be a good daughter and a good wife, teaching her the proper manners and actions to survive in the society of Gweynura. Part of Valentina was slightly jealous that she wouldn't get to learn to be a diplomat like her brother and father, but the other part of her was incredibly thankful that she wouldn't be forced to socialize with strangers. She was a fast learner when it came to caring for the household, and made her mother proud.

Her childhood and teenage years honestly were not particularly exciting or unusual. She spent the time learning what was reasonable to ask of maids and what was not, as well as how to behave properly in public. This was not particularly difficult for Valentina, considering she would be quiet as a mouse anyways. At times, her mother was almost frustrated with how obedient Valentina was, wishing that she would rebel at least a little bit, that she would act like a normal teenager. But the rest of the time, she was glad that Valentina was willing to learn and that she wasn't being a bother.

Valentina was married off to her husband, Aleksander Sakharov, when she was eighteen. She had no say in the choice of grooms or wedding, but that didn't matter all that much to her. Aleksander was at least fairly attractive, and fairly kind to her, so she was thankful for that. She knew she could have ended up with a much worse guy, and certainly wasn't going to complain. Their wedding was an extravagant one, and Valentina enjoyed it. The only thing she disliked about it was the fact that there were so many people who she didn't know.

For the past few years, Valentina has more or less been just staying out of view from society inside her house. Of course, she's gone outside, and she's invited friends over, but she hasn't actively made any attempts to socialise. Caring for all of her animals is how she spends her time, and, with the amount she has, she rarely has a spare moment. Valentina has been feeling a bit curious about the outside world, and she's been wanting to explore it a bit, but knows that she would be too scared to do so, especially alone. So, inside her house she's been staying.

So begins...

Valentina Sakharov's Story


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"It is a wonderful today, is it not, Valentina?" 

Valentina looked up at her husband from her spot next to him, clinging to his arm as he steered them through the thick crowds on the street. "..It is..." she murmured, her voice barely loud enough the be heard over the steady buzz of voices. It honestly was quite a wonderful day. It was sunny and warm, and the skies were clear and blue.

Pity Valentina couldn't appreciate this out of her struggling to avoid having a mental breakdown. 

The crowds surrounding her and her husband were a nightmare for the shy young woman. The questioning - and occasionally extremely suggestive and dirty - stares at the low neck of the black gown she was wearing did not help. For the umpteenth time this day, Valentina was wondering why she couldn't have worn a more modest gown. This wasn't a particularly suggestive one, at least not in her opinion, but the stares she was getting made her feel like a filthy whore. She clung more tightly to Aleksander's arm, wishing that she could all but disappear. 

Why had she come along with Aleksander to Cre'est? He had given her the option of staying home, knowing how much she hated interacting with people. But, no, she just had to have come along. An unusually adventurous side had surfaced, and she had decided to accompany her husband.

Oh, but why couldn't she have listened to his warning about the amount of people? He had said it would be crowded, but Valentina had not imagined this. Crowded to her had meant ten to fifteen people out at once.

It did not mean people pressing in on her from all sides of the street.

She felt like she was suffocating, like there wasn't enough air to go around.  How were people able to live in cities? The din pressed in around her, filling her ears until all conversation just became a loud buzz, dull but heavy in her ears. 

After what seemed like an eternity had passed, Aleksander pulled her off to the side, into the doorway of a large building. "It's okay, Valentina, we're here." So this was where they were supposed to show up; this was the site of the meeting Aleksander had to go to. It was near the center of the noble's quarters, and the grandeur of the building clearly displayed the wealth and power of the family. Valentina was slightly worried as to what the matter was that was so important they needed a professional diplomat.

Upon entering the building, she and Aleksander were escorted to a large sitting room where four other men already sat. Aleksander gracefully sat down on the couch, Valentina sitting down next to him while attempting to avoid fainting from terror. There had been too much socialising to do today.

The next few hours passed in a blur of boredom. Valentina was not quite sure how much time had passed when Aleksander turned to her. 

"Valentina, would you mind getting some tea for us? Discussions are long and our throats run dry. A servant will be able to show you to the kitchen." Valentina knew well enough from the past that this was just an attempt to get her out of the room so that they could discuss confidential information, so she nodded timidly, rising to her feet. "It should be ready within ten minutes," she murmured, looking at the floor. 

Upon leaving the room, a servant was standing at the door, ready to show her the path to the kitchens. So perhaps it wasn't entirely an effort to get her to leave the room, Valentina thought. Maybe there was some substance behind it after all.

As they walked past the entrance hall, Valentina looked through the windows, noticing how dark it had gotten. Had they really been in the room so long that night had already fallen? 

Making the tea was no difficult task, but Valentina still sat in the kitchen an extra minute, stalling just to give her husband and the men a piece of spare time for discussions. The rush around the kitchen was surprisingly calming. Everything worked like clockwork, with not a single piece of the machine out of place. Valentina almost felt sorry that she had to leave.

Finding her way back to the room, Valentina paused outside the doors as a small tremor shook the floor underneath her. She steadied the tea, and knocked on the door.

Then came the crash.

It felt like the whole house was shaking. In fact, it probably was. Valentina threw open the doors of the room to find a scene of disaster. The room had been destroyed, all surfaces completely shattered. The five men lay in the center of the room, none moving.

The tea came crashing to the floor as Valentina dashed over. "Aleksander? Aleksander?! Are you okay?!" she cried, her face contorting in worry as she kneeled down by the contorted body of her husband. Even without the massive amount of blood he lay in, the angle of his neck gave it away. Her husband was dead.

"Help!" she shrieked. "Anyone, help!" There was a large hole in the wall, a gateway to the street. It seemed that a wall of fire had risen, an orange glow filling the air. Rising to her feet, Valentina dashed out into the chaos on the street. 

"Help! Please! I need a doctor! Please! Someone! Help!" 

The swarming crowds buffeted Valentina from side to side, stepping on her hems, ripping her dress. Kohl streaked down her cheeks, the salt of her tears leaving a stinging sensation behind. "Please... Help..." she choked on her tears, trying to keep from completely melting down. Who had done such a thing? Why?!


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"I was once told a story as a child that a Demon fell in love with an Angel. The story ended with the Demon's soul becoming purified by the Angel's love and the two were able to live together as one... I know it was just a tale of fantasy, a children's bedtime story... but could such a concept truly become a reality?"

The Capitol City of Cre' Est

Linde wandered through the streets for what seemed an eternity, the once vibrant and bustling city rapidly turning into an abandoned and desolate wasteland of rubble and destruction. The Assassins of Roda Ah K'mht had struck hard and fast, and from the looks of things, whatever they set out to accomplish, they had clearly done so. The castle was the only building truly left untouched by the attack, but even its walls had suffered some minor damage from explosive debris from nearby sections of living quarters and military barracks. Linde could hardly believe how fast and how precise the attack had been. Nobody had ever suspected a thing, and as such nobody had been ready for it.

As Linde continued on, she happened to chance upon the sight of a woman crying her eyes out as she was being buffeted by people running passed her. She was almost as tall as Linde was, but just slightly shorter with long black hair and what had once been fairly nice attire. The poor thing looked like she was about to collapse from the sheer weight of sorrow which Linde could see growing in her eyes, and so she rushed over as quickly as she could to the young woman and shoved several people out of her way to get to her.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"My name is Linde. I'm a doctor. Are you hurt in any way?" She continued, hoping that finally having someone to talk to would help her regain at least some of her composure.


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"I was once told a story as a child that a Demon fell in love with an Angel. The story ended with the Demon's soul becoming purified by the Angel's love and the two were able to live together as one... I know it was just a tale of fantasy, a children's bedtime story... but could such a concept truly become a reality?"

Linde watched the leader like a hawk as he stood at his place near the closed gate to the city in order to deliver his announcement. His calm demeanor and his evil eyes were not what Linde considered to be good indications of his intentions. She had encountered Te'i Sai and Roda Ah K'mht both before and lived to tell the tale mainly because of luck, but it seemed that her luck was about to run out.

"You have all managed to survive a vicious attack by the organization known as Te'i Sai, and for that I extend my congratulations."

Linde's eyes narrowed.

"Te'i Sai strikes from the darkness with, as you can see behind you, tragic consequences. It is lucky for you all that we arrived, and in return for our services we ask nothing more of you than your simple cooperation. Should we appear to you, simply leave us be and everything will be fine. Simple and reasonable, yes?" He asked.

There were plenty of murmurs through the crowd, both kind and ill, about what had happened and whether he was telling the truth.

"I am certain there is confusion about my words, so let me put all your fears and concerns to rest." He said as he raised his arms to silence the crowd.

Many were quieted, but more from fear than interest in what he had to say.

"Te'i Sai was here in Cre' Est with the intention of eliminating several key Senators who have opted for a reformation of laws regarding social equality. Several of them have pushed recently for an increase in such equalities across the board, including allowing women into the military, but Te'i Sai would see those dreams crushed for the sake of what they consider "balance" among the five nations. Because we do not believe in allowing anyone to exercise such control over the lives of others, we have foiled their plans this day. Now, the sad fact is that we could not stop this destruction, but rest assured that what little of the city has survived did so because of our interference. If you want proof, then allow me to show you." He said as he pointed to the back of the group as a small gathering of their Assassins began to approach.

"In the hands of those Assassins from our esteemed organization are explosives planted by Te'i Sai operatives. You can see the proof in the insignia carved into the devices. Again, we were unable to stop the full extent of destruction, but as you can see plainly we did what we could to reduce the effect. Had we not interfered, the entire castle and Royal Family would have met their end and you would live today without a King and Queen."

The murmurs began again, but mostly about the proof of Te'i Sai's explosives. Surely such things could not be faked. Dozens of small letters and ancient runes combined with the fact that it was written in a language known only to the Assassins who originated in Cre' Est meant that it was near impossible to replicate. Roda Ah K'mht originated in Mar Valoa across the sea, so they couldn't possibly know the language or replicate it. At least, that was the logic most people were using to justify the words of the Roda Ah K'mht leader in front of them. Linde, however, was not buying into it. You didn't need to speak a language to replicate what you saw right in front of you. Roda Ah K'mht had fought with Te'i Sai for about four years now, and that was more than enough time to collect the body and clothing of an Assassin from Te'i Sai and study the emblem. All it took was an artist.

"Now then, my friends. Please, take your time and evacuate this city in an orderly fashion. Open the gate!" He yelled.

The gates behind him slowly went down, and freedom was but a short walk away. It took a moment, but the first of the large group whom had been collected began to walk out of the gates to the promise of safety. Linde hung back, allowing a fair amount of people to exit the city before finally beginning to inch towards the gates. As she drew closer, she began to examine the faces of each member of Roda Ah K'mht around her. Some of them were so stoic that she couldn't tell what they were thinking, but others were smiling as if they expected something entertaining to happen. As she looked ahead the leader had disappeared in the few moments she took her eyes off him, and as the others began to walk on the wooden gates to freedom, everything went haywire.

Crossbow bolts fired from out of nowhere rained down upon those who walked across the wooden gate first. Linde stopped dead in her tracks and knelt down to crouch as she tried to pinpoint the origins of the bolts. She knew that many were coming from outside the gate, but she couldn't tell exactly where the ones responsible were standing. Others were standing on the rooftops around them firing down on the crowd, and the scene unfolding was one of pure and utter chaos. People were dropping like flies as those who survived and were not hit with lethal shots tried to run in every direction at once. Linde was nearly knocked over by several people trying to run by her, and as she looked around once more she began to see that yet more of the Assassins began to appear to witness the carnage as the streets were painted red.

It was sick how they were smiling down upon the scene, and as Linde turned her attention to the gate she realized that anyone and everyone who'd made it outside was dead as they were beginning to close the gate and let the bodies on it fall to the ground gracelessly. Linde was horrified and disgusted with the display, but there was a change in scenery as she happened to look over her left shoulder towards the rooftops as she saw splashes of blood pouring over the edges as the Assassins who were once there had disappeared and were replaced by a shower of crimson liquid. She watched it almost as if it were in slow motion as it struck the ground and mixed with that which was already there before she saw a flash of black clothing on one rooftop as none other than the Red-Eyed Demon leaped across a gap in the rooftops to be met in combat by another Roda Ah K'mht Assassin. Not more than thirty feet away from where Linde crouched was the Ruby-Eyed Witch as she carved a path through the Assassins on the ground who tried to rush and stop her. However, with the crossbow units outside the gates cut off and the ones on the roof being cut to ribbons, they had only their own skills to go on and it was clear that they were nowhere near her level as she brushed them aside effortlessly.

Linde watched as the people continued to flee for their lives from the scene, but she remained still until the show was over. Nearly all the people had fled the scene as Linde stood up and watched as the Red-Eyed Demon calmly jumped off the second story roof of a nearby rooftop and landed softly on the ground to meet his sister before they both looked at her and disappeared into the city. The look was brief, but she knew the look well enough to understand that they had just told her without words that she now owed them a favor in the coming days. She knew they'd come for her eventually to seek out the favor, so she made a mental note to herself to avoid being too stealthy with her movements or location. Though they could easily track her down, she didn't want to appear to be avoiding them. If they thought that she was avoiding them and trying to dodge a favor, she'd be dead before she knew what hit her.