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"Have you ever heard the phrase 'follow your doctor's orders'? Yeah, it wasn't a suggestion. Shut up and do what I say."

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a character in “And the Stars Revolted”, as played by Imperial Waltz




Name: Collette
Age: 42
Sex: Female
Race: Vyras
Height: 5'7"

Description: When one looks at Collette they see nothing of the sharp, dry wit or the fiery will within. No, all one sees when they look upon her is a down to earth beauty. Indeed, much of her physically contradicts her mentality; soft blue eyes highlighted by a golden-red mane that hides an observant gaze, cool ivory skin that cloaks a body of contained energy, delicate features that conceals a stern will. It may almost be assumed she was intended to be trivialized. Ah, but to those who try to use her apparent weakness to their advantage might be in for a severe shock. For Collette is a Vyras, and like all of her people she is superior. Ironically Collette is delicate by her people's standards, but to a human she could easily be considered among the same ranks of the top Olympic athletes in history.

Refusing to use augmentations of any kind, Collette is what has been come to be known as an 'analog.' This is of little issue, as she has on her person an array of items that replicate any supposed advantages amps can give without the need of diluting her body with augmentations. In dress, Collette opts for simplicity. It's rare that you'll find her wearing anything that couldn't be described as "practical, but comfortable."

Talent/Skills: Collette is adapt in the field of medicine and surgery, able to treat most grievances among human and even Jin Fo if she has the right equipment - and often even when she doesn't. Able to work under the most grueling of circumstances with a steady hand and a calm head. This is a source of pride for her and she constantly seeks to improve her already immense talent.

Collette often uses her empathy to great effect when treating patients, willing them to stay calm so that they do not suffer unneeded physical and emotional trauma.

Personal Equipment: -An armband that allows her to access the internet mentally without the need of implants. This is paired with a pair of glasses that act as a personal HUD. -Medical Pack complete with a medical omnitool, nano-gel, and various other things a medic might find useful. -A basic civilian pistol used for personal defense.

Personality: Collette is defined, for better or worse, by her work - her dedication in treating others. If she has the ability to help someone and there is no good reason for her not to then little can stop her. Impede her progress or deny her from doing her job and you'll be liable to be on the wrong end of her wrath. Despite her dedication to her craft she has no problem with taking a life if her own life or the life of those she's sworn to keep safe are at risk. It is perhaps because of her profession that she feels more fond of her lesser cousins then most of her Vyras kin. That's not to say she considers humans her equal, however. Ha! Certainly not. Collette is very prideful of who she is; what she is. Collette is quite proud that she was born a superior form of man. Thus to her things like augmentation would only dilute the fact that she is a Vyras.

A very dry person, Collette can often be mistaken as cold. When she speaks she is blunt, her humor is suffocatingly dry and sarcastic. To the point that people can often mistake her jests as starkly serious. Collette utterly detests stupid people and will not hesitate to give them a taste of her biting tongue if they annoy her enough. A lot of people are very, very stupid...

History: Born on the colony world Tribute, from an early age Collette always liked fixing things. For a time she was satisfied with fixing simple toys, then basic machinery and so forth. Until her twelfth year when she was witness to a street accident for which she alone comforted and tended to the victim until help arrived. The feeling that in some small way she helped fix, helped mend the person moved her to exhilaration. She helped save a life. From then on she knew what she wanted to do.
Years on she became an accomplished doctor in the field of medicine and trauma surgery. Working in a hospital bored her, so she opted to take her practice to the rim worlds aboard the hospital ship A Mended Knee. By Collette's measure she would have more chances to apply her skills out on the border, at the very least it would be more interesting than traveling among the core and mid-worlds.

Interesting times, indeed. Three light-years out from the Jin Fo border when A Mended Knee exited FTL for routine drive cool-down and the starboard engine blew - crippling the ship and killing hundreds if not thousands. One of the few people left standing after the blast, Collette frantically moved to treat the wounded until she was knocked unconscious by a secondary explosion.

She did not regain consciousness for three months.

She woke up in a bed on the Jin Fo world of Tars Ryon, in the care of one Hian lau Shi. He told her that he was among the survivors aboard the Knee. He told her a detachment of his people's ships responded to their distress call and that he found her among the dead after he regained consciousnesses. Several questions remained running through her mind, the chief of which was what exactly happened on A Mended Knee? She was never given a satisfactory answer.

It's been fifteen years since that day, and since then a bond of friendship with Hian lau Shi has grown. She has since moved to the human colony of Dahl's Cradle, working as a medic in the city of West Bank. There she busies herself with her work and tries not to get annoyed by the locals.

Other: Like all Vyras, Collette is full of energy. When she is not busying herself with something you'll find her absently tapping a finger or pacing about or the like.

So begins...

Collette's Story