Adisla Mathieson

"Light always finds a way through the darkness."

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Adisla Mathieson


{ "You took away my second father. You will not take away the rest of my world." }

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Adisla Mathieson


24 Years Old





What does my reflection show?

Built with a strong body laced with tight muscles and a height of five foot nine, Adisla Mathieson can prove that just her appearance supports her combat skills; she is a true shield maiden to look upon. With dark golden blonde hair falling down almost to her waist in loose locks and with eyes the color of the sea during a storm, she gives vision to the lore of Valkyries. Skin a creamy pale ivory color covered in scars and bruises from day to day events that often throw her into unexpected situations. Her face is angular ed with a long nose and pale pink lips, her fingers long but strong as she continued to keep herself intact and ready for the likes of battle.

Adisla often adorns herself in dark colored dresses, tunics, and capes of different pelts she has hunted in the mountains, often wearing chain mail and order sorts of armor under or on her day to day clothing. She always has an axe and a horn tied on a belt to her hips, and never strays far from her shield, usually always seen carrying them around as she can become quite paranoid when outside.

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When it comes to Adisla and her personality, one can describe her as a fiery woman with a passion for nature and the world around her. She often devotes herself to the point of exhaustion, and even though she is responsible and does her work properly, Adisla still knows how to have fun and won't hesitate the opportunity to take a break from the cold life she lives. Of course she loves the village she resides in and most of the people in it, but the day after day dread takes it's toll and she will try to get everyone involved as much as she can if she thinks it would help. But her temper is an issue, often causing her to talk back and get herself slapped at times when she isn't as courteous as she should have been. She is not afraid to speak her opinion, and is more then happy to tear into someone if she thinks they deserve it or defend someone if she thinks they deserve that as well.

She is a very caring person who finds her passion in battle and in the art of dance and worship of the gods. Adisla has never been one for romance, but day dreams about the possibility she might be able to have that sort of passion for someone and would consider herself an artistic individual. Although she is a nurturing person at times, she can never see herself actually settling down and having a child; even though she is betrothed to Sigurd, she feels he is not ready for her and she not ready for him. But the possibility of having something with him, is something she always likes to consider even though she continues to believe she will only belong to the gods for the rest of her days.


Adisla has proven herself to be one of the best shield maiden's in the village. She was the Jarl's Bodyguard for the longest time before he died and she helped and still helps to train new Shield Maidens and sometimes other warriors. She is very skilled with physical weapons, especially one handed swords and axes as well as shields and spears.


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Adisla was born into a family of warriors, her mother and father both partaking in the glorious experience of battle within the village she resides now. They were close friends with the Jarl, and Adsila would often go to the longhouse with her parents for the celebrations the Jarl would hold every week. Her parents were honored and respected, and her dream was always to be like them, to meet battle and have a partner who was as strong and dedicated to fighting down the enemy as much as she was. She was taught to respect the gods with great dignity and to follow them in whatever direction her life led her, which resulted in her even more permanent dedication to them.

When Adisla was only twelve years old, her parents were called off across the great ocean to pillage and plunder under the Jarl's request. But when the party returned in less then half of what they left with, she learned her parents had been lost in battle over seas. The Jarl, seeing her pain and anguish over the loss of her parents and feeling responsible for the death of his close friends, took Adisla in and raised her as his own. She often had to fight with his two sons to get recognized as someone important, working her way up ever since she lost her parents to become the Jarl's body guard when she turned 18 Years Old. Her relationship with his youngest son had turned into one of good friendship and no ill will, at least until the Jarl called them forth and had them betrothed.

Still uneasy about that arrangement, Adisla has been waiting for the day when the Jarl's son comes to her and asks for this arrangement to be called off. She will continue to dedicate her life to the village and to the gods, see battle as many times as possible before she falls and prays to the gods to accept her into the halls of Valhalla to be with her parents and wait for Ragnarok to arise. But worse things will come for the time being, as the monsters from the stories become known to Adisla and the rest of the world.

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