Andrew Panzer Dunkelheit

"Discord is the only thing that will bring this world back to peace. I intend to make that happen."

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Andrew Panzer Dunkelheit

Theme Song: Drowning Pool - Mute

Role: Believer of Discord
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): The Dark Follower, Bringer of the next Apocalypse, Misguided Dreamer, The Armor of Darkness
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Love Interest: N/A

Height: 5 feet 8 inches (172 centimeters)
Weight: 143 lbs (64 kg)
Build: Average
Eye Color: Purple(Light)
Hair Color: Purple(Dark)
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Scars? Mainly there are no scars on his body, mysteriously due to how people theorize his body works. It is rumored that his body is able to endure pain because of his power, and that due to this power, his body will heal itself over time and be free of any permanent marks he may gain in any battle. Piercings? He has no piercings anywhere on his body, more so due to the belief that his body is precious and that he should treat it with as much respect as he would anyone else's. Tattoo's? He has one particular tattoo on his chest, which mainly resembles that of a demonic symbol. It covers mainly the upper part of his front, avoiding the nipples it seems. The symbol only reaches down to to the halfway point, not getting even an inch on his belly/bottom. It reaches up and stops at his neck, however some of it does extend to his shoulders. This symbol is believed to be related to Discord, and some believe it means he is the gateway for Discord to return to this world.
Description: Andrew is probably one of the oddest people currently living in this new world. In his general appearance, he is usually seen wearing a purple cloak over his body. This cloak hides his features as well as keeps his personality at a low. While in this state, Andrew will act as an observer of the people, usually coming in when the moment looks generally lost. In this state, some view him as a criminal, others view him as a protector of the people.

In reality, he is feared by many for his unique aspects. Although he generally keeps on him a school uniform, making him look like a common person to the people's eyes. With the uniform off, his fearsome tattoo would be shown. He has tanned skin from being out in the sun, his body looks healthy and his build looks average. All this makes him out to be a normal looking person... The only problem is, he has purple hair and purple eyes. It is unknown why he has this for the most part, however some link it to the tattoo on his chest and his connections with Discord.

Preferred Clothing: Cloaked outfit.

Outfit shown in appearance.

Oddities: An odd trait about Andrew normally is how he speaks to other people. When he is around people he does not know, he will generally start to look to the right and speak in whispers mainly. When he is talking to someone he knows, he will look to the left and speak in questions. Of course, both of these only apply when he is nervous. When he is speaking to someone he likes more then he should, he will blush and look them only in the eyes, while he will not be able to speak at all. This too applies if he is nervous.
Skills: Hand-to-hand combat: Andrew knows the basics in how to fight physically, but mainly his style isn't aimed to hurt, but rather move away from the opponent. Although when he does aim to hurt a person, he will usually make it aggressive, although he does not intend to kill people.

Fast Agility: Andrew can keep up with full grown men, even outrun some of them at times. It is said that he can run for twenty-two minutes if he tried.

Trickster: Andrew can fake his emotions to others if he feels the need arises, this way he can keep his true feelings a secret.

Stealthy: Andrew can sneak around places if he focuses hard enough. This is useful for quick getaways, eavesdropping and blending in with darker places.

Fast Reader: Andrew can read pretty fast and still be able to remember most details that happened of what he just read. This is usually best used when he is running out of time and wants to get out of a place faster.
Any others remain unknown for now.
Fears/Phobias: Agoraphobia A fear of getting into a situation that is impossible to escape from. Without being able to continue on moving, what can he accomplish?

Atychiphobia A fear of failure. A fear of losing everything he has worked for, similar to his fear of dying.

Gerascophobia A fear of growing old or aging. For losing his youth would mean losing the ability to live.

Stygiophobia A fear of hell. For to go into such a place would mean to be tortured for all eternity and you would only be remembered as a horrible person because you went there.

Thanatophobia A fear of dying, this fear is associated with his fear of losing everything he has worked for just for it to go to waste.

Likes: Reading, quiet places, books, helping out his group, women.
Dislikes: Having to kill, watching people die, his phobia's, feeling weak, loud noises, needless violence.
Hobbies: Reading, learning new things, spying.
Personality: Andrew's personality is usually care-free and unworried about the world around him. He is loyal to the group he is in and will do anything to help them carry out Discord's will. Since he is good at manipulating people from the truth, he can be different to every person he meets. He is a hard worker when he is on a job, although he can still worry or fear or even be surprised by events that happen around him. He can be kind to those he knows if he trusts them on a well enough level, but even then, he can be cautious. The only ones he will truly trust is the group, for they raised him when no one else would. He is even willing to commit bad deeds if they so wished him to do them.

Preferred Weapon: A single sword, looks similar to a katana.

Power(s): Gyrokinesis - The power to control gravity.
Unknown power
Unknown power

Abilities: Gyrokinesis: Gravity Spot - The standard move of Gyrokinesis. It allows the user to concentrate on a certain area and release a pressure of gravity there. The strength is that whoever gets caught in it will have to deal with the pressure of gravity in the spot. The weakness is that Andrew can only focus on this one spot when using this move.

Gravity Ball - A harder move of Gyrokinesis. A small gravity ball is much more agile and can pin a user down with the pressure of gravity it holds. Although it isn't much, it can be dodged if one is keen enough to know the Gravity Ball. A larger gravity ball is slower but has way more pressure of gravity in it.

Transformed state: Gyrokinesis (1st stage out of 2) - A rare form of Gyrokinesis only seeming to be displayed with Andrew. He rarely uses this though, so it is unknown what this ability can fully do. It is only known that a medium is needed for this to work, that medium being his sword.
Any others are unknown as of now.

Fighting Style: Andrew's fighting style is mixed. He is currently learning how to use a sword, but he knows how to defend himself at close range. However, he does not rely on physical strength, but more on cunning and is very agile in combat. He will use a sword if he sees the need rises for it. When he deems a battle ready for long ranged combat, he will instead use his powers and keep a distance away from his opponent. The problem with a sword in combat is that he cannot use it properly for the time being, however his fast agile in combat makes it so that he can make numerous small cuts on an opponent. Using hand to hand combat requires him to wear protective gloves on his hands so that he does not harm his hands, he also cannot fight long range opponents with this. The problem with using his powers to fight is that he can not fight at a close distance and must also concentrate on his powers half the time in order to make it work.

Relationship Status: Single
Family: Johnathan Dunkelheit. Current whereabouts are unknown.
Mary Dunkelheit. Current whereabouts are unknown.
No known siblings or cousins.
Personal History/Background: Andrew's life for the most part is a mystery to most but himself. At a young age, his parents went missing and he was left alone. Not long after this however, maybe like a week or two, a mysterious group found him and took him in. Even at a young age, he was told of Discord and how they wanted to bring Discord back into this world in order to bring about peace. Due to being taught this way, Andrew also believes that bringing back Discord will save the world as well as make the group heroes. However Andrew's powers came in at an unexpected time, and Andrew had to be taught in order to learn how to control these powers. Although he is still learning, he has the basic idea of how to control and use some of his powers. Andrew is mostly the intelligence gatherer for the group, and will often at times spy on others in order to get the required information.

Andrew has spent most of his life growing up with the mysterious group, thinking them as family at times but feels uneasy when around them. Now he tends to get out and walk around, so that he does not have to feel uneasy around them. This allows him to spend more time practicing when he is alone, as well as spy on people and get information out of the crowd about current events. Andrew was told not to show his symbol to anyone, and so has at night wore a cloak over himself and his clothes. This cloaked figure took up to appearing at times of unease and has become a well known wanted criminal at this point. While the cloaked figure will save people, he will also rob at times and will also knock out people who get in his way. Andrew has taken a liking to this alternate personality, so that he can focus on being more at ease when he is around in the day. The cloaked figure is rumored to be very dangerous and is believed to be a mastermind. It is also believed that this cloaked figure wishes to bring about the end of the remaining life on this world. Andrew only wishes to bring about peace to the world and does have good intentions in his heart, sadly he believes no one will be able to accept this idea but the group who raised him, and mostly keeps to himself because of this.

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So begins...

Andrew Panzer Dunkelheit's Story

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~ Cathedral Square... ~

Within the Cathedral Square rested a certain church that was waiting for a big event to come. The church was like any other normal church in the square, run by people who were with The Following and worshiped Harmonia, the goddess that saved the wold from destruction! Standing beside the entrance were two large feminine statues meant to closely represent her powerful and exotic figure to the people. Gathered outside of it was a crowd of people waiting to hear the words of the holy father who was about to speak. "Agh, another day..." The man mumbled to himself behind the doors as his two assistants watched him. "Do not feel bad by this sir, the project is going quite well so far. Why within a day, we'll be ready to send some results back to The Following." The stronger looking man spoke out to him, while the weaker one massaged the father's shoulders. "Bah, it gets harder to keep them convinced though... They come in, want to be healed because they feel like they're life force has suddenly decreased by a few years... And what do I get in the process? A bunch of -- nevermind..." The father stopped himself as he rubbed his forehead with his hand as he looked to the ground. "Sir, if I may interject... As long as you keep them convinced you are working for Harmonia, everything will be fine." The stronger one spoke again, the father rose himself from his seat as he took in a deep breath at this. "How do I look?" He asked them. "You look fine sir, now go! Go and make them happy they were born!" A mischievous smirk came to the father's face, before he assumed his false happier personality and stepped through the doors to the outside.

* * *

The people cheered out as the father stepped out from those doors, his assistants staying close behind him as he walked forward, waving to the crowd of people with a peaceful smile and calm eyes that held much wisdom in them. He stopped and watched as the people slowly grew silent, waiting to hear the words he had to speak today to them. "My fellow people... Today I have received word from the will of Harmonia herself." He started it off, in his head he knew he had to make it as cheesy and stupid as he could muster from his own imagination, the people never knowing that the man they worshiped and followed was really a cunning mastermind in disguise. "She is pleased by the prayers you send her. She wishes all of us a happy and great life. Sadly, she has also informed me that monsters and heretics still lurk around in our peaceful little world we live in." He watched the expressions the people gave as they heard the words, the Gifted were seen as sins created by the evil deity, Discordic, to destroy all of life itself and to lay to waste everything in sight. "She wishes for us to continue our hopes though, for we will soon overcome and be rid of the monster known as Discordic forever. The time is nearing, the prayers you send will soon be powerful and everyone will rejoice with joy!" He spread his arms out at this, watching them become more happy and delighted by what they heard, he also knew that the hatred they held for Gifted was growing. "We must continue to not give up hope, my children. Harmonia will make sure that we are guided to a better path, a path that will lead us to restoring our lives forever!" This time, the people started to wildly cheer as they had been fooled and tricked into a mischievous little plot. The father then turned around and headed back inside, the two doors closing behind him to muffle the cheers and thanks the people were sending to him.

* * *

"Another well-done speech, sir." The stronger assistant spoke as the holy father sat down in his chair once more to relax. The weaker assistant brought in a tray and set it down on the desk in front of the holy father, who chuckled at his own assistant's words. "Thank you. It is easy to speak of lies and manipulation when you have such idiots to control." All three chuckled lightly at this until a knock sounded out in the church, making them all halt just as quickly as they were chatting. All too quickly, the father's face changed and he was once more the fake holy man the public knew him as. "Come in." He spoke with such gentleness and ease that it nearly made him bursting out laughing, but he held it in as he watched who entered into the room. The woman looked to be in her late teens, her hair mostly red except for the bottom, which was a bright shade of yellow. Her brown and gentle eyes looked at the three with such joy, her smile making her look so relaxed even though she was only five feet and six inches. Her clothes consisted of that close to a nun's as her light foot steps brought her forward into the room more. "Ahh, Elaine." The father spoke as he became more relaxed, knowing it was one of his more stupid workers. "I trust all is well then?" He asked, Elaine nodding in return to him. "Yes, everything is going well. The people have been more happy then I have ever seen them in the last ten years! It's a miracle what we are doing here!" She told the father with such joy as he nodded in reply. "We are working towards a better world, after all. Nothing more matters then my children's happiness." He told her, which made her even more happy. "Oh, I almost forgot... You have a visitor." She said as she stepped to the side, allowing a purple cloaked figure who stood only two inches taller then Elaine. He stopped with the door closing behind him, it was now or never...

"Ah, hello there child. What can I do for you today? You are very lucky, if it weren't for Elaine, I wouldn't of been able to see you today..." The father spoke to the purple stranger, who tilted his head up at this. "I was wondering if I could see this revival trick for my own eyes?" He asked as he held out a small little bird at this, who looked injured and or dying. The holy man stood up slowly as he held out his hands at this. "Allow me." He spoke as the figure placed the bird down gently into his hands. The father smiled as a glow surrounded the bird while the others watched. After a few minutes, the bird suddenly flew out of his hands and out through the window as everyone gasped. "Impressive... It's just as I thought." The figure spoke while everyone was smiling. "You -are- a fake, as I thought." The figure spoke out, making Elaine gasp while the father narrowed his eyes at him. "Excuse me?" He asked him. "You know what I'm on about... You are doing fake things for fake reasons. I think it's time to expose that which is truly unholy..." He said. "A-Andy! Stop that! I didn't bring you here to --" Elaine started, but was interrupted by a raise of the holy father's arm, which lowered when she looked over at him. "Let him speak... I wish to know who you are, Mr. Andy." The holy father asked as the figure smiled and lowered his hood, revealing his unusual purple hair and eyes as he looked at the holy man. "Just call me... The Pressure~"

# Part 1 of Andrew's Introduction - End. The introduction will continue/possibly conclude in the next post. #

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"Another well-done speech, sir!"

"Thank you. It is easy to speak of lies and manipulation when you have such idiots to control."

"Oh, I almost forgot... You have a visitor."

"I was wondering if I could see this revival trick for my own eyes?"

"Allow me."

"Impressive... It's just as I thought. You -are- a fake, as I thought."


"I wish to know who you are, Mr. Andy."

"Just call me... The Pressure~"

~ Cathedral Square - Andrew's Introduction, Finale. ~

"The Pressure?" The holy father asked the purple-haired man, who continued to stand there glaring at them with his purple eyes. The two assistants stepped in front of the desk the father stood behind as they watched Andy with close care. "... I haven't heard of that before. Interesting name you chose to answer with though... It reminds me of a certain few others. Ever heard of The Axe? The Chill? The Brains?" The father asked him as he put a hand on the desk and turned so his left side faced Andy. "... Are you familiar with them?" He asked Andy. "... I'm here on my own business." Andy responded to him. "... Avoiding the question with such remarks is a bad thing to do. Elaine, how do you know this boy?" He asked her. "I -- I thought he was a good friend of mine. We went to school together when we were younger, but... He's changed now." She stepped back and leaned against a wall as she felt scared. "How dare you use the young woman for such selfish desires!" The stronger assistant told Andy, stepping forward as he walked closer towards him before stopping in front of him. "Father, I wish to have permission to engage with the enemy." He said. "Go ahead, my son. You have Harmonia's blessings." The father's comment made the stronger assistant widen his eyes and Andy could see the urge to kill rise up in them. "I thank you both." He said before removing his gloves and throwing them behind him. Then, he thrusts his hand forward towards Andy's face!

* * *

The doors suddenly snapped off the hinges where they were supported, sending them flying back a few before slamming onto the floor and gaining several cracks on them, pieces of wood sent flying until they stopped. Andrew was the first to emerge, jumping back as he landed and slide into an offensive stance, watching the stronger assistant walk out of the room also. "It is futile, Andy... You cannot defeat me." He told him. Andy chuckled a bit at this. "Wow... Big talk coming from an idiot who tried to use those doors just now. Tell me... What are you?" He asked the man. The stronger assistant placed his right hand gently on a wall nearby him. A symbol appeared on the wall as he slowly pulled his hand back, something forming out of the wall with the same material. Grabbing it, he jerked it out of the wall and the symbol faded, with the stronger assistant now holding a spear-like object. "You... Are a Gifted?!?" Andy asked him, to which he got a chuckle in response back. "Yes... Surprised? I'm sure you have heard of me before, but I vanished two years ago and was believed to be. I am Rodrick, The Creator."

~ Rodrick, The Creator!
Believed to be at least twenty-seven years old!
He stands at five feet, ten inches. Weighing in at around one hundred and eighty lbs! His body build makes him look muscular, his tanned body showing he has been out in the sun often! His brown hair and brown eyes make him look like a normal guy who works out!
His power is the ability the create multiple weapon types using structures around him. Of course, the weapon is only as strong as the materials it came from!
Rodrick, The Creator was once a notorious Gifted criminal, his powers made him able to get away with many jobs, including robbing, thieving and more! He vanished two years ago and was believed to be dead, but has really been working in one of The Following's churches in a secret plot! ~

"Now that makes sense. What doesn't make sense is why are Gifted working for The Following?!? Aren't you cleansed?!" Andy asked him, to which he got another chuckle back. "Sadly, that is not how this worked. You see, the father saved me in my time of need when I was on the run. I was almost caught too, until he came around and told me that he could me another chance at life. I took it of course, and in return for my services, he got The Following to let me go along with his little plot. For two years now I've been waiting, harnessing my powers more then ever before! You don't stand a chance, boy. This spear is as hard as the building it was made from! You can not win..." Rodrick chuckled after saying all of this. Andy shrugged his shoulders at this. "... If you say so." He commented towards him. Rodrick narrowed his eyes as he got into a stance. "Right then. Time to die." He spoke before charging forward and held his spear with both hands, getting ready to stab through Andy. Andy sighed and flicked his fingers, seemingly sending nothing, yet Rodrick suddenly stopped. He collapsed on to his knees as his staff snapped in half, breaking down into multiple pieces as each was sent colliding into the floor, while Rodrick had to force his hands on the ground to remain up. "Ugh... What.... I.... Can't move?!" He stated as Elaine, the father and the weaker assistant walked out of the room.

"Tell me young man... Was that you just now?" The father asked him, as Rodrick struggled to move in front of him. "And if it was?" He responded to him. "Bravo... You have pinned down Rodrick it seems. Now kindly release him..." The father asked Andy, who rose a brow at him. "Why?" He asked. "Because if you don't... Well, I can't guarantee what will happen next." This made Andy widen his eyes slightly, causing him to release Rodrick, who collapsed upon being released. "G-give me a minute..." Rodrick said as he caught his breath. "Father, please... I think we should just call the police and --" She stopped as she looked at the father this time. "F-father...?" She asked. "... Elaine, I need you to remain quiet from here." He told her as the weaker assistant stepped forward. He stopped as he held out his hand forward towards Andy as something went past him, only for an explosion to occur behind him. "What the...?" He asked himself as he blinked. "I am Walter, The Invisible Demolition. I may not appear much, but... Well, I'm much much tougher in my abilities then Rodrick is."

~ Walter, The Invisible Demolition!
Believed to be at least thirty-one years old!
He stands at five feet five inches, weighing in around one hundred and thirty lbs! He looks weak on the outside, having gray hair and dark blue eyes, yet on the inside is a cold and calculating person!
His power is to create a small spark that can create explosions with the snap of a finger. Each explosion spark has a certain time limit and must travel to the destined location before being able to be used.
Walter was once a wanted Gifted who used his power to disrupt people's jobs and work. He got the attention of The Following, who wanted to eliminate him for his nuisances, but he was too quick for them and always knew how to make his exits fancy. One day, he was visited by the holy father who offered him a chance to blow up as much as he wanted without having to worry about the police. Getting him off the leash just like Rodrick, Walter is in secret the better of the two despite his weak appearance. ~

"Now you will die... For such arrogance upon us." Walter mentioned as he held out his hands and two 'sparks' began to form just inches above his palms. Andy got into a stance as he prepared for an attack, until... Both sparks vanished as light cuts opened on his palms. "W-what?" Walter commented, looking shocked at this as he looked around for anyone. The father rose his brow in return as he glared over at Rodrick. "It -- IT WASN'T ME! Don't give me that look, father! I --" He stopped as the father held out a hand at this. "Enough... I will handle the boy. Find our in--" He was stopped as a bullet grazed his cheek and left a light cut on it too, making the father stand there in shock and shivering as he saw a figure walked up beside Andy. "You're late to the party." Andy commented towards him. "Sorry, pal... I had trouble getting here. You know, it's hard to disguise yourself sometimes in this place." Walter glared over at him. "Who are you?!?" He asked out of anger. "Oh, me? I'm The Archer... Part of The Chaotic and one of the most talented Gifted on Manus Luna. Or has my reputation been soiled over the years?" Rodrick, Walter and the father glared at them. "So be it... We will just have to --" He was stopped as Rodrick was suddenly punched and collapsed on to his knees. "W-what the...?" He mumbled. A figure now stood to the other side of Andy... "Elaine?!" He called out. "Sorry, father... I've decided to change sides." She said with a smile as she raised an ax in her hand. "Y-you... T-the Axe?!? But... What... No.... Three of the most notorious Gifted in front of me?! I -- I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!" He called out, bits and pieces of technology beginning to form above his right arm. "It is clear you have no intentions of being friendly..."

"We know of your plans, father..." Andy spoke out as Rodrick slowly stood back up. "You've been calling in people when they've felt sick or ill or like they've been drained of life... You take them in here and send them to your medical room, where you have Rodrick trap them using his ability. You then take they're lives, torturing them and sending they're half-remaining lives to The Following... What you've done is unacceptable! I also know you have two abilities.... One is manipulation over machine parts, the other... Well, you'd hate for people to find out about it, wouldn't you? Project Golem, am I right?" He asked, as the father growled out at this. "GET THEM!" He called out.

* * *

Moments passed since the fight had started, and the public only knew of how it ended... The church suddenly exploded as a parts of what looked like a giant mechanical arm fell down, just nearly missing civilians as they stood in shock and awe of the remains... The attention was becoming too great now, and they began to worry about the father they knew and trusted. Meanwhile, the father had collapsed on to his arms and knees, the mechanical parts that had formed around him now breaking apart. "N-no more... I -- I give up... Please... I -- I surrender..." He said as Rodrick and Walter both laid unconscious near by, The Axe and The Archer walking over to Andy. "That's not good enough... Now, I'll let The Following do what they want to you." He punched the father in his gut as he gasped and nearly collapsed, looking up as he saw a shadowed figure standing Andy, it's ominous look and eyes made the father widen his eyes in surprise before collapsing fully. The people ran to the remains of the church as they saw the father, Rodrick and Walter all unconscious... And the three members of The Chaotic were gone. Now, The Pressure would become well-known... And the tenth member of The Chaotic will finally be confirmed to the public.

* * *

"P-please... Another chance, that's all I ask!" The father asked as a figure stood in front of him. "No more chances for you, Randy... You've had it, and now, we will let the police do what they wish to you..." The superior stood over him, his presence alone forced Father Randy to stick close to the ground. "J-just more time... I -- I promise! Our plan for two years... Our promotions -- I -- I just need more time..." But the superior would have nothing of it, as his two lackeys stood behind him. "No chance, Randy... Now I must make one of you pay." He said as he walked over to Rodrick and knelt down by him, placing a hand on him. "W-what are you doing to him?! No, please!" But it was all too late, as the figure stood back up. "He is normal now... He will be saved by The Following because of me... You other two? Not so lucky..." The two lackeys then picked up Rodrick and Walter and slung them over they're shoulders. "NO! PLEASE.... DON'T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS! I can barely move! PLEASE!" But no one listened... And the three were soon gone, leaving Randy to the mercy of the law for his crimes...

* * *

"I want most of this incident covered up... Like who The Chaotic look like." The figure said as his two unusual lackeys followed. "Of course, master... We are at your command, as always. Anything else?" He asked. "Yes... Make sure Walter begs for loyalty... And as for Rodrick, well... He is a normal man now - he will be able to fit in The Following just fine. Everything is turning out nicely..."

~ End of Andrew's Introduction. ~

The setting changes from cathedral-square to Silk Street Cafe

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~ In Finitor... ~

The mission was a success it seemed. The corrupted priest had been taken down and now he would be arrested and The Following would lose one more supporter for they're sinister plans. He couldn't help but find it all funny, taking it in as he walked as a now normal person. He always found it strange that whenever he did a mission, someone covered up his appearance and made sure not to let anyone know that it was he who was The Pressure. He didn't really mind so much if it wasn't for the fact no one but The Following's own had elites had that kind of power. In a way, he felt watched for some reason. Being an experienced Gifted at this point in time, he was able to hide his unusual presence away and make him seem more then normal. Other people who had abilities never suspected him as a Gifted because of this, but it left something else to those who were also experienced. A second layer of sorts. A second layer made from some unusual source. Of course, this could be entirely related to something else, for he only had met three people in his entire life who could do this, and all of them were The Chaotic's three elites. It was clear to Andrew that now rumors of The Pressure and his recent dirty job would be spreading around the city like mad, along with The Following looking out for anyone who claimed that title as they're own. It didn't worry him though, he knew no one was stupid enough to actually claim that title unless they were suicidal.

~ * * * ~

Silk Street Cafe came into sight. Known for being settled on the well-known Silk Street, this Cafe was known for employing mostly young women into they're home and rarely you would find a guy or two able to get a job there. He didn't know whether this was fact or just rumor, but he was about to find out it seemed. It has become well known recently for doing good business among the younger generations. Coincidentally, it sat right next to the Tiffani's Sweets and Pastries, a competition perhaps? Walking into the Cafe, he looked around quietly as he saw a scene going on. It seems that someone had mysteriously fainted and no one could explain why. He rose a brow as he began to walk forward, but then he was roughly grabbed on the shoulder and pulled back by some weird-looking retarded smelling jackass.

"Hey now, where do you think your going?" The yellow spiky haired punk seemed to ask, holding the man roughly by his shoulder as three others surrounded him. "This here's a scene that involved our buddy, and I don't think we want strangers coming in and making more of a mess." He told Andrew, which was strange. Andrew The Pressure, however, seemed to recognize them as part of a local gang that had been founded recently - The Yellow-Bellies. What the hell, he knew worse. They were made entirely of humans, and have since they're founding gone out of they're way to cause havoc upon civilians. Of course, to The Chaotic, they had heard from The Following that they were allowing this little gang to cause trouble in order to buy them more time and to divert attention from themselves. Selfish pricks, they already had a corrupted priest scene to use, but using a gang to make trouble so that they could make experiments a little longer? It disgusted him.

"I had no intentions of causing trouble." Andrew admitted to them.

"Eh? Then why did you dye your hair purple, or make your eyes that color, eh? No one normal would dare be seen walking around like that!" The apparent leader of the three commented, making the other two chuckled with a bit of 'hur' and 'derp' somewhere in the middle. He swore he heard it said twice. "You see, kid, we likes to do what we wantz." The fattest of the three said, tapping his belly lightly as he gave off a smirk at this, while the other two chuckled in hushed whispers. "We gets some huneys, we go where we wantz, and best of all, we likez a free meal on tup of tat! So if ya dun't mindz, we got some of those to getz." The three now were in a conjoined chuckle that seemed to sound like two bears mating. At least, to him it did, to others it was normal most likely.

"I am truly sorry this happened to one of your own, but..." Andrew tried to start.

"Eh? Your sorry?!" The yellow-spiked man spoke again. "You trying to show me pity, boy?! I don't need pity from anyone, ya heard?!" With that, his fist aimed for Andrew's face, ready to pummel it into --

It stopped as the two felt themselves panic at that moment, Andrew swore they just shat themselves. But his elbow had seemed to 'lightly' connect with the yellow-haired man's guts, and pulling it away, the yellow-haired man nearly collapsed, finding a table to keep himself on his knees and cough into his arm. "Holy crap!" The fatter one said, finally sounding normal.

"I advise you gentlemen leave. You don't seem... To want to do anything nice for these young people here." People looked at him for a moment as they heard him say this, thinking he must of wanted to die. But instead, the two helped the yellow-haired one up as he continued to cough on occasion.

"Okay, okay... Fine... You win.... We'll leave." And they headed for the door, but not before stopping by Andrew for a quick three-seconds. "Watch yer ass from here, punk." And then, they were out the door.

"So... A table open I can use to order from?" Andrew asked as if nothing had just happened. He leaned his back against a wall as the mood seemed to quickly change suddenly. People were more... Happy now. With the three gone and out of the Cafe, the people here were able to get along again, resume they're dates or just in general continue to chat with they're friends. He honestly liked it when he heard someone laugh.

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#, as written by Layla
((Great thundorz and I role-played this together so that's why I'm talking for Andrew in this post. :)))

Silk Street Cafe

Mrs. Gilbert the manager stared at the purple haired man in awe. He'd chased away their most bothersome customers in a matter of minutes. Wiping her hands on her apron, the plump woman quickly raced towards the young man.

"So... A table open I can use to order from?" the man asked, leaning against a wall. The manager approached him and held his right hand in both of hers.

"Thank you so much for taking care of those men. We were always too afraid to approach them. They were constantly harassing our waitresses - especially our lovely Aura," she sighed. Then, beaming, she continued, "You have our eternal gratitude, young man. Free meals for life!"

Andrew raised a brow - Aura. Sounds like a Gifted. "Aura?" he asked.

"Ah, people do react strangely when we call her Aura. It's our nickname for her," she explained. "Her real name's Aureline. Don't worry, she's not one of those wretched Gifted. Abominations, those creatures of Discord! Anyway, it's too bad you can't meet her. She just left work. The poor girl was feeling quite sick." Looking over Andrew's shoulder, Mrs. Gilbert spotted a slither of pink. "There she is! The long haired beauty over there, honey. Why don't you go tell Aura-dear about how you selflessly took care of those boys? You won't miss her. She's the one with the almost white, pinkish hair in our adorable Silk Street Cafe dress." The manager gave Andrew a wink - as if to say there's your chance, young, handsome bachelor.

Andrew nodded as he smiled at her. "I'll hold you to that free meals for life thing!" he said before racing out the door of the cafe to run after the girl who was Aura. Andrew called out her name as he neared her, his feet chasing the ground - until he slammed right into the pink haired girl, sending them both tumbling to the ground.

Aureline had been telling Kiren she stayed in Porta Animas because this was where she'd lived all her life and she didn't see any reason to leave. It was fun and she'd never been caught - when a fury of purple crashed into her. She heard a thump but felt no pain. Disorientated, she looked around. What just happened? Unaware, she was sitting on a young man with purple eyes.

Raising a brow, Andrew observed her closely. "You know, if you wanted me, you could have simply asked me to dinner."

Surprised, Aureline quickly climbed off of him, brushing her skirts and running her fingers through her surprisingly unfazed hair. The purple eyed boy had strange emotions - they were chaotic and unreadable. None of her abilities were working as they should today. Maybe it wasn't everyone else, maybe it was her. Maybe Aureline was dying. "You ran into me. Clearly, you're quite desperate," she mused, crossing her arms.

"Desperate? If I was desperate, I'd be kissing you right now. But since that's too fast, I'll settle for close encounters - if you get me."

Rolling her eyes, Aureline turned to walk away. "If you're quite done with your script, I'd like to get on with my life. It was nice meeting you. May we never meet again."

Andrew cocked his head to the side. "Oh I don't think so," he said and Aureline's feet felt heavier. "You are going to apologize for attempted sexual assault."

Aureline couldn't walk away - it was strange. The man was strange. She glared at him - sending waves of red danger into him. You don't want me, she thought. You don't want to make me angry. "Sexual assault?" she asked coldly. "I'm afraid you have it backwards. I will not apologise to you."

Andrew shoved the emotions she threw at him away. "You will apolgoize to me. I have nothing to apologize for. You are the one who should look when others are coming and trying to talk to you because they just saved the place you worked at from three dumbass guys!"

"I can take care of myself," she said monotonously. She was not moved by his show of anger. She wrapped herself in a wall, sealing herself in blessed apathy. If she'd wanted the three men dead, they would've been. Aureline simply and honestly - did not care. "You probably have more of a harassment record than the three of them combined."

Andrew felt his eye twitch at this. "Maybe I should of been the one who did the butt smacking. I mean, I would be out of it, sure, but it'd be worth it. You have that thing sticking out so noticably in the pubic, it's not hard to believe why so many goons do there! Buns of joy... Wait -- ew, forget that."

Gawking at him, Aureline pressed two fingers to her temples. The guy was weird. "Yeah, okay. What do you want?"

Andrew sighed and released his hold on her. "I was told to find you by your manager. She told me that you were sick... You don't look sick though to me." He observed.

Aureline felt as if she could walk away again, as if a pressure had been lifted from her. Strange. "I'm sick if I say I'm sick. My manager's just convinced I need to marry and that if I don't do it soon, I'll be too old and wrinkly for anyone to want me," she explained, somewhat bored. "Well, I'm not marrying you. So you can just run along now."

Andrew laughed at this. "Like I'd marry your sorry ass! I bet it isn't though... It probably looks great." He put an arm around her shoulders though and moved to her side as he started to walk. "Well... As long as we're talking about marriage and such... How about a date?" he asked with a grin.

Aureline pulled away - the annoying male was persistent. God, she hated men. "No," she replied with a finality to her words.

Andrew stopped and the pressure returned - heavier - it weighed down her entire body. "Come again?" he asked, acting as if he hadn't heard her.

Feeling like her feet were going to crumble beneath her, Aureline wondered if she was malfunctioning. "I said 'no.'" She refused to budge, forcing herself upright.

Andrew rose his brows and turned around to face her. "Are you okay?" he asked, increasing the pressure a little further. Son of a bitch... She's strange, but good god... What willpower. If she can withstand the next increase, she's inhuman! he thought.

A mountain sat on Aureline's head, she felt like every inch of her was breaking apart. The pain of standing was excruciating. She ground her teeth, refusing to be forced down to her knees. What's wrong with me? Is it Kiren? Then she felt a jolt of emotion from the purple haired boy. It was pure and all-encompassing. Awe. "Stop," she commanded - still standing.

Andrew quickly stopped and rushed over to her, wrapping his arms around her as he kept her close to him. He let her lean on him as he checked to see if he had done anything permanent. Aureline crumbled to the ground - her muscles felt like pudding and her bones didn't seem to work properly. "What the hell are you?" she breathed, panting slightly from the effort it had taken her to remain upright.

Andrew furrowed his brows as he heard her say this. "I'm just a regular guy..." he said, keeping her head on his chest as he kept his arms around her. Oh god, oh god, oh god! No! Damn it, I wanted the pretty lady to not die! Come on, let the hot girl live! DAMN IT, LIVE! I JUST WANTED SOMETHING TO EAT WITH HER! Please tell me she's going to make it -- tell me, TELL ME! Oh god. I screwed up this time. I hurt someone pretty!

Pulling away, Aureline felt a strange tingling throughout her body. It certainly was not the young man this time for he was too busy panicking over god knew what. She stood, suddenly fine again. "Of course you're a regular guy. Well, 'regular guy,' if you don't mind, I'm somewhat busy."

"Um... Look, I... How about I pay for the meal, huh? Please..." he whispered the last word, seeming not to have noticed he'd had said it.

"Fine," she grumbled, knowing he'd use that strange trick of his to stop her from moving if she didn't comply. She glanced at Kiren and the veined man. "You two coming?"

"Sorry, this reservation is only meant for two... Come and find us, if you get there in ten minutes or more, you can pay for your own damn meals," the young man said as he wrapped his arms around Aureline.

They vanished.

The setting changes from silk-street-cafe to Finitor


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#, as written by Wake
Something about this doesn't feel right Bardon thought. From when he started talking with the waitress he started to feel uneasy with the way the man was talking with the girl. Once he started becoming pushy Bardon decided to take a subtle action. Placing a finger under his scarf he bit down into his skin, drawing blood from his knuckle. Then he let his hand lay limp at his side, where a single drop of blood hit the ground. It lay there for a moment, before the small splatter of red twitched, then reformed into a single ball of blood. It rolled up to the girl, and then attached itself to the bottom of her shoe.

In the mean time the purple hair youth had gotten to the point where Bardon could see he was putting the girl through some kind of discomfort. Is he... a giffted too?, he wondered, finally stepping in to say something. However the purple haired one spoke before Bardon could confront him.

"Sorry, this reservation is only meant for two... Come and find us, if you get there in ten minutes or more, you can pay for your own damn meals,"

Then he vanished. A short series of panicked shouts came from the crowd. One minute two people were standing there, the next they disappeared into thin air. Bardon frowned. "I knew it." He turned, pick up his suit case, grabbed the white haired boy by the arm, and marched out of the building. "Come on," He said. "I think I can figure out where they went." Bardon wondered slightly to himself why he even cared. He only just met the girl, not even knowing her name in fact, and it wasn't like he had any obligations to help her. But deep down Bardon knew he had to be a better person then that. And who knows, maybe she was the person he came to the city to look for in the first place.

At any case he still had to find her. He stopped to sniff the air a bit, and slowly he could feel the presence of his blood on the girls shoe. It was faint, but he could still find which direction they went. "They're very far away." He said, sounding some what surprised. He started walking quickly in the direction the abductor had taken her. "It will takes us some time to get there on foot."

The setting changes from finitor to Silk Street


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~ On Silk Street... ~

"Sir, we've located those two you've been looking for." One thug told the leader of the gang. The gang leader seemed to consider this over for a bit in his mind before responding to the thug.

"Good. Where are they now?" He asked.

"In that restaurant over there, the red one?"

"Oh yes, I always hated how they did that and all. Makes me hungry every time I even look at the place now. Alright, when can I have you goons go in there and bring them to me?"

"Well, sir...."


"There's these two who we've spotted closing in on said restaurant. What should we do with them?"

"Send the Brutes to distract them... With any luck, they shouldn't be a problem."

"Yes sir... Right away sir."

"So it begins... Let's see who survives the conflict."

~ At the restaurant... ~

Aureline opened her sapphire eyes to find herself now in some sort of restaurant, feeling sick for some reason as she sat up to shake her head at this, finding the man from before standing near her. "What the hell...? Stay away from me!" She stated to him.

"If you say so... Jesus, I thought you would be kinder then that." He told her, ordering a drink for them at this. "I was wondering... If you were perhaps a Gifted?"

"What...? A Gifted...? No I am not a Gifted. Who are you any way? It's obvious you are... Something not normal. So what do you want with me?" She tilted her head a little at this. "Certainly you've met them before... So why me? ... Not that I'm a Gifted or anything."

"It is alright to admit the truth here... No one will know. But time is short, you see... I found something on your shoe and decided to try and wipe it off - no doubt left there on purpose by one of you're friends from before. But I am going to give you a choice, of sorts... You can either find out the truth about this world, or... Live in a lie, and forget we ever met."

"Once again, you have failed to answer my question. Who are you? Why me of all people? I told you before - I am not a Gifted!"

"I can not say unless you are willing to join us... Otherwise I am no body of concern to you. After all, what would it be like to join one of the most infamous groups out there right now?"

"Give me one good reason why I should!"


"I'm free... Freedom is an ideal that does not exist."

"First off, they are NOT my friends! Second, why should I believe you of all people?" With that she put her glass down as she rose up and began to walk towards the doors. "It was a pleasure meeting you, daddy's boy!" She stated rather harshly. "May we never meet again."

"My father is dead..." Those words were last spoken before she rudely stormed out, ignoring him completely at this point.

~ Outside, on Silk Street... ~

Once outside, a small child ran up to Aureline and smiled, holding up something for her at this, but she walked away, not interested in the child at all. The child made to run after her, but a gunshot sounded that stopped her completely, making her look back as the child fell, his shoulder now bleeding from a bullet that had pierced into his body. Then, three thugs came over and laughed as they looked at the injured child. "I told you I could hit this one!"

"Oh come on, HIT THE DAMN WOUND ALREADY! I want to listen to him scream!"

"Shut up Frank! I got this one, you just stay there and watch me DO MY OWN THING!"

"FUCK OFF! I gave you the gun for a DAMN GOOD REASON!"

Something inside Aureline went off at this, as if conflicted about whether to let the boy live or die... It felt odd, actually caring about whether one small boy died or not. She felt herself running over towards the scene before she could stop herself. "Adam!" She shouted the first name that came to her mind. Giving off an innocent look, she stopped before them. "I am so sorry my bother was in the way, you three must have better things to do." She tried to convince them, while they just stood there in silence. She tried to touch one of them, but he quickly knocked her away, throwing her concentration off so she could only take an hour from him. "Adam." She scolded the injured boy. "How many times must I tell you to not run off like that?!" She went to pick him up, but... A fist struck her in the chest, a stabbing pain going through her before she was hit with a leg in the back and a foot kicking her down, as the three thugs resumed talking like she had never come.

"Where was I? Oh yeah... Fuck off!"

"No, you go fuck off!"

"OI! ... I think there's a bullet left in there."

"Is there? ... Let's find out." The thug with the gun said sadistically as he put the gun to the back of the boy's head and began to pull the trigger. Aureline's eyes widened briefly, before a small smile came an she shrugged.

"Too bad, I suppose... Lucky I never liked you." She admitted to the boy with more cruelty in her voice then the pain the bullet caused him.

"ENOUGH!" A strict voice boomed out to them, as the gang leader was now before the three thugs, having knocked the thug with the gun's arm back as the thug now clutched his numbing arm.

"S-sir! We were just --"

"SHUT IT! I said not to kill any one, that includes this BRAT here! Take him to a hospital, RIGHT NOW!" The three thugs panicked, picking up the injured boy and running off to the nearest hospital without another word. They would luckily get there, if only not to face the wrath of they're leader. As Aureline got up, the thug leader looked over at her. "Most curious... Letting a child die with such a smile? Most curious... How you were -so- focused on one of my boys before he knocked you away."

"Human life matters little to me. Besides, I was planning to shove the boy out of the way at the last moment before you rudely came in." She crossed her arms over her chest in a defying matter at this.

"With a gun at point blank? Impossible, unless... You are a Gifted."

"Perhaps. Maybe I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. Or..." She put her arms behind her back at this. "I'm just a pretty face with a faulty danger radar."

At this, she noticed something... Odd. His odd outfit blew briefly in the wind for a moment, revealing a high ranking Following member's outfit. "Then you won't react to this." He said, pulling out what looked like a gun as Aureline grew a bit cold from it. "Only Gifted feel pain around this..."

Aureline reached out a hand at this, a reflex from the gun or whatever it was. She glared at him and watched people pass by, unwilling to help a poor waitress out. "What are you doing?" She asked.

"I am seeing whether you are telling the truth or not." He admitted. He spread his arms out to reveal not a single showing sign of skin outside the clothes. "Now... Hold still." He told her as he raised the gun just above her head, watching for her reaction.

As the gun was put above her head, she felt blazing hot. A low growl escaped her lips at this. "Charming... Very charming. It must be difficult to keep such charisma at bay..." An invisible breeze lifted her long, pink locks gently as her ivory skin glowed with an ethereal light. Aureline noticed none of this. "My face is too pretty to ruin, don't you think?"

At this, the thug leader pulled the gun away and put it away. "Just as I thought... You aren't normal after all. Therefore... I must place you under arrest and bring you in for interrogation."

"What?! I'm not a Gifted, you --" She stopped and noticed a glowing light tickled the corner of her vision as she looked down to see her body glowing the way it did. "Well, it was nice meeting you, sir. I am dressed as a fairy for a school play - can you tell? Honestly, I'm quite proud of our special effects!" She said before turning around and beginning to run off. But then, three gang members came out in front of her and chuckled, grabbing at her to try and restrain her.

"You aren't going anywhere, pretty lady." One of the thugs stated to her, as the thug leader came closer to them until... Three cloaked figures appeared and easily kicked the thugs down. They hit the ground easily as they looked at the cloaked figures with worry. "Crap, I knew we shouldn't of sent our strongest guys out after those two punks!" One said as he began to get up. A fourth cloaked figure landed beside Aureline as he helped her up, a muffled and yet familiar voice spoke out to her at this.

"Do you want to be free?"

"I want to be dead, that's what I want to be." She muttered, her sapphire eyes staring into the intense eyes beneath the mask. Then, in a last ditch attempt she grasped the faint line that had been Kiren's life and tugged viciously at it - not stealing anything, but rather, making him alert of something. Save me. Her blue eyes glazed over as she went limp - being caught from falling to the ground by the cloaked figure as he picked her up into his arms.

"Protect the other two - I'll take her away. Make sure to distract the leader! Make SURE he doesn't inform anyone!" Andrew then ran off in disguise with Aureline as three bikers in the gang came over at this, the thug leader knocking one of them off a bike as he sat down on it and put on a biker helmet. It was time to cause some mayhem again, and with those thoughts, he revved up the bike and chased after the two members of The Chaotic - they were leading him away from the place entirely.