Sir Andrew Cavendish

Duke of Devonshire - Husband of Mary Barker-Finch Cavendish

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a character in “An English Drama - 1850-1920 -”, as played by princelittle


Sir Andrew Carlyle Richard Cavendish is the 7th Duke of Devonshire - a title that William & Mary Cavendish had created in the year 1694.

The Duke greatly enjoyed his large estate and the running of it, he enjoyed his money. The Duke enjoyed culture, theatre, riding in fancy hot air balloons at the world fairs in Paris. But more than the leisure his life had, even more than life itself he loved....GOD.

Constantly praying and reading the Bible, he believed in fundamentals and religious foundations.

It was in his belief of Lord Jesus that he found people were either born with money, or born with not. Some are born to serve, others to lead. He despised the changing culture of, "self-made men."

He loved his son Thomas like no one could possibly imagine - a bond he felt would last his entire life.

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