Allison "Alisa" Stark

"It won't be that difficult... Will it?"

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a character in “An Eternal Consequence”, as played by City


Often mistaken for younger, Alisa's baby face can fool just about anyone. Innocent is often what she
is assumed to be, and for the most part, she is. But she holds a completely different side where her intelligence,
stealth, and wit tend to shine.

Name:: Alisa Stark
Age:: 23
Gender:: Female
Pair:: One

Species:: Human/The Anonymous [Unclassified]
The Anonymous:: Being the anonymous, Alisa has the ability to simply stick a knife
into an immortal, where a poison is then released through her fingertips, and is surged
through the weapon and into the victim. The poison then prevents any healing to
occur and will eventually take over the entire body until it is no longer living. There is
a catch, however; the Anonymous does not have any enhanced senses, holding human
abilities, therefore making it extra difficult to make a kill.

Birth-Date:: Eleventh of May

Height:: 5'4"

Personality:: Under construction. Daring, clumsy, and playful; three words that simply describe Alisa. Being trained most of her life, Alisa has become known to be fearless, but underneath her thick skin is the sensitive human her Mother was. Alisa spends her days always doing something different, hating to sit around where her thoughts can conquer. People may classify Alisa as shy due to the fact she doesn't say much, but she has no problem speaking her opinion, and most of the time, she will. She believes that it is too common for too much to be said, secrets for example, and that only necessary things should be spoken.

History:: Born to a human and a rare, unknown immortal being, Alisa was raised in the human world by her Aunt Mallory. Being an immortal, Aunt Mallory is familiar with the recurring cycle that has gone on for centuries, and has made it her intent on putting an end to it. Because of this, Alisa has gone through numerous training in order to be prepared so that when the time comes, she will have a higher chance of destroying the immortals. Though Alisa's Aunt Mallory has made it clear to her that it is only for her sake so that she can live a full, happy life, her real intention is to avenge her brother's death, who was executed for being absent at the time the immortal's made their escape (Alisa's father was some sort of guard for the lands).

Now knowing that the time is nearing, Alisa has ventured with her cousin, from her Mother's side, and her cousin's close friend. Alisa's cousin and herself have become fairly close within the past year, and decided that taking a break from the big city to stay in a small town would be a 'nice change.'

Theme Song:: Coming soon.

So begins...

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