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Boyd Winston Basford

I lost her, my other half, so I became her in a way...

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a character in “An Impulse and the Delirium”, as played by BumbleDrop


Boyd Winston Basford

Devora Isa Basford



Image song







Many call him Devora, only his close friends or parents call him his real name.













Hair Color:


Eye Color:



Boyd has a small scar on the side of his ribs where he got one day playing in the woods.


Boyd is a 5’4 male who is slim and curvish and has pale skin. He has a scar on his right side of his ribs where he got when he was younger. His hair is grayish blonde hair that is short, but when he dresses up he puts on long, same colored hair. A charcoal brown fills his iris and when the sun hits it they shine like an angel’s.

Preferred Clothing:

He rather wear night gown dresses or Lolita dresses with knee high socks and flats. At school he goes as a boy and wears grey slacks with a button down white shirt. Sometimes when he goes out he goes in a black shirt and tan shorts or blue jeans.




Boyd, in stressful or depressing times, will talk to himself. He believes he is talking to his sister and she helps him through it. He rubs the end of his shirt or the side of his dress when he is nervous.


He can speak Kramin: It was an old language his decedents use to speak. Many thought the language was dead thanks to the wars, but his great grandfather kept the books neatly preserved until the day he died. The books were then given to his father who handed it to him. He began teaching himself at the age of ten.

Sew: During the first couple years after Devora’s death, Boyd’s mother refused to buy him new dresses. So in order to make himself and Devora happy he learned how to sew different kind of clothes. This came in handy for when he was on long camping trips or traveling.

Cook: Boyd, for the sake of seeming girly at times, learned to cook. He began using his mother’s cookbooks, then gradually moving on to trying new things on his own.

Endurance: Thanks to hiking trips and eating right, Boyd has learned to work on his endurance for a long time; most of the time he didn’t even know he was doing so. A few times, being dressed like a girl, larger men would chase him for long periods of time, but his endurance is what saved him, most of the time.

Hunting: It is not his favorite thing to do, but he has the patience for it.

Knowledge: Learning new things comes quickly to Boyd. You can show him once and he can pick up on it.

Nature Lore: Since Boyd loves to travel, hike, and so on; he has learned the plants and the animals that surround him. This skill gives him the knowledge of such things as edible and poisonous plants, healing herbs, and signs of unnatural danger (such as unusual quiet, absence of normal plant or animal life, atypical animal behavior, etc.).


Popsicles, animals, donuts, dresses, wigs


Drop Bears, loud people, rude people, spicy curry


Hanging with his friends, sewing, cooking, running, hiking


Thanatophobia- fear of death

Acrophobia- fear of heights

Allodoxaphobia- fear of opinions

Ceraunophobia- fear of thunder and lightening


Boyd is usually a social person, except if it is someone he likes (whether it be a boy or a girl, he likes both) He is still has an adventurous soul. From time to time he will go out and hike through the woods, finding new things. Boyd is curious, sometimes he finds himself creeping on people to hear what has happen or what is going on. He is friendly; making friends comes easy to him. Even though he is a kind soul he can also have a temper, like his sister. There are days, exspecially on his sister’s birthday and the day that she died, where he is quiet and goes kind of cold.




Boyd mostly uses his body to fight, he does not believe in using daggers, swords, etc for violence.

Fighting Style:

Martial arts


Healing: Boyd learned at the age of fifteen that he could use of use a type of healing plant and by combining the plant plus the innate magical abilities he could use it to heal a person.

Chi: With the martial arts that he learned from a younger age, and still practices, it provides him with extraordinary strength, speed, durability and reflexes.

Mediumship: Ever since his sister’s death he has been able to see and talk to spirits. For his parents sake he went to Dr. Hynd and played along. It is hard for him sometimes because a lot of the spirits that died in the war come to him.


Relationship Status:




Personal History:

On October 3rd, Boyd and Devora were born into the Basford family at 12:25 A.M, on one of the coldest day. The delivery was long, taking over twenty four hours. Everyone was surprised that they were born naturally. The doctor and nurses said that they were one of the rarest twins to ever be born within a second from each other. Many said this was one of the many reasons why they were so close to each other. Devora was born last and had the most complications, but never cried when they prodded her with needles. Instead it was Boyd who would start to cry at the exact moment that she got prodded.

A couple years later as time went by it was surely known that anytime Devora would get hurt Boyd would be the one to cry. One day, at the age of seven, as they were playing outside Devora and Boyd went on a little adventure in the woods that bordered their yard. Devora was the first to climb one of the old trees and bugged Boyd to climb up with her. He was unsure about this, having an ill feeling wash over him. He begged her to come down as he got to the first branch. The ill feeling grew more and as he looked up long white hair brushed his cheek. He heard a thump with the russiling of leaves, when he looked down his eyes watered and he curled up on on the branch, feeling the pain wash over him.

The next few months left Boyd numb and cold. Devora was in a coma and doctors worked furiously at trying to cure her. A year had gone by and none of the doctors could figure out what had caused her to suddenly collapse. Boyd had been at school when he felt it, he fell to his knees. The air in his lungs seemed to disappear and his heart broke. Boyd had felt half of him die. He didn't need to go to the hospital' he didn't need to see his parents crying; he had already known Devora had died.

Boyd never went to the funeral; instead he stayed home and cried in his sister's closet. A few days after the funeral Boyd found himself in his sister’s room; he felt like half of him died along with her. He undressed and slipped his sister’s favorite dress and twirled around. Boyd looked into the mirror and realized that in some way this made him feel like he had his sister back. From that day on he would come back from school and dress up as his sister. He refused to make friends, scared that if he did he would lose his sister again.

Boyd’s parents became seriously concerned and brought him to a psychiatrist, having nothing else to turn to. He was seeing his psychiatrist, Dr. Hynd, up until he was fourteen. He helped Boyd learn that he could still have friends and memories of Devora, but he had to realize that she was dead and gone. Boyd still dressed up as Devora, even became to the point where he would go out in public. People started to talk so his parents shipped him off to his grandparent’s old him. There he met his friends Roman and Calliah, the only two who knows that he is a male.




So begins...

Boyd Winston Basford's Story


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“How many nights has that been, Boyd?” Calliah asked. Boyd had been camping in the woods for over a week, the only reason he was back was to get new clean clothes, journal, and food. Lately it had been hard for him to focus on Devora. It was like she was slipping away, one night he was talking to her and in a second she disappeared. It took him around an hour to get her back, it scared him to the point where he started to have an anxiety attack. Once in the woods she had shown him a new plant that could, for a short time, change the color of your iris. He had documented it in the last page of his journal.

“A week last night and I am going back out tonight.” Boyd said. He was in his black shirt and tan shorts. He moved around Calliah. “Excuse me.” He said as he saw Devora standing in the doorway of his room.

Wear the old maroon dress that stops before your knees and the black boots! She didn’t move as he walked partially through her. She sighed, for some odd reason loving the feeling. To her it was like she was actually touching him. She has watched him hurt and for a year after her death he finally saw her. He had walked to the small park that was next to their parent’s house; all there was, was a swing set, slide, and merry-go-round; and he sat on the swing and cried. She stood there and if ghost could cry she would of. He asked why she had to leave, and out of habit, she told him she didn’t have a choice. He flipped out of the swing and turned towards her.

He walked into his room, leaving Calliah in the living room, and closed the door. “Why? I am going to be in the woods, Devora.” She huffed.

Because, you are going closer towards the main road that leads into Inversa, which is dangerously close. What if you are seen? How are you going to explain what you do? Didn’t mother and father send you hear so you wouldn’t be ridiculed and shunned? I heard that someone was going to rat you out to, Rajesh. You know what he would have done to you! He shivered. Rajesh was a very weird God that had been ruling over Quailson where his family lived. He had a thing for younger boys and worse for boys that dressed as girls. He remembered a boy that was forced by his older brother to dress in a sun dress one day. That one day so happened to be when Rajesh was out for his monthly check up of the town. The boy was forced to move in with him. He never heard of the boy ever since then. Rejesh wasn’t a bad looking man, but rather a scary one. He was tall, roughly around 6’4, and muscular with black hair and the darkest blue eyes. Boyd tried his hardest to dodge him whenever he could and thankfully his parents did him a favor.

“Fine!” He tried to make her stop with her questions, he knew she was worried for him, but it got annoying after a while. He stripped and laid out the clothes he was going to wear and the wig. He heard Calliah walk up to the door, she was a curious soul. She only ever heard one side of the conversation, but this time he wanted to keep this one private, “Bes I hup's vops su fioq ag I his as haqsz. Yue jpuv I eteommz his haqsz up sfiti sqant.”(But I don't want to hear if I get it dirty. You know I usually get dirty on these trips.)

She is listening again? Why do you keep her around anyway? And that is why I told to wear it because I know you were or are…something like that. Get rid of her, you know I think that language is creepy. It is dead for a reason. She floated and sat on top of his dress of drawers.

“I ol pus hissaph qah ug fiq, tfi at upi ug sfi giv gqaipht I fowi. Aph I sfapj tfi majit li..tfi fot ciip tniphaph o mus ug sali vasf li...vimm tapbi I fowi ciip fiqi. Aph I ol pus tsunnaph, his uwiq as. Is a noqs ug” (I am not getting rid of her; she is ONE of the FEW friends I have. And I think she likes me..she has been spending a lot of time with me...well since I have been here. And I am not stopping, get over it. It i part of

I don’t think it is that. He looked at her and he knew she knew something. When she knew something she never looked at him. Boyd hurried and got dressed, looked in the mirror, made sure he looked like his sister, and dodged out of the room. He ran right into her.

“Is there something you want to tell me?” He asked her.

She blushed, took a seat, and teared up. “We are moving, Boyd. My parents are being called back to Wimsville. Kail wants the original families to be there. I don’t know why and I am scared.” Boyd hugged her until she stopped crying. They talked until she had to leave and he watched her leave.

You ready? Life is too short to cry over things we can’t control. She said and walked to the border of the woods and their yard. He sighed, grabbed his stuff in the house, and made his way with her.

“I don’t see why we are going this way; I really wanted to take more notes on the plant. It was pretty neat. My iris has never turned purple before.” They made their way down the path that leads to a small bridge and over a brook.

Why you have to question me about everything? Just…listen to me for once. I never lead you to anything that was harmful! She huffed and walked through a tree. He walked around and sighed. She was right; he needed to just listen to her. Boyd looked around and saw that they were heading for the outskirts of the town. Why is she leading me out of town? Nothing good is out of town, unless it is for more plants! Other than that, well… He walked right through Devora and right in front of a girl and a guy. The girl was tiny, shorter than him by a good six inches; she had long black hair and violet eyes. He shivered before looking over the guy. He was way taller than Boyd, a good foot, give or take an inch. The guy had black hair also, but he had blue eyes instead. Cute.

“Yue buemh ug sumh li su tsun uq sfos sfiqi viqi niunmi oqueph! Nus maji sfiz buemh fioq zue. Nuv I fowi pu bmei ag sfi oqi huaph su ossobj uq pus!” He hissed behind him where Devora was standing.

Sorry! They just kind of snuck up on me. I didn’t even hear them. Just act…natural. Be friendly and cute. Maybe they will take pity on you and spare your life. She gave a nervous laugh and walked up to them to check them out. Well, the little girl has the big stick, but other than that they don’t seem to have anything. Now…be cute and loveable. Say hi!!

Boyd sighed and then smiled, “Hi there, sorry if I have scared you two, I was just hiking through here. Are you two lost? Do you two need help? Ah, sorry, I am Devora. Sorry if I am just rambling, I tend to do that…sometimes.” He spoke in his higher pitch voice, making him sound more of a girl than normal, like always. He knew what they say; they saw a girl, which made him feel oddly happy. A blush crept up as he looked up at the guy and then away.

Devora laughed, Well don’t you look cute! Ohhh you think that guy is cute, huh? You make me look like some innocent little girl. Or rather you make yourself like that. She stared at him, standing next to the two strangers that he just sort of jumped out in front of. Ehh, I don’t think the guy likes cute girls. Look at his face. She floated up and stared nose to nose with the guy.

Oh for the love of all things! Get down, Devora! What if he CAN see you?! He looked nervous and kicked the dirt before looking back up at the guy and then the girl.


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[Edmund Liuva Audo]

He was tired, and therefore he was grumpy. Vega had woken him rather early that day for them to set out, and when she did things like this it often left him conflicted. One minute she was attempting to sneak away from him, the next she was waking him up at ungodly hours and making him travel for extravagant lengths. Maybe he was over exaggerating, tiredly carrying the spiel on.

Even so, he didn't mind being with her. Rather, he minded not being with her. It was odd for him, when they first met, he needed somebody, a companion. And she needed one too, so he took a shot and ended up becoming severely attached to her in the amount of time they had known each other up until that moment. If he were asked how he felt about her, it would be difficult for him to explain. He wasn't sure if he was in love with her, but he was definitely... interested. Romantically. A whole lot.

Maybe that is love.

It was just a single sentence that ran through his head, and he idly shook his head at it, casting a sideways glance at Vega to see if she had picked up on it. She hadn't, she just kept trudging forward with a determined (albeit cute) look on her face. Love, yeah. He had leeched on to her, and although he'd like to say it was unintentional, it wasn't. He needed her, even if he didn't know her at that point, and he felt a little guilty for taking advantage of her when she had needed somebody too.

He tried to focus his thinking, attempting to remember the name of the town they were about to come up on. He knew it was Godless, much like the area he had come from, and he knew that they'd more than likely be crashing there tonight. That is, if Vega didn't end up getting them thrown out of an Inn. Again. Granted, it had only happened once to the two of them, but Edmund imagined it had happened frequently to Vega when she was on her own, one of the times causing them to meet.

Input...? No. That's not it. Universa? Invers-

He thoughts were put on halt as a figure walked out of the woods and seemingly right into their path. He stood like a deer in headlights at first, on alert, but immediately relaxed when he realized it was a girl. At least, he thought it was a girl, taking a closer look now, there did to be something off about them. But the blush and high pitched voice distracted him from those thoughts for too long, and he leaned forward ever so slightly as he put his hands in his pockets.

The girl seemed to let out a nervous chuckle after apologizing, and Edmund noticed her eyes focus on something in front of him, which he found odd, considering there was nothing there. After that little split second, the girl then cast her gaze downwards and nervously kicking at the ground.


He leaned forward more, narrowing his eyes at the girl, as if he was examining her. His eyes ran down and then up her once, before he gave a little nod and straightened his posture again, turning slightly to the left to face Vega and give a little shrug. He didn't talk much, if at all, in front of strangers, and so Vega was used to his body gestures by this point. That shrug in particular meant 'Doesn't seem like a threat to me, so whatever'.

Because of this reclusive attitude in front of others, however, Edmund becomes rather passive and lets Vega call the shots. And so he did so then, standing silently and waiting for her to speak up in reaction to this seemingly harmless and trivial girl.

Inversa. The name popped into his head as he waited for Vega to do something, awkwardly casting glances back and forth between the two females before turning on his heel and beginning to wander further down the path they had just walked up. Vega knew how he was in front of other people, so this shouldn't be a surprise for her. When they were done with introductions, he was sure she'd come and get him.