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Fahari Thanos

"I can smell you from here,"

0 · 157 views · located in Pangaea

a character in “And All the Queen's Men”, originally authored by MaliceInWonderland, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name~ Fahari Thanos

Age~ 20

Role~ Hunter

Gender~ Female




Weapons~ Desert Eagle, Bow and Arrow, Dagger

Mutation~ Lycanthropy (Werewolf of sorts,) Heighten Senses, Strength, Resistance, and She is about to communicate with other wolves.

Personality~Fahari is very wolf like in Appearance and in Personality. She is very quiet, patient and observant. She noticed everything at a glance due to her wolf like senses. She is very loyal and loving and will do just about anything for the people she cares about. On the flipside, there are times where she can become almost feral, usually when she feels her territory is under attack.

Bio~Fahari knows very little about her childhood, She knows that her parent were killed and that she ended up with wolf like attributes because of it. She's lived on her own for most of life, aside from a few wolves that she saved when she was young.
It wasn't until her and her 'pack' came across a small farm and met a boy and a girl. Connor and Aurora. It was the first humans she'd seen since her parent's death and she became friends with them, even considering them apart of her 'pack'. When Connor, believed that his sister, Aurora was Queen, Fahari didn't hesitant to join him in retrieving her throne.

Crush~ Connor

Theme Song~ Animal I become-Three Days Grace

Other~ Fahari can go from human, to demi-wolf, to full wolf at will

So begins...

Fahari Thanos's Story


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Character Portrait: Connor Ruyto Character Portrait: Fahari Thanos
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#, as written by ceh12
Connor was sitting trying to clear his head from the thought of the needles and the prince breaking Aurora's ankle without reason. He had always tried to figure out his dreams but he would almost always have them result into nothing. "Needles" he thought. "Needles are like the guards too... no no thats dumb." he said in his head then heard a voice behind him. "Another nightmare?" Connor nodded. "Yeah, I'm putting the piece of how she is but I keep getting nightmares of how she'll be killed if the Prince finds out, that she can take the throne. " he said sighing then pulling out a flask and taking a sip of the light liquor. He only drank when he was troubled and know was one of those times.


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Character Portrait: Connor Ruyto Character Portrait: Fahari Thanos
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#, as written by ceh12
Connor sighed and cleared his thoughts. "I was in a glass case surrounded in the box of needles, a common torture practice from the prince. I was handling it easlliy eyeing the prince dead on but he brought in the bait, Aurora who was gagged and blindfolded. He pushed her down and broke her ankle, it was awful." he sobbed slightly but recovered quickly. "Then it was me lunging trying to get to her, the needles went into my stomach and then into my eyes and head as I got closer, then I woke up thanks to Jenko. " he said keeping his eys on the ground as he took another swig. He pulled out his rifle and set down the flask, his shaking that he naturally got gone, then took aim in a second at a branch knocking it from the tree and crashing onto the grassy floor below it. " A few drops never hurt." he muttered to himself then turned to Fahari. "I'm thinking about taking him down. If I could get a few people we could easily kill the bastard and give Aurora the throne, tjat is if she'll take the throne.." he said letting out a small sigh.