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Edmund Liuva Audo

"You're so naive. I tell you all the things you want to hear. But if you knew how far this is from real, you'd walk away."

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a character in “An Impulse and the Delirium”, as played by Sicariius


♦ Edmund Liuva Audo ♦

Theme: Prelude to a Dream - A Skylit Drive
Image Song: Honest Eyes - Black Tide

Role: The Recluse
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Edmund hasn't been subjected to many nicknames, and utterly detests being called 'Ed'. It was something his sister used to call him, and upon her death he began to dislike it. Nobody else nicknamed him anything. In fact, his parents seemed to ignore his existence most of the time, and would often resort to just calling him 'boy'. He is, however, open to receiving one provided it isn't cutesy or stupid.
Age: Seventeen
Race: Human

Height: 6 ft 5 ins (196 cm)
Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Edmund is free of any piercings, but his back is painted with jagged scars and there is a small tattoo in black ink on the back of his neck bearing this symbol. Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that this symbol is indeed a brand that has been inked over.
Description: Edmund's hair is black, with the occasional strand of light blue hair popping up. It is short in length, with the bangs cut so they come to rest above his eyes in tresses, while the outer edges of them fall down to frame his face. He never really wears it in any frequent manner, and it generally lies disheveled. There will be times, such as special occasions, where he will mat it down or even brush it, however, but he still generally doesn't pay much attention to it, and so upon waking up it will be messier than usual and then naturally mat down slightly. Despite his lack of fashioning it, he still does maintain a healthy care for his hair, and so it rarely looks oily and even gives off a rather vibrant sheen in the light, especially with the odd strands of blue in there. The rest of his hair comes to rest at just below his ears, the right side being a tad bit longer than he left.

There's no mistake that Edmund is above average in size when it comes to males his age, and he seems to show a distaste for it. Due to the unnatural height, he is subject to many taunts and jeers about it, and this does nothing but piss him off if it's frequent. He always took it as an odd thing, when he was younger, to be teased by kids who should be afraid of him. But then he realized he never offered any reason for them to be afraid, and began to do so. Needless to say, in his younger years, he was a bit of a forced bully. His build is more athletic than anything else, having stemmed from his constant running and dancing exercises. He appears to be lean, but underneath the clothing he has a fair amount of muscle to his abdomen and chest, and definitely has a fair amount of muscle in his legs and upper arms. Regardless of this, however, it still seems as if he's frail when he is clothed.

Edmund, to the average onlooker, wouldn't appear as overtly handsome, but he does have at least above average looks and a sort of ambiguous charm to his face. His jaw line is rather sleek, and his complexion is rather fair and unblemished. His eyebrows are also on the thinner side, and he has longer eyelashes than most females, even. The most notable thing about his face that makes him come off as not only handsome, but beautiful, is his lips. They're a nice sense of full that it comes of as aesthetically appealing, and have just the right tinge of pale pink to them.

His eyes are another main attraction, being slightly larger than usual and showcasing a rather beautiful display of color in the irises. The colors seem to eclipse from the bottom of the iris to the top, starting as a light green/blue and ranging to a rather dark, but beautiful blue hue. There are also small rings of a slighter darker green/blue around the pupils, and although they are hardly noticeable against the back drop, they still seem to have an off putting factor to them. Their gaze, however, seems to remain stoic as Edmund has seemingly perfected the ability to conceal all emotion from his eyes and expressions.

His skin is just a shade away from being a bit too pale, and in areas such as his face and arms, it appears to be unblemished and unmarred. When it comes to his back, and even a portion of his torso, however, there are numerous stories painted in the jagged scars that dance around the canvas that is his body. Some are from fights, childhood incidents, accidents. Some run deep, some run shallow. Some hold meaning, some hold none at all. Which are which is up to debate.

Edmund's expressions are usually that of feigned disinterest, or exhaustion. Granted, that isn't to say he doesn't often have other expressions; he does, they just don't often surface unless in the company of a person/or people he trusts. But at that stage, it isn't rare to see a small smirk decorating his face, or even an expression of morbid curiosity. Other than that, he appears distant, or at the very least, complacent.

Preferred Clothing: Edmund often wears a jacket, along with black jeans and a pretty standard pair of boots. The jacket is high collared, and long sleeved, and he almost always wears it zipped all the way up. Underneath the jacket, however, he wears a rather clingy black shirt. He finds this get up practical, no matter what weather situation, and tends to like remaining warmer than colder anyway. He has be known, from time to time, to wear a business-like suit.

Oddities: Despite his altogether cold demeanor, and his tendency to recluse into a shell of sorts, Edmund can come off as a rather warm person at times, showing an immense amount of care for even the likes of a stranger.

Another thing about Edmund that may surprise people is his massive passion for music, as well as his fighting style.

Edmund is what some might call, a selective talker, and really only opens his mouth to speak to people he's more familiar with. Those he might have been travelling with for a while, for example, will have more experience with actually hearing him say things.

Skills: Despite the low availability, Edmund is very tech savvy with whatever electronic component or device is placed in his hands, be it low tech, or the even more rare high tech.

He has a rather good knowledge of various herbs and plants, having taken up a fascination in herbalism at a rather young age. He knows what is edible, what can kill you in a matter of seconds, and the medicinal effects of each specimen.

Due to his athleticism, Edmund is pretty gifted with stamina, and is able to run at a pretty decent pace for a long time. Along with this, he's also well acquainted to traversing a variety of terrain, and may even be able to navigate some expertly so in a full run.

Edmund is also very skilled at dancing. Yes, I said dancing. This is a result of his fighting style, and although he never really showcases it outside of fighting, he's still got the moves.

He also has a knack for cooking, he's no expert chef, but he can whip up a better meal than most, even with limited ingredients.

Likes: Music, forests, reading, spicy food, warm weather, and so on and so forth.
Dislikes: Sweet things, sour things, bitter things, cold weather, assholes, large animals that have the potential to disembowel him, ect.
Hobbies: Examining tech, dancing, exercising, running, cooking, medicinal practice.


Personality: Edmund's personality can be experienced in layers, gauged upon how close one is to him. The first layer is one of the most common, and it's his state of recluse. Much like a turtle remaining in its shell, Edmund tends to remain distant and withdrawn upon meeting new people and becoming more acquainted with them. In this state, he is a rather selective speaker, and tends to remain passive. He remains defensive when questioned, however, responding with no answer at all, or become rather cautious with it. He's hesitant to form bonds, because he knows once he leaves this state with a specific person, he leaves himself open and vulnerable, completely leaving it all up to his trust.

The second layer is also somewhat common, albeit not as common as the first. He drops his guard a significant amount in this state, and becomes more lenient and open to people. This will get him to talk a bit more, and even clue people in on details about himself that they might have been curious about before. He still tends to avoid mentioning some things at this stage, however, not yet fully establishing trust with a person. His desire to protect does become more apparent at this point.

The third layer is when Edmund drops his guard completely, leaving himself completely vulnerable in the hands of the person, and having complete faith in them. People this close tend to be recipients of a lot of affection from Edmund, and are also more likely to hear about his past than any others are. His protective nature definitely kicks in for these this close, and a reckless abandon kicks in, assign more value to their lives than his own.

The fourth layer is a simple extension of the fourth, and is when Edmund falls in love with a person, or is at the very least romantically attracted to them. Being Pansexual, this is fair game for anybody who can get that close to him.

Apart from these layers, Edmund is generally a kind hearted person and despite being soft spoken, he is tailored with strong opinions and stand points. He's passionate about protecting those who are worth protection, and will do anything within his power to make sure of it, even if it means throwing away his life.

Weapon: He tends to use his fists and feet in battle, but also has a short dagger on his person to be called upon if needed.

Fighting Style: Edmund fights using Capoeira, a martial art that combines elements of dance and music. He has added a more urban element to it, however, and combines it with a type of break dancing as he fights. He's rather flighty in combat, and utilizes a lot of jab and kicks, as well as spins and flips when fighting. This, combined with his geokinesis, can be rather effective by kicking and launching clumps of earth at people, or using his movements to raise pillars and set them off balance.

Because of this, he is often all over the place on the field of battle and tends to not use weapons. His power makes for a great defense, and a great defense makes for a great offense.

Geokinesis - The ability to manipulate earth and all things made of earth, along with plant life, and even things refined, such as metal.
This is one of two abilities that Edmund is capable of using, and although this one seems to be more powerful, it's not often used unless in battle or for needed environmental changes. Thought it has a wide amount of uses, including forming things such as shields, and shelter from weather and other things, he mostly uses it to form gauntlets, comprised of shards of earth and rock, around his hands and a portion of his arms. Sharp extensions can be formed around his feet the same way, for when he's more on the offense when fighting. He also incorporates this into his fighting style, often raising and altering multiple pillars of earth to manipulate his target.

Calming Effects - Edmund has the ability to surface happy memories, no matter how dormant they lay in one's mind. This causes a rather dopey feeling to overtake the person, and often leaves them numb and ecstatic.
The catch to this ability, however, is that in order for it to kick in, he has to make a rather intimate connection with a person. This form of connection being a kiss, on the lips, as a means of forming a direct conduit.

Relationship Status: Single, but interested in somebody.
Sister - Clementine Audo.
Age - Twenty-one.
Olive and Jake Audo.
Ages - Forty-four and forty-eight.
Might as well be dead.

Personal History: Edmund's life growing up wasn't anything that he considers noteworthy. Sure, his parents were dead beats and often neglected him along with his older sister, but they never transitioned beyond that. They were fed and clothed, but they were also ignored. What they did was never any concern of theirs, and so this started a streak of cries for attention from Clementine in her teenage years, and in turn, cries for attention from Edmund as he reached that stage in his life. There were several various attempts, deliberately breaking laws, self harm, ingesting dangerous substances, threats to their life and his own, the list goes on. It didn't take him long to realize it didn't matter however, and he soon went back to not caring if they ignored him or not. He instead went back to relying on his sister for guidance.

And she did an okay job, despite also not having not the best parenting herself. She did her best to show him his rights from his wrongs and established his morals despite not following them herself. Her please for help and attention never stopped, and Edmund wasn't ignorant to this. He tried to convince to give up on it, but she insisted she couldn't. And her persistence lead to her taking it too far, which lead to her death. The details of which Edmund doesn't like to recite, and it is only something he can bring up with an individual thoroughly close to him.

After her death he lashed out violently, and in turn discovered his powers. He was, needless to say, very angry. And it resulted into their residence at the time collapsing into the ground in one giant sinkhole. But that's a story for another time, and unfortunately his parents survived, and continued to ignore him. He eventually had enough and decided to leave, setting out on his own to find whatever it was he was looking for. (Will edit in more upon prescenes.)

The Bastard Child
Edmund has another sibling; a younger brother. That he is unaware of at the current moment. If he were ever to become aware of his existence, he would find him immediately and attempt to form a bond.

The Girl
He only recently came upon her in his travels; he was broken and so was she. He offered to fix her, and although she was reluctant at first, she finally accepted. And her acceptance began to fix him. They've not known each other for long, but Edmund feels as if he's known her his entire life, and has formed a rather strong romantic attraction for her, although she is unaware of it.

So begins...

Edmund Liuva Audo's Story


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[Vega Delacroix]

It had been some weeks since the coming of summer had been heralded in. And with its descent upon the world, so did come the thick and humid heat the season was known for. The air was sweltering, seeming to dance off in the distance; swaying and shimmering to the unending song of the cicada. It would seem normal, the world around. Summer ever the same, indifferent to the transformations the Earth it settled in upon had endured.... Hanging in the sky above, remained a band which stretched far across the sky, from horizon’s edge to horizon’s edge, illuminated by the light of the ever-bright Sun. The world was quieter than it used to be...the noises of people had ebbed away with the advent of time and catastrophes caused by the hand of humanity. Cities and those places where the progenies of those who’d lived through what could’ve been called an apocalypse lay far apart from another, spread over the face of the continent known to its inhabitants as Manus Solis.

The roads between these settlements were desolate and lonely, underused and unkempt. Those who dared to travel along these paths could’ve been called brave of heart, idiotic...or perhaps desperate.

Perhaps it was that she could’ve been called a mixture of all three.... Journeying through the world, uncertain of it and what awaited her within it, her life had become this—moving constantly, never remaining in a place for more than a short period of time. Through the tail end of winter and through the spring, this had come to be the life she’d led. So different compared to the life she’d had before all of this began.... The world between cities was a harsh, unforgiving one. Something she’d not expected to find waiting for her following her being rendered alone. People did not treat her as she was them, she was nothing more than a pestering child who mattered no more than the dirt or pavement under their feet if she weren’t paying them for something.

She’d learned fast that the world was not going to do her any favors, nor were people, if she did not regard people with some level of respect or courtesy, even those who did not deserve it, then she would find herself all the more miserable. Getting by in the world required her to act a part she was unsuited to, one that was far beneath her. Speaking falsely, showing gratitude that did not exist within her; this was what had become her existence. It was something she despised, the notion of having to fake pleasantries.... It was an act beneath her and the surname she bore. A name worthy of people’s recognition and reverence. Alas, if she did not undertake this distasteful behavior, she would find herself given treatment far undeserving of a ‘Delacroix’. So it was that she did what she had to. And she would continue to attempt this for as long as necessary, until it was she would at last see her aims completed.

Though it would make sense if she sought vengeance for what she’d undergone, for what she’d lost...that itself was the very last thing she desired. Anger and sorrow begets only more of the same. Desiring the pain and suffering of another would do no one, no good. That was something she remembered, and had learned from her now late parents. Throwing away the lessons they’d instilled into her with their untimely deaths would only serve to further shame their memories, their legacies; which were already tainted by the fact so much blood had been spilled simply to preserve her single, pathetic life. To do that would mark her more of a terrible daughter than she already was.

Her mother and father, and so many of their servants had died to keep her from becoming a sacrifice to Uzziel. Over a dozen people had their lives ended so that she could survive; alone. To live, she had to lose everything she’d ever known, and to run away from the only home she’d had in her life. Behind her the city of Croix had been left, remaining only a part of her in her memories. Its citizens, and the God known as Uzziel...a fragment of her past along with the recollection of blood splattering across her face while it was she watched her mother collapse into a heap before her, slowly drowning to death by the fault of her own body fluid.

Without direction, without any certainties or knowledge, she’d fled from her city, beyond scared, beyond confused. It’d taken her days to even comprehend the fact that her parents were dead, and why it was they’d died. And following that, it’d taken weeks for her to finally come to terms with what it was she sought to do with a life that had its value far exceeded, a price paid with blood. Her travels had been secluded, she’d been alone for days...tired, worn and mentally exhausted from everything happening to her so fast, and she worked to keep others from her, from allowing herself to appear weak in the eyes of all who saw her for the sake of the name she carried. Of course, there is only so much one person can handle. Trying to feign a sense of esteem for those who have none for you is much of a challenge—one which she was guilty of failing time and time again.

Eventually, things surmounted enough to result in her losing it, and insulting an innkeeper in some speck of a city free of a God’s reign. Tossed out into the approaching night, tearful with shattered pride and self-shame heavier then, than it had been before...she had never felt so completely alone and in need of another person. Even a stranger. She missed her family; the sense of familiarity and warmth that came with it. Attempting to pick herself back up and together, she took to seeking out isolation from the rest of the world, hoping she could erect back around her a repaired veil of self-importance, to seem a figure worth recognition. With the tears that had been slipping down her beet red cheeks though, ones of anger, shame and loneliness, she couldn’t have looked more pathetic if she’d tried. And, it was this laughable state of hers had been what earned her a follower….

Initially viewing him only as an annoyance, as unnecessary and an insult to her pride, she’d tried to shoo him away from her, uncouth as ever. All attempts of this were in vain he did not heed her requests, and he instead remained with her, taking to consoling her and helping in ridding her of the tears she couldn’t keep back. Even after this, even knowing that the comfort he’d provided was something she had indeed needed and desired, as to her he’d given her a sense of family again, she still tried to get him to leave her alone. Ashamed she’d even accepted his aid and allowed herself to cry before him.... Still, he did not leave her—and against all her wishes, he had tagged along after her, even when she attempted to elude him, or sneak away, he still somehow managed to find her again, refusing to let her be alone again.

She didn’t understand why he was this way...she eventually found herself accepting his presence after the initial hesitant weeks of him being at her side. He became a constant in an otherwise inconsistent life. A companion, and perhaps even a ‘friend,’ he stuck with her even though it was she only regarded him with boorishness and bitter sentiments. With him at her side, she was no longer alone, and that gnawing solitude she’d suffered for so long at last receded. There was no denying the fact that she did indeed feel some level of shame for coming to accept him as a part of her life, and allowing him to get mixed up in the mess that was now her life. Him being with her meant that his life was too in danger, as hers was. Though the God Uzziel and the city of Croix had been left behind her, those who were under Uzziel’s command were far from.

Repeatedly, she had to flee from the sights of these people...they would not hesitate in taking her life, or the life of anyone who got in their way. They’d slaughtered her family with no hesitation. There was no doubt they’d do that to even someone who was otherwise a stranger to her. ....which was why she had to keep moving, no matter what. She couldn’t stay in the same place for too long, if she did, people’s lives were in danger.

Not like it would do her good to remain in one place for too long anyway...given the fact that she had yet to achieve her end goals. What she desired to do, it was far from an easy task, but she would do what she had to in order to see it completed. For the time being, that required her to undergo an ever constant series of searches, to obey even the faintest wisp of a rumor.

Until it was she could rid the world of what it was that made Gods, Gods, she would never stop. Even in the midst of summer, with heat so intense, and air so thick, she’d keep on going. She was no longer alone, she had someone with her who insisted upon accompanying her whether she wanted him there or much blood had been paid to ensure her survival....

This was why her travels now led her to a small outcrop of a town, one free of a direct God’s rule, a town called Inversa....


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“How many nights has that been, Boyd?” Calliah asked. Boyd had been camping in the woods for over a week, the only reason he was back was to get new clean clothes, journal, and food. Lately it had been hard for him to focus on Devora. It was like she was slipping away, one night he was talking to her and in a second she disappeared. It took him around an hour to get her back, it scared him to the point where he started to have an anxiety attack. Once in the woods she had shown him a new plant that could, for a short time, change the color of your iris. He had documented it in the last page of his journal.

“A week last night and I am going back out tonight.” Boyd said. He was in his black shirt and tan shorts. He moved around Calliah. “Excuse me.” He said as he saw Devora standing in the doorway of his room.

Wear the old maroon dress that stops before your knees and the black boots! She didn’t move as he walked partially through her. She sighed, for some odd reason loving the feeling. To her it was like she was actually touching him. She has watched him hurt and for a year after her death he finally saw her. He had walked to the small park that was next to their parent’s house; all there was, was a swing set, slide, and merry-go-round; and he sat on the swing and cried. She stood there and if ghost could cry she would of. He asked why she had to leave, and out of habit, she told him she didn’t have a choice. He flipped out of the swing and turned towards her.

He walked into his room, leaving Calliah in the living room, and closed the door. “Why? I am going to be in the woods, Devora.” She huffed.

Because, you are going closer towards the main road that leads into Inversa, which is dangerously close. What if you are seen? How are you going to explain what you do? Didn’t mother and father send you hear so you wouldn’t be ridiculed and shunned? I heard that someone was going to rat you out to, Rajesh. You know what he would have done to you! He shivered. Rajesh was a very weird God that had been ruling over Quailson where his family lived. He had a thing for younger boys and worse for boys that dressed as girls. He remembered a boy that was forced by his older brother to dress in a sun dress one day. That one day so happened to be when Rajesh was out for his monthly check up of the town. The boy was forced to move in with him. He never heard of the boy ever since then. Rejesh wasn’t a bad looking man, but rather a scary one. He was tall, roughly around 6’4, and muscular with black hair and the darkest blue eyes. Boyd tried his hardest to dodge him whenever he could and thankfully his parents did him a favor.

“Fine!” He tried to make her stop with her questions, he knew she was worried for him, but it got annoying after a while. He stripped and laid out the clothes he was going to wear and the wig. He heard Calliah walk up to the door, she was a curious soul. She only ever heard one side of the conversation, but this time he wanted to keep this one private, “Bes I hup's vops su fioq ag I his as haqsz. Yue jpuv I eteommz his haqsz up sfiti sqant.”(But I don't want to hear if I get it dirty. You know I usually get dirty on these trips.)

She is listening again? Why do you keep her around anyway? And that is why I told to wear it because I know you were or are…something like that. Get rid of her, you know I think that language is creepy. It is dead for a reason. She floated and sat on top of his dress of drawers.

“I ol pus hissaph qah ug fiq, tfi at upi ug sfi giv gqaipht I fowi. Aph I sfapj tfi majit li..tfi fot ciip tniphaph o mus ug sali vasf li...vimm tapbi I fowi ciip fiqi. Aph I ol pus tsunnaph, his uwiq as. Is a noqs ug” (I am not getting rid of her; she is ONE of the FEW friends I have. And I think she likes me..she has been spending a lot of time with me...well since I have been here. And I am not stopping, get over it. It i part of

I don’t think it is that. He looked at her and he knew she knew something. When she knew something she never looked at him. Boyd hurried and got dressed, looked in the mirror, made sure he looked like his sister, and dodged out of the room. He ran right into her.

“Is there something you want to tell me?” He asked her.

She blushed, took a seat, and teared up. “We are moving, Boyd. My parents are being called back to Wimsville. Kail wants the original families to be there. I don’t know why and I am scared.” Boyd hugged her until she stopped crying. They talked until she had to leave and he watched her leave.

You ready? Life is too short to cry over things we can’t control. She said and walked to the border of the woods and their yard. He sighed, grabbed his stuff in the house, and made his way with her.

“I don’t see why we are going this way; I really wanted to take more notes on the plant. It was pretty neat. My iris has never turned purple before.” They made their way down the path that leads to a small bridge and over a brook.

Why you have to question me about everything? Just…listen to me for once. I never lead you to anything that was harmful! She huffed and walked through a tree. He walked around and sighed. She was right; he needed to just listen to her. Boyd looked around and saw that they were heading for the outskirts of the town. Why is she leading me out of town? Nothing good is out of town, unless it is for more plants! Other than that, well… He walked right through Devora and right in front of a girl and a guy. The girl was tiny, shorter than him by a good six inches; she had long black hair and violet eyes. He shivered before looking over the guy. He was way taller than Boyd, a good foot, give or take an inch. The guy had black hair also, but he had blue eyes instead. Cute.

“Yue buemh ug sumh li su tsun uq sfos sfiqi viqi niunmi oqueph! Nus maji sfiz buemh fioq zue. Nuv I fowi pu bmei ag sfi oqi huaph su ossobj uq pus!” He hissed behind him where Devora was standing.

Sorry! They just kind of snuck up on me. I didn’t even hear them. Just act…natural. Be friendly and cute. Maybe they will take pity on you and spare your life. She gave a nervous laugh and walked up to them to check them out. Well, the little girl has the big stick, but other than that they don’t seem to have anything. Now…be cute and loveable. Say hi!!

Boyd sighed and then smiled, “Hi there, sorry if I have scared you two, I was just hiking through here. Are you two lost? Do you two need help? Ah, sorry, I am Devora. Sorry if I am just rambling, I tend to do that…sometimes.” He spoke in his higher pitch voice, making him sound more of a girl than normal, like always. He knew what they say; they saw a girl, which made him feel oddly happy. A blush crept up as he looked up at the guy and then away.

Devora laughed, Well don’t you look cute! Ohhh you think that guy is cute, huh? You make me look like some innocent little girl. Or rather you make yourself like that. She stared at him, standing next to the two strangers that he just sort of jumped out in front of. Ehh, I don’t think the guy likes cute girls. Look at his face. She floated up and stared nose to nose with the guy.

Oh for the love of all things! Get down, Devora! What if he CAN see you?! He looked nervous and kicked the dirt before looking back up at the guy and then the girl.


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[Edmund Liuva Audo]

He was tired, and therefore he was grumpy. Vega had woken him rather early that day for them to set out, and when she did things like this it often left him conflicted. One minute she was attempting to sneak away from him, the next she was waking him up at ungodly hours and making him travel for extravagant lengths. Maybe he was over exaggerating, tiredly carrying the spiel on.

Even so, he didn't mind being with her. Rather, he minded not being with her. It was odd for him, when they first met, he needed somebody, a companion. And she needed one too, so he took a shot and ended up becoming severely attached to her in the amount of time they had known each other up until that moment. If he were asked how he felt about her, it would be difficult for him to explain. He wasn't sure if he was in love with her, but he was definitely... interested. Romantically. A whole lot.

Maybe that is love.

It was just a single sentence that ran through his head, and he idly shook his head at it, casting a sideways glance at Vega to see if she had picked up on it. She hadn't, she just kept trudging forward with a determined (albeit cute) look on her face. Love, yeah. He had leeched on to her, and although he'd like to say it was unintentional, it wasn't. He needed her, even if he didn't know her at that point, and he felt a little guilty for taking advantage of her when she had needed somebody too.

He tried to focus his thinking, attempting to remember the name of the town they were about to come up on. He knew it was Godless, much like the area he had come from, and he knew that they'd more than likely be crashing there tonight. That is, if Vega didn't end up getting them thrown out of an Inn. Again. Granted, it had only happened once to the two of them, but Edmund imagined it had happened frequently to Vega when she was on her own, one of the times causing them to meet.

Input...? No. That's not it. Universa? Invers-

He thoughts were put on halt as a figure walked out of the woods and seemingly right into their path. He stood like a deer in headlights at first, on alert, but immediately relaxed when he realized it was a girl. At least, he thought it was a girl, taking a closer look now, there did to be something off about them. But the blush and high pitched voice distracted him from those thoughts for too long, and he leaned forward ever so slightly as he put his hands in his pockets.

The girl seemed to let out a nervous chuckle after apologizing, and Edmund noticed her eyes focus on something in front of him, which he found odd, considering there was nothing there. After that little split second, the girl then cast her gaze downwards and nervously kicking at the ground.


He leaned forward more, narrowing his eyes at the girl, as if he was examining her. His eyes ran down and then up her once, before he gave a little nod and straightened his posture again, turning slightly to the left to face Vega and give a little shrug. He didn't talk much, if at all, in front of strangers, and so Vega was used to his body gestures by this point. That shrug in particular meant 'Doesn't seem like a threat to me, so whatever'.

Because of this reclusive attitude in front of others, however, Edmund becomes rather passive and lets Vega call the shots. And so he did so then, standing silently and waiting for her to speak up in reaction to this seemingly harmless and trivial girl.

Inversa. The name popped into his head as he waited for Vega to do something, awkwardly casting glances back and forth between the two females before turning on his heel and beginning to wander further down the path they had just walked up. Vega knew how he was in front of other people, so this shouldn't be a surprise for her. When they were done with introductions, he was sure she'd come and get him.


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Astrazonica Bronach

Everything was meaningless. Happiness would never come again. Pain was washed away by numbness and felt no longer. There was no such thing as “God,” at least the kind that the people seemed to worship. There was nothing to look forward to. There was nothing to hope about. The only thing there was left was regret. Was there really a way to be saved from such a thing? No. However, Astra was going to do everything she could to be sure that she left the world with as few regrets as possible. That was her only purpose in life.

Unfortunately her last attempt to expose a “God,” Astra was found out. She could not finish the job. As a result, the fraud had her run out of town. Luckily, Astra was used to running for long periods of time when she had to. She ran as fast and steady as her feet could carry her. She had been following the path to Inversa. However, tracing the path would only make it easier for the guards to find her. So, she ran into the thick forest a ways off the path. Hopefully that would help to through them off of her trail. Luckily Astra was talented with navigation. She surely wouldn’t get lost in the forest.

To anyone else, the forest would have appeared so beautiful… The mossy trunks of the trees… The ground had some grass too… The thicket was so alive… and green! Birds could be heard chirping. Butterflies flittered around bright indigo flowers. Many people would be breathless at its sight… If the humidity hadn’t already taken their breath away. Then again, most people also wouldn’t run through the forest because guards were chasing them for trying to expose their leader.

As Astra blasted through the forest, she came across a hill. As she circled around it, she did not see the man straight ahead of her until it was too late. If he didn’t move out of the way, she would crash straight into him!