Isaak Borys

"To love, is to live. To live, is to die. So can I truly love, when death is an uncertainty?"

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Isaak(Pronounced Ee-zahk, not Isaac, Isaak, the two A's sound like ah and there is an E sound at the beginning, not an I) Borys



Appears to be in his late 20's, is actually 566

July 1

183 Centimeters (6')

Theme song:
Unleahsed - Epica


Isaak has dark brown, soft, hair which he keeps relatively short, he also usually has a light beard, nothing too think, but always visible. he also has deep blue eyes. He stands around 183 centimeters tall(about six feet), and weighs around 80 Kilos(about 175 pounds). He is well built with a medium frame. His skin is soft and his complexion is fair.

Faye; The Faye are very quick and all have great reflexes, they are usually all attractive in some regard and have fair complexions. Their skin is soft and silky, as is their hair, and they have great memories. They also have the basic heightened senses. As far as advantages over an average human, that is it. Their disadvantages, however are severe, Faye are prone to sudden onset mental disease(meaning it just happens at random), as well as mental breakdowns and psychological problems(a simple case of survivors guilt or PTSD can be a dozen times worse in a Faye), also complete neural shutdown(effectively killing them). Faye are some of the most "mortal" immortals, they may not age, but they can still drop dead at any moment. All the Faye that suffer from complete neural shutdown usually do it within their first few decades of life(usually is not always), and the symptoms for those cases are clear, the child is usually hyperactive and extremely intelligent, thinking too fast and ultimately dying at a random point of their beginnings. the Faye are much more susceptible to emotions and stimuli, a single touch on a Faye's skin can feel as intimate as a kiss to a human, a drug that would leave humans feeling good for a day would leave a Faye feeling incredible for half a week. Faye follow their heart and often do extremely stupid things because of it. When two Faye touch, there is sometimes a connection, called the "Succubus Touch." It happens rarely, and only between two Faye, the touch causes an overpowering lust for the other person that turns into hate for one of the partners within an hour. Anatomically though, they appear human in every regard.

Faye society is odd, most criminals are considered violently insane, even thieves and such, because the Faye are that afraid of mental disease. If one kills in self defense, then both members are labeled as violently insane and the surviving member is subsequently killed(as are all who are labeled "violently" insane). All the Faye are completely at ease with this, as it has been their way for millennia. The crime rate in all-Faye areas is very low, and almost all of those killed are actually violently insane, almost.

Isaak never really bothered to master many talents over his 500 years of life, but there are still a few things he would consider himself exemplary at. One being baking, the problem is he hasn't the slightest idea how to use the present day tools, he learned on 15th century tools, and hasn't bothered to update his knowledge. He is an amazing painter, and fast too, he can capture a scene beautifully, and at a relatively quick pace. He never really learned to fight, but thanks to his quick movements and good senses he has been able to stay ahead of any human he's met so far.

Isaak's psyche is a macabre explosion of depression and heart-break(many Faye could be described this way however). The constant fear of mental disease and a mental breakdown never phased him when he was young, but the sight of it happening caused the fear in him to rise as a teenager, it subsided after the realization that he had nothing however... only to rise each time he found something to care for, specifically a woman. With such long periods of isolation, Isaak has found the quiet calming, but noisiness and desecration of silence, is not always a bad thing. Calm is good, it can be good, but After too many years, Isaak craves excitement, in moderation. He would love doing something fast paced and getting revved up with excitement, then almost immediately afterwards he would enjoy sitting in silence with a cup of tea warm tea. Too much excitement strains him, he prefers more silent mundanity than excitement, but still needs both.

Isaak never pries when talking to people. They will say what they want to say, nothing more. He expects this courtesy from others, but rarely receives it, an immortal with such interesting tales is a bit too hard to pass up for some people. Being artistic doesn't aid this either. He enjoys talking, but prefers it to be natural, not forced, when people begin to pry, they tried to force themselves to be close, in Isaak's mind. It might just be the fact that he has a lifetime to think about things, rather than humans who need to move so fast in their short lives. He doesn't like to showcase his emotions, like humans, through a vast array of facial expressions, and he tries to suppress it, failing when in certain situations. He walks around with kind eyes and a blank expression, giving the occasional grin, smile, or showing of teeth, but not much else, when he is in control. He rarely laughs as well, if he finds something funny he will most likely scoff or simply smile. It's not that he doesn't have emotions, it's that he has too many, the damned Faye are too sensitive to everything, so he tries to suppress them, achieving only a facial façade.

Isaak doesn't talk much, but when he does it is usually long-winded and florid(not necessarily boring, always). Details appeal to the artist in him, so he enjoys adding them to his speech. Every century or so he has to learn the new way of speaking so he doesn't sound so old, he even updated his accent a few times. Learning a new way to speak was sad for Isaak at first, it was as if he was abandoning everything that had happened to him in the time before, forgetting it in his speech. After a few hundred years he looked forward to it, as a way to force that memory loss(of course the memories rarely subsided, thanks to his Faye brain).

Isaak's parents were not good people. His mother, Anastasiya, was having affairs with half the town(regardless of their gender) and had a severe case of sex addiction, and his father, Denys, simply ignored his children after his first born died from complete neural shutdown. It wasn't the child's death that hit Denys hard, but the fact that the government took everything that he invented or created(which was a lot), and gave him a pittance for them(which wasn't uncommon). Anastasiya simply got a few more suitors to forget the event. Denys was a baker and simply did that all day before returning to their home to eat, have sex with his wife(the last of a few each day), and sleep, simply to repeat the process when he awoke. Isaak was the last of three children, he was too young to remember when his oldest brother died, and the only family member who spoke to him, was his brother Bodhan(who was about five years older than him). The only thing Bodhan remembered of their brother was how quickly he spoke, saying in a few seconds what would take a normal person a minute to say(they were children so Bodhan MAY have exaggerated). Anastasiya was rarely home, but when she was she made her children fight for her love and attention(she loved to do with her suitors as well, it was another psychological problem she had, no one can receive the glory of Anastasiya without proving themselves first), both physical and mental fighting, she never simply acted like a mother to act like one.

The reward that Bodhan received changed when Isaak was ten and Bodhan was fifteen. Isaak's reward was still simply a loving mother for a day, but for Bodhan, she would take him into her room and sleep with him, Bodhan became much more obsessed with winning after that. When Isaak was 16, Anastasiya told Isaak that he too would get Bodhan's special prize if he won their challenges. This made Bodhan go completely insane. He decapitated eight girls under the age of ten, and gave them to his mother and asked, "Do I win forever?" thinking it the ultimate challenge for her love. Suffice it to say, he was captured and burned alive, the parents thinking hanging too good for him(unlucky for him to have killed the mayor's AND captain of the guard's daughter's). Anastasiya dealt with the problem the only way she knew how, she got even more suitors, there was no change in Denys. Needless to say, with no one to have Isaak battle with for her love, she never showed it to him after that.

The next year Isaak began to help in the bakery with his father, but they still didn't speak much, nothing past work-related subjects. Within a year of Isaak working there, his father left early and Isaac closed up, in Isaak's 18 years, his father never left work early, ever. When Isaak returned home his father had strangled his mother to death in the middle of the kitchen, and was still continuing his nightly ritual before bed, his hands still on her throat, chanting, "I don't want to finish dinner yet," over and over again. Anastasiya was planning to go to one of her suitors after Denys went to sleep, so she went into the kitchen and removed her dress, saying, "Finish your dinner and let's get this over with," causing Denys to kill her and do what she wanted afterwards.

Over half the town went to Anastasiya's funeral, all pitching in to give her a statue and small pavilion in the graveyard. the engraving on the statue said, "The woman that stole the entire town's heart; May you lie with angels as you did with us." Sadly Isaak didn't care enough to demand anything else, but he figured it fitting after awhile. After her death, half her suitors told their partner about their affair, luckily 80% of the other partners were doing the same with her, so it didn't cause much of an uproar.

ImageHe met a girl from out of town after two years, Nathalie, she came into his shop to ask for directions and they accidentally touched one another. It was Isaak's first "Succubus Touch," they slept with one another right away. The woman left, hating him by the time they were finished, but Isaak was the recipient of an overpowering love for the girl. It consumed him, he shut down the bakery and simply stared out a window all day, thinking. Eventually he turned to painting, something he learned he had a real knack for. He painted Nathalie over and over again, he filled his home with paintings of her, hoping that the effect of her touch would simply wear off. It did to an extent, after five years. He was miserable every day of those years, doing nothing but painting that same woman over and over again.

He became a court painter for a distant noble house, leaving his home town for good, bringing his best painting, and nothing else. The memories that lurked there were too much. He was relatively happy for another five years, he never started any relationships, simply did his work to pass each day. But as is the cycle of his life, something bad happened.

The lord of the house, one Judicaël de Bellanger, had gone insane some time before Isaak arrived, a secret the family didn't want revealed, his son, Amé de Bellanger, had been taking care of the household under the guise that the Lord was sick. Isaak stumbled upon this secret after witnessing one of the Nurse-Maids being beheaded for finding out. Isaak alerted the proper authorities, for even the powers of a noble are nothing compared to the fear of the insane of Faye Society. Amé found out about this and before they could take his father, he let him go. Judicaël lit the manor on fire after strangling his son to death. Most of the servants got out, as well as the Lady of the house, Claudette de Bellanger, and Isaak(who saved his painting of Nathalie). When Royal guards arrived, Claudette told them that Isaak had released Judicaël and helped him burn down the house. The guards took her word for it, for she was a noble, and he a peasant.

Isaak barely escaped by stealing one of the guard's horses. He didn't know much of the human world, but decided to get as far from his land as possible. Orlenna was to be his new home... before the cycle of bad things happening to him continued...

After leaving Orlenna for the first time, the woman he met had died, he was heartbroken once more, though this time it was different, less severe. The succubus touch was overwhelming, forceful, with this woman, it was slow, peaceful, wonderful... he has forgotten her name in the 500 years since... something that pains him still...

He became a court painter once again, and didn't return to Orlenna for 50 years, he felt a longing for the place. The girl he met was much different than the first, she never gave her surname, but her first name was Isabella. She was adventurous and gorgeous, the three days they spent with one another was filled with excitement and lots of time in bed. As is the norm however, she died during the short time they were apart, when she went to the bathroom(after that he always lived in homes with the bathroom attached to the house, rather than outside). He left once more, and stayed away for over century, fighting the longing he had to return. He took up a profession that was non-existent in the Faye world, thievery. He loved the idea that he could do it, without being branded insane. His reflexes and senses gave him a great advantage, and netted him a nice some of money. But the longing for Orlenna didn't subside.

He returned after that century of thieving, and just as before, he met a girl. This one was a "proper" lady, a woman named Abigail Cox. She was high-strung and rather annoying, Isaak hated that he remembered her name, but not the first. Unlike Isabella, Isaak and Abigail spent little time together after their first kiss, she wanted to bring him to her father and wed him as was the custom, she died of course. Isaak didn't really like her that much, which made her death that much worse, he didn't get to love her or anything, he was just checking his options, and she was killed for it. He left, vowing never to return.

Over the next two centuries, Isaak simply traveled and painted, selling the occasional piece, but more often than not he gave them away for free. The longing was there, and the more he ignored it, the more powerful it became, near the end it seemed as if an ethereal force was just forcing his mind to only think of the town, nothing else. He returned, solemn and hating himself. The girl this time, Sophia Cross, she was drawn to his sadness, and was a wonderful girl, trying to make him feel good for almost a year before their kiss, that kiss that marked her death. This time, he told her everything, about his immortality, her death, everything. She didn't believe him, and simply died two days before the normal time. Isaak once again had a woman's blood on his hands, just like his brother, Bodhan.

He left, in the worst state of mind he'd ever left in. He lived a secluded life for the next century and a half. He was alone as much as possible, living off the money from selling the occasional painting, seeing as some were considered "renaissance originals." The longing returned, and he knew it would overtake him eventually, so he simply gave in. He returned to Orlenna, he knew what would happen, and tried to stay away from the women as much as he could, to no avail. This time the woman was Lynn, he didn't bother asking for a surname. She was similar to Isabella, in the fact that she loved excitement, and was also not uptight about sex. Lynn also had a calming side, caring and quiet, like Sophia. She was the only other woman he ever painted(the other being Nathalie). After her death he gave the painting to her parents, they wanted him dead. He left, as usually, and told himself that he would simply kill himself if he felt the urge to return.

He moved around the modern world for 20 years, he never got a chance to see its development in his isolation beforehand, which he was a bit sad about. He was in a museum when he saw one of his paintings, by artist unknown of course. it was a joke painting that he did after the third cycle, he gave it away for free. It was a picture of Nathalie on her knees on the same green silken sheets, however, she had an erect penis and was looking extremely lewd. Most of the people glanced at the painting for a second before wincing and turning away. One group followed by one of the curators was there for a long time however, Isaak listened in as the curator explained the piece in detail. She talked about how an erect penis was, and still is, a taboo in art, it is seen as one of the most unappealing things to see on a painting. The curator said that the artist was most likely a woman, and the painting was some sort of early feminist action of some sort. When Isaak heard her go on for ten minutes about that idea, he started laughing. It was the first time he had laughed like that in over two centuries, the curator of course got very angry at him and claimed he was sexist, while using dozens of expletives of course. After the ordeal was done, the curator and her group moved on. Isaak stayed and began to think about things while staring at his painting. He never tried to take proactive action against the cycle, he simply let it flow. Laughing for the first time in so long made him realize that it needed to end, or he needed to end. For the first time ever, he returned to Orlenna without feeling the need to, just the desire to stop it.

He always keeps his painting of Nataliya close at hand, it is 30 centimeters by 45 centimeters(1' x 1' 6''), and shows a woman with pitch black hair, bright green eyes, and ivory skin lying on top of a bed of dark green, silk, sheets, naked, her left leg above her right and her hands interlocked above her head atop a silken pillow.

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