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Frits Asbjorn Kjaer

"Well, well."

0 · 346 views · located in Chicago, Illinois (2012)

a character in “An Unlikely Match”, as played by KuruLesperance


Frits Asbjørn Kjær


Frits "My real name already sounds kind of like a nickname."

17 "I've already gone through puberty, baby!"

Uke Brother

Male "Pretty sure I am. Want to check? I'm kidding. PERV!"

Bisexual "I like men and women. Problem? I think not!"

    Fire "I once got burnt by fire. It hurt. OBVIOUSLY!"

    Carson "Brotherly way. Despite the fact he pisses me off sometimes. Scratch that. Most of the time."
    His mother
    Speaking in Danish "Why? It annoys people except the ones that know the language. It's funny seeing their reactions."
    Computers, Technology, etc.

    Braces "They hurt sometimes. Plus, they're annoying."
    Carson "He's annoying. So very annoying."
    Perfume "It smells weird and tastes weird. Yes. I tasted a perfume one time. I'm surprised I didn't get sick."

Frits is depicted as slyly malicious, often playing pranks and just being generally sneaky, especially on his stepbrother. Going along with his mischievous demeanor, the boy usually does an "act" of innocence, usually when yelled at or grabbed roughly he'll start in with it and be all sweet and vulnerable. Despite having his fun, he's rarely gotten into fights, usually because in them he'll back out. Instead he spooks them with his tarantula and snake he owns.

He's simply a Danish kid that enjoys some good pranks and laughs, because, he tries to have joy to the fullest, and happily live life. Who wouldn't? What's being negative all the time good for? Of course, these are often Frits' thoughts, and every day you'll find him laugh at least once. He's especially at his joy on April Fool's Day. Got to love April Fool's.

Though sometimes he may seem insensitive, behind the prankster veil is an eleemosynary boy; he's caring, how simple that word may be, and generous in affection. He basks in compassion and loves getting hugged, oddly enough, and is known to be emotionally sensitive. Though he doesn't get upset when his stepbrother picks on him, he will if it's someone else. More or less, unlike Carson, Frits isn't necessarily what you would call a "jock". He'd be more in the nerd clique. Yes, a nerd. Geek. Why? He absolutely loves technology, having a headset and gaming computer as well.

Frits lived with his mother and father in Denmark, until his father died from an unexpected illness. Basically they lived alone for awhile, living life in Denmark, having fun, the usual, until they moved to America. Moving. Fun, right? Well, his mother got up with Carson's father, like a year after his own father's death, which slightly angered Frits from her insensitivity, though he reasoned with himself that it's most likely she wants to forget it. Since then, he's lived with his stepbrother, and it's been going on from then.

He wears braces.

Frits Asbjorn Kjaer

Haley Belucci:
She's nice to me, so I don't really play pranks or anything on her. We're pretty good friends.
Aaron Marks:
I don't consider him an enemy or a friend; I pretty much cooperate during class, I've just never had any real one-on-one conversation. Though, he seems to like me, so that's pretty cool!
Cassidy Reed:
I have NO idea why she doesn't seem to like me in school, well actually, probably the fact I like messing with people sometimes. No, no I'm not a bully or anything, I just like to have fun. I think this might be because I accidentally got glue in her hair once. Look, I'm still sorry about that!
Yvonne Lawinksy:
I've never exactly talked to her, but she seems nice!
Tara Jones:
Another person I don't really speak to often. Man, I'm starting to think I have like, anti-social disorder or something. Oh jeez I hope not. If I do, I BLAME CARSON!
Griffin Bailey:
One word: RUDE.
Carson Arie:
The most annoying brother.
Future love interest.

So begins...

Frits Asbjorn Kjaer's Story

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#, as written by twi-twi
Aaron (Mr. Marks)

Aaron woke up screaming. Again. When that was done and he had calmed down, he turned and looked at his clock. It read 4:00 AM. Fuck. He thought to himself. This is probably far too early. But there's no going back to sleep now. He got up with a groan and went to take a shower, dressing for the day. He made himself some coffee and grabbed his bag and headed out the door. He drove to the school that he had just been employed to work at and looked up at it. It was a pretty impressive school. He hoped this would be a good year for him.

He knew that he had been told to go to his boss's office before he did anything, so he made his way there. He figured there would probably be some paperwork for him to do before the job was really his and he could teach. He had to say, he was pretty excited to be doing this. He was fresh out of college and this would be his first teaching job, so he wanted to make it good. When he made it to the office, he sat and listened to what his boss had to say, signing papers here and there. Suddenly, a girl was at the door. His boss answered the door and called the girl Cassidy. She was very pretty, that was for sure. He wasn't sure if she was a student or another young teacher such as himself. But then they started talking about being late to class. So she was a student. Aaron got up from his seat and walked over to shake the young girl's hand. "Nice to meet you Cassidy. The other students had been directed to go into the class and shut the door. It must not be unlocked. I'll walk with you there and unlock the door." He held up a pair of shiny keys with his teacher ID on it. "The keys to the world. Or at least my little world." He said and chuckled, then held the door open and gestured for her to go ahead of him.


The alarm clock started ringing in the room that Carson and Frits shared. Carson groaned and pressed a button on it, making the annoying buzzing stop. He then turned to his "brother's" bed and kicked the lump that was Frits until he heard him Thump onto the ground. He chuckled to himself. "Rise and shine, sleeping beauty." He said, sarcasm heavy in his voice. He did a few push-ups to wake himself up, getting his blood pumping and his body warm. He then went to the bathroom and took his shower and got out, a towel around his waist. He went back to his shared room and got dressed.

After all that was done, he goes to the kitchen and makes himself a protein shake. He needed to stay fit if he was going to stay the quarterback of the football team and win the championship for them all. He looked at his watch and yelled at Frits, "Would you hurry the hell up?!" He sighed impatiently and tapped his foot, finishing off his shake and grabbing his bag, waiting for his new brother to be ready.

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Frits Asbjørn Kjær

Sleeping soundly, he softly gripped at the covers of his bed, until he felt himself falling. Unsure whether it was reality or the dream realm, his death grip tightened as he landed with a loud thump, blankets floating down onto his body. From the sudden impact with the ground, he let out a quiet mewl of disapproval and cracked one of his eyes open, groaning as he knew almost instantaneously who caused the problem.

"Carson!" He moaned, more or less not really a yell or moan: more like a girlish squeal. Gradually, he sat up, rolling his eyes at his stepbrother's dramatic morning routine. Once Carson went downstairs, he yelled out to him from the hall. "Alright, Mr. Perfect! Calm your ass and give me time! You think waking me up like that is really going to get me moving?"

Rolling his eyes, the boy turned on his heels and headed into the bathroom, almost tripping but catching himself on the wall. Eye twitching in annoyance, he shouted, once again. "CARSON! Clean up the damn water after your stupid showers! I swear, you're going to kill me someday!" As he undressed, he ran a hand through his spiked up bed-head hair and sighed, stepping in and taking a quick shower.

Afterwards, he got dressed and fixed his hair to it's normal look. Though it's styled in a rather odd way, he finds it fitting for him.
Soon passing his pet snake and tarantula, which were of course, both in two different tanks, he fed his companions and picked up his boa constrictor. A quite heavy one, at that, and he smiled as the snake's tongue darted in and out of it's mouth, blinking it's pitch black eyes as it watched it's owner. "Well, I have to go and satisfy that damned Carson by going downstairs, so, I shall talk to you after school." The boy murmured, voice soft as he put the snake back in it's home and closed the lid, winking to his tarantula which was currently trying to climb it's tank wall.

Running downstairs, he winced as he felt the familiar uncomfortable feeling of his braces. Damn them. They were so annoying. So, attempting to brush it off, he snatched up his bag from the couch and stuck his tongue out at his brother. "Happy? I'm finished. Now let's get to school before we're late. I can't handle a detention."

Heading out the door, as he brushed past his brother he pinched his arm with his manicured nails, which only made him more feminine than masculine. As he waited his reaction, he grinned and ran out, turning his head to look back at his brother and make faces - that is - until he almost ran into a damned pole.

Rearing back as his nose nearly touched the cold metal, he shuddered and cursed rather loudly in Danish. "Whoa! Damn it." Cheeks flushing over in both frustration and embarrassment, he puffed out his cheeks in a pout-like manner and gripped his bag tighter, looking to Carson as he mumbled under his breath, eyes darting back and fourth as if saying "lets go".