Utsuho Reiuji

"My flames are those of a sun. Lord Yatagarasu, thank you for granting me this power!"

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"Fusion levels stable. Maintaining reaction at current concentration... Err... what was I thinking about, again?"


Stage One - Basis of Beauty ~ Informative View of the Outer Shell

Name: Utsuho Reiuji
Species: Yatagarasu, although she's technically just a normal Hell Raven altered to possess the traits and abilities of this god.
Power: Manipulation of nuclear reactions, specifically nuclear fusion.
Appearance: Utsuho stands at approximately five feet, ten inches in height, a bit above the average in stature, especially amongst Youkai, few of whom age beyond their youth. Glancing at her, the first thing one would notice is her lithe build, with narrow shoulders, long, slender limbs, a flat stomach, narrow waist, and athletic, well-developed figure. Her skin is slightly darkened by exposure to heat, but due to her powers, she is almost entirely immune to the effects of the sun's rays anyway, which causes her skin to be a somewhat pale shade despite her constant exposure to the light of the suns she creates and manipulates. Her body is, for the most part, free of blemishes or scars. Her hair is long and of a very dark brown hue, remaining straight for the most part from where it runs back from her pate to a spot just below her shoulders. It looks rather unkempt and matted here and there, spiking up in various places and giving her a somewhat fierce appearance. She usually keeps it pulled back out of her eyes, held in place in a single, wide, flowing tail by a green ribbon.

On to her face. Her eyes are a very light brown in hue, even appearing to be crimson in color at times, especially when she uses magic. This further accentuates the fierce appearance described above. Her ears, nose, and chin are all rather petite, and her cheeks are slightly rounded, and ever-so-slightly shallow. As a result, her eyes are the most prominent feature of her countenance.

I mentioned above that she is "for the most part" free of blemishes and scars, or other sorts of abnormal feature. I say "for the most part" because of a rather prominent exception. Embedded into the hollow of her chest is a single crystalline eye, encased in a perfectly carved red sphere and burning with a tremendous heat of its own - the eye of Yatagarasu.

In addition to these things, due to her nature as a Hell Raven, Utsuho possesses a pair of majestic black-feathered wings with a total span of about eight feet.

On to her clothing. Utsuho is most commonly seen wearing a simple white blouse trimmed with green lace, a small segment of the chest area being tastefully cut out to expose the eye of Yatagarasu, which would just burn through the garment anyway. Complimenting this, she wears a green skirt trimmed with black lace, a pair of black pantyhose, and some simple black shoes, although her right foot is encased in a concrete plate legging representing a barrier used once in the outside world to contain nuclear fission gone wrong. Her left leg is also orbited by several electrons, but this is a bit less noticeable. Finally, she completes her ensemble with a most bizarre and intriguing accessory: her waist-length white cape, which she wears draped over her wings. The reason it is so bizarre is because it contains a fascinating design on its lining: a very lifelike image of various stars and galaxies, looking like the real night sky itself. At times, one might even think that it was twinkling, or moving ever so slightly...

On a final note, Utsuho's right arm is encased by a gigantic control rod, known as the Third Leg, which she uses to manage fusion reactions. It can also open up and be used as an arm cannon to fire danmaku during battle.

Stage Two - Melancholic Music of the Inner Soul ~ View of One's Surroundings

Personality: Utsuho strikes most who meet her as... well, more than just a little bit clueless. This doesn't mean she isn't intelligent - far from it. However, due to her nature as a Hell Raven - a species of low-level Youkai with a similarly low level of basic comprehensive capacity - she can't exactly handle the constant influx of information from her nuclear fusion powers as well as a more naturally intellectual being might, even with the understanding of the reactions she carries out that her powers give her. Consequently, while normally she is at least mostly lucid, whenever in the midst of conducting a reaction, or even in battle, she has a tendency to be overwhelmed by the amount of calculations she must accomplish, to the point that she shuts out everything else, causing her to become severely deficient in the short-term memory and common sense departments. This generally results in her muttering a sort of monotone military-style report/commentary on the progress of whatever she is doing, which seems startlingly serious in comparison to her otherwise energetic, happy-go-lucky personality. On top of this, Utsuho is also rather naive, having been raised as a pet her entire life and treated as such. She has a permanent mindset of being the subordinate to those around her who have power - mostly those who have defeated her in combat before - and thus tends to simply believe whatever they say and follow their orders unquestioningly. This tends to get her duped rather often, something she herself doesn't even realize due to her simple nature.

On the other hand, Utsuho also has her moments of rather shocking intelligence. Due to her childlike mind, she doesn't discount things because they might be improbable or strange, and thus is capable - when not otherwise occupied - of deducing things other people miss. In addition, she is also capable of grasping rather difficult concepts - how did you think she managed to understand nuclear fusion? - although she might forget them once something more important comes up.

A final trait of hers is her flair for the dramatic and the explody. She's a bit proud, and has a bit of a fixation on drawing attention to herself, causing her to sometimes lapse into boastful, hammy monologues, especially before a battle. During battle, this causes her to generally choose attacks that have the highest level of flashiness - she throws freaking STARS at people, again, what did you expect? - and destructive power, as she's a bit of a pyromaniac. But, despite this, she's a decent person at heart, although her gullibility gets her into scrapes sometimes, such as the time she tried to conquer the world because she misunderstood a command from someone who was her superior - the one who gave her the power of nuclear fusion, Kanako Yasaka - to mean that she should turn the world into a new Hell of Blazing Fires. Really, she thought she was just following orders, and when she assumed she was being told to rebel against her masters, she ironically enough obeyed.

She's actually surprisingly amicable, especially to those who actually tell the truth to her and help her remember things she forgets - this role generally falls to her master Satori, and to her fellow pet Orin.

Likes: Fire, fire, explosions, blowing things up, fire, danmaku, and FIRE. Oh, and did I mention fire? She also likes looking impressive, being treated respectfully, well-cooked meat - a taste she acquired as a Hell Raven, where she used to eat the corpses of sinners sent to the burning Hell - and performing her duties as a pet and servant, especially when said duties include performing nuclear manipulations.
Dislikes: Being tricked, forgetting things, being weak, being called stupid - a particular pet peeve of hers, which she absolutely detests.
Fears: Being unable to serve her masters, forgetting important things.
Goals: To follow her orders.
Relationships: She is a servant of Satori and Koishi Komeiji, and a good friend of Orin's. Kanako Yasaka, the god who gave her the powers she currently wields, is another master to her, and she manages Kanako's nuclear reactor as well as maintaining the Hell of Blazing Fires. She is acquainted with Suwako, but does not know her very well. Marisa Kirisame and Hakurei Reimu, as well as the associates of those two individuals, are people she greatly respects and longs to surpass, although she aids them when requested to and is remarkably docile toward them.

Stage Three - Dissonance in the Past ~ Verified Romance in One's Heart

Background: Once a normal Hell Raven, Utsuho ended up in the service of Satori Komeji, who, unlike most powerful Youkai, could understand her disjointed and somewhat hazy thoughts, and thus could communicate with her, something she could do with no other individual at first. Thus, she served eagerly, maintaining the fires in the burning Hell and otherwise helping around the Palace of the Earth Spirits. During her service, she became acquainted with a Kasha known as Rin Kaenbyou, who was kind to her and, although they could not communicate without the help of Satori at first, gave to her some of the leftover corpses of sinners to devour, thus allowing her to grow in power. Eventually, she gained enough strength to become a full fledged Youkai, although she was nonetheless a minor one. Taking on a Human form, she became one of Satori's chief servants along with her friend Orin, assuming an oversight position in the Hell of Blazing Fires itself and directing the lesser Hell Ravens in what to do. Her life went on like this for many months, until one day, something changed.

A strange voice - that of the god of the mountain, Kanako Yasaka - spoke to her, directing her to devour a corpse amongst the flames in order to gain the ultimate power and change the world, both above and below ground. Doing so, she discovered that she had consumed the god Yatagarasu, and hence gained the power of the sun. Taking her instructions to mean that it was her duty to expand the Hell of Blazing Fires to encompass the above-ground as well - partially due to her initial mental fog at the new knowledge she had suddenly acquired - Utsuho began acting on her own and disregarding other commands, causing Orin to grow worried and devise a plan.

The wily Kasha let loose several evil spirits, over which she had jurisdiction, into the surface world, along with a geyser created by Utsuho as a means of venting excess power. This drew the attention of several powerful individuals, who, just as Orin had planned, came to the underground to defeat Utsuho and stop the geyser, thus preventing her from going mad with power and invading the surface world. After the battle, once her powers had simmered down somewhat, Utsuho regained her sensibilities and returned to her former, cheery self, leaving the Hell of Blazing Fires and the underground entirely for the first time and going to the surface to accomplish her true prerogative, as directed by Kanako: to revolutionize the world by generating electricity.

Stage Four - Relative Description ~ One's Likeness Taken to the Soul

Theme Song(s): Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion and Flames Within These Black Feathers because the Touhou 3d Dogfight is awesome.

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