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An Unexpected Happening

An Unexpected Happening


(No Longer Accepting!) A young teenage boy stumble upon a bizarre stranger. As it turns out, this stranger isn't human, but wants to be. The two make an agreement: One teaches the other how to be human, in exchange for servitude and protection.

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i really liked this roleplay, though it died too soon. so i though of remaking it, but have it a 1x1...


One day you are walking down the street at night and took the alleyway for a shortcut to get home. Suddenly you spied a form in a dirty puddle on the ground. What you found was a stranger - unconscious, no ID, and with a strange aura to them. You wouldn't know it, but this was the day your life changed.


A gateway as been torn open and one creature of different realm tumbled out. Wanting to escape the war in their realm for their own reason. They fled to the human world, to live as a human. However, the gateway that dropped the creature amongst the humans is still open, spilling beings every day in the human world. Can this creature learn to live like the humans and survive until the gateways close, or will the two be killed and dragged back into the realm.

Also, a catch.

If the human the creature made their agreement or contract with dies before living a full life, the creature is torn from their life on earth and thrown back into their warring realm.


In this contract you have been binded with, there are limitations and abilities given.
For the Abilities, there is no limit on how much you can do this, where, or when.
For the limitations, they cannot be avoided in any way. If you cannot do something, you will never be able to.

1. If the human partner allows, the inhuman individual may change forms freely.
Inhuman character can freely switch between their forms, or even adapt traits of one form when in the other. (Ex. Human appearance, but willing themselves to grow horns from their true form, or their eyes changing into the eyes of the other form.)

2. Inhuman Individual cannot kill their human partner.
Inhuman individual cannot, under any circumstance, kill their partner. If an individual is to try, an unseen force shall keep them from doing so and inflict upon them a moderate level of pain for several seconds.

3. The human partner can summon their Inhuman partner at will.
A human can summon their partner at any time and place.

4. A human partner gains some of their Inhuman partner's abilities and may use them freely as their own.
When entering a contract, a human gains an ability of the species their partner is. This ability can be used at any time on anyone, now completely for the use of the human. (ex. A human with a succubus partner can seduce others, A human with a vampire partner becomes faster or stronger.)

5. A human may disable the abilities of their inhuman partner at any time.
A human partner can keep their inhuman partner's abilities on lock-down, making their inhuman partner unable to use their race's powers. They can even specify a specific power that cannot use. HOWEVER, THIS ONLY WORKS WHILE THE HUMAN PARTNER IS AWAKE.

6. While in human form, Inhuman partners will be vulnerable to harm in any way a human would be.
While in their human form, the inhuman can sustain damage like any human - Although they heal at an accelerated pace (if their race does, at least) and they can take much more damage (Durability far exceeding that of normal humans).

7. Partners will develop and keep a telepathic link.
Partners may communicate back and forth through a telepathic link, speaking to one another through their minds. However, they cannot communicate if spread too far apart, and both parties must be conscious.

More Abilities and Limitations may be added or edited. Please check frequently. You will be notified if there are any additions to the list. Suggestions are welcome, but may not be accepted.

Toggle Rules

1. Be respectful to me!
2. Be active, it's necessary for this RP to survive! Please PM me if you will be gone more than a week.
3. No godmodding, please!
4. Romance is allowed/encouraged.
5. Be literate, please - Or at least semi-literate.
6. Have fun! :) If you have any problems, please PM me about it or post it in the OOC.

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Character Portrait: Daemon Dues Tredecim Character Portrait: Alexyna
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Locked up in a cage in Heaven, Alexyna had on a ruby choker, hidden behind her dark blue neck ribbon, traps her powers away. This was to make sure she didn’t have any power to break free. Having no way of getting out, the door almost always locked. She has been like this for about a quarter of a century. Having no real contact with others outside the bars.

Today's the day. The day I finally escape this prison cage. The young Reaper was finally going to get out, no longer trapped like a bird in this cage. When the door opened for her next meal, that's when she escapes. The chains around her ankles have at last rusted, ready to break at any given moment. The clock stroked twelve, it was time. The door creaked open, an Angel in a bright white cloak walked through the door, their face covered by the hood. They're carrying a silver tray with food, as they went to place the tray on the table by Alexyna. NOW! The girl sudden dashed for the door, the chains around her ankles shattered. She rushed down the coiled stairway, hearing footsteps quickly coming from behind her. Great. Now the Guards are after her. The girl was now running through the garden in the courtyard. She felt herself having just enough power to create a small portal back to the Shadow Realm.

Forming the portal in front of her, she ran through, but not without two or three Guards who were still chasing her. Alex had just enough time to stop and catch her breath. She looked around and saw her Realm half destroyed. Dead Fallen Angels, Angels, and piles of black dust (the Reapers) were everywhere. Buildings, homes turned to rubble. This was not her home anymore. Remembering she was being chased, Alex started running again. She jumped across to a nearby platform, than kept running. She had to lose them, but how?

In the Shadow Realm, each building was on their own 'platform', like a floating piece of land with a building and such on top. If you fell off the edge, then...You'd be lucky enough to land on another platform that might be below. Having nowhere else to go, and with her powers still trapped inside the ruby, Alexyna had to make a decision. Either be captured again or run off the edge and hope for the best. Without a second thought, she ran straight for the edge, once she got closer, she closed her eyes, jumping off the edge.

Desolately, there was no platform below, just a dark pit of nothingness. Falling, the girl screamed, but wait, no sound was coming out! What was going on?!?! She can feel herself screaming, but she's not! Right when she opened her eyes a strange black, red, and yellow vortex spiraled below her. What is that?! It was like a vacuum, it’s sucking her in! She tried to spread her black feathered wings, nevertheless nothing happened. She raised her hand up and shouted. HELP!!!!!! However, there was no sound again. Was this the end of the poor girl? All she wanted was to escape that awful cage and return home. What she didn't know was that this portal, giving her the freedom she so longed for to escape these wars, was taking her to the Human Realm.

As soon as she entered the Human Realm, Alexyna was visible to the humans. Since she was so far up in the sky, she looked like nothing but a little black speck. Upon entering, the brightness of the Human Realm blinded the girl. Covering her vision with her left arm. She was not use to such light; in the Shadow Realm it had always been dark, only lightened by the tinted shine of the Red Moon. The cool air whistled passed her as she fell. What? She's not dead...Well, she didn't disappear? Since you know, Reapers can't really die...Anyways. Her eyes felt heavy, closing slowly. Her arms moved to her sides. It would appear that she had blacked out. As she plunged further down, passed a wall of clouds, it became darker. Her wings vanished, leaving behind a large trail of black feathers following after her. Her clothes started to rip away; each piece of clothing that came off caught fire and burned away. Her hair, turning darker, from white to gray to black, as if her ties with the Shadow Realm were breaking apart.

Each second Alexyna grew closer to the ground. It was nighttime in the Human Realm, so no one could see a girl falling from the sky to her possible death. Tall building surrounded her; the sounds of the city filled the air. Sadly, she plummeted on a building's rooftop, rolled off, and crash landing on the cold stone ground. The girl's clothes have been ripped off, but she was not fully naked. She did have portions of her clothes covering up parts of her body, though even that was torn up. Still, the ruby choker was around her neck, the only thing still slightly in one piece. The black feathers fell around her, as a crow appeared next to the girl. Her whole body was cut up; there was even a crack in the ruby. It's a miracle that she survived such a fall. Quite shockingly, this all came about in front of a young boy who just happened to be walking through the alley.


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Character Portrait: Daemon Dues Tredecim Character Portrait: Alexyna
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Daemon, ironically named after Demons, had been walking through the cold night air. He had gone out into the town to buy groceries, and to clear his mind. Geez, was his life boring, or at least that's what he told himself. He watched his breath form into a white cloud, then dissipate into nothing. He had a jacket on, as to not freeze in the cold night air. He would have hummed a tune, if he could speak at all. He would have done quite a bit of things if he could speak, but sadly, fate had a different plan for this young mute boy. He heard a loud noise, like something crashing. He grabbed a knife he had, and prepared to fight, but the noise temporarily stopped before sounding once again. The air in the city wasn't very clear, but he had grown accustomed to it, as he had with other things.

The second sound was of a girl(Alexyna) falling in front of him, unto the pavement of the cold ground. He would have asked for her condition, but he was reminded, once again, that he could not speak. He would have been embarrassed, if he wasn't worried about the health of the girl. How did she even fall from that high? He thought this to himself, utterly confused as to how she hadn't been completely destroyed. He crouched next to her, and observed her body, looking for any visible signs of damage. The girl appeared to, surprisingly, not have any broken bones or organs. Not being able to speak had given him time to sharpen his senses, but only to a degree. He, unsurprisingly, had quite a bit of strength and was able to carry the girl using both hands. He stood up, the girl in his hands, then headed in the direction of his mansion. The groceries could wait, this was much more important. He still wondered who had sent her flying out of the air, but he couldn't ask due to his disability. He sighed, knowing that he may have just brought himself into a giant mess. At least I might have some fun He thought this to himself, knowing the danger that could be brought upon by a girl who fell out of the sky.

Perhaps the young girl would wake up and tell him what was happening. Oh, he thought, remembering that trauma could possibly cause amnesia. He hoped she would at least be able to remember her name, but he couldn't expect an origin.


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Character Portrait: Daemon Dues Tredecim Character Portrait: Alexyna
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The girl could only see was black, and all she could hear was the silent buzzing in her head. Strangely enough, she can still barely feel things. Why is everything black? Laying on the cold, damp ground of the alley, she could not bring herself to open her eyes, or even move for that matter. Then, she felt herself being picked up. An arm under the back of her knees and another arm supporting her back. Also to the side of her, there was a warm body, at least that's what she assumed. Who's there? Where am I going!

Internally freaking out, the girl's head moved, facing the other side now. Her ruby choker then began to faintly shine its red color. The black crow took to the sky, as she was being moved from where she landed, not far behind the Reaper girl. It cawed it’s frightening caw, as it followed. The strange girl's eyes began to shutter open. Everything was a blur, as she only could open her eyes partly. Once her vision was slightly clearer, she saw a dark figure, though she couldn't see any features in the figure. Just presuming that the figure was trying to take her back. She summoned up all her strength to move her body and speak. "L-Let me go!!" She tried to shout, but only came out in a soft spoken whisper. She placed her hands on the boy's chest as she tried to push herself away, but didn't have enough strength to do so.

Her hands fell onto her stomach, not able to keep them up. She tried to focus her vision, it was a boy, she got that, and he wasn't an Angel, they'd be wearing white and have a bright shine to them. Maybe he was from her Realm. "I-I don't want to...go back...Don't take me...back..." She pleaded, closing her eyes again. Her breathing quickened, but she seemed to be passed-out once again.


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Character Portrait: Daemon Dues Tredecim Character Portrait: Alexyna
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He felt the girl's head move, but he didn't stop. It would be quite useless to stop, considering the fact that he couldn't speak. Daemon ignored the crow, knowing that it probably wouldn't try damaging him. He noticed her eyes open, which made him slow down. He wondered what she was thinking. Surely nothing lucid, He thought this to himself, expecting the fall to have made her a bit dizzy. "L-Let me go!!" She appeared to be resisting his carrying her, but he couldn't do much to assure her of his innocence. He smiled calmly as she tried to push away. She appeared to be a stubborn girl.

He watched her hands appear to go limp, thinking that perhaps she had given up fighting. He guessed that she must have been a bit more lucid, but it was highly unlikely due to her fall. "I-I don't want to...go back...Don't take me...back..." She requested of him. There was no reason for him to take her back to the place she was, and he couldn't even if he wanted to. He had no idea where the girl was from, so any attempt to return her to her origins would be short-lived. He approached the gates to his mansion, then he put her slowly against the wall. He went to the gates, got his keys out, opened the locks, then opened the gates. He didn't wonder why his mansion had gates, for the reason was obvious. His family was rich; therefore people would want to rob him.

He returned to the girl and attempted picking her up, in the same manner he had before. He had a smell of someone who recently took a shower, which he had done earlier. He went through the gates and rested her against the inside wall of the brick wall surrounding his mansion. He then closed the gates and picked the girl up once again.

He had reached the entrance to his house, where he knocked and had been greeted by a slightly shocked maid. "Oh my, who may this be?" The maid asked, curious as to who the young master had brought home. He shrugged his shoulder and motioned to his hands, which he would normally use for sign language. She understood. He sat the girl down on a seat, and sat opposite of her. He used his hands to signal to his maid to quickly cook something up. He grabbed pen and paper from his pocket, and wrote in neat handwriting, "Hello. I'm terribly sorry, but I am incapable of speech. Do you have any requests?" Then, he waited for the strange girl to wake up.


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The girl was probably out of another hour after the strange boy had brought her into his house, or mansion. For the first time ever, she had a dream. She was watching herself, like it was a movie of some sort. She was in front of her house back in the Shadow Realm, facing the old willow tree by the edge of the yard. She was slightly younger than her former self. “…98…99…100!! Ready or not! Here I come!!” She shouted, turning away from the tree. Even in the Shadow Realm, there are children’s games like almost all other Realms out there. The younger Reaper girl ran around her property, it being the boundaries and all, in search of her friend. “Hmp! Where is he?” She pouted, looking everywhere possible to hide. There was a quiet snicker blowing through the wind. The younger girl glanced up, seeing her friend, Liam, on the roof of her house. “Liam!!! Get Down here this instant!!!” She angrily yelled, watching the boy jump off the roof, and land on the ground in front of her. “That’s cheating!! You can’t hide on the roof, it’s not fair!!” The girl crossed her arms over her chest and glared at Liam. “Haha! It’s not cheating. The roof on your house is still in the boundaries. Sooo, it still counts!” Liam laughed, patting her on the head.

That sweet dream she was having, rapidly changed into a horrid nightmare. Houses in front of her caught on fire, Reapers running around trying to put the fire out. “Liam…Liam where are you!!” She called out frantically, running around. Finally spotting Liam in the sky, she quickly ran towards him unfurling her wings. But it was too late, an Angel had shot an arrow was shot, hitting Liam between his wings, he started going down, than poof he turned to a pile of ash. For Reapers with wings, getting hit with enough power between them was a critical weak point, it could kill one. “Li…am…” The little Reaper girl started screaming, crying, than everything went black. The strange girl shot up on the couch, as she was still screaming. She quickly stopped, realizing she was somewhere else. Her heart was racing and she was breathing heavily with tears running down her cheeks. She was wide awake now, frightened and confused on what she just saw.

She took a few deep breaths. Her vision was still a slight blur and she felt dizzy, ready to pass out again. Did her hit that building that hard? Staring down at herself, she found herself practically covered with cuts and bruises. Then she glanced up, seeing a boy sitting in front of her. On the table in-between them was a note that read “Hello. I'm terribly sorry, but I am incapable of speech. Do you have any requests?” She looked back at the boy and shook her head ‘no’.


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Daemon frowned a bit, not really having anything to do. What could he possibly do?

His mind wandered for a split-second and he found the right question to ask. Perhaps it was time to inquire about the girl's origin. He grabbed another note and wrote, "My name is Daemon" He would have asked one of his servants to translate for him, but that probably would have been strange for the girl. "What is yours?" He finished writing, then passed the note to her, hoping that the conversation wasn't too awkward, if it could even be called that. He sighed, or at least appeared to. It was probably going to be a long,long day.


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The boy introduced himself by writing his name on a piece of paper. Deamon it read. Continuing to read the note, he asked for her name. “…Good Evening, Deamon…My name is…” The girl fell silent; her gaze left the boy and fell to the floor. “...I…I don’t remember…” Her voice was quiet, soft, almost whisper like. "I'll probably remember it later...Though I do remember that my name starts with an A..." There was a hint of sadness lingering in her tone.

She stayed quiet for awhile, not really knowing what to say. After all, she was in a strange place. "Wh-Where am I?" She asked, feeling a bit uncomfortable with where she was.

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Character Portrait: Alexyna

"In the eyes of the weak, everyone is strong. But I am truly strong."


Character Portrait: Alexyna

"In the eyes of the weak, everyone is strong. But I am truly strong."

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Character Portrait: Alexyna

"In the eyes of the weak, everyone is strong. But I am truly strong."

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