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Brooke Devon Krukowski

Let me dance; let me sing; let me be one with the Earth!

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a character in “An Elegy in the Ashes”, as played by BumbleDrop


Brooke Devon Krukowski

Theme Song: Earth by Michael Mused

Brookie,Bee, Dev, Devon
Love Interest:

Thick, but not fat,and curvy
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Brown with red ombre
Brooke has one scar on her left upper arm, closer to the shoulder that she got when she was a kid thanks to her siblings. She has tattoo of vines with leaves (like the one in the picture) starting at the nape of her neck going down her back and wrapping around her hips.
Brooke is the girl that most people would slowly approach. Most of the time she has flowers in her hair (mostly roses and wild flowers) and mud somewhere on her skin. Her dress never fully covers up her back, so the older generations like to keep their distance and with her piercing yellow eyes, she sometimes scare kids.

Preferred Clothing:
When alone in the woods she likes to be almost bare (bra and undies), but when around people she wears a light green dress that ends mid-thigh with a brown belt. Around the neck line is white crystal. The brown belt has a metal rose as a buckle.

Brooke has a tendency to talk to animals, even though they do not talk to her. She also dances in the middle of places.
Brooke’s voice is like an angel’s, but she rarely sings in front of anyone due to the face of her siblings.
Arachnophobia-Fear of spider
When she was younger her older brother tricked her into going into the shed, which was full of spiders that he put there, and locked her in.
Arsonphobia- Fear of fire
When she was nine her parents were killed in a house fire that her family blames her for.
Reading, walking in the woods, swimming, and roses.
Lightening, spiders, fire, meat, killing
Planting, writing, singing, practicing
Many people would assume that Brooke is insane, because she dances and talks to animals. But she is not; she just finds comfort in doing those two things. When it comes up to people she is shy, but if she feels like you are threating her she won’t hold back on protecting herself. Brooke is usually a nice person. It is easy to make her laugh, and if you can make her laugh she will automatically call you friend. She can be hyper at some points, if she feels comfortable with you be warned.

Preferred Weapon:
Brooke has come across some deadly beings in the woods, and almost lost her life. So she decided to keep with her a dagger that is holstered on her thigh.
Geokinesis, Vitakinesis
Earth Shield, Earth Punch, Growing plants(only roses and some herbs), healing people.
Fighting Style:
Even though Brooke has many abilities some come up a little short. Brooke can fight up close range, but it is not as strong as fighting away from her opponent. When it comes up to healing she can't heal herself is she is dying, but with others she can.

Relationship Status:
Father-Harvey Krukowski(decease)
Harvey was killed with his wife Linda in a house fire.
Mother- Linda Krukowski(deceased)
Same as Harvey.
Sister- Calli Krukowski(Alive)Twin
Calli is twin siter to, Drew, after coming from a hunting trip to find her parents dead, she started blaming Brooke for the death of their parents
Brother- Drew Krukowski(Alive)Twin
Same as Calli
Aunt-Kristie Krukowski(Alive)
After the death of her brother and sister in law, she and her husband adopt their kids. As they grow up she tries her hardest to protect Brooke from her siblings.
Uncle- Jose Krukowski(Alive)
Same as Kristie
Personal History/Background:
Before the age of eight everything seemed perfectly fine. Her brother and sister played with her, and loved on her; her mother and father was alive. Aunt Kristie and Uncle Jose would visit regularly, sneaking her sweets and candies. Everything seemed perfectly fine, until that night.
Brooke was lying in bed, trying to count the stars in the sky when she heard a crash and her mom scream. Her siblings had been staying at their uncle’s house so that they could go hunting, and since Brooke refused to eat any kind of meat, she hadn’t gone. Brooke jumped out of bed to find her mother surrounded by dark figure, his hands surrounded by fire. Her mother told her to run; Brooke hesitated and then ran through the house looking for her father. He was unconscious on the floor also surrounded by fire. Brooke did the only thing she could do; she ran to her aunt and uncle’s house. By the time she got to her aunt’s house it was day break and no one was home yet. She passed out on the doorstep of her aunt and uncle’s house. The next thing she knew she was awoken by her sister screaming that Brooke was wrapped in an Earth like shield.
From then on her life went to hell. Her sister and brother turned their back on her and tortured her when they could. Of course her aunt and uncle would try their best to try and deal with them. Most of Brooke’s time was spent either at school or in the woods. From then, she realized that she had more than the earth shield. Now that she is 19 and on her own, she practices more on her abilities in secret.

OTHER: She will NOT eat meat. She hates killing anything, including enemies.

So begins...

Brooke Devon Krukowski's Story


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Brooke dried herself off by the lake in Eden, where she spent most of her day practicing her Earth Shield. The results were 3% better then yesterday and she huffed in excitement. Even if it was a small change, it was still change to her. She was putting her hair in a messy bun when she looked down, “Oh no!” She cried out as she looked at the soak flower on the bank of the lake. She sniffed and ran her hand over it and buried it, then focused on a new rose bush coming up. Slowly, but surely, a small bush grew and red roses slowly blossomed over the dead flower. Brooke gently picked the flower, “Thank you sweet bush, may you blossom more beautiful flowers.” She whispered as she placed the flower into her hair. The sun warmed her pale skin and she smiled, today had been a good day.

The trees seemed to sway as she hummed a song, the branches dipping in rhythm. Brooke gently grabbed her dress and dagger, and then walked among the path she created in her mind. Eden was big, and even though she had been here since she was a kid, she still had not explored even half of it. The beat of the song lead her onto a brand new path. She frowned when she saw that it did not have any flowers. Her hands rose waist high and as she closed her eyes, she focused on the ground, picturing the seeds sprouting little roots, then growing bigger and bigger until it was bushes. Next she pictured blue, red, and yellow roses sprouting from the branches. When she opened her eyes there were rose bushes lining the path with multicolored roses. “There.” She smiled and kept walking. Birds chirped as she passed by and she waved up at them. Brooke started to sing the last song her mother taughter her:
“Beautiful Mother Nature,
She looked at me with a smile on her face
Then she started to cry,
She said: "why did my children forsake me?"
She felt like she was dying,
Oh ungrateful children.

When she was young she was beautiful and strong
The more children she had the more things went wrong
Now she`s feeling old and cold
And her heart doesn`t feel love anymore

Beautiful Mother Nature,
She sat me down and told me to sing her song
Maybe it would make her feel better,
Maybe her children would sing along
And see the wrong we have done,
Make amends to ment her heart

She still wouldn`t hate none of her children
No matter what cruel things they've done
She`ll always be there when her baby`s crying
She`s a mother she`s a mother you can depend on

Beautiful Mother Nature,
she`s hopin`her children will love her again
Like once she remember,
Before skyscrapers and chemical plants
When she was all that we had,
Before they polluted her sacred land

Now her tears are falling like acid rain
And her voice sounds like earthquake
I had to beg her: "mother, please don`t leave
Give another chance; I'll talk to the kids

Beautiful Mother Nature she was my
Beautiful Mother Nature still is my
Beautiful Mother Nature she is my
Beautiful Mother Nature still is my my my”

As she sang her heart broke, she missed her mother dearly. It didn’t help that every time she went visit her aunt and uncle they would say “Ohh! You look so much like your mother.” And nothing seemed to mend the relationship between her and her siblings. Brooke shook her head, she could never tell anyone that she had powers; she knew what would come to her. Chills ran down her spine as the memories ran through her mind. Humans who killed other humans were the wild animals to her, her own siblings turned on her over something she didn’t do.
Sometime had passed and Brooke came up to a large tree. “Beautiful.” She whispered as she pet the bark. She jumped up some and grabbed onto one of the branches and climbed up. “Looks like I should rest here tonight.” She thought to herself. The sun had lain perfectly in the sky; some of the rays peeked through the leaves and splattered across her face. Brooke sighed in relief that she would live to see another day, or so she hoped.