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An Unexpected Summoning



a part of An Unexpected Summoning, by Kasen.


Kasen holds sovereignty over Moorcrest, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Moorcrest is a part of An Unexpected Summoning.


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Sitting alone in my room I blinked in the darkness only dimly lit by candles and stared at my reflection. The flickering flames that circled me reflected brightly in my eyes, making their blue irises look aglow. I exhaled slowly and tugged the strap of my white silk nightie back onto my shoulder before picking up the book.

A spell book, Kate said when she’d handed it to me. It was tradition for the new students to perform a spell from the book and when Kate found out that I hadn’t gone through the ritual she forced it on me. No woman was a true member of the University of Moorcrest until they performed the initiation.

Part of me wanted to just tell her I did it and nothing happened. Magic wasn’t real. It was just a product of superstitious people of the past who didn’t know any better.

Still… part of me longed to try it.

I touched the book, surprised at how warm the cover was. It had felt warm when Kate had handed it to me, but I assumed it was because she’d been clutching it to her chest in excitement when she found me in the hallway. Now I knew the book was just somehow warm. Picking it up I let the spine rest on the floor and sighed.

Alright, whatever spell it opens up to then,” I murmured.

I released the book watching it balance precariously on its spine before the covers fell apart, pulling the pages with them until only two looked up at me. I bent over it hoping for a charm for luck or something silly like that but…

Demon familiar summoning?” I asked the book. A shiver ran down my spine. What if it worked? What would I do with a demon in my room? Would it possess me, like in the movies? Would it haunt me like a ghost? I rolled my eyes at the nonsense. “Of course not!” I sighed at myself. 22 last week and I was still believing in ghost stories. Incredible.

I traced my finger down the page reading the rite. I didn’t need anything particular, just a black candle and to read the words. Reaching out to my circle of black and white candles I plucked a black one and set it in front of me. Holding my hand over the flame I balanced the book in one hand and began to read the words on the page feeling the flame lick at my palm. As my lips formed the last word I felt a haze wash over me and I fell forward, my palm landing on the candle and extinguishing the flame.

I blinked, staring at the floor. I must be more tired than I thought. I looked down at my hand on the candle. Ashes curled around my pinkie finger and I was grateful it didn’t burn me. Closing the book with one hand I sat up again and looked around. Nothing had happened. I laughed at myself for even thinking something would.

Crazy,” I murmured. Well at least I wouldn’t have to lie to Kate tomorrow.

Getting to my feet I lifted my hand off the candle. Suddenly all of the candles went out with a burst of power that knocked me backward into my bed with a squeal. Spooked I sat up looking around the dark room, blind. I wished longingly for the candles to light again.

To my shock they did – all at once. And a man stood in my circle. I screamed hugging the book to my chest.

Who the hell are you? How did you get here? Get out!” I spluttered sweeping my room suddenly for a weapon. The best thing I could think of was my Abnormal Psych textbook. But it was on the other wise of the room. I slid the book down beside me and scrambled to get up off my back and stand on my bed. I didn't think I made a threatening figure in my white nightie and unarmed, but it was better than being completely defenseless.


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#, as written by Kasen
I had been sitting in my home reading a book brought to me by one of my Familiars on one of their excursions to The mortal world on Mythology on demons for entertainment. In all the years I had been alive I always found human lore to be the most amusing. It always changed from religion to religion, never once quoting verbatim others but all in their own way the same. This new religion was not different from the others though they chose to worship Demons instead of forsake them. Most believe they they were creatures of Evil and malice however they were also Fair. They dealt in contracts people got what ever they wished for and for a time were what they believed to be happy. However those who sold their souls were doomed for torment in the afterlife for choosing greed over hard work.

I was no different than my Brethren of Evil when it came to making contracts, the Great Lucifer was a feared name, I was believed to be the ruler of the underworld but I went by many names. However Lucifer was my name, and Diablo was my father, same idea, different people. However something about today felt different, like something was going to happen, something that would change both worlds. I had taken care of my demon duty's, the common things like torture, contract making, and of course sitting through the waves upon waves of female demons for my hand but little did anyone know I was destined for another. A half breed of one of my fathers nobles and a sorceress. Her name was Elizabeth Raven, she was 22 this year, I never really kept my eye on her because there was a predetermined date upon which we would meet. Looking over at the pictures her father had given me over the years from his own snooping of his daughter I smiled softly chuckling to myself thinking about how she would react when she were to figure out she was to be married to a Demon Prince.

Shortly after I had closed my book and was going to retire for the night I felt an energy pull at me, someone was summoning me. A daily routine but never this late at night. I prepared for the transport however something about this one was off, instead of being gently brought into the world of mortals I was hurled into my portal with a force I had never known. Once i was through the gate I was in a dark room, no lights were on and the drapes over the window were drawn. Looking around in the dark I found a lone figure on the floor. I took me a moment to realize the mortal in question was my to be wife Ellie. Smiling to myself in a dark tone I set the mood.

You who hath summoned me, Speak your desires for I am Lucifer, Demon incarnate. I said when she asked who I was and watching the color fade from her face was rather satisfying. Everyone reacted in their own ways but I found her's to be most enjoyable. The shear terror that befell her features made me smile in the open, the candle that had come ablaze made for an even more enjoyable atmosphere.

Lu...Lucifer!? No no no no this was supposed to be a summoning for a Demon familiar! Not the lord of Demons, and besides this wasn't even supposed to work!! she called out and I laughed, a demonic sound floating around the room.

My dear child we are very real, and very much powerful. What you had done is no easy task you had summoned The Demon Prince Lucifer, the Lord of Demons is my father Diablo. However we have just about the same power, he is just stronger than I I said walking over to a chair and sitting down in it looking at her. However as you can see you have done what most think impossible, but it is in fact very possible, welcome to the wonderful world of Magic, Elizabeth Raven I said tossing in her name just for fun.

HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME!? She yelped trying to stay hush and I simply laughed softly as I watched the color fade once again. she was fun to play with, to mess with mentally. A girl who had a demon father and a Sorceress mother knew nothing of Magic? Well anything was possible I suppose, they could be a multitude of reasons for keeping her hidden in darkness from the truth. However when I realized that Ellie didn't seem to be making any move towards bonding a contract I sighed.

Well Elizabeth it seems I have wasted my time and effort by Answering your call, you seem in no way willing to form a contract so I shall be taking my leave now I said as I got up out of the chair and put my hand out expecting my ring to glow with ruby light to take me home but nothing happened. Blinking a few times I looked at the ring and shook my hand focusing magic into it and again nothing. What in the hell is going on here, Taladrim answer my call OPEN! I said shaking my hand again and yet nothing. Looking back to Ellie I scowled. What did you do? Why does my Gate not answer and open what kind of magic seal have you placed on me! I said sternly as I moved closer to her before a voice sounded in my head, it was father.

Your magic is being blocked not by her, but by demon code. With no contract having been formed you are stuck in the Realm of mortals until you return with a contract, or you can force your gate open. But as you are now, you are nothing more than an imp. The Magic Eater familiar you were fitted with is in affect, so either make a contract or slowly build your power like before my son. Until that time you are to stay there, you might even get an early chance at your wife, have fun. He voice said and I growled.

DAMN YOU FATHER! How dare you lock my own gate and activate my familiar without prior notice to me since when did you change the rules of my Job! I spat and the whole room heated for a moment before I bowed my head. Very well, I understand I should not raise my voice with you. I will do what you have ordered, but heed my words, you'll pay for this old man I said now looking to the girl in a mild annoyance. You there, Ellie, form a binding contract with me so I can take my leave I said a little harshly. way! I know what your Demon contracts mean, I have to sell you my soul for worldly possessions and then I'll be damned to hell screw that! She said not sitting on her bed looking at me with a stubbornness that almost made me laugh.

then I guess we are stuck with one another, until I can gather my power and return home forcefully. I hope you like having a demon tail you, because this is your fault. So I shall make it my new duty to make your life a living hell until I can leave on my own, or you make a contract with me to make me go away I said walking from the chair to her bed and laying down behind her. Goodnight Ellie, sleep tight, don't let the demons haunt you in the night I said laughing softly as I closed my eyes.


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I twisted from my seat on the bed to look at the demon prince. Was he serious? He was going to make my life hell because his magic door wasn’t working? I frowned. Sounded like something a spoiled prince might do, much like the children that came into my coffee shop stamping their feet for a sweetie. Not that I’d tell him that. The demon would probably kill me easily.

I got to my feet and scooped up the spell book hugging it to my chest. Maybe there would be an answer in here; a spell to send him back or a spell to keep him away from me. If I performed one spell I could perform another, right?

“Where are you going little girl?” Lucifer asked. When I looked back he hadn’t moved from the bed and wasn’t even looking at me.

“I have to pee.” I announced rolling my eyes and added with sarcasm I was surprised I had the nerve to use with him. “Is that alright your high holiness?”

I didn’t wait for his answer before I stomped off into the hall closing the door behind me with a sound click. At least living at home meant that I didn’t have to worry about dorm mates finding out about this. And mom worked late hours usually so it shouldn’t be too big a deal. I tried to think of the good things about this situation as I closed myself up in the bathroom and sighed leaning against the door with my eyes closed.

What had I gotten myself into?

Opening my eyes I found Lucifer’s eyes staring into mine, our noses almost touching. “You need a book to pee?”

Instinct reacted and I gasped, forcing my book up to connect with his chin and then down to bonk him on the head. It was a heavy old book so I wasn’t surprised when he landed on his ass.

“What the hell was that?! No wonder you don’t have a boyfriend!” Lucifer growled touching his head.

“Don’t sneak up on me you jerk!” I snapped back. “And how do you know I don’t have a boyfriend?”

“I make it my business to know!” he said and then if I wasn’t mistaken he reddened a little and then shook his head adding, “If I get sucked into this world to make a contract I like to know who I’m dealing with.”

Some part of me didn’t believe him. I wasn’t sure why. But I didn’t have any other reason why he might know so much about my personal life so I let it slide.

Watching him get to his feet I moved out of the way of the door and popped it open before pointing to the hallway. “Out. I don’t want you watching me use the bathroom you pervert,” I told him, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Pervert? I’m not a pervert?!” he snapped.

I raised a brow at him and looked around the room. “You did follow me into the bathroom,” I reminded him. “Now get out so I can do what I came here to do.”

He trudged out like a human this time and I slammed the door behind him. I didn’t bother locking it this time – there was no point if the guy could teleport. Sitting on the edge of the tub I opened the book and started leafing through it.

Love spells, demon summoning, hexes, fire spells…

“Nothing,” I sighed. Maybe there would be another spell book I could find or even something on the Internet. But until I could find a solution I was stuck with this guy. Flushing the toilet in my defeat I washed my hands to keep up the ruse and returned to my room. Casting the book on my desk and plopping into the bed beside the demon I pouted.

“Can’t you just make a contract with some other person here to send yourself back? I know plenty of twits that would do it,” I muttered the last part thinking of the girls I knew that I wouldn’t mind sending to hell.


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#, as written by Kasen
Demon code states that a Contract can not b made by any other person that those who summoned the demon because that would then grant the power of those who CAN summon demons a writ of freedom to summon and pawn off the dealings of contracts on those they want gone. It was instated back a couple hundred years ago when warlocks and Sorceress would summon us and then send us to opposing kings to have their wish granted just so they could expand their own kingdom. We're business men, we don't like being taken advantaged of, and so we made that law I said not moving from the bed or rolling over. When she seemed distraught about this I smiled as I felt her emotions of displeasure wash over me and strengthen me slightly. Soon however she had fallen asleep and I rolled over looking at her face in the pale moon light. My Bride to be was sleeping next to me, vulnerable and helpless in her sleeping state. I was very tempted to caress her soft features that were only an hour ago twisted with fear and resentment. Sighing I teleported out of her bed and pulled the covers up over her and then teleported out of her room.

I appeared on her roof looking up at the cloudless sky above dusted with stars and the moon. Sighing I ran a hand through my black hair and just listened to the sounds around me. The Mortal world had always fascinated me, they were so fragile yet they all lived dangerous lives. You'd think that because something so simple as a car crash could cause death that everyone would walk but almost everyone had a car. Looking out over town I felt an air of calm wash over me and I sighed, I had a feeling I would be here for a long time. Yes I could power up quickly enough but the time I would get to spend with Ellie was priceless. Floating down to her window I looked in to make sure she was still asleep before teleporting out into town to go and find her mother. I had promised Talia that should I ever return to the Mortal world i would come and see her, after all she was my mother-in-law. Walking into her place of business I waited for someone to alert her I was here.


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When he appeared in my world, I knew. Now that he stood outside the hospital waiting for me I was eager to leave. Fortunately my shift was done so he wouldn’t have to wait long.

Rounding the corner to the reception area my gaze fixated on him at once. Lucifer’s energy was no easy one to mistake. I grinned to him and hooked my arm in his, ushering him outside.

My Prince, we meet again,” I greeted him politely, keeping my gaze lowered respectfully. “You’re taller than I remember.

Well I am not eleven anymore,” he agreed, looking me over in my teal scrubs and white sneakers. “A doctor? Really, Talia? I’m surprised you aren’t ruling the world.

I laughed. “That was Adras’s dream, never mine. A doctor’s salary pays well enough,” I explained. “The late hours are a pain, but I manage. What are you doing here? Who was fool enough to summon the Prince of Hell?

Your daughter,” he answered, smiling as I paled. Elizabeth? She didn’t even know who her father was. Or that I was one of the most powerful sorceresses on the planet. How could she have summoned Lucifer? Unless she was in danger. If she were to be in danger of dying before the bond was sealed, Lucifer was bound to save her.

Ellie, is she-

She’s quite fine, Talia. She summoned me.

Summoned you?” I echoed. “How? She’s never even tried a charm, let alone summoning a demon. Surely she’d have summoned an imp if anything. You’re not an easy demon to summon.

I’m not sure of it myself,” Lucifer admitted raking a hand through his hair following me to the car. “But she practically pulled me through by my hair. My guess is it’s something to do with our betrothal, which, I’m guessing by her reaction, she is unaware of.

I nodded to him and opened the driver’s side door. Sliding inside I settled in the seat and closed the door before igniting the engine and waiting for him to get in. I watched him walk around the shiny silver Audi R8 and slide into the passenger side looking at me with a frown. If the child I had bore with the demon Andras hadn’t been his betrothed I would be less keen to meet his disapproving gaze. He was the second most powerful demon in Hell, even though I could spell him into a pretzel, one did their best not to anger powerful demons unless they had leverage. A relationship, something they wanted… my daughter.

Why doesn’t she know, Natasha?” Lucifer asked pointedly, looking irritable. “She should have been rubbing up on me like a cat in heat and instead she was hissing like an angry snake.

That’s my daughter, Luce,” I warned leaning back into my seat and putting the car into drive. Guiding us out of the parking lot I steered us toward home as I explained. I wasn’t sure he would understand. He was a demon; they led different lives and didn’t understand the issues of short mortal lives. I had realized this with Andras – he was kind, loving and powerful, but he didn’t understand mortal fears and worries. “I wanted her to grow up without the overbearing knowledge that she’d be taken to Hell to marry a man she’d never met. Considering all of the lore about Hell and yourself, I thought once she started talking with the religiously devout the idea of being taken to the eternal realm of fire, brimstone and torture would be frightening. Then, it just never seemed like a good time to tell her. I wanted her to grow up experiencing human life. Telling her she was going to be Queen of the Damned would have exorcised her drive to succeed here. What would be the point of pursuing knowledge about the world and getting a career if you’re just going to end up queen of a realm? Why would you learn to deal with your problems when you know you can just spell your way out of it?

Lucifer was quiet as he considered this. The minutes were long and tense but I knew better than to rush his thoughts. Finally he exhaled. “It cannot be undone,” he decided. “But we must tell her. I am stuck here until I make a contract with her, perhaps she will be more inclined if she knows she is coming to Hell to be my bride in the end.

I doubted it. But I didn’t say it. Elizabeth was a stubborn girl. I didn’t expect her to react well to this. She was independent, the news of any arranged marriage, and especially one wrote in Hell was likely to upset her.

We drove in silence for the next few minutes before Lucifer sighed.

I have watched her from afar for so long. Getting to know her face from pictures and short spells to let me have glimpses into her life. But they were all lacking the vibrancy of seeing something with your own eyes. I used to pride myself that, though I didn’t know my future wife’s personality; I knew she pleased me visually and that would be enough. Now I see that she is stubborn as a mule and fiery tempered and wonder what you and my father have gotten me into.

I laughed despite myself. “You probably scared her.

I have seen frightened mortals, Talia. They cower and cry and beg for my favour. This girl was not afraid; not truly, she was defiant despite her fear. She treated me like a common person off the street,” Lucifer replied like the words left a displeasing taste in his mouth.

One day you may learn to respect that about her,” I said shrugging. “She is resilient and strong-willed.

She is stupid,” he spat tiredly. “The second most powerful demon appears in her bedroom and she hits me with a book. Were we not betrothed I’d have killed her. Had she summoned any other demon and behaved like that they would have tried to kill her.

I shivered. Well he had a point there. Had she summoned any other demon, Lucifer would have been bound to save her. But at least this way it saved me from having to renovate the house. Pulling into the driveway I turned off the car and looked at him. “When should we tell her?

Now. Right now. I want her to know her place,” he said looking up at her bedroom window with a frown.

I smiled, trying not to laugh. If he thought telling her that he was to marry her would cow her, he was mistaken. If anything it would give her leverage.

Very well, Your Grace. Would you like to wake her or shall I?” I asked. He vanished and I assumed I had my answer. When I walked in the front door I could hear Ellie yelling incoherently upstairs. He could have at least woken her gently, I thought as I kicked off my shoes and walked into the kitchen. Boiling the kettle instantly with a wave of my hand over the kettle I made three cups of tea and waited for them in the living room.

Put me down you bat-winged bastard!” Ellie cursed. They rounded the corner and sure enough Lucifer had her thrown over his shoulder, blankets and all and she was kicking wildly trying to get free.

I don’t even have wings,” Lucifer replied irritably as he plopped her onto the couch. “And if I did they would be black feathered, not bat-winged. The lore about me says I’m a fallen angel, love.

He left her there and picked up a mug of tea before crossing the room to lean against the wall.


Sitting on the couch I glared at him as he walked away and realized he was holding a mug of tea. For the first time since he’d roused me from my sleep I realized my mother was home. Looking at her I paled.

Mom?” I whispered. He was dragging my mom into this? Was he planning to blackmail me into making a contract with him? “Mom I was going to tell you about this-” I started to lie.

If I could have helped it I would never have had my mom find out I had been playing with magic. I didn’t know my mom’s view on religion, but I wouldn’t have taken the chance of being scolded for it. I certainly wouldn’t have told her that I managed to summon a demon into the house.

Have some tea, dear,” my mother told me. Obediently I reached over the comforter piled around me and picked up a mug. Taking a sip I watched her warily. “I have some things to tell you.

“I am one of, if not the, most powerful sorceresses on the planet and because of this I was sought out by the demon Andras, of the Raven. We fell in love and you came into our lives. You are half demon with the blood of a sorceress. We knew when I was still pregnant that you would be a powerful being, but you needed someone who could balance you out. Having all the power of a full fledged demon between your father’s power and mine is dangerous in a human body,” my mother paused, twirling a lock of short hair between her fingers. “We arranged a marriage for you when you were a baby, one with a man that would be powerful enough to keep your powers in line. Lucifer is that man.

Lucifer piped in. “So you might as well make a deal with me, little girl, your bound for Hell anyways.

I blinked slowly at my mother and put my mug down before I dropped it. “You’re kidding, right?” I asked, my brows knitting together with disbelief. When she shook her head I looked at Lucifer chewing my lip. I was supposed to marry him? He was easy on the eyes really; tall, dark, devilishly good looks. But he was a demon! Looking back at my mother I frowned.

No,” I told her and then looked back at him shaking my head. “No. No thank you. I refuse.

Elizabeth, you cannot refuse this. It is already done. To rescind on a pact made with Satan is impossible. It will happen regardless of your feelings, I’m sorry,” my mother said softly. “If you look, your hand is marked by the summoning. That is the mark of your betrothal. It was spelled to be hidden until you two met, so you could have a normal life.

I stood, gathering my blankets around me stubbornly. “You sold my soul to the devil? Really? What kind of mother does that?” I snapped.

Well no, technically you still have your soul. I sold your hand in marriage, it is slightly different,” she said looking flushed and awkward.

Well I fail to see how!” I spat and stormed from the room. “I’m not doing it! You can’t just marry me off like we’re in some third world country!” I called from the top of the stairs before slamming the door of my bedroom. Pressing my back to it I slid down to the floor in a heap of legs and blankets and tried to absorb what I had been told.

I was supposed to marry the devil. No, the devil’s son.

Looking at my hand I frowned at the ashy inscriptions circling my finger. Like a property stamp. My eyes welled with tears as it hit me. I had been sold like a cow. Curling up on the floor in front of the door I let myself cry quietly, my body shuddering with the effort to keep quiet until I fell asleep, exhausted.


Looking at Lucifer after Ellie fled I shrugged tiredly. “That went just about as well as I expected,” I said optimistically and took a drink of my tea. My daughter was never easily cowed or led to other peoples wills by force. I realized when she was about three that she would not take this well.

Would you like me to set up the guest room for you? Or do you plan to stay with your wife? She should be asleep by now. I thought she would need help with that tonight, the tea usually works,” I said quietly looking up at him.


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#, as written by Kasen
For now I believe it would be better if I gave her what little privacy she believes she has. I have no plans on sleeping tonight anyway, I have much to do in terms of paper work and things I need brought over from hell so you're house will be full of minor demons for the night. I hop you are ok with this, as you know my work as a prince is never done I said tiredly as I walked for the stairs and walked back Ellie's bedroom. trying to go into her room I found my path was block, surely she hadn't placed a ward against me if she never knew of magic. Teleporting into her room I found the reason of the blockage and had to stifle a laugh. the rage of a demon one minute a mass of blanket and body the next. Gently picking her up I walked her over to her bed and sighed. Laying her down I ran my fingers along her cheek noticing the dried tear stains that marked her otherwise flawless skin. She would make the perfect wife, if I could only get her to warm to the fact that this was a good thing. But with all mortals time was required to make them come to their senses.

Walking out of her room I walked to the guest bedroom and opened the door, nothing much was in the room, a bed, desk and a lamp and I smiled. It was barren enough to accommodate anyone and yet quaint enough to satisfy anyone. Waving my hand slowly in an arc the room light up and A demon girl stood in the corner and looked at me smiling and bowing her head.

"Hello master Lucifer, how can I be of assistance?"

Fetch my belongings from my house, It looks as if I'll be making this my home for a time. I'll need my paper work transferred here, I also need someone to take over my Dealings while I stay here. Tell father to contact the House of Raven and inform Andras that I have made contact with his wife and Daughter. I will contact him formally once I have more power, however for now I used most of it summoning you here. Also I will need my books, I have much to read and not much to do here, and it would be rather boring trying to entertain myself alone here I said as I sat on the bed and frowned. My bed, bring that as well, this one is far to hard for me I said and when the demon girl nodded she vanished. Life would be interesting living here.

A time passed before I felt the crackle of magic as Demons started to enter the room, they must have used Fathers portal because the Skeleton guardians were with them. Nodding a silent hello to the "Reapers" as humans called them I watched as my things were brought into the room. Bed, bookcases, desk, boxes of paper work and one of my Fathers messengers. Taking the scroll from my father I read it.

I assume by the message I got from one of your servants you were unable to make a contract with the Raven child, as was to be expected. I have granted you access to your personal belongings just for the sheer fact I pity your current situation, thought might I suggest you try going to School? It may be a good waste of time and who knows with you two being in the same place you might very well get to know each other better or you could continue to watch her like always. Anyway have fun in the world of mortal's, Andras said he is pleased that your engagement seems to be going faster than planned but I will warn you, the house of Raven is a rather tricky house. Expect some...tests, Have fun Lucifer, you'll need it was what the letter said and I sighed, great if he was saying have fun I had a feeling I would be not having fun for long. Once everything was brought in and the movers had left I set about using what little magic i had left making the room work for me.

Once I was finished the Desk was on the wall under the window and the Curtains had been changed to a think material that drowned out the sunlight should i want it, the walls had been changed so they were colored like my walls at home, a dark hue of red and candle's had been placed on the walls. My books lined the wall of the hallway and my bed had replaced the bed that was in the room. Sitting at the desk I looked over the files that had been brought to me and realized one of my contracts were scheduled to die soon and i sighed, great I would have a collection to do shortly. Sighing I pushed back from the desk and laid down, I would take fathers advice and enroll in school. It had been a good long time since I had attended mortal school.

Once morning came I felt the power I had retained had been recharged and I stretched sighing as I looked around my room and smiled looking down at my clothing. A little rash for the mortal world, but then again clothing with runes scriven into it everywhere was hardly appropriate for anything other than traveling around hell.

Well Nak'othal Can I at least have the power to make you change? I asked the Scarf around my neck and the Ring around my left index finger glowed softly as the clothing I was waring melted away and the scarf melted into a full navy blue T-shirt. It was at least better than a scarf in the middle of the summer. Soon my familiar made pants and shoes appear for me and I smiled at the simplicity he chose for me and got dressed walking out pulling on the gloves he gave me to hid the runes on my finger and the rings melted into tattoo's until I was out of human sight. Walking downstairs I noticed Ellie had already left and I laughed, if she thought she could escape me she was wrong. Teleporting to the collage he found the Dean and get Ellie's class lay out and had the dean write his own name on everything. Going under the false name of Chris Damon he was officially enrolled in everything Ellie was.


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An alarm cawed at me, startling me from my sleep and reflexively I reached out and smacked it to turn off the offensive noise. I exhaled, staring at my ceiling in the early morning light.

Waking in the dark was something I would never get used to. It was always light by the time I left home, but waking in the dark was unnatural, in my opinion. Also in the opinion of many scientists; something about the way our brains react to light. Seemed like a good enough reason not to wake up before dawn to me.

I was surprised to find myself in my bed, though I could have sworn I had fallen asleep on the floor. I concluded that either my mother or the demon, Lucifer had moved me. I thought about the scenarios while I showered and got ready for school.

My first thought of these options was that neither seemed very likely. My mom was in good shape, but for her to have done it she’d have had to get into the room and with me sleeping against the door it was unlikely that could have happened without waking me up. Even being a sorceress I doubted she could have managed that.

That left Lucifer.

Instinct told me it was impossible, but I tossed the idea over in my mind while I braided my long dark hair to my left side and let it trail down my shoulder. Looking at my hand I noticed the marks on my finger hadn’t come off in the shower either. I thought I recognized them, but told myself I’d have to think about it later and grabbed a ring to cover it up.

Could Lucifer have been the one to put me in my bed?

The demon was a jerk. There was no way he would have even come to see how I was taking the news. And even then I doubted he would even think to put me in my bed. He would probably just laugh at how pathetic I was, falling asleep in front of the door like a toddler.

But he had said that I was to be his future wife. Perhaps amidst the annoyance of being trapped because I had somehow managed to summon him there was tenderness?

Alright, maybe not impossible. Just improbable.

I wondered about the possibility of this as slipped on my black flats, left my house and walked into the sunshine. It was always inevitable in my mind how the sun could make anything better. It was warm today and I felt it like an embrace as I left the cool confines of my air conditioned home.

Soon enough I was settled in an ocean of students. Though admittedly amongst the people wearing pyjama pants and sweaters I was one of the better dressed ones. I had chosen a grey and orange silk maxi dress. They were comfortable, but it was nice enough looking that I didn’t worry about whether or not I bumped into a good-looking guy through the day.

There had really always been this hope of meeting someone, of being loved and loving in return. But somehow I was never really interested in anyone I met in that sense. Guys had asked, even girls had asked, and all of them I politely refused on the grounds that I wasn’t going to settle for being okay with the person I was dating. I wanted to be ecstatic. It wouldn’t be fair to either of us if I were biding my time with someone. So that’s how I ended up being a 22 year-old virgin.

The lecture began and I let myself get lost in it. Late students milled in, but I paid them no mind. So long as they didn’t interrupt me I didn’t care how much of their own money they wasted. I was looking down at my notebook scribbling a sentence down on the pad when someone sat next to me. Male, I assumed by the look of the shoes, black converse. I kept writing.

You should have woke me, I would have walked with you.

The husky voice in my ear was familiar enough that I nearly jumped out of my skin. Never mind the sensual shiver that raced down through every cell of my body, all seeming to end in the budding of my nipples. I tried not to notice that. Staring at him in panic I tried to remind myself that I was in a classroom with three hundred people and my reaction could easily lead to my own embarrassment. I swallowed and exhaled, whispering in earnest, “Lucifer. What are you doing here?

He replied handing me a Student I.D. Card with his picture on it. “My name is Chris here, love,” he said and I found myself staring at his lips.

Snapping out of it I frowned and shook my head. “Don’t call me love. I’m not anyone’s love,” I whispered back snappily and looked down at the card for a moment before handing it back to him. “So you’re just going to stalk me now?

Until you make a contract with me,” he replied casually, leaning back in his chair. I tried not to notice the way the hem of his shirt lifted just enough to expose a thin glimpse of his skin.

Go to Hell,” I shot back forcing myself to stare at the front of the room.

I am trying to,” he answered.

I glanced back at him and couldn’t help but crack a smile at the absurdity. No one else would admit to trying to go to Hell. I resolved to ignore him for the rest of the class and got through it with minimal suffering.

The rest of the day was sort of like that. Lucifer shadowing me to, I could only assume, learn my pattern so he could devise ways to torment me in the future. It wasn’t too bad, at least until a boy from my Thursday class approached me on my break between classes asking to have a word with me. I excused myself from Lucifer’s ever looming presence and followed the boy to the hall outside the study area wondering what I wanted.

Did you need the notes from the last class?” I asked. “I don’t have them on me now but I could e-mail them-

“Ellie, I think I’m in love with you,” he blurted.

I stared at him for a moment. I couldn’t even remember his name and he was saying that he loved me. He wasn’t half bad looking. Tall, blonde haired and blue eyed with straight teeth and nothing hideous defecting his features. He had freckles too. I was sort of in between with freckles. I found them sort of endearing but I wasn’t sure if I really like them on boys because they always seemed to make them look like children. Still. The guy deserved a chance.

Kiss me,” I said.

He looked shocked, but then smiled. He seemed to take this as an affirmation of my feelings. So he leaned in and brushed his lips across mine, gently at first and then with more pressure. And it just felt like skin rubbing against skin. I pushed him back gently and smiled sadly at him. “I’m sorry, I cannot return your feelings.

He looked dumbstruck. “W-was it that bad?”

I shook my head and smiled. “No, no there was nothing unpleasant about it. There just wasn’t any feeling to it,” I replied shrugging.

“Can I try again?” he asked, well, his tone made it sound more demanding.

I shook my head again. “No, I’m sorry, no,” I told him. “Excuse me.

Returning to my table and Lucifer I was surprised to see him staring down the boy. Actually I was sort of surprised to see the boy still staring longingly after me. Creepy. But Lucifer was my main problem. I didn’t need him going demonic on this kid and eating his soul or his first born son. Or whatever demons did when they were angry. I waited until his gaze turned on me and I felt one of my eyebrows arch.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. There was something sort of exhilarating about knowing a man was possessive enough to look violent when other men pursued you. But Lucifer wasn’t mine and I wasn’t his. Not really.

What puckered your asshole?” I asked bluntly.

Elizabeth Raven, you do recall that we are betrothed,” he said flatly, though he looked like he might be considering smashing the table into tiny pieces.

Well first off I didn’t agree to that. Second, you didn’t appear and get all pissy all of the other times,” I replied. “Are demons even monogamous, anyways?

My points didn’t improve his mood. “Elizabeth I did not spend all of my time in Hell watching your adventures on Earth. I have work to do. Are you such a girl who just goes around giving herself to every man who asks?

I thought Demons had v-card radar or something,” I joked shrugging. When he still looked cranky I rolled my eyes. “I am a virgin, Lucifer. So no. I just kiss every man, or woman for that matter, who professes some kind of deeper feeling for me.

This stumped him. I could see the confusion flicker in his eyes and his furrowed eyebrows twitched a little. I tried not to smile. I had to admit the fact that the demon prince was puzzled was kind of cute. So I let him stew in his frustration for a little longer.

Why?” he asked finally.

I tugged at the end of my braid and chewed at my lip. I’d never had to explain it to someone before, but I guess I owed the man my reasons. Not really owed him, but I owed it to the people he might try to track down and kill if I didn’t clear the air here.

Well, I’m picky I guess,” I said.

You call kissing everyone picky?” he deadpanned. I blushed a little.

It’s not like I’m making out with them. It’s just a basic kiss. A test-drive if you will,” I tried to explain. When he still looked unconvinced I sighed and admitted defeat. I’d have to completely admit it. “Look, I guess I’m kind of crazy, but I just kind of believe that if it’s the one, or even a one, just someone I’m actually attracted to on a physical level at least, that it wont feel like… Well I guess not it wont feel like… it will feel like something else. I don’t know. Exciting? A rush? Like in those sappy books where it makes your toes curl.

He was quiet for a moment and I stared at him, unable to tell if he understood what I was getting at. Then he burst into a fit of laugher. Hysterical laughter.

You… you mean to tell me you wont…go out with someone…unless your toes curl when they kiss you?” He was spluttering between gasps and laughter.

My face was suddenly hot. He totally thought I was a twit, which was exactly why I didn’t really tell people. I gathered up my books and tried to ignore that he was practically crying because he was laughing so hard.

Yes, as a matter of fact. I just don’t want to waste anyone’s time or get anyone’s hopes up.” I snapped. “Maybe if you’re lucky I wont find anyone by the time I’m like 40 and I’ll have to marry you to avoid becoming a cat lady. Then you wont have to be so jealous.

Turning on my heel I stormed off from the table. I had to get to my next class. Demons in Anthropology. Then I could go home and look for a way to get rid of Lucifer so I could get on with my life.


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#, as written by Kasen
Watching as she left I continued to try and reign in my laughter of what i had just heard, Wife or not her reasoning behind her kissing test was absurd. Once I had calmed down enough and could breath normally again I sighed wondering if i should or should not go to her next class. Though she had a small point in her otherwise ridiculous theory, if a Physical attraction was not there then there was no point to the relationship. One could not balance a love off looks alone, and if you tried you were damned to fail in the end, it was like most contracts. People wished for beauty or fame but not one realized those things can fade, looks diminish and there are always new and up coming stars. Sighing I stood and gathered my things walking to the classroom, Entering just before the bell rung I noticed the title of the class on the Chalkboard and had to stifle my laughter. Oh god's what trouble could I cause in this class, being a demon myself I know well the history of our kind, and how badly humans misinterpreted it.

Sitting towards the front of the class it was a fun and interesting time, Listening to the lecture I added in my points defying the texts and even quoting some of the things from the book before the Teacher could read them aloud. Most of them were quotes from my father or myself. Each and every time the teacher asked if I was toying with him, if I had already read the book or had set up camera's or something. Smiling politely I shook my head no and continued to read along with him no book or paper, just following from memory the history of wars and demon sacrifice. By the time the class was half over the teacher had run out of the class yelling of real life demons and every kid was now looking at me as I was in front of the class.

Now then who can tell me in the war on high the leader of the angels who revolted against the lord almighty and his reign of tyranny to the angels and how he used them. I asked to the class watching only a few hands raise, one of them being my own wife's.

Your information is wrong Chris Lucifer didn't lead a rebellion he lead a mutiny over heaven looking to ascend to the throne of gad and rule over all humans and spill his evil intentions on mankind! She exploded and I laughed as everyone looked at her in awe.

CLOSE Ms. Raven, All thought Lucifer did lead his brothers to war there is much people don't understand about the difference between Fallen angels and angels. Angels are believed to be the vision of peace and justice what people don't understand is that the Angels themselves are the perfect embodiment of Sin. What gives them the right to decide what is and is not wrong in this world? Just because they are children of a man who gave life to this planet? I think not! Adam was created from the earth in no way bound to the laws of god, and Eve was crafted from a bane from Adam's ribs. Nor was she a creation fully of god. Humanity is in it's own right free to choose what is and is not good in their lives. The angels have no right to cast judgement on humanity and THAT my fellow students is why the war of Heaven was started I said powerfully and left the room speechless. Even Ellie was left blind sided by my speech and I smiled as I heard the bell.

That's all the time for today, remember a test is coming up next week and your projects on the History of Jerusalem is due at the end of the month. I'm sure your teacher will be back tomorrow so don't forget to read up on chapters 3 through 5 tonight for tomorrows lecture I said before watching Ellie flee the room quickly and I gave chase catching her in the hallway alone and I used a minimal amount of magic to keep it that way, I was going to try her test.


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What did Lucifer think he was doing? Rewriting the history books? He couldn’t just come here and change anthropological history as he pleased. Anthropology was based on the human interpretation of what happened, not the truth. Still… the way he put it did put it into perspective.

My class having become an utter disaster I fled at the first bare whisper of the bell announcing the change in classes. It was my final class for the day so I could go straight home now. Go home and figure out what to do with my situation.

I didn’t get very far before Lucifer was on my heels. I tried to ignore him, but when he grabbed my elbow and turned me around to face him I couldn’t. Looking up at him I frowned.

What?” I asked leaning against the lockers. I didn’t expect it, but he put himself in front of me, like directly in front of me, with his arms on either side of my head like he was trying to trap me.

Kiss me.” He said, the command having the slightest edge of urgency to it.

What? No!” I yelped back looking down the hall to see if there was someone who could maybe help me at least deflect this situation until I got home. There was no one. Okay, that didn’t matter. I moved, making to duck under his arm and continue down the hall. But he caught my shoulders with his hands and pushed me, albeit gently, back against the wall.

Just hear me out Elizabeth. Your whole kissing test scheme is absurdly funny, yes, but there is some truth to it. We do need to ensure that there is chemistry between us. Kiss me, we’ll see if you get your toe curling butterfly girl crap and if you don’t I will call off the wedding. We wont have to get married,” He told me looking down at me. His lips were set in a firm line and his eyebrows knitted together. But it was his eyes that told me he was serious. They were unwavering as they bore into me. He wasn't lying.

I stared at him, acutely aware of the way his hands were hot against my bare shoulders and the way my heart hammered in my chest at the thought. Kiss him? Really?

So, if it’s just like all of the others we wont have to get married?” I repeated, just to make sure I had heard right. He nodded. Somehow it seemed too easy, but I couldn’t give up the opportunity. I also couldn’t help but notice how intimate this seemed, a man who had been destined to be my husband through the careful planning of our parents, at least I hoped it was careful, who to their credit turned out to be extremely sexy. I didn’t have to admit this out loud of course, but I could think it. I bit my lip and then stopped immediately – I couldn’t kiss him with my lip in my teeth. “I… Lucifer-

Elizabeth it’s not a big deal, you kissed a guy whose name you didn’t even remember today,” he reminded me.

How did you know that I didn’t-

Quit stalling Elizabeth,” he chided.

I – well – you’re going to have to kiss me you know. You’re way taller than I am, I can’t even really reach on my tip-toes,” I pointed out. “I wasn’t trying to stall.

Lucifer smirked. I felt my knees turn to jelly and stared at his lips. Now it was okay right? I mean he was going to kiss me.

Very well,” he murmured.

One of his hands released my shoulder, coming up to touch my cheek, tipping my chin up to make me meet his gaze for a moment before leaning in and brushing his lips against mine faintly. It was feather-light but I’m sure I felt it. The little crackle of electricity that made me shiver.

Without thinking I curled my fingers in his jacket, keeping him close to me and rose on my toes to deepen the kiss. I need to know if the spark was a figment of my imagination or if it was real. He stiffened in surprise at first but quickly relaxed, the hand that had been left on my shoulder sliding down to my back to draw me closer as he kissed me for real now. Heat poured through me like molten lava and I sighed into his mouth sliding my hands up and into his hair.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed before we broke apart and I was leaning again against the lockers panting softly.

Lucifer looked like a pleased cat. Dropping his head to whisper in my ear I could practically hear the smirk. “Just out of curiosity, how many people have you kissed until now?” he asked.

Fifty si- Fifty-seven,” I answered breathlessly.

Hmm.” The sound he made was a content one. “Fifty-seven kisses and only I could get a reaction from you. I will continue to look forward to the day when you are my wife, Elizabeth.

And then he was gone. He poofed right into thin air and I was left in shock as the hall suddenly filled with people. Touching my lips gingerly I blinked, slowly coming to my senses and looking around. Realizing he was gone I shook my head to clear it. He could have at least teleported me home with him so I wouldn’t have to walk, I thought before realizing the walk would give me time to mull over what just happened.

I kept touching my lips the whole walk home. It was only when I got home that I made a mental note to stop before I walked inside and kicked off my shoes.

Lucifer had set me aflame with that kiss. Or did I ignite myself by urging it to continue. I couldn’t be sure. But one thing I could be sure of: my body wanted to do it again.


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#, as written by Kasen
Once I was home I knew it would take Ellie some time to return home. Just before I had left I saw the look in her eye, the look of wonder and confusion, she had a lot of things to think over on her walk home. Walking up to my room after having kicked my shoes off I entered my room and sat down at my desk getting to work on the small stack of papers still there. working my way quickly down to the middle of the pile I found a contract that I had done some time ago that I needed to collect on that evening. Getting away to do that could be difficult but I would need to find a way, and besides what kind of trouble could one girl get into at home? Putting the paper to the side for later I continued to work even after I heard the door open downstairs and Ellie call that she was home. It wasn't until I heard a tapping at my window that I looked up to see an Imp carrying a scroll, Imps were used as messengers, they were quick and stealthy. Taking the scroll I looked at the seal holding it together and I noticed a Ravens wing and I sighed, it was from Andras, this was sooner than expected.

My prince it is good to see that you made it safely to my home in the mortal world. I am sorry we had not told her of her origins but i didn't think it a pressing matter. I hope my wife treated you with respect however I may have granted the wedding but I feel uneasy with it. Forgive my distrust of you my liege it has nothing to do with you personally but I love my daughter very much that is why I have started planning Tests for you. Mind you a test may not always be clear, nor will it be easy but I believe you'll pass every one of them, and if you don't well then it just means that you'll die! Have fun my prince, the testing begins soon and then the paper burned and I sighed, Just like Andras to test that which he is not sure of and his tests became very difficult as they progressed. Sighing i ran my hands through my hair wondering just what he had planned and I figured I would find out soon enough. Walking from my room I saw Ellie in the hall and I smiled at her and she quickly disappeared into the her room.

Walking down the hall I stopped at her door and tapped softly, if I was going I might as well let her know, and i didn't feel like teleporting into her room.

I'm going out for awhile, a few things I need to take care of this evening. Obviously you know how to find me if you need me, you know my summoning spell only this time try to be a little more focused and believing this time? Last time kinda hurt how you just forcefully tugged me through the two worlds. I'll be back late I said before continuing off down the hall and down the stairs. I pulled my shoes back on and walked out into the afternoon sun, it was a beautiful day that deserved a moment of gratitude as I went on my way following the papers guidance. Once the paper voided it's magic i found myself standing before a plaza around a strip mall. Walking around I found the man I was looking for, he had asked for fame as a writer, and had done quite well for himself. In the 10 years he had left he was quite the accomplished writer. However today was his 30th year and that meant his time was up.

Walking into the bookstore where he was signing his newest release I picked one up and cloaked myself to look as any other person would. It wouldn't do to have my image as a collage student to be tarnished because of my demon duties. Once it was my turn at the counter he looked up to see a strawberry blonde girl who was wearing practically nothing.

"And...Who do I make this out to young lady?" I can't believe you're really him like, can you totally sign it "to you're number one fan, see you in hell!?" I asked and this caused him to stop for a moment and look at me and my face changed to resemble my demon form, that much I had gotten back in my power.


Hold your tongue not make a scene, your time is up and you will die tonight. Finish your day, and tonight I will come for you. Your place in hell has been set, and you'll die of a heart attack tonight. Peacefully in your sleep you'll slip away, so say your goodbye's now my friend I said and changed my face back and watched as he slowly signed the book. He looked devoid of life now, and his Agent came to see if he was ok and I simply raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah....yeah everything is fine, just a little headache is all" He said and I smiled cutely and walked away.


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0.00 INK

Walking up to my bedroom I slipped inside, barely noticing Lucifer as I closed the door softly and slid the lock home. I hoped he would understand that I needed time to digest this. My first kiss that actually felt like… something… and it was with a demon. Not just any demon either, the prince of demons. Lucifer. And if he hadn’t drawn away I can’t say that I would have chosen to stop kissing him. My lips still tingled at the memory.

I had decided I was going to go for a run. The solitary physical exercise would help me clear my head. I had no sooner pulled my shirt off and begun looking for a sports bra when Lucifer’s knuckles rapped softly on the door. I stared at it for a moment before calling out a ‘yes?’ and then listened to his answer.

I was surprised on two accounts. First that the prince of demons didn’t just barge into my room and second that he felt the need to let me know where he was going. Sorry, no, not where he was going, just that he was going. Still, it was pretty surprising.

O-okay,” I answered and then automatically as I would with my mother. We had a habit of telling each other to take care of ourselves when one was leaving. Neither of us wanted the misfortune of knowing we didn’t if the other died. “Be safe, where ever you’re going!

Then I realized what I had said and palmed my forehead. Great, now he’s going to think that just because he kissed me all of a sudden I give a damn! I sighed at myself and finished changing into my running gear as I listened to Lucifer head out the front door. Clad in dark grey carpi sweats and a bright blue sports bra under a light see-through white sweater I loped down the stairs and wrote a note to explain my absence.

Gone for a run. 6:30. Be home in an hour.

- Ellie

Leaving the note on the counter with the pen beside it I headed for the front door and pushed my feet into my sneakers. Kneeling I laced my feet in deftly and sighed contently. A run would fix me right up, a run and then a hot shower. Opening the door I headed out into the warm sunlight and set off at a jog toward the park.

I was feeling exhilarated after about forty-five minutes, high on adrenaline with the knowledge that if I stopped I’d be exhausted. I could keep running like this for hours when I felt like this but my note only bought me an hour and mom would lose her mind if I didn’t come back within the time frame of my note. I glanced at my watch as I crossed the track to make my way out and realized that I would be late anyways. But five or six minutes wouldn’t raise the alarms.

I was coming up over the hill when I noticed that the truck I’d seen coming in was idling. How long had it been there before? I wondered jogging past it. I only had the inkling of being watched – that creepy chill that shivers down your spine before a searing pain cracked across the back of my head and it all went black.

I didn’t know how much time had passed when I woke suddenly. I had tried to stretch but my feet hit something hard. It was dark and whatever I was in was moving. I moved my head to try to see but realized there was some sort of cloth over my face.

My heart rabbit hammered in my chest. Someone had kidnapped me. Only when I tried to open my mouth to speak did I also realize that they’d taken the time to coat my lips in some kind of tape. Duct tape probably. I groaned both with the realization of my possible demise and the throbbing of my head. My hands were bound behind me and I could feel that they would be pins and needles when I sat up.

Mom was going to be so mad. I could hear it already. Lucifer would piss himself laughing. The future Queen of the Damned getting kidnapped by a human…

I am human, Lucifer, I thought irritably though he hadn’t made any such comment yet. As far as self-defence and badass skills went I might as well be human. After all I only found out that I was a half-breed yesterday.

I was wondering when you’d wake up, Elizabeth.

He knew my name. That meant that he knew me. That meant I wasn’t just a random kidnapping. I was targeted. I shivered and tried to recall the voice. Who was it? Who hated me this much?

The truck pulled down a gravel road and the ride suddenly became less comfortable. Judging from what I was laying on, a mash of tools and a jug that smelled like oil I was in the back of a crew cab truck. I struggled in the back to try to get some leverage. Fat chance though.

Suddenly we swung into a turn and stopped. The engine cut off and I heard the door open and shut. The next door that opened was near my feet. When the stranger tried to grab a hold of my legs but I yanked one out of his grip and kicked at him. I landed on something and he cried out. It didn’t feel like the nose I was hoping for.

Bitch!” he hissed and grabbed me again, this time harder.

He pulled me by my legs out of the truck, thwacking my head off the footstep and dragging me ceremonially across the ground. Sticks, grass and rocks made me believe we weren’t in the city. Suddenly I was pulled to the side and kicked down a hill. Larger rocks, tree roots and branches made me cry out painfully as I hit them all the way down. Adrenalin was coursing to high right now for me to really make an assessment but I was hoping not to have broken any bones. I landed in water on the shore of what smelled like a lake. My brain said I could try to swim away, but with my sight taken and no hands it wouldn’t be much of a getaway. Besides, I was winded from the fall. I was still panting and sobbing when the kidnapper’s boots splashed the water by my head and he kicked me in the side.

You’re going to make this harder on yourself,” he snarled grabbing a fistful of my hair through the cloth bag and hefting me up to be feet. I cried out. Getting yanked up by your hair hurts, a lot. Even more when it doesn’t let up and the person drags you into some kind of building. A boathouse I guessed.

He shoved me and I fell with a gasp, panting on the floor as I heard a lock snap into place and the chink of a padlock. Then the mask was ripped off and I stared in wonder at the boy I’d kissed this afternoon. I didn’t remember his name still so I just gawked.

W-why?” I finally managed.

I told you I loved you Elizabeth! I loved you! And you flat out turned me down! And if that wasn’t bad enough I saw you making out with that guy!” he snapped. “You’re a whore!

I thought about telling him that I was technically engaged to ‘that guy’ but I was in hot enough water as it was. If I wanted to not seem like a whore telling the guy who was accusing me that I was engaged when I kissed him didn't seem to fit. As it was I didn’t really have much to say back so I just bit my lip awkwardly.

I’m sorry,” I whimpered. Breathing hurt. I was willing to bet he broke one of my ribs. “I-I’m not trying to be. Honest. I can’t help that I didn’t feel anything when you kissed me.

This earned me another kick in the ribs. Actually four more. And when I sprawled on my face he stomped on my back making me cry out. It hurt so much. Every blow felt like something was breaking.

You led me on you whore!” he cursed grabbing my hair again and throwing me across the floor. I cried out and didn’t fight back when turned me on my back roughly until he started pulling at the waist of my pants. “You didn’t feel anything when I kissed you. Well I tell you what, you’re about to feel something god damn it.

W-wait! You don’t want to do this – seriously,” I yelped out panicking. If he did this Lucifer would fillet him. Never mind that he’d probably already be completely livid when he saw all of the bruises I knew I was going to have. Now I looked him in the eye and caught my breath when I saw the glimmer of red.

I’m pretty sure I do Elizabeth. And no one’s going to stop me. Once I’m finished with you I’m going to drown you in the lake and no one will find you,” he sneered grabbing me by the throat hard enough to make me wince.

He was going to kill me.

Power warmed through me and I opened my eyes. I could see the blue iridescent glow reflected in his eyes. My lower lip quivered for a moment. If I summoned Lucifer he would take no mercy on the boy, but if I didn’t I would die.

Lucifer,” I whispered. The power in my words hummed through me and I shivered feeling it course through me as I pulled the demon prince through the fabric of time and space by the force of sheer will.

I watched my betrothed appear behind the man and stared at him. He looked angry. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I couldn’t tell you if they were from pain or relief, but I knew I was safe now. My heart knew that though I really didn’t know Lucifer enough to agree to marry him he would keep me safe.

The man though, seemed not to have noticed because he had worked my capris over my hips and then slapped me demanding that I look at him. I looked at him, meeting his gaze mournfully. “I’m sorry, but you did this to yourself,” I whispered.

What the hell are you talking about?” he hissed sitting up to unbutton his jeans.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Kasen
It was a slow night, not really all that fun, Admittedly it was always boring while you were waiting for someone to end the contract in the methods they were told. Tonight I sat outside Michale's bedroom window watching as he drank coffee after coffee thinking that if he stayed awake he would live. Little did he know we always planned for this, no matter what a Mortal does they think they can find the loopholes in our contracts. However We had invented those kinds of tricks, we had on loopholes. Finally at about 8:15 he passed out because of sheer exhaustion and I did my bit. As I told him it had been peaceful and quiet, the copious amounts of sugar he had used was the cause of his death. Slipping into the room I began the extraction process of getting his soul. Honestly it sounded hard and complicated but it simply meant reaching into his body and pulling it out, would have been simple, if I hadn't been teleported right then and there.

The force of the pull was almost as desperate as the first, but this one had more control it was just at a very inopportune time. Once the light faded and I could see again the scene that befell my eyes made me grimace. The kid from before back at the school in the Cafeteria was here and holding down Ellie like a trapped animal looking to have his way with her. She told the boy he brought it on himself and when he was baffled I picked him up by the Collar of hi shirt turning him to face me. His pants were around his ankles and I smirked, it would be too easy to dispose of this mortal. The fear was instant, he had thought they were alone, and now I was here.

We'll talk once we're home Ellie. As for you mortal I think it about time I disposed of yo....I began before I got a better look at the boy. I noticed the flicker of movement in the boys eyes even though he was petrified with fear. Dropping him to the floor I crouched down and inspected him closely. I waited for a moment before my hand glowed red forcing the worm like creature out of the boys eyes, and the writhed on the ground before they burst into tiny flames. Both now looked perplexed as I looked upon the boy. You there, Did you encounter a man who said he would solve all your problems with a simple word? and did this man wear a black hat and a business suit? I asked and when the kids nodded vigorously I smirked, well he was starting off early. You are to go home, when you awake in the morning you'll neither remember me nor Ellie. You'll find the perfect girl for you in 5 years and grow old with her, do you understand me? I said flowing power into my words and he nodded before walking out like a Zombie.

Ellie looked at me like I was an Alien and I simply smirked at the configuration she was in at the current moment. Really? here I thought you'd at least own some sexy panties but basic white? I'm gonna need to take you shopping sweetheart, you need a Wardrobe upgrade I said laughing as I walked over to her offering my hand.


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0.00 INK

Once Lucifer tore the man away from me all I could do was tremble. The immediate danger had passed so my nerves were giving way. It didn’t help that I was still in a position of vulnerability; hands bound and my pants down around my knees. I had literally never felt so at the mercy of others.

Speaking of mercy…

Lucifer’s mercy was surprising; to be honest I didn’t expect him to be lenient even on a man who had been possessed. He was the Prince of Hell, all violence and bloodshed… right? But low and behold I watched the man walk out of the boathouse and his shadow flicker across the window as he disappeared to forget all about us, all about this.

I wouldn’t forget. It would be my punishment for giving men a chance. It seemed fitting now that I knew I was betrothed. Go figure a mortal’s kiss wouldn’t stir me when I was bound to the Prince of Hell, a demon whose second nature was seduction.

Lucifer tore me from my thoughts commenting rudely about my choice of panties and I frowned at him. He offered a hand to me and I raised an eyebrow before rolling awkwardly to the side to show him where my wrists were still bound with a zip-tie. I didn’t see what he did but suddenly my hands were free and I brought them around to my front, wincing at the pain of my aching shoulders and my bloodied wrists. The plastic cordage had chafed through my skin.

“I went running, Lucifer, I wasn’t exactly expecting anyone to see my underwear,” I whispered, my voice quivering as I grabbed my elbows to keep from bursting into a fit of hysterical tears. Lucifer’s hands hooked under my armpits and he set me on my feet.

“You should always dress as though you’re expecting someone to see you, sweetheart, you’ll never know when I’ll want to,” he teased, but his tone was gentler now as he pulled my capris up over my hips again.

The movement brought him close and longing for the comfort of knowing I was safe I let my head lull onto his chest and exhaled slowly. I didn’t have the energy to berate him for being an ass. It was confusing, his teasing mixed with the gentle actions I needed. His arms wrapped around me for a moment and I was allowed to just exist for a moment before he scooped me up and walked me outside. I only took a few outdoor breaths before everything was swallowed up into darkness.

“I’m pretty sure I do Elizabeth. And no one’s going to stop me. Once I’m finished with you I’m going to drown you in the lake and no one will find you,” he sneered grabbing me by the throat hard enough to make me wince.

I woke with a start to find myself in the bathroom. Blinking I looked with only my eyes at rows of flickering candles. I was in the bathtub. I tried to sit up and found myself stuck; my head perched against the edge of the tub and the rest of my body submerged in green goo that smelled like a mint candy. My lips parted to call for help, but I hesitated hearing faint voices downstairs.

“Why didn’t I know sooner Tasha?” one voice snapped. Lucifer’s. Tasha? Was he yelling at my mother?

“The spell wasn’t set up like that. You are only automatically aware when she encounters a demon. Mortal pains were kept from you. Did you want to be connected and dragged from hell every time she scraped her knee?” my mother’s voice answered and I recognized the tone. She was trying not to snap back at him, but her patience was wearing thin.

“He was going to kill her Tasha! After he raped her. And he was possessed by a demon!”

“The demon must have been a very low level then. I never said the spell-work was perfect. It was just what your father ordered. To have you notified if a demon tried to harm her. But seeing as she’s been somewhat of a secret in Hell it hasn’t been tested until now.” Talia answered back. I could picture her pinching the bridge of her nose like she did when she was frustrated with me. “I can tweak the spell to be sensitive to lower ranking demons, but unless you want to feel every ache and pain she does I can’t make it much more sensitive than that.”

I tried to move again. The gel was cold and I wanted clothes. Downstairs things became quiet.

“She’s awake,” I heard mother say. “I’ll go get her dressed.”

And then mother was there, in the bathroom. She smiled sadly at me and turned on the light switch and the room filled with painful white light. “How are you feeling, kid?” she asked.

“Like I got hit by a truck and then digested into goop,” I answered, looking down at the bright green jell-o looking stuff I was laying in.

“Sorry honey, this stuff has been taking down the swelling of your bruises and mending the broken rib. It’s been two days, I didn’t want to leave you alone in here, but Lucifer…”

I nodded. Lucifer had obviously pulled her away to vent his own frustrations. “Get me out of here, please.”

So mama helped me rinse off the gel and left me to shower and dress in a set of green fuzzy pyjamas. The set I wore when I was sick or upset. Figures mama would know to pick them out.

I might have been asleep for two days, but I didn’t feel like it. I started for my room, to sleep, but I hesitated at Lucifer’s door. Biting my lip I walked forward and knocked.

“Come in,” the voice that called out was Lucifer’s, but he sounded strangely tired.

I turned the knob and walked inside. The room was nothing like the guest room that was here. It was somehow bigger, more luxurious. I spotted Lucifer with his back to me, hunkered over a desk filling out some kind of paper. I walked to his bed, still feeling quite raptured by the whole change of the room.

“Tasha I expect that spell to be adjusted immediately, I-”

“I’m not Tasha,” I answered. He lifted his gaze from his work then and looked back at me as I sank down onto the bed and pulled my knees up to my chest, hugging them. “I… I wanted to thank you. I know I didn’t give you much of a choice having summoned you against your will, but I’m lucky you were there.”

Lucifer nodded and then shrugged. “Any time, Ellie. But next time I have to rescue you, try to look less like a butch lesbian.”

I scowled and threw one of his pillows at him, finding satisfaction in the way it thumped uselessly off his head. He caught it before it fell and tossed it back. I caught it and let the movement rock me backward so I fell into the mattress.

“Is it okay if I just stay here with you for a bit?” I asked, suddenly feeling small and childlike. “I… I don’t really want to be alone and I don’t think I could handle mama smothering me right now. I wont make any noise, promise.”

He only nodded and returned to his work. I let out the breath I was holding and rolled onto my side, hugging the pillow and watching him work.


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#, as written by Kasen
I wasn't fool enough to expect her to be completely fine with what had happened, and so I figured it would be easier to just let her have her way for now, What could it honestly hurt? Scrawling on the paper my signature a demon appeared instantly rolling the paper up and sticking it on his back and taking the Jar with the soul in it. Sighing I rocked back for a moment before I looked at the "in" box on my desk and it hadn't even looked like I dented it. Most of the letters were from other Female demons searching for my hand but as always I just tossed them in the fireplace watching them burn. After hours of paperwork and sorting I stretched over the back of the chair and looked over to my bed finding the sleeping form of Ellie there. She had been so quiet I completely had forgotten she was here.

Getting up slowly I walked over to the bed and noticed she was out cold, smiling softly I picked her up more a moment Magicking the blankets down and laid her down. Pulling them up over her I looked down at her sleeping face and gently stroked her cheek with my fingers and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. Sighing I leaned down and softly pressed my lips to hers which earned me a tiny moan of pleasure and I chuckled. Standing up I decided i would check in on Natasha and see how the new spell work was coming. Making my way to the downstairs I felt the hum of magic coming from the kitchen. Walking into the Kitchen I looked at her hard at working slowly etching the runes into the table with her magic. I could feel the ring of runes on my finger heat and the Spell be changed. Once he magic work was done I knew we could talk so for the time being I went and made Coffee.

Once the spell work was done she slumped into a Chair which I had placed strategically so she couldn't possibly have missed and looked at her holding her out a mug of coffee.

Thank you Talia, now with this boost I'll be able to figure out any threat he might toss at us I said rubbing my eyes, to be honest I hadn't slept the night before, I had been busy working all night. Sighing she could see something was wrong with me and simply moved her head to the side and I laughed, she was always speechless after Spell work of that magnitude. It's nothing, just a lot of Paperwork over my sudden disappearance, Love letters, demon dealings, and general other busy work had me up all night and then the forced summoning? I'm just drained and want to sleep but she is asleep in my bed.

After telling her this she shrugged like she was saying "So what, go sleep with her"

To be Married or not I won't force her into something she isn't comfortable with. Thats why I'm actually a little thankful for the fact I'm stuck here for the time being. It means She has time to get to know me, the Demon prince and that we aren't all like the scriptures. I said leaning back in the Kitchen chair and she stomped her foot and I instantly put the chair back on all fours. Sighing I chuckled a little as I finished up my coffee and Looked to Talia, she looked trashed. Get some sleep Talia, you look like a mess, that kind of spell work had to be difficult on you. I'll see you tomorrow I said chuckling softly as I went to leave the kitchen, just before I left I felt a tug on my shirt and turned to be looking directly in her eyes and I could read all the emotions she was feeling.

Don't worry Talia, I'll protect her from now on, she is in good hands I said softly before disappearing back upstairs. Removing my shirt I crawled into bed with Ellie and wrapped my arms around her holding her close as I quickly fell asleep with her in my arms next to me.


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0.00 INK

The chirping of birds woke me. My eyes opened to a dimly lit room letting in only a crack of sunlight between lush dark curtains. The fixtures were elegant and refined, but somehow not feminine. I wondered where I was and tried to remember what I had been doing before I went to sleep.

The first thing that came to mind was the boathouse.

Had that guy decided to change is plan and keep me hostage? As some kind of sex slave? Did he rape me? I didn’t feel particularly violated…

The thought made me try to sit up but I was held still by some mystery binding overlaying my torso and my hips. I grunted awkwardly and tried to squirm but they tightened suddenly and I felt a nip of teeth at my ear.

“Stop it, I’m trying to sleep,” the voice growled complaining, hot breath sending a shiver through me that ended somewhere below my navel. It was Lucifer’s. That meant what was holding me down was his arm and one of his legs thrown over my hip. He was spooning me. Did demons spoon?

I relaxed for a moment. Okay, I was safe here. Lucifer was someone who was safe. The relaxation soon edged into a different sort of anxiousness though. His breath tickled the sensitive skin at the crook of my neck and I was suddenly acutely aware of the light pressure of his lips touching my skin. The arm he had draped around me ended in a hand that cupped my breast. Somehow even though he was sleeping and there was no thought behind how he was positioned it seemed intimate.

Well of course it did, my virgin self didn’t exactly ever wake up with a man tangled around her like a pretzel. And all of these feelings… the heightened awareness of another person, the little waves of pleasure that coursed through my bones every time he exhaled on my neck and the longing ache the rest of my body felt for him to touch me. Was this arousal? Was I, what was the term, turned on by this? By cuddling?

I felt like an overcharged battery ready to explode.

Lucifer sighed sleepily behind me letting out a hot breath of air across my neck that made my back arch slightly of its own will and at the same time his thumb brushed over my nipple sending a wave of fresh new tingles that had me biting my lip to keep from sighing back.

Body what the fuck is wrong with you? My God, we are just snuggling! Stop this nonsense! I chided myself suddenly decided that in order to return to normal I needed to get out of this bed.

I tried to wiggle forward to freedom but in a surprisingly quick movement for sleepy Lucifer, I was suddenly pinned to the bed by the weight of him. I was suddenly aware of every inch of his body against mine. His face was hidden, nestled into the pillow beside my head with his lips touching my ear and when he exhaled again I felt my body respond, hips arching up to him to feel… well, unless he went to bed with a tv remote in his pocket I had my guesses as to what I felt. And somehow it made me all the more restless.

Lucifer…” I breathed his name. I had meant to just say it normally, maybe even irritably, but somehow my brain forgot to relay the message.

Mmm, yes, Elizabeth?” he murmured warmly into my ear. The sensation made my insides squirmy – a feeling I clamped down on to keep from writhing beneath him. His head lifted so he could look at me and I saw knowing mischief glint in his eyes. For all the world he looked like a drowsy Greek god of sensuality.

I tried to think of an excuse to get out of bed, a particularly hard feat when my traitorous body so badly wanted to remain in the bed. “I have to pee,” I said lamely and felt his chest hitch with a chuckle as he slid to the side and trailed his finger across my clavicle.

Unfortunately I was quite comfortable. Alas, very well, you have three minutes. If you have not returned I will bring you back to continue this peaceful embrace,” he told me. When I blinked at him, raising a brow to ask if he was serious he grinned. “Two minutes and fifty seconds, Elizabeth.

Shit. He was serious. I scampered from the bed and out into the hall before hiding myself in the bathroom. Sitting down to take care of my necessary pee I wondered if he really would get out of bed and come find me if I didn’t come back. After washing my hands I figured I still had about 45 seconds so I slipped downstairs and into the kitchen.

Mother was sitting at the island in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea and she only raised a brow at my silent tiptoeing over to the pantry. I motioned with a finger to my lips for her not to tell and she gave me a bemused look as I shut myself into the closet and tucked myself away under one of the shelves.

Seconds later I heard Lucifer’s footsteps across the floor upstairs and bit my lip with a childish grin.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Kasen
I had every intention of following through on my warning even though I knew she had no plans of returning, though I found her game amusing. I could feel where she was but for he this was a test of defiance, but a fun one. I slowly searched the house room by room making my presence heard from upstairs by the deliberate footfalls. I made my way downstairs and went outside passing the pantry to enter the backyard. Feeling the warm morning sun on my naked torso was an enjoyment I had long missed since my last trip to the mortal realm. Sighing I ran a hand through my hair for a moment just taking it all in, it was mid summer, and everything was just beautiful. The warm air was refreshing and reminded me of the fact we shouldn't be couped up in a room. It was Saturday today which meant no classes hopefully that way Ellie and I could do something together, as friends or as a couple. I was soon joined by Talia who looked at me smiling and I smiled back softly.

Yes I know where she is I am simply enjoying this time before I go and lay back down with her. I'm sure she enjoys her little game however so I'm playing along I said softly and she giggled.

To think the Demon prince would enjoy a human game like Hide and seek, You learn something new every day She joked warmly as we stood together in the sun. Handing me a cup of tea I sipped it slowly enjoying the sweet taste, may things about this world has reason for a demon to want to come here. Looking back to the kitchen I could tell she was starting to think of fleeing to a new hiding spot. Be gentle with her Lucifer, though she may be your give her time to come to the realization that we have her best intentions in mind She warned me.

As I said last night I have no intentions of forcing her into anything she herself does not feel ready for, I'm not going to force her hand. She can come to me when she is ready, and if I get the power to leave before then then I might, or I might not. It's not like I'm falling behind on work I have everything I need in the bedroom upstairs. I'm simple enjoying this reprieve from Hell to take the time to learn more of my soon to be wife and the enjoyment of the human world. I said softly closing my eyes for a moment and turning around. As awake as I was I wanted to go out with her, possibly shopping or doing something else that a normal couple would do and so I turned to go back into the kitchen. Walking to the panty I stood there for a moment before throwing open the door and looking cross with her.

Elizabeth Raven I told you three minutes, I'm not fond of my Betrothal Running and hiding from me when I gave you an order I said walking into the pantry and pulling her from her hiding place with a smirk. I do however love your fiery spirit, and the fact you're willing to test my patients, good morning my love I said softly as I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her passionately. She hadn't been expecting the fun nice side of me and was left in shock when I left the panty and went back upstairs. If I were to be going out today i would need to look normal, not like some kind of royalty or business man. The world knew me as Chris Damon and so I lat my familiar dress me appropriately. He chose for me something simple and I was pleased with his choice. A simple black tank top and a red shirt that was left unbuttoned with a pair of Jean shorts and the same black converse. Walking out of the room I found Ellie had disappeared back into her room and I just let myself in.

LUCIFER WHAT THE HELL I'M CHANGING! She said pulling her shirt back up over her chest and hiding behind her closet door to keep me from seeing her panties.

Oh please I've already seen your panties before, and with you to be my future wife eventually you'll lose that virginity so whats the issue with me seeing you in your bra and underwear? Anyway dress casually we're going to go out and just hang out, I was thinking maybe go and catch a movie do some shopping and have lunch, nothing very romantic but enjoyable. Get to know each other better I said as I turned and made my way to her door before pausing. Oh and Ellie? you have ten minutes I said laughing she stuck her tongue out at me but smiled afterwards, maybe they were right, you do catch more flys with honey than you do Vinegar


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0.00 INK

Watching Lucifer leave I sighed.

The little game had been entertaining, though I expected that he had left me hiding longer than necessary. At least he hadn’t dragged me upstairs kicking and screaming like a child. And that kiss… My stomach fluttered remembering the way his lips had felt against mine.

That was a feeling I would have to come to terms with along with my raging hormones this morning. After a lifetime of feeling no stirring from any boy or girl it was overwhelming how much I reacted to Lucifer. I mean really, just his breath on my skin had turned my insides to frenzying nerves.

I thought about this as I cast aside the shirt I had been using to hide my bare chest and reached into the closet for a bra. Dressing in a pair of short jean shorts and a loose white tunic I sat down at my armoire. Some eyeliner, mascara and lip-gloss polished off my face and I was brushing my hair when Lucifer walked in. I smiled to myself knowing I had made him wait an extra five minutes already and put down the brush before getting to my feet and scooping up my purse. I was passing by him when his hand touched mine, drawing me to him as easily as a child.

Elizabeth I feel that I should clarify something with you,” he said softly and I swallowed looking up at him with a nod. “We are betrothed, my dear, but aside from our marriage you will not be forced to do anything you do not want to. We can wait as long as you need to.”

I realized he was talking about sex. After the near rape he was assuming that I was feeling extra protective of my virginity. Which I was… but that was also partly due to my body’s sudden desire to throw it out the window without a backward glance. Still, it was good of him to ease any doubts I might have had about his antics this morning. They really had been just sleepy cuddling after all. I nodded to him and smiled with a quiet thank you before turning to leave again, only to be pulled back to him with him behind me and wrapping an arm around my hips possessively.

That said,” he murmured into my ear, the warmth of his breath making my knees suddenly turn into jelly as he traced his fingers up from my clavicle. “It doesn’t mean I wont do my best to make you want to.

I was alright, really, until his lips pressed hot and soft against the tender bit where my neck met my shoulder and a low moan escaped my lips. I felt him chuckle against my back and tuck a lock of hair behind my ear before stepping beside me and leading me out the door with an arm around my waist.

Come along Elizabeth, we have quite the day ahead of us,” he said cheerfully, as though nothing had happened. As though my mind weren’t reeling and my baser instincts weren’t begging to keep him in my bedroom all day.


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#, as written by Kasen
Leading Ellie outside we walked to the garage and I saw Talia's Audi but it didn't really feel like me, Closing my eyes for a minute I stuck out my hand and soon two more vehicles appeared in the Garage seemingly out of no where. When I opened my eyes Ellie was looking at me in Shock and I laughed was I walked over to my personal vehicles. Running my hand over the Mercedes Benz I smiled feeling the engine power in my fingers. This car had never steered me wrong before it looked cool, it looked like something a demon might drive and it kept my mortal image in place. Pulling the keys out of thin air I spun them around my finger looking to Ellie waiting for her to move.

Well are you just going to stand there all day or are we going to go? I inquired and she soon snapped from her shock and came and got into the car with me. As the doors slowly shut themselves I put the key in the ignition and turned the car on listening to it roar outside but hum softly on the inside. Putting the car into gear I smiled as I drove out quickly shifting up a few gars and feeling the car slide smoothly into the new speed capability. Pulling onto the Highway I shifted the car smoothly up to 6th gear and felt the car rush forward as we got onto the highway towards the Mall. The trip there was spent talking idly about things that weren't of real importance, so by the time we pulled up to the mall we were both laughing and joking around. Getting out of the car we walked to the mall together and entered through the Food court entrance.


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0.00 INK

Letting him lead me into the mall I let him hold my hand, a seemingly casual gesture that I didn’t realize was a trap until I started to wonder why out of all places in the city he’d chosen our first date to be at the mall. He was tugging me along when I started to slow down and look around.

“Lucifer… why are we in the mall?” I asked tugging him back to look at me. He grinned and stepped backward until he could loop our linked arms around my front and push me forward with his free hand.

“We’re going shopping of course!” he said, too cheerfully.

“Shopping for what?” I asked hesitantly, fearing I knew where he was going to take me.

“Lingerie of course! I wasn’t kidding about those white panties the other day. I am buying you what you deserve to wear!” he said grinning mischievously. I paled.

“Lucifer! No! Absolutely not! I don’t want - ” I protested as he pushed me into a lingerie store that right before my eyes seemed to empty. I stared in awe as even the consultants all left, save one who’s eyes flickered red when she smiled.

“Your highness,” she greeted demurely with a little bow. “How many I serve you today?”

“My mistress needs some garments more to my liking. You know the staple things she will need, but I would be shown some of your other ideas,” he said cheerfully, pushing me toward the woman. She caught me as I turned and fumed.

“Your mistress?! Lucifer I’m your-”

“Ah-ah,” Lucifer said tapping my nose playfully. “For your own safety love,” he explained with a wink and kissed me quickly before the demon lady dragged me away.

The thing about the kiss… I couldn’t move after. The demon lady must have expected this because after she loaded up a bag with mysteriously silky garments she went about dressing me as though I were one of the many mannequins in a black lace piece of lingerie complete with black thong and a lacy set of black handcuffs that I expected wouldn’t be terribly hard to tear apart had I been able to move. Though I supposed that wasn’t the point. Then she walked me out to where Lucifer was waiting sprawled on a circular couch like the pampered prince he was.

I glowered at him and tried to stamp out the swell of exhilaration that fluttered in my stomach. I could feel his eyes skim over my skin, what was bare and what was not. I held my breath as he rose and circled me before lifting my hands above my head, pinning them to the mirror behind me with the heel of his hand on the fabric between the cuffs. I exhaled when his fingers traced the neckline of the garment and was thankful that my paralysis kept me from physically reacting like a wonton.

“While I do admit to loving the slave look, it is a bit over done isn’t it?” he mused. “Though it is quite a treat to see her so… subdued.”

I glared at him and he chuckled, sending me off to try another one of his demon friend’s outfits. Before the trip was done I was a nurse, a schoolgirl and many variations and colours of various pieces that the demon girl just thought I would look good in. Finally I was put back in my summer outfit and walked out to where Lucifer was waiting with three bags of mysterious things. When I stopped in front of him he grinned and picked up a simple white silk slip with lace edging and dangled it before me.

“We’ll need this sometime too,” he teased and slipped in into the bag before kissing me again. I felt the feeling some back to my limbs and I couldn’t decide whether to hit him or try to get another kiss. I settled for a “hmph” sound and stormed out of the store. He followed me cheerfully.

“What’s the matter darling?” he said jovially draping an arm over my shoulder. I shoved him away from me crankily.

“I can’t believe you! Really Lu-” I started to snap when a woman tackled me, scooping me up and spinning me around.

“ELLIE DEAR!” A crystalline bell of British accent cheered and when she set me down I smiled tiredly at Katie and hugged her back. We were joined by her boyfriend, Gabriel and they looked from me to Lucifer.

“And who is this, Ellie?” she said conspiratorially raising a brow at the bags from the lingerie store in his hand. I turned the colour of a beet and she grinned.

“Katie this is uhm – I – This is -”

“Chris Damon,” Lucifer offered, kissing her hand with a grin. “I’m Ellie’s boyfriend.”

“My what?” I squeaked at the same time that Katie asked, “Her what? Boyfriend? Ellie you didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend!”

Lucifer grinned. “Well she did want to make me wait a while before we announced it. She’s pretty shy, you know.”

Katie nodded grinning at the bags. “Well I can see you’ve been busy!” she said laughing. “Oh! Oh! Ellie guess what darling! Gabey proposed! Come lets get drinks and I’ll tell you all about it!” She cheered linking arms with me and dragging me off to the restaurant attached to the mall.

The night ended several hours later with Lucifer driving us home and my not talking to him because I was still mad about the lingerie store. The silence was broken by Lucifer clearing his throat.

“Katie’s boyfriend… I don’t like him,” he said quietly.

“What do you mean you don’t like him? He was perfectly nice! HE probably doesn’t paralyze his fiancée and make her try on clothes in lingerie shops!” I replied pouting.

“I paid for drinks and then sat through you trying on shoes for an hour just to get one pair too, didn’t I? I think that ought to count for something,” He shot back. I had to smile then. He’d been perpetually grouchy through that too, often proclaiming that he would buy me one of everything in the store if we could just leave. I nodded and leaned over to him resting my head on his shoulder.

“I still don’t like him Ellie. Something is off,” he pressed. “The guy was looking at me as though he had a grudge. And for once I was perfectly nice with mortals. I don’t want you hanging out around him without me.”

I had to agree with him on that. Luficer had been the perfect gentleman. But I didn’t see the hostility that he saw. If promising to bring him along on outings with Katie and Gabe would make him feel better I could do that.

“Between you and Katie I don’t think I could get away with it anyways. Now that you’re my boyfriend she’ll want to do double dates and stuff up until the wedding,” I told him, absently tracing the symbols on my finger on the inside of his arm. I was memorizing them so I could find out what they meant later. Lucifer chuckled.

“Well I figured fiancé would be a stretch for you when she’s never met me,” he reasoned and looked down at my wandering fingers. “What are you doing?” When I explained he grinned. “It’s my name, Elizabeth. Look, yours is on my hand.”

He offered me his left hand and sure enough my signature ringed his finger. I looked back at mine and frowned. “Why is mine in jibberish?”

“My signature is in demonic runes, I learned to write that before all of the languages of your world,” he explained.

“Huh,” I mused, leaning back in my chair to look at the marks. “So we literally have our names on each other. What’s happens to the marks when we get married?”

The night went on peacefully to say the least. Lucifer went about doing his Hell work and I laid in his bed to catch up on the reading I missed being asleep in a bathtub for two days. When bed time came around I returned to my room and got changed into a pair of fuzzy pj pants and a tank top. Walking back into Lucifer’s room I leaned against the door and watched him work for a few minutes before telling him good night.

“Goodnight Elizabeth,” he replied softly, looking up from his work to meet my gaze.

I grinned. “What? No good-night kiss?” I teased before turning to go. Lucifer appeared in front of me and I yelped in surprise almost falling backward. He caught me to him and pressed his lips to mine gently. When he drew away from me he tucked a lock of my hair behind his ear and smiled.

“Sleep well Elizabeth,” he murmured before turning and pushing me gently toward my room.

I did sleep well, until I woke up gasping from a nightmare. I trembled and tried to tell myself I wasn’t there anymore, that I was safe in my room but somehow that only made me cry, curling into a ball in my bed. The trembling didn’t stop until Lucifer’s crawled into my bed, pulling me into his arms and kissing my forehead.

“Your mom wasn’t kidding about the spell being more sensitive,” he said sleepily and I clung to him like a child. This was the beginning of a nightly occurrence for us until Lucifer finally proclaimed that we would be merging rooms so we could get a full night’s sleep.

I don’t know why I was surprised when I agreed before leaving for a 4 hour shift at work that a complete renovation knocking out the wall separating our rooms was done by the time I got back.

Our room now looked like something out of a medieval castle with a fireplace and a huge four-poster bed and even a wrought iron candle chandelier. I had stood there gaping like a fish until Lucifer urged me into the equally exquisite en suite bathroom to soak away the smell of coffee from my skin.

Now I stood in front of my closet in a towel wondering where my comfortable old jeans were amidst the hoard of expensive clothing Lucifer had been sneaking into our room. He didn’t seem to be trying to change my style so much as the quality of my clothing. I didn’t think I had touched polyester in about a month. We were supposed to be meeting Katie and Gabe for dinner and I was feeling a little lost for what to wear.

“Do we have to go?” Lucifer complained walking out of the bathroom with a towel around his hips. I looked back at him and bit my lip. He was all muscle and smooth skin and knowing he was mine had changed from a curse to a blessing. Problem was, he knew it. He strode up behind me and smoothed his hands up my arms to massage my shoulders. “We really could stay inside tonight. I could massage you, you could massage me…”

The idea was tempting. Really. Lucifer and I had been exploring my newfound sexuality. We hadn’t quite gotten to the sex part but that didn’t seem to deter him from tempting me with other pleasures. But I had to turn around in his arms and turn his offer down.

“No, Lucifer, we promised to be there,” I told him. “Now lets get ready so we can come home and trade massages.”


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#, as written by Kasen
She turned down my offer for the here and now saying we made a promise to go with them out to dinner. I wasn't keen on the idea but something in me also wanted to go to find out more about this Gabe person. He seemed nice enough when the girls were paying attention but when they weren't it was like I was being staired down by Gabriel himself. The aura he gave off when no one was looking was that of an Angel, but they never married so things just didn't add up. Sighing I left Ellie to get dressed as I walked over and found my Familiar sitting on the bed awaiting my return. It had gotten to the point where I could take him off freely and he wouldn't hover when Ellie and I wanted our alone time. Still something about tonight made me uneasy, it had been a month since the incident at the boat house and there had been no signs of Andras meddling. Ellie seemed to have noticed this change in my moods and asked me what was wrong as she pulled on her bra.

Nothing love, just the fact your father has been off the radar since the first incident, it's a little troublesome. He said there would be tests and a simple one such as that should not have been grounds enough for him to trust me. A demon like that would have in no way been an issue for me even with no powers at all. I'm starting to wonder what he is cooking up. I said softly and this caused her to pause for a moment.

You're right, he has been missing lately, are you sure he wouldn't only send one test? She asked pulling on a nice dress.

I'm sure, your father is a very skeptical person, When he said he would be testing me something as small as that wouldn't reassure him I am the right person for you. One way or another with the spell the way it is now there should be nothing to fear, so long as he keeps the tests at a mild strength. My powers haven't fully restored yet, but in order for that to happen you need to start coming into your own. Training you should start soon before they come to you naturally and you can't control them. I'll talk with your mother later tonight I said picking up my Familiar and it instantly formed around my body and turned into a suit.

That thing makes me Jealous, it's like you have all the latest fashion right at your finger tips and don't have to spend a dime! Can I have one? she asked playfully and I chuckled. Familiars were often the envy of mortals, more so mine than anything, in fact it was often the envy of other demons. Normally Familiars took shape of a creature be it demonic in nature or something more human. Mine on the other hand was a Garment capable of storing my power, dressing me, and even aiding me battle.

In due time my love, when you become my bride there is nothing you can't have I said walking over to her and lightly kissing her on the lips. She sighed contentedly and drew me closer by grabbing onto the neck of my Jacket. We stood there kissing for a few moments before leaving our room and walking downstairs. Talia had already left for work so i grabbed the spare set of house keys and locked the door behind us. Once we got to the car I got in after holding Ellie's door open and started the car up. Plugging the address of the restaurant we were supposed to go to into the GPS we set off. Once we got there Katie and Gabe were waiting outside for us.

getting out of the car Katie ran over to Ellie hugging her and complimenting her on her looks and that left Gabe and I to talk for a moment.

"Chris was it? Let's get something straight. I don't like you and I have a feeling you don't like me which is good because we both have reason to hate one another just be forewarned I'm watching you. So watch you back, because one day our paths will cross and it won't be pretty" He warned and I felt a shiver of adrenalin rush up my spine at the threat, I wanted to fight him, something about him boiled my blood.

Soon the girls returned and we both faked a smile and shook hands greeting each other before walking into the restaurant and waiting to be seated. Once we were shown to our table we ordered our drinks and an appetizer and I thought this a perfect reason to get to know them a little better.

So tell me Katie, how did you meet Gabriel? I asked folding my hands casually in front of me in the table like a business man. AS she told me the story of how they met on a chance happening when her car broke down one evening on a deserted road and she called him her guardian Angel I became a little more aware of his threat before hand. It only made my assumption all the more valid. Ellie seemed to be completely oblivious to the insanity of the possibility however for her anything could be possible at this moment in time. By the time she was done with her story of their dating and just feeling a connection I was more than a Little worried at this point. Soon after she finished our appetizers arrived however and so we all dug in leaving little time for idle banter which calmed my nerves a little. The last thing i needed was an Angel hot on my tail in the Mortal world.

Katie and I are going to freshen up a little Chris, play nice with Gabe She said jokingly however it wasn't me playing nice with him Ellie should have been worrying about. Almost as soon as they were out of ear shot he glared at me and I couldn't help but return the look of distaste.

"Lets cut the crap, who are you really" He asked me and I paused for a moment, could he tell? was he really who I thought he was?

I don't know what you're talking about, I told you my name is Chris Damon. Who do you think I am Lucifer? That's ridiculous I mean come on those are just stories right? no one can honestly say if those writings are truth or fabrication I said trying to flare his temper in any way to read if he was who he was.

"Fabrications or not, there is something you're not telling and I'm the kind of person who will fin out, and just for your information, Just like they can't be proven, they can't be disproved either my friend" He said and I was almost certain about my assumption to his true identity.


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0.00 INK

Katie and I returned to the table to a stare-off between the men. I wondered what on earth Lucifer was doing to antagonize Gabriel so I asked Kate to go ask about a dessert menu and sank into a nearby booth.

Through my mother my magic ability had been growing. I was learning simple things, beginner spells that wouldn’t cause much damage even if they went astray. What I had been finding was that I didn’t really need spells, the demon half of me only really needed intent to act. So I closed my eyes and willed myself to hear them.

What I caught was the tail end of a religious debate. I sighed. If that was all it was then it could be easily deflected. I opened my eyes to see Katie staring at me. I smiled to her and stood.

“Are you alright, Ellie?” she asked, her arched brows knitting together. Suddenly I could feel Lucifer’s eyes on my back. Sometimes the man’s hearing was frightening. I wasn’t surprised though, he had heard my struggle with nightmares for weeks, never missing a night.

I nodded and hooked my arm through hers. “Yes, I just didn’t want to enter the testosterone fest on my own,” I told her with a grin and guided us back to the table. We slid in beside our fiancés.

Lucifer arched a brow at me and I returned the look. He grinned back, though I could see the tips of his ears had flushed. He was unhappy about something and I was pretty sure it wasn’t my eavesdropping. I found out after a course of dessert, when we were on our way home.

“He’s an angel Elizabeth, I am certain of it,” he said driving above the legal limits.

“Is that even possible? I thought they were all stuck in heaven besides the ones that fell?” I asked pulling off my black pumps and casting them to the floor before pulling my feet up onto the seat with me. I really hated wearing heels. They make your legs look smashing but they destroy your feet.

“Anything is possible Elizabeth,” he replied. I opened my mouth to respond but when I looked at him all I saw was a flash of red and the car was flipping. We landed with a crash, the car sliding down a hill on the hood. I was in shock. What the hell was that?

Lucifer was pulling me out of the car and I was shaking.

“Ellie? Ellie!”

I blinked, snapping to and nodding to him. He told me he was going to check on the car that hit us. I nodded but I didn’t think it was a car. It didn’t look like a car… but he was already running up the hill.

He wasn’t gone two minutes before I started to feel like I was being watched. I turned to the trees lining the road and saw two gold spots in the dark. “H-hello?”

The eyes blinked and in a flash I was pinned between the car and a massive – okay I didn’t know what the hell it was. All I know is I was so scared I couldn’t even scream and when it snarled at me I held my hands up over my face and cried.

“NO! GET BACK!” I pleaded and watched as the marks on my finger – Lucifer’s marks – lit up gold and the beast whined taking a few steps back. I lowered my hands, regarding the creature and tried again, holding my hand out. “Sit?”

The monster sat.

Lucifer appeared on top of the car behind me. He was talking before he even finished materializing. “I couldn’t find another car anywhere those bastards must have driven off right- Patches? Patches what are you doing here?”

“Patches?” I echoed, turning to look at him.

“Well that’s his name. He’s my dog,” Lucifer said shrugging and dropping down from the upside down car. “Here boy,” he called holding his hand out to the…dog.

“That is not a dog,” I said backing away from them as Patches came closer.

“Sure he is, he’s a hellhound,” Lucifer said grinning. “Come, pet him.”

“I’ll pass,” I told him. The thing looked like something out of a horror movie. I didn’t want to be anywhere near it.

“What are you doing here buddy?” Lucifer asked and the beast’s mouth opened, well like half of his body opened and he licked Lucifer’s face. I almost threw up. Lucifer grinned at first and then frowned. “Andras sent him. If our bond hadn’t been stronger he’d have tried to eat you.”

I was willing to bet he could too, in one bite.

“Andras owes me a new car,” Lucifer muttered looking back at his car mournfully as he continued to stroke the giant monster from Hell. “It was perfect and he trashed it.”


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#, as written by Kasen
As we were walking from the outskirts of town, because that was as far as my magic could reach us, I kept silent thinking on why Andra's was sending such weak tests. He was the kind of person I thought would be sending Legions of Demons after Ellie to see if I could defend her without my full power back. Pondering on this made Ellie call out to me in a kind of worried tone and I blinked before looking at her.

Lucifer are you ok? You've been deathly quiet since the accident. Oh and where did the Dog creature go?

Patches? He went home already, your mother should know of his arrival. I told her to be expecting him shortly after the jump. For your other concern I'm just wondering why Andras is taking this so casually. Normally he's the type of min to send Legions after something if it were a true test. So I'm trying to figure out his motive for being so easy, normally he would have sent 7th ring hellions by now I said nonchalantly as I continued walking with her. She seemed to absorb this information and Yelped a what when she must have finally remembered that I said Patches went home.

Yes he went back to the house, he needs some place to stay! I'm sure he was out of food by now and probably lonely, so he came to his master for food water and company. He'll be discrete trust me, He can rebirth himself like a phoenix so when some is coming around that might see him he dies, then comes back later. So long as you don't throw holy water on them...then they just die I said laughing a little and she laughed too. Soon we were home and came in her mother greeting us politely before Patches came in from outside and looked completely different.

The shield spell was really not needed Talia I said laughing.

Better safe than sorry Lucifer, plus I've always wanted a dog, and I can make him look like anything She said and I chuckled at the thought but let it be, this would mean less cleaning up of Ashes. We all sat down for some tea before bed and soon Ellie and I found ourselves back in our room laying on the bed together. I took it more of the nightmares were still plaguing her as for her reason for cuddling instead of her being ok with the wedding now. Honestly I was a little hesitant to ask her again about it. Soon the routine began, she started mumbling, sweating and even twitches but I noticed something different about tonight. I had opted to say away all night so she would rest peacefully. Well tonight I noticed just how freezing the room was and then I heard it. The quiet creaking of the floor as something moved across the room.

Allowing my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting of the room I noticed The Hag. She was a folk tale kids told one another to scare them into doing things but she was very much real and I left for her. She dodged me swiftly cutting the concentration on feeding from Ellie's Life force. Lunging for her again she wailed and cut my side deeply Rolling across the floor Ellie was now wide awake and watching the Carnage.

The Hag Ellie, that was the damned test Patches was a reminder to always be alert! She's been repeating that same event in your mind night after night so she can drain your life through your terror! I hadn't even thought about that as a test see what I mean when I say your father is a master as tricks and double-sided clues. Your nightmares will stop after this!

Damn you Price of Hell, a few more days and I would have Drained her completely! MY beauty ruined by you! She cried as she rushed forward. Sighing I didn't have the strength to fight her but just enough magic to cast her back to hell. Doing so she evaporated in a human shape of Burning embers covering me and healing the gash in my side and replenishing my magic. Ellie was still frozen in shock at what she had seen and I walked to the bedside and sat down sighing. Grabbing her I just fell back and started laughing as I felt rejuvenated so quickly.

Whats so funny! You said she could have killed me if you hadn't caught on why didn't your spell thingy go off!! She said frantically and worried.

Calm down, yes it is more sensitive but the Hag has a Special ability that until she eats the last of her foes life force typically you can't see her. No spell work could have warned me about her, Andras is showing his true colors by playing dirty finally I like it, it's starting to give me a challenge. But this means you need to start working on your magic asap so I can continue to regain mine. So starting tomorrow we train, and I mean train hard. We'll get your mother to help us. I said grinning maliciously before correcting our positions on the bed and falling back asleep with her in my arms for a peaceful nights rest.


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0.00 INK

After the fight with the demonic spectre that had been purportedly sucking the life out of me through my dreams Lucifer fell asleep easily. I, on the other hand did not sleep so well, or at all for that matter. How could I? A demon had been trying to kill me in my sleep with Lucifer sleeping right beside me.

I took comfort at least in the warmth of Lucifer’s embrace. I had learned to feel safe with him in the weeks since his summoning. If it were in his power he would keep me alive and well. I was even starting to believe that he cared about me as an individual person rather than just an object. How strange that I would worry about that with the Prince of Hell just as any high school girl would worry with her jock boyfriend. But it was important to me. If I were going to marry someone I wanted to be more than a trophy wife or some kind of pet who couldn’t control her powers.

I still wasn’t sure about being in love with him or the whole eternity in Hell thing but we had managed to become friends and in some fashion lovers. He seemed to understand without pressing that a mere few weeks of knowing him weren’t enough for me to agree to marriage outright. Though, it didn’t stop him from using my weakness for his touch to explore my budding sexuality. It didn’t bother me though really, I mean he was the first guy I had ever met who made me feel anything at all of that nature. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it.

Dawn was creeping in through the windows when I finally nodded off and it felt like mere seconds had passed when Lucifer was shaking me awake.

“Elizabeth, it’s time to get up,” he told me, sounding far too awake and cheery for 7 am.

I groaned and tried to bury myself in the blankets. Not enough sleep was had that night and I was eager for more.

“Come on Ellie, you have class today,” he urged pulling me out of the bed and into the bathroom. I didn’t bother squirming – I had learned once before that squirming could land me on the floor. On my head. So I hung limp over his shoulder until he deposited me on the bathroom floor.

“You have super powers, can’t you make time stop so I can sleep more?” I whined as I peeled off my clothes.

“I’m not a time lord honey, just a demon,” he teased as he headed for the door back to the bedroom. “Now get cleaned up and dressed or you’re walking.”

I moaned my complaint and rolled my eyes when he laughed. Demons and their fancy cars. Though with his car being trashed I guessed that we would be taking the bike.

Once my shower was finished I felt only minutely more refreshed, but I pushed myself through to motions of make up, hair and clothing. I left the room in a charcoal grey pleated skirt with a bow and a cream coloured silk blouse with capped sleeves. Then I plaited my hair to the side and fastened it with a transparent elastic. It would do I decided.

Hoping I didn’t look as tired as I felt I snuck past the creepy hellhound disguised as a Burmese mountain dog and slipped on some flats before heading out the door to meet Lucifer. I decided I would get a coffee at school and all would be alright.

“So why are you happy that things are trying to kill me?” I asked suddenly. It had been one of the things that was keeping me up most of the night.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Kasen
It's not that I'm HAPPY that you're being attacked, it's more that it's a relief that the tests are still coming at a less threatening level than what they could be. Right now he is sending minor things that I could easily handle even without any powers, though I didn't kill the Hag, just sent her back to hell for a time, but she will know better than to strike twice. I have no doubt in my mind that your father will soon be sending more powerful monsters and when that happens I may or may not be able to fend them off if I don't have the proper power. I said walking outside with her to the garage. it was only once we got out there that I realized that my car had been replaced with a new one and a note was attacked to the window.

Sorry about that car Prince, you see I just needed to make sure that you could also defend her from mortal dangers as well as supernatural ones. I believe you'll find everything to have been replaced and put back where it was. The note read and I scoffed but put it into my pocket. Looking over the car however I noticed he had left something else in the seat of the car that worried me but I did not draw attention to it. A seal was on the seat laid out in ash, a level one seal but still it was a broken seal none the less. A first ring demon was now on the loss somewhere in town, and who knows what kind of power or shape it could hold. Walking over to the motorcycle I handed Ellie a helmet and got on the bike.

Wait why aren't we taking your car? She asked looking at the back of the bike and looking worried.

don't worry bout it, I just wanna make sure he didn't do anything to the car, he is the kind of person who would do that just to see if you're paying attention so I wanna make sure he didn't tamper with anything. I said with a smile as I turned on the motorcycle and waited for Ellie to get on and then I walked us out the driveway and onto the road. AS I started driving us to school I made sure to be more alert of everyone looking at us. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary but I was still on edge that whole morning. Ellie seemed not to notice it however it wasn't an easy thing to just let go of, I had this feeling of being watched all day long. It wasn't until my free period that I let Ellie go on her way because I really had no intention of going to another class that I didn't need to take. I was sitting in the park that was on the campus when I felt it, time slowed, or well felt like it was slowing down. From across the road I spotted her, a low ranking demon but one I had bad blood with.

On top of it all right behind the demon came Gabe and his soon to be wife, and Ellie's best friend, I couldn't exactly fight a demon, and then probably have to defend myself against an Archangel, without being at full power, and I wasn't even at 15% of my max power, and that was the best I could muster right now. Sighing I turned and fled before either of them caught glance of me. Ducking into the closest building I now knew what I was looking for, and would be an interesting.

Well played Andras, Sending my Ex-girlfriend to fight me, or in this case test me to see if I'm truly loyal to Ellie.Walking through the hall way I heard the bell ring and I ducked into a Janitor's closet and teleported to Ellie's classroom and waited on her to exit. Once she did I hooked my arm around her waist and led her down a hallway.

What's up with you right now Chris? Why are you pulling me away from my next class it's on the other side of campus I don't have time for detours!

Well you need to make time, I'll get you there in time trust me but we need to talk. The next test is here, and it's not one that will involve fighting it's one that involves trust. I need to ask you one simple question, do you believe me when I say I love you with everything that I am? I asked with complete seriousness in my voice and never once dropping my gaze from her eyes.


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When Lucifer asked me if I believed that he loved me I felt my face flush. The urgency in his expression begged me to answer quickly and I stammered.

“I- wait what? I mean I guess so, but what is all of this about?”

Love? With all that he is? It was sort of sudden.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. Was this some kind of trick? I didn’t have time for tricks and Lucifer was well aware of that. Exams were coming up and I had to make sure I was ready.

“Look Lucifer, I’m sorry, can we talk about this after school? I really have to get to class and its already going to take me at least-”

He pulled me close suddenly and we appeared just down the hall from my next class. I groaned and leaned against him. Teleportation made me nauseous. I liked to believe that it was my soul trying to catch up to my jumping body. I felt him chuckle through his jacket and I winced.

“Warm me next time,” I complained.

“You’ll get used to it eventually,” he teased and kissed my hair.

I looked up at him and smiled rolling my eyes. “Now that I hardly believe,” I told him mocking grumpiness and rose on tiptoe to kiss his lips. “You’ll tell me what this is all about after class right? I know you hate my religious studies class so I doubt you’ll want to sit through it. We’re covering Judaism today.”

“Yeah, no. I’ll see you after class,” he remarked kissing me once more before ushering me toward the classroom and inside.

I walked inside and settled down at a chair knowing I wouldn’t really be focusing now. What was going on with that man?

The end of class could not have come sooner. I walked down the hall fishing out my cell phone to find out where to meet Lucifer only to find a message from him saying he’d meet me at home. I frowned.

What a jerk! He said he’d meet me after class!

I shook my head and groaned irritably. I didn’t bother bringing change for the bus either so I’d have to walk. I’d be good and grumpy by the time I got home.