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An Assassins Tale

An Assassins Tale


Kimiko had been an assassin almost her whole life now that she had given up on her job shes being tracked and who ever after her really wants her dead

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Kimiko who goes by Kimi was a well known assassin she did her job perfectly and never had a simgle complaint, but one day after being ordered to kill her family she did it but then gave up on this cruel job,now someone is after her and they want her dead thats clear to her so Kimiko fleeing only fighting if she has to. kimiko isnt exactly the rough type shes actually the sweet kind loving one who knew shed had that job?. but now shes still running for her life not being caught in 3 years thinking shes safe she had settled down by herself but in this town what was tomorrow is yesterday which means her past is back to haunt her as the other assassins come to attack her in her new hometown. "guess im on the run again what a fun little game.." and with those words it starts all over her past is back.

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"its about time" Kimiko said while tapping her foot impaitently her best friend finally dropped off a package shes been waiting for. but he paused while handing her the package " your friend im here to say your life is in danger again their in the village.." he spoke in almost a whisper. Kimiko froze her hand grasping the thin swords hilt she felt the larger swords pulse like a heartbeat "calm down mitso... your time to be drawn will come" she then look at her friend "your right mitso is anxious and wants to be drawn from his sheath, hold the package ill be back" Kimiko rushed past him running through the village and scanning the area for someone that was un known to her

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A fox like girl walked through the Village gates the wind seemed to play with her hair, a few people gave her a glance shed give a slight smile revealing her fox like fangs hearing a few gasps she giggled. "silly humans scared of lil' me". she contiued on her way stopping by a ramen shop she took a seat as the guy greeted her and asked for her order she gave it the man turned away to the cook whispering something. she felt a growl building in her chest but she coughed playing it off like nothing hearing comotion behind her, her fox like ears went back blending in with her blonde hair her fox tail hiding under her kimono she sat up properly and with a soft smile. <so thats who im after? wonder if anyone else is after her> she thought to herself

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Hant yawned and layed back in his completely white room. To most it was blinding, but he was used to it. The templar symbol began to glow and Hant yawned. rolling out of bed he stood as one wall opened. A man stepped in and adressed him. "It's time, you have a mark." He tossed the teenager a package, which he caught with ease. inside was the picture of a woman with cat ears, Ironicly the opposite of his own dog ears.

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The village seemed quiet enough she mummbled under her breath walking calmly now on her way back to her quiet little house giving some people a glance she noticed a quiet blonde girl just simply a teen sitting down for lunch she shrugged a teen couldnt be a threat to an experinced assassin but she did raise some suspicon being new to the village she went on her way pausing for a second infront of a house Mitso pulsing more "AAHHH mitso please youll be drawn in time" she almost yelled before running off, once she got home she threw mitso and her thinner sword on the bed then sigh "why... again? i quit to avoid this!" she punched the wall behind her leaving a dent in the wall she felt like crying but her tears dried up a long time ago

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Misaki Lilithum

Well a job is a job now aint it?

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Kimiko Hallow

what a fun little game


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Re: [OOC] An assassins Tale

Name: Keniko or Kiki

Age: 21

Personality: She grew up knowing nothing other than fighting and killing. Although she may seem evil at times, she is mostly a good person and only wishes to help those in need of help. She doesn't care much about sob stories and her heart seem to be harder then the hardest stone in the land but once you befriend her and gain her trust, you have a loyal companion for life.

History: She was raised to kill for a once, great and powerful lord but after her family was murdered she turn on her lord and killed him with her own hands then she ran away. She is known all in the north of the lands that she is a very powerful and deadly assassin and will stop at nothing to get want she wants but in Kiki's eyes, what she wants is completely different than what the stories tell.

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